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									Keep Secure Your Creative Work with Copyright Registration

Copyright registration has purpose to protect intellectual property means that
original inventions of an individual. Find copyright services as well as trademark
registration services with trademark registration india. Get benefits of company
registration india and llp registration at very low price.

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Copyright as is clear from the word itself means right to copy. In simple terms, it can be stated as
the right of the owner of a work to have an overall authority over his work including the authority
to give others a right to copy, publish, manufacture or sell his work. Now A question which may
come to one's mind is what kind of work does it specifically relate to? Copyright generally relates to
original works of authorship i.e. literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works such as movies,
poetry, novels, songs, computer software and architecture. Generally, all these works have
copyright protection with or without formal copyright registration with the copyright office. Now
another question that may be raised is if already all these works have copyright protection, then
what is the point in registering them? Well, copyright registration acts as a proof of registration and
if there arises a case of infringement, it aids you in fighting such situation. trademark registration

Procedure for Registration:

1. An application is to be filed along with the prescribed fees for registration of a work for copyright

2. After filing the application, a diary number will be issued to the applicant.

3. Then, there is a mandatory waiting period of 30 days for which the applicant has to wait for

4. If any objection is filed, letters are sent to both the parties and hearing is organized by the
registrar and if after the hearing, the application is accepted, the same is sent for scrutinization by
examiner. llp registration

5. If application is rejected after hearing, then rejection letter is sent to the applicant.

6. If no objections are received, then the application is directly sent to the examiner for scrutiny.

7. If during scrutiny, any discrepancy is found by the examiner, discrepancy letter is issued to the
applicant and if the examiner is not satisfied after getting the reply from applicant, he may be called
for hearing before final rejection.

8. If no discrepancy is found, registration will be approved by the registrar and a letter will be sent
to the applicant in this regard.
Benefits of Registration:

1. The first and most important advantage of a copyright is that once you register your work for
copyright protection, you get a life time protection of your work which relieves you from any
tension of its infringement. company registration india

2. Registering work for copyright protection acts as a proof of ownership over the work.

3. If the owner feels that there is an unauthorized use of the original work, an infringement action
can only be brought against someone if the work is registered for copyright protection.

4. Registration of a work leaves no space for the defense of innocent infringement who claim their
unawareness about the work because copyright registration establishes a public record of the
work. trademark registration india

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