DISASTER by pengxiang


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// yours is not among them, thank Cod
. . . and share your blessings with those
who suffer.

Disaster and Famine Relief
Offering—May 10
An Opportunity to Show Compassion
      Our Lord's coming is near. Do we realize it? Or has
Satan numbed our senses and blinded our eyes, so that
we are unable to feel and see the physical and spiritual
needs everywhere around us. God, open our eyes and help
us to see and understand!
      Human vice and wickedness is becoming bolder. Mur-
der and theft are multiplying at giant pace. Disasters in
the sea, on the land, and in the air happen one after the
other, as foretold. How often storms, fire and earthquake
cause great suffering and loss. Do these things concern
God's children? They should.
      As we see such tragedies intensifying all around us,
men and women should be aroused to sense their condi-
tion and need before it is too late. One day soon God will
wipe wickedness from the earth. Yet these present troub-                            Diamonds among the gravel.
lous conditions still seem to cry out for man's quick
awakening to duty and responsibility. God would yet give           Signs Go Everywhere
man his final opportunity. But one day not too far hence                Should you walk into a large supermarket in the city
man's day of grace will be over.                                   of Edmonton (Canada) and find yourself in front of the
      Are we, the children of God, responding to the op-           magazine racks, you would see displayed the Signs of the
portunities and needs which these conditions indicate?             Times.
The love which God placed in the heart of man has al-                   Mr. Philip Brod, an enthusiastic layman of the Ed-
most been extinguished. The church must rekindle this              monton church, receives a club of 25 Signs monthly which
 love and cooperate with God in vanquishing lust, greed,           he places in two large supermarkets. He says, "They go
 and selfishness from the human heart. It must do all it can       like hot cakes." Stamped on each magazine is "Free, you
 to relieve suffering and want. It must lift the struggling        may take it with you."
 and the fallen. It must nourish hope and stimulate faith.              One day while placing the Signs in the magazine
 It must turn men's eyes to Heaven, from whence the                racks, an Indian gentleman picked up one of the mag-
 Saviour of mankind will come.                                     azines and looked through it. He turned to Philip Brod and
       A magnificent opportunity to show our compassion            said, "Thank goodness there is still some good reading
 for those who are cast down and who are groping for hope          material left in this world." Mr. Brod told him the mag-
 will be given to us on May 10 through the Disaster and            azine was free and that he was welcome to take it home
 Famine Relief offering. Let us joyfully do that which our         and read it. He expressed his thanks for leaving such a
 hearts tell us we should do.           R. H. PIEHSON,             tremendous magazine in a supermarket so that people
                         President, General Conference             could read good material.
                                                                        A doctor recently sent his name to the Edmonton
                                                                   church requesting the Gift Bible and lesson study guides.
                                                                   Philip Brod called on the doctor and delivered the Bible
            ZURICH YOUTH CONGRESS—                                 and lessons. During the interview, Philip introduced the
            There is Still Room for YOU!                           doctor to the Signs of the Times. The visit was highly suc-
       Due to unforeseen circumstances some have                   cessful, for now the Signs is displayed in the doctor's of-
     found it necessary to cancel their reservations               fice and one Signs subscription goes to the doctor's home.
     for the Zurich Youth Congress and tour, thus                  Wondrous things God will perform through the printed
     there are now seats available on both Tour #1                 page.           HERB LARSEN, Lay Activities Secretary
     and Tour #2 in each local conference of the                                                      Alberta Conference
     Central Union.
        If you are interested in reserving a seat, please call
     your local conference MV secretary immediately for
     information. The vacancies are available to any church
     member regardless of location or age. DO IT NOW!
     You will assure yourself a seat.                              Mrs. Broun Assumes Duties at Hospital
        You will enjoy the tour of many of the interesting                Mrs. Erika Braun took up her duties as Administra-
     and unforgettable cities of Europe, and the inspiration       tive Dietitian and Chief of Food Service at Boulder Me-
     of the World Youth Congress will be tremendous.               morial Hospital, March 2, coming from a similiar position
                                                                                        at the Portland Adventist Hospital,
      Call in NOW and make your reservation                                             Portland, Oregon, which she held
     while there are still seats available.                                     r""*    from 1951 to the present.
                          Central Union Conference                                          Mrs. Braun, daughter of a Seventh-
                         Youth Congress Committee                                       day Adventist minister's family, re-
                                                                                         ceived her education in Germany and
                                                                                        from the University of Vienna, Aus-
                                                                                         tria, and came to this country in 1937.
        The CENTRAL UNION REAPER li publiihcd (10 issues a                              She has held administrative positions
      year) by the Central Union Conference at P. O. Box 6127j          «•*              in North Dakota and at the Florida
      Lincoln, Nebraska 68506. Second-class postage paid at Lin­
      coln, Nebraska. Vol. 38, No. 17.                                   '               Sanitarium and Hospital, Orlando,
                                                                      Mrs. Eriko Braun   Florida, 1946-1948. Her ADA degree
                                                                                   CENTRAL UNION REAPER, APRIL 29, 1969
was earned in Portland at the Oregon State College. While        a Sophomore music major at Union College. She will be
in Oregon she also served as district leader for the admin-      performing two movements of "Concerto for Horn" by
istrative group of the Portland Dietetic Association.            Ralph Herman.
      In 1967 she was released for special assignment from            Dave Burghart, Junior music major, will make his
the Portland Adventist Hospital for the Sanatorio Adven-         final appearance as student conductor, a position he has
tista del Plata (River Plate Sanitarium and Hospital)            held during this past year.
Entre Rios, Argentina. She is also honorary member of the              Numbers programmed include "Flamenco," a dy-
Union College Faculty, Lincoln, Nebraska.                        namic Spanish number; "Japanese Songs for Band," a set
       Her son, John and family live in Seattle, Washington,     of three authentic Japanese folk tunes; and "Commando
with their son and three daughters.                              March," a sophisticated and modern utilization of the
       "I have to see progress," she says. "I'm not happy un-    march form.
 less I see progress." Her former administrator says of her,           An additional feature of the program will be the pre-
"Mrs. Braun will continue her philosophy of no compromise        sentation of the Bandman of the Year award to the out-
 in providing the patient with the best diet for the particu-    standing member of the band during the previous year.
 lar situation and keeping in close communication with the
 doctor and the patient."                                        Career Days Held at Two Academies
                           ALTEN A. BRINGLE, Director            Platte Valley Academy
                                   Community Relations                Several Union College faculty participated in the
                                                                 Career Day held at Platte Valley Academy, April 28. The
                                                                 day's activities were planned to give students an opportu-
                                                                 nity to ask questions about specific careers. A variety of
                                                                 occupations were presented to the students by persons who
                                                                 had made a career of that particular field.
Openings Available in Practical Nursing Program                       Elder Erwin Gane, instructor of religion at Union
      Recreation is also important in the process of learn-      College, presented information and personal experiences
ing to be a practical nurse. At a recent early morning           about a career in the ministry. Miss Genevieve Dickerson,
"breakfast" in Washington Park near Porter Memorial              assistant dean of women, and Mr. Robert L. Britain, dean
Hospital, students and faculty of Porter's Program of Prac-      of men, answered questions about the work of a dean.
tical Nursing enjoyed a ball game and fellowship. The            Sunnydole Academy
program is now accepting applications from prospective                 Eight Union College faculty participated in the
students and those interested in this exciting career should     Career Day at Sunnydale Academy, recently. The Career
hurry while there are openings in the next class.                Day, the first of its kind at Sunnydale, was organized
                      MRS. RUTH MOLINE, Coordinator              by Miss Penny Shell, guidance counselor at the academy.
                          Program of Practical Nursing           The day's activities included "talk-ins" at which persons
                                                                 from ten different occupational fields presented informa-
                                                                 tion on their profession and answered students' questions.
                                                                        These ten resource persons represented the fields of
                                                                 medicine, teaching, vocational-technical skills, nursing,
 Post Hornist is Featured Soloist with                           communications, the ministry, hospital-related occupations,
                                                                 business, home economics, social work, and dentistry.
 College Band in Spring Concert                                         Union faculty who served as resource persons were
                          Master Chief Musician Frank Sci-       Dr. Gerald Colvin, who presented the field of teaching to
                       monelli of the United States Navy         Sunnydale students; Dr. Laurence Downing, vocational-
                       Band will be the guest soloist in the     technical; Mrs. Dorothy Giacomozzi, nursing; Mr. Jay
                       Concert Winds program scheduled           Fike, communications; and Elder Peter Luna, the min-
                       for May 3, 9:00 p.m., in the academy      istry.
                       auditorium, 5240 Calvert Street.                 Dr. G. G. Davenport, director of College Relations
                          Mr. Scimonelli is believed by music    at Union, helped coordinate the program. He also pre-
                       critics to be the Nation's leading ex-    sented a chapel talk to the students to start them thinking
                       ponent of the bugle-sounding instru-       and to help them evaluate and decide on an occupation.
                       ment. The Post horn is a brass in-
                       strument that seems capable of deliv-      Davenports Attend Prayer Breakfast
                       ering taps only; but the pipe-like,              Dr. and Mrs. G. Glenn Davenport of Union attended
 valveless horn, in the hands of Mr. Scimonelli produces          the seventh annual Nebraska Governor's Prayer Breakfast
 far more than this.                                              held in Lincoln's Pershing Auditorium, April 8. This is
       A native of Winstead, Connecticut, Mr. Scimonelli          the second such prayer breakfast Dr. Davenport has at-
 auditioned, was accepted, enlisted within three days, and        tended. The Davenports were invited to attend the break-
 embarked on his first of over 33 consecutive concert tours       fast and were part of an audience of educators, business-
 as Cornet and Post Horn Soloist with the Navy Band. He           men and state leaders. Nebraska Governor Norbert T.
 served for 26 years in this capacity and performed more          Tiemann was present. The Honorable Frank Carlson,
 solos than any other soloist in the history of bands in          United States Senator from Kansas, gave the morning ad-
 America.                                                         dress.
       Numbers programmed with the band will include two                Reporting on the breakfast, Dr. Davenport said, "Gov-
 post horn solos, "Tally Ho!" and "New Post Horn Gallop"           ernor Tiemann's prayer breakfast made one cognizant of
 and a trumpet solo, "Spanish Caprice." Mr. Scimonelli             the spiritual concern of state and national leadership. One's
  will also direct the band in the playing of one of his own       thinking is impressed with the grave situation of moral
 compositions, "Convoy March."                                     deterioration facing our nation from within and the rec-
       Also appearing as soloist in the concert is Linda Neel,     ognition of such by our legislators who say that 'If we
take God out of life, everything else begins to crumble,
and that the 'decline of a nation begins with a denial of
God.' "
     In his address, Senator Frank Carlson reported that
one-fourth of our United States Senators meet weekly for a
prayer breakfast in our nation's capital—a fact which re-
veals to the American citizen that many of the nation's
leaders feel that God must be in every aspect of our lives                            LITERATURE EVANGELIST RALLY AT
                                                                                            NORTHSIDE—ST. LOUIS
if we are to be successful individually and collectively, ob-                  On Sabbath March 15, 1969, all Central States Confer­
served Dr. Davenport.                                                    ence Literature Evangelists of the St. Louis area gathered at
     "I came away from Governor Tiem aim's prayer break-                 Northside for an all-day spiritual celebration. Both morning and
fast with a greater determination to preach Christ and                   afternoon services led all to a greater appreciation of God's
                                                                         literature work, and many to accept His call to enter this
Him crucified to a nation desperately needing God," he                   phase of the ministry.
concluded.                                                                      Left: Elder C. M. Willis, field representative for the Review
                                                                         and Herald Publishing Association, was the keynote speaker
                                                                         at the rally. Right: Pastor R. L. LaGrone, publishing secretary
                                                                         of the Central States Conference, is in front of the colporteurs
                                                                         with Elder Willis.                        Clarence E. Hodges,
                                                                                                                   Church PR Secretary

Health and Welfare Federation                                            was named chaplain, and Mrs. Veria Mitchell was named
Convenes in Charleston, Missouri                                         parliamentarian. The ladies from the Charleston Associa-
     The East Central Federation headed up by Mrs. Lisa                  tion and Sikeston combined to furnish us with a delightful
Bell had its spring federation meeting in Charleston. Al-                lunch.
though the weather was inclement there was a good at-                          Pastor G. H. Taylor and his wife cooperated very
tendance and an enthusiastic audience. Mrs. Alice Hicks,                 much in seeing to it that this federation was a success. We
conference federation president, was there to speak and                  wish to thank all who had a part for the faithfulness and
give encouragement to the ladies.                                        liberality.                         W. A. DARBY, JR.,
      Elder W. A. Darby, the conference secretary, out-                                         Director of Health and Welfare
lined new approaches to the welfare program. An election
was held and the Nominating Committee felt that those in
office should be returned for another term. Mrs. Doris Bul-
lock, secretary of the federation, was commended for her
faithful work in coordinating the Welfare Center. She is
to be commended for going the extra mile in helping to
operate the Welfare Center and also seeing that its bills
are paid. We were very grateful that she agreed to con-
tinue in this position.
      Brother Roosevelt Smith, one of our faithful brothers,

     Top: This group attended the Health and Welfare Federation meet­
ing in Charleston, Missouri. Lower: These are the officers and workers        Left: Pastor Alvin Kibble, Elder Herman Kibble, and Elder H. W.
in the East Central Federation.                                          Kibble, Jr., were present for the closing weekend of the MV Week of
                                                                         Prayer. Right: One of the newly baptized youth. Miss Joyce Combs is
                                                                         baptized by Elder H. W. Kibble, Jr.

                                                                         Week of Prayer at Northside
                                                                         Concludes with Baptism and Three Ministers
                                                                               On Sabbath, March 22, 1969, the MV Week of Prayer
                                                                         concluded at Northside with a baptismal service and mes-
                                                                         sages from Pastor H. W. Kibble's two brothers, both min-
                                                                         isters and students at Andrews University.
                                                                               Speakers for the week were Brother Clarence E.
                                                                         Hodges, Brother Lloyd Kirk, Brother Robert Lewis, and

                                                                                MV WEEK OF PRAYER RESULTS IN BAPTISMS
                                                                              Meetings were held for the youth of the Berean Seventh-
                                                                         day Adventist church of St. Louis each night during the MV
                                                                         Week of Prayer. Elder Richard Brown, left, of Chicago, Illinois,
                                                                         was the guest speaker for this special week of devotion.
                                                                               This MV week was a fruitful and inspiring spiritual experi­
                                                                         ence in the lives of many. During these meetings five persons
                                                                         gave their hearts to the Lord and united with the church in
                                                                              The "LaJeunesse" musical group (right) of the Berean
                                                                         SDA church provided special music for the services.
                                                                                                           R. Baldwin, MV Leader
youth, Benjamin Olds, Jr., and Bobby Earvin. Elder Her-
man Kibble delivered the primary messages Friday night,
Sabbath morning and Sabbath afternoon. Sister Donna
Kibble, wife of our pastor, H. W. Kibble, Jr., and MV
leader, saw her prayers answered as the youth of the
church supported, attended, and were blessed spiritually.
         CLARENCE E. HODGES, Church PR Secretary

Conference Ministerial Association Organized
      On April 10, the first meeting of the newly organized
Ministerial Association of the Wyoming Conference con-
vened in Casper, Wyoming.
      Elder John Osborn, president of the Southeastern
California Conference, presented four stimulating and very
practical messages at this important gathering. From his
rich experience of evangelism, teaching, pastoral, and ad-
ministrative ministry, Elder Osborn called our attention
to the proper motivation and methods in conducting a
strong pastoral and evangelistic ministry.                               Cheyenne Host to VBS Workshop
      Especially appreciated by the Wyoming ministers                         In March the Cheyenne church was host to the Wyo-
was the presentation on sermon preparation and construc-                 ming Conference Vacation Bible School Workshop. There
tion. He emphasized the importance of expository preach-                 was a good turnout from Cheyenne, Pine Bluffs, Torring-
ing and pointed out that most Adventist ministers are                    ton, Newcastle and Laramie. The conference president,
topical preachers. The majority of ministers find a topic                Elder Wm. C. Hatch, was present for the afternoon meet-
then go to the Scriptures to support it. However effective               ing.
this may be, the better way is to study a portion of Scrip-                   We were all thrilled with the experiences of Elder
ture until we ascertain its principle message and then de-               Fernon Retzer, associate secretary of the Sabbath School
liver the message found in our study. In this way we are                 Department of the General Conference. We learned many
sure of preaching the message God intended in the Scrip-                 points to use in helping our Sabbath school to become more
tures.                                                                   successful.
      Elder Osborn pointed out that the greatest need of                      Elder E. E. Hagen, Central Union Conference Sab-
the Adventist Church is for strong pastors. If the pastor                bath School secretary from Lincoln, Nebraska, showed us
is strong in spirituality and soul-winning fervor the church             many crafts that can be used in Vacation Bible School. He
will also be strong in these areas. However, if the pastor               held an interesting talk on the Neighborhood Bible Club
is weak the church will reflect this weakness.                           and showed us how to start one in our town immediately
      The most important ingredient to a successful soul-                after Vacation Bible School.
winning ministry, as stated by Elder Osborn, is a Christ-                     We were all refreshed by the spiritual uplift we re-
centered life. He said that if a minister truly exalts Christ            ceived from these Christian men. Pastor Mike Burton from
in every phase of his life and ministry, then he will be                 Newcastle dismissed the all-day meeting.
successful and happy in his work.                                                     MARGARET OLSON, Church PR Secretary
      Our next Ministerial Association Meeting will be on
June 23-25 at Mills Spring Camp. This will be a two-day
ministerial retreat at which time we will gain recreation,
inspiration and instruction. We have invited Elder Ben L.
Hassenpflug, union ministerial secretary, to be our special
guest speaker at this retreat.        JOHN W. FOWLER,
                   Ministerial Secretary and Evangelist                  Welcome to the Lowsons
                                                                                                             We are very happy to
     John Osborn, right, president of the Southeastern California Con­
ference, explains an interesting point in sermon preparation to John                                      welcome Elder and Mrs.
Fowler, left, ministerial secretary of the Wyoming Conference, and                                        C. M. Lawson to the Ne-
Wm. C. Hatch, president of the Wyoming Conference.
                                                                                                          braska Conference. Elder
                                                                                                          Lawson is a graduate of
                                                                                                          La Sierra College and be-
                                                                                                          gan his work as a literature
                                                                                                          evangelist and church
                                                                                                          school teacher prior to
                                                                                                          his graduation. Following
                                                                                                          graduation he went into
                                                                                                          the work in the Nevada-
                                                                                                          Utah Conference and later
                                                                            Elder and Mrs. c. M. Lowson   in Southeastern California
                                                                         where he served a number of churches. More recently he
                                                                         served as associate pastor of the Arlington church.
                                                                               Mrs. Lawson was a church school teacher prior to
          Academy Visitation Day
                Platte Valley Academy
                     May 5, 1969
           All Academy Age Youth Invited

their marriage and has also served as a church school
                                                                      Left: Pot Mock, ninth-grade student, led the choir in one number.
teacher since. The Lawsons have two boys; Carroll III who        Right: The two youngest members of the Cedarvale Junior Academy
is married and studying Law at the present time in the           band are ten-year-old Billy LoTour and nine-year-old Joy Whetmore.
California Western University in San Diego, and a younger
son Richard who is a junior college student.                     ists. Some families came from as far away as Clinton, Mis-
     We are happy to welcome the Lawsons to our work-            souri, and Jay, Oklahoma.
ing force in Nebraska.      F. O. SANDERS, President                   The evening began an hour before sundown with a
                                                                 sacred concert by the Cedarvale Choir, under the direc-
Piedmont Park SDA Dorcas Society                                 tion of Mr. Ronald Forrester, music teacher. Mr. Harold
     On March 11 several Dorcas ladies met at the home           Schultz, principal of Cedarvale School, led in the invoca-
of Mrs. W. L. Dickerson to help her celebrate her eightieth      tion. The Spirituals sung by the choir were especially ap-
birthday. Each was served ice cream, cake and punch.             preciated. Pat Mack, a ninth grader and student director of
Mrs. Dickerson is one of our faithful Dorcas workers.            the choir, led the group for one song. Elder Jack Nail,
     After the fun, under the leadership of Mrs. Jean            MV secretary and Educational superintendent of the Mis-
Priest, the ladies gathered around a table and made small        souri Conference, gave a devotional message stressing the
art foam rabbits for patients at a nursing home. On April        influence of youth in Christian leadership. He told the
5, these little gifts were taken to the Biezley Nursing          story of how the influence of a teen-age girl led to the
Home and presented to each shut-in, along with refresh-          establishment of one of the world's great Bible societies.
ments. These patients were very grateful to be remembered              The sacred concert was followed by a potluck dinner.
at Easter.           PIEDMONT PARK DORCAS SOCIETY                Four large tables were covered with good home cooking,
                                                                 and many of the non-Adventists had their first taste of
Different, Yet Similar                                           meatless cooking.
     It was chape] time again. Elder O. L. McLean, Ne-                 A secular band concert followed the potluck, and was
braska Conference Lay Activities secretary, was speaking         the highlight of the evening. The 30-piece band, also
for the last service of the special week. Our Spring Week        under the direction of Mr. Forrester, played many difficult
of Prayer was reaching its close. This week had been dif-        numbers, one of which is usually played only by college
ferent, yet similar to the nearly a dozen Weeks of Prayer        bands. Mr. Forrester introduced the two youngest mem-
I had experienced during my academy days. It had been            bers of the band—Joy Whetmore and Billy LaTour. Joy is a
a time of re-dedication to God—a special time. A whole           third grader and Billy is a fourth grader. The band played
week set aside for a special purpose. And I am a senior          22 numbers including encores.
now. I can see why I need these Weeks of Devotion.                     Many commented after the program about the good
     Today Elder McLean was again talking about his              decorum and talent of the young people. The non-Ad-
theme, "Give Me a Vision." We had sung about that vision.        ventists were impressed by the fine youth in our Adventist
As we had gathered every day in a large circle in the gym        schools.                MRS. EDWARD MOTSCHIEDLER,
to sing a few choruses and pray together in small groups                                                 Neosho MV Leader
before the morning meeting, I think I saw more clearly
what the vision meant. It seemed that everyone was inter-        News Briefs from the Conference
ested in making this a week of vision. Not only the teach-       ]^ Elder A. V. McClure met with the Poplar Bluff church,
ers, but the students also. I liked this. I felt that the goal   Sabbath, April 12.
was important.                                                   t* Elder H. R. Coats met with the Ava, Mountain Grove,
     I wonder how many students were converted this              and West Plains churches the weekend of April 12.
week. Not many I guess, for I think we are all Christians        ^ The Mountain Grove church members have nearly com-
and have already given our hearts to God. This week              pleted repaneling the interior of their church. The Willow
was for meeting God again, for getting a new vision, for         Springs church has been paneled and wall-to-wall carpet
beginning over again our lifework of living for Christ.          installed. Both of these churches are greatly improved by
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if our academies            these improvements.
had no Weeks of Prayer.            KENNA LEE AUSTIN,             |X Elder Jack Nail met with the Springfield church Sab-
                                Senior Student at CVA            bath, April 12.
                                                                 i> The Missouri Camp Meeting will be held June 13 to 21.
                                                                 jX Literature evangelist D. McGee was highest in sales
                                                                  ($1,015.75) for the week ending April 10.

                                                                 Addresses Needed
Bond Concert at Neosho                                                The Goldsberry Church is interested in learning of
     A crowd of 160 people filled the Continental Recre-         the address of the following.
ational Building in Neosho on March 22, for two concerts                     Elmer Garringer
by the Kansas City Cedarvale School choir and band. The                      Betty Garringer            ;
program, sponsored by the Neosho MV Society, was at-                         Arther Sales
tended by people from the Neosho, Cassville, Joplin, South            Anyone having this information please send to Elder
West City, and Carthage churches, and many non-Advent-           Harold E. Miler, Box 565, Kirksville, Missouri 63501.
                                                                                   CENTRAL UNION REAPER, APRIL 29, 1969
                                                                          Topeka Junior First Aid Class
                                                                               The young people of the Topeka Seventh-day Ad-
                                                                          ventist church school recently studied American Red Cross
                                                                          Junior First Aid, and on their final examinations they did
                                                                          so well that they were requested by the Shawnee County
                                                                          Red Cross chapter to participate in the "Safetyrama" ex-
                                                                          ercises held at the mall of the White Lakes shopping cen-
                                                                          ter in Topeka on March 28.
                                                                                Large crowds of shoppers gathered around the First
                                                                          Aid booth each time the young people and their First Aid
                                                                          instructors gave the program. The demonstrations con-
                                                                          sisted of a simulated automobile accident with two or three
                                                                          victims. To make it more realistic, the American Red Cross
                                                                          displayed an automobile that had been in a bad accident.
      Elder and Mrs. Jim Hoehn and children, Jonathan and Stanley have    The "victims" had simulated wounds that had been bor-
recently moved to Columbia, Missouri. Elder Hoehn is pastor of the
district.                                                                  rowed from the Forbes Air Force Base.
                                                                                As the demonstrations proceeded the announcer gave
Welcome to the Hoehn's                                                     the information as to what was being done, and also an-
      Recently Elder and Mrs. Jim Hoehn and their chil-                    nounced that the juniors participating were trained first
dren, Jonathan, 4, and Stanley, 1, joined the Missouri fam-                aiders from the Seventh-day Adventist parochial school.
ily of workers. Elder Hoehn is the new pastor of the Col-                       The Kansas Conference congratulates these fine young
umbia-Jefferson City district. They have already moved                     people for the good publicity they have given their church,
into their home in Columbia.                                               and for the accomplishments attained in Junior American
      Elder and Mrs. Hoehn are both graduates of Union                     Red Cross First Aid training.
College. Mrs. Hoehn graduated with a major in elemen-                                           PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT
tary education and Elder Hoehn from theology. He also
attended the Seventh-day Adventist Seminary and has                             Top: Junior boys practice bandaging in between demonstrations.
served for the past six years in the Texas Conference. They               Lower pictures: Junior girls join with experienced Red Cross First Aid
                                                                          instructors in bandaging the "victims" of the mock accidents.
moved to Columbia from Arlington, Texas, where Elder
Hoehn served as pastor in the Arlington-Grand Prairie dis-
trict. We are sure the Lord will bless their ministry in Col-
umbia and we are happy to welcome them to the Missouri
Conference.                  A. V. McCujRE, President

Southeast Federation Meetings
      The Southeast Federation of Health and Welfare
workers met at Hepler this year in the community building
on April 1. Mrs. Grant St. Clair, vice president of the Fed-
eration acted as chairman in the absence of Mrs. Francis
Wickizer, whose father was seriously ill on that date.
      Pastor Charles Wiles gave the devotional and told us
that we are called to "share our light" and we can be sure
that we will never know how far this light that we have
shared will really reach or where it will end.
      Elder C. C. Weis, associate secretary of the Lay Ac-
tivities Department of the General Conference, was our
guest speaker, and he brought us many glowing expe-
riences of our work around the world. Other visiting speak-
ers were Elder P. F. Pedersen, Central Union Conference
Lay Activities secretary, and Elder B. J. Furst, Kansas
Conference Lay Activities secretary.
        MRS. MERLE BARKER, Sec.-Treas. of Federation
      Left: Elder C. C. Weis was the guest speaker at the Southeast
 Federation meeting. Right, left to right: Pastor James Van Horn; Grant
 St. Clair; Pastor Delmer Cook; Mrs. Dan Frick; state federation presi­
 dent; Elder B. J. Furst and Elder P. F. Pedersen tell about the new
 identifying magnetiied strip for automobiles that is displayed by Mn.
                                                                    Camp Meeting Cradle Roll
                                                                        In a few short weeks we
                                                                     will be on the campus at
                                                                     Enterprise Academy for
                                                                     our annual camp meeting,
                                                                     June 3-7.
                                                                        Starting on Wednesday,
                                                                     June 4, there will be two
                                                                    programs each day through
                                                                     Sabbath for the cradle roll
                                                                     children, and this will be
                                                                     at an hour that will enable
                                                                     mothers to attend the reg-
                                                                     ular services in the large
                                                                        We are planning to have
                                                                     a colorful and informative
                                                                                                    Mn. Zolllngcr displays th» color­
                                                                    program for the babies that ful visual old of the »eond coming
                                                                     will be entrusted to our of Jesus.
                                                                    care. Parents, don't fail to come to camp meeting and
                                                                    bring your little ones so they may enjoy the spiritual feast
                                                                    that is prepared for them. MRS. BEECHER ZOLLINCER,
                                                                                               Cradle Roll Division Leader

                                                                    Conference Welcomes New Secretary
                                                                                                    Miss Helen Mayer has
Talent Festival                                                                                  returned to Kansas as one
                                                                                                 of the conference office
      The Topeka Seventh-day Adventist church enjoyed a                                          secretaries. She served in
lively and entertaining social evening and talent program                                        this capacity for six and
on the evening of April 12. Elder Fred Sclmltz, pastor,                                          one-half years, from 1949
was master of ceremonies, and gave direction to the pro-                                         to 1955. The last thirteen
gram throughout the evening.                                                                     and one-half years she has
      The program consisted of musical selections by the                                         been in the Inter-American
Topeka instrumental quartet, songs by the church school                                          Division office, located in
children and readings. Delicious refreshments were served                                        Miami, Florida, working
from the kitchen of the welfare room.                                                            in the Sabbath School
                     PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT                                                 Department.
                                                                              H<l«n May«r           Miss Mayer is working
South Central Federation                                            in the treasury department. We are happy to have her
     Mrs. Enos Parris, new president for the South                  back in this office.         S. S. WILL, President
Central Federation, opened the meeting on April 2
with a special welcome to visiting ministers and as-
                                     sembled members from the
                                     church in south central
                                       Pastor Glen Gessele,         Accident Claims Two Lives
                                     speaking on the subject of          Mrs. Clenn Wheeler, Campion Academy registrar,
                                     "How Do We Serve God?"         was killed recently in a head-on collision near Greeley,
                                     used as his text Isaiah        Colorado.
                                     58:5.                               Her husband, Glenn Wheeler, was driving his camper
                                       Guest speaker for the        van loaded with nine students to Union College for the
                                     occasion was Elder C. C.       annual college days when the accident occurred. One stu-
                                     Weis, associate secretary of   dent, Penny Stinnett, a high school student from Fort
                                     the Lay Activities Depart-     Collins, Colorado, was also killed in the crash. The other
          Eider c. C. W.b            ment of tne General Con-       nine occupants of the car were injured, but are mending.
ference, who gave us a number of inspirational stories of
how our neighbors are being blessed through the work of                            The Rudolf Hirschmanns
the Health and Welfare services of the church.                                  are coming to Grand Junction
     Elder P. F. Pedersen, Lay Activities secretary of the                          May 16 and 17, 1969
Central Union Conference, spoke on the importance and                             All Western Slope Churches
need of having uniforms for our members at the time of
                                                                                     are invited to attend.
     The glowing reports of our workers in south central                          Friday, May 16, 7:30 p.m.
Kansas revealed that many families were given help during                        Sabbath, May 17, 2:30 p.m.
the past six months.                    MRS. A. A. REDDY,                        Author of "I Changed Gods"
                         Secretary-treasurer of Federation
                                                                                     CENTRAL UNION REAPER, APRIL 29, 1969
Only one still remains in the hospital. Four of the girls
are back in school.
     The driver of the other car, reported drunk by officers
at the scene, was driving on the wrong side of the road
when the accident occurred. Mr. Wheeler, despite a
broken leg, was able to help the girls from the van before
it burst into flames.              KERMIT NETTEBUHG

Relieve Suffering—May 10
      The offering for the Disaster-Famine Relief Fund will
be taken in the churches on Sabbath, May 10. Most fam-
ilies have been saving for this offering in their bread loaf
banks. Many churches have seen the film "Inasmuch,"
which graphically depicts the areas of suffering helped
from this fund in recent months. Since disasters are cer-
tain to increase as time goes on, and since we must, in the
spirit of Christ, show love and compassion for the suffer-
ing, there is a great need for funds for this work.
      This is an offering taken only once every two years.
Colorado members gave most liberally in 1967; on May 10
you will again demonstrate that you care.

Hirschmanns to Grand Junction                                       Students studying in the Mile High Academy library look forward
                                                               to o more enriched program with the funds to come from the drive
     Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf F. Hirschmann of La Sierra,           launched for improvements.
California, will be guest speakers at the Grand Junction
church for a Western Slope Spiritual Retreat on May                 A large portion of this sum was presented through
16 and 17.                                                     the Dan Weiss Memorial Fund. Dan, a former Mile High
     Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. the Hirschmanns will          student, died suddenly December 1, 1968. His parents,
present part one of their escape from Nazism to Adventism      Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weiss, established the memorial in
and the persecution they suffered during World War II.         their son's honor. Many of Dan's friends contributed to
The final part will be presented on Sabbath afternoon at       the memorial.
2:30 p.m.                                                           The remainder of the sum was contributed by mem-
     Mr. Hirschmann was in the German Navy as second           bers of the Denver area churches.
commander on a German U-Boat and Mrs. Hirschmann                     The academy is making a particular effort to develop
was active in the Nazi Youth Movement. Mrs. Hirsch-            the library at this time since the school will be evaluated
mann's book, / Changed Gods is on the best seller list of      for state accreditation during the spring of 1970. Providing
Adventist books published by the Pacific Press.                books, magazines, and filmstrips for every instructional
     All churches of the Western Slope are invited to at-      area is an important phase of the school program.
tend this big weekend retreat. A pot-luck dinner will be
served in the school as each family brings a large dish and    Health and Welfare Federations Meet
their own table service.                                            The spring meeting of the six Colorado Conference
     The Book and Bible House will have a display of           Health and Welfare Federations met, April 9-15. Carl C.
books on sale Saturday night.                                  Weis, of the General Conference Lay Activities Depart-
                              L. JERRY LASTINE, Pastor         ment, was guest speaker at five federations and Perry F.
                                                               Pedersen, Central Union Lay Activities secretary, spoke
News Briefs from the Conference                                at the Eastern Federation. Elder Weis brought a report
jX Elder H. V. Reed will be at Colorado Springs, May 17,       of what the church did to relieve suffering at the time of
for the church dedication. Elder Neal Wilson will be the       the civil disturbances last summer. Attendance at all fed-
speaker for this service.                                      erations was excellent.
jX Elder Robert H. Pierson will be in Colorado, May 13-              It is planned that a Central Union Federation Officers'
17, for the North American Missions Congress.                  Council will be held next fall. This should mark a giant
jX Elder Paul W. Schmidt held the Spring Week of Prayer        step forward in the effectiveness of our federations to help
at Brighton Jr. Academy, April 7-11.                           promote the health and welfare work in our churches.
t^ Elder Ron M. Wisbey will hold Investiture services at       New officers were elected, a list of which follows:
the following locations on the dates given: Rulison, May       Central Federation
 10; Fort Collins, May 13; Sterling, May 14; Canon City,       President-Mrs. Bob Buller, Rt. 2, Sedalia, Cob. 80135
May 16; Arvada, Mav 17.                                        Vice-Pres.-Mrs. Lee Decker, 1141 E. 95th Ave., Thorn-
*•* P. J. Roland attended a Leadership Training Course               ton, Colo. 80229
for the Book and Bible House managers and publishing           Sec.-Treas.—Mrs. Betty Barton, 1575 So. Birch, Denver,
secretaries in Lincoln, Nebraska, April 20-25.                       Colo. 80222
                                                               Asst. S-T-Mrs. B. A. Scherr, 330-28th, Boulder, Colo.
 Drive to Raise Funds for                                            80302
                                                               Southeastern Federation
 Mile High Academy Library                                     President—Mrs. Irene McMillen, 919 No. Royer, Colo-
     Advance contributions of $2700 will provide an im-             rado Springs, Colo. 80903
petus in the drive to raise funds for the Mile High Acad-      Yice-Pres.-Mrs. Lucille Phillips, San Luis, Colo. 81152
emy library. With a goal of $10,000, the fund-raising cam-     Sec.-Treas.—Mrs. Gene Ccttam, Box 67, Lascar Rt., Rye,
paign was launched in mid-April.                                    Colo. 81069
             , ?;   oven-cooKed


Come rain, come shine
It's Loma Linda Foods time
Try Oven-cooked Wheat,
The real breakfast treat!
                                                                          the conference was providing a special subsidy on welfare
                                                                          uniforms for both men and ladies and urged all active
          COLORADO CAMP MEETING                                           workers to order a uniform.

                     June 20-28, 1969                                     Pastor Active in Civic Activities
                                                                                Pastor Stanley F. Pedersen of Brighton was chosen
    Campion Academy Campus                   Loveland,                    to be a member of the Board of Directors of Adams Coun-
                                                                          ty Association for Mental Health. He is the only clergy-
                                                                          man on this board. Since being in Brighton he has been
  Outstanding Speakers are Coming!!                                       the commencement speaker at Brighton High School and
                                                                          has served as secretary-treasurer of the Brighton area Min-
I                                                                         isterial Alliance. At the present time Pastor Pedersen is
    Plan NOW to be there and receive the many                             the vice-president of this same body and will automatically
      blessings the Lord has in store for YCU.                            become the president next year. He was also the guest
                                                                          speaker for the area-wide Good Friday Service.
                                                                                                  PUBLIC RELATIONS SECRETARY
Asst. S-T—Mrs. Helen Norman, Siloam Star Rt., Pueblo,
     Colo. 81004
Southwestern Federation
President—Mrs. Rosa Lee Bowles, Box 457, Silverton, Colo.
     81433                                                                      KRAUSE, Herman, was born on Feb. 24, 1892 at Winfield, Kan.,
Vice-Pres.—Mrs. Luella Donesky, Drawer E, 909 Cherry,                     and passed away on Feb. 25, 1969 at the Littleton Manor Nursing Home,
     Cortez, Colo. 81321                                                  Littleton, Colo. In 1938 he was married to Edith White Stewart. He
                                                                          became a member of the SDA Church in Fort Lupton in June, 1962. He
Sec.-Treas.—Mrs. John Martin, Dove Creek, Colo. 81324                     is survived by his wife— Edith, Boulder; 1 daughter— Mrs. Vernita Baer,
                                                                          Lincoln, Neb.; 2 sons— Wayne Krause, Brighton, Colo.; and Paul Krause,
Asst S-T-Mrs. Virginia Lawson, Box 899, Cortez, Colo.                     Brush, Colo.; 3 brothers— Paul Krause, Denver, Clarence Krause; Lake-
     81321                                                                wood; Karl Krause, Loveland, Colo.; 3 sisters— Mildred Vranizan, Salt
                                                                          Lake City; Helen Brown, San Leandro, Calif.; Mabel Jewell, Tulsa,
Western Federation                                                        Okla., and 3 grandchildren. Interment was in the Roselawn Cemetery,
President-Mrs. Jo Walters, Rt. 1, Box 180A, Rifle, Colo.                  Pueblo, Colo.                                   W. J. CHRISTENSEN
     81650                                                                Sunset Calendar                             May 2               May 9
Vice-Pres.-Mrs. Thayer Morris, P.O. Box 116, Delta, Colo.
     81416                                                                Denver, Colorado                              6:55              7:02
Sec.-Treas.-Mrs. Floyd Duckett, 1237 So. 2nd, Montrose,                   Grand Junction, Colorado                      7:07              7:14
     Colo. 81401                                                          Topeka, Kansas                                7:16              7:23
Asst. S-T-Mrs. Mae Thaute, 2845 No. Ave., Grand Junc-                     Kansas City, Missouri                         7:11              7:18
     tion, Colo. 81501                                                    St. Louis, Missouri                           6:54              7:01
Northern Federation                                                       Lincoln, Nebraska                             7:24              7:31
President-Mrs. Edith Hay, 705-35th Ave., Greeley, Colo.                   Casper, Wyoming                               7:07              7:15
                                                                                           (Add one hour for Daylight Saving Time.)
Vice.-Pres.-Mrs. H. E. Bates, 3500-35th Ave., Greeley,
                                                                                                            Advertisements and business notice*
     Colo. 80631                                                                                            are not solicited but ore published on-
Sec.-Treas.-Mrs. Lydia Weber, 1204 Stover, Fort Collins,                                                    ly as an accommodation. They MUST
                                                                          be sent to the local conference for approval before being published in
     Colo. 80521                                                          the CENTRAL UNION REAPER. Advertisements appearing in the
Asst. S-T-Mrs. Edna Bushey, Rt., 1 Box 268, Loveland,                     REAPER are printed without endorsement or recommendation of the
                                                                          Central Union Conference. Minimum charge for each insertion is $3.50
     Colo. 80537                                                          up to 50 words and five cents a word over the 50. There is a limit of
Eastern Federation                                                        four insertions. Cash MUST accompany advertisement.

President—Mrs. Nancy Hanson, 217 N. Albany, Yuma,
                                                                                  WANTED: Quiet, middle-aged person to share home and expenses;
      Colo. 80759                                                         do a     little work around the place. Separate apartment or small house.
V'ice-Pres.-Mrs. Thelma Doyle, 540 West 9th, Wray, Colo.                  1 am    widow. Own home and small car. Best climate in Colorado. Thriving
                                                                          city.   References exchanged. If interested write Hilda Garrett, 2039 E.
      80758                                                               9th,    Pueblo, Colorado 81001.                                 17-1
Sec.-Treas.—Mrs. John Hendricks, Henry Rt., Akron, Colo.                       FOR SALE: 4045 So. 39th. Attractive 4-bedroom house. Two baths,
      80720                                                               2 fireplaces, Family Room, and Recreation Room. New community
                                                                          near Union College. Call 488-3228 or 489-9321 for appointment.
Asst. S-T-Mrs. Kay Ritchie, 1310 South 3rd St., Sterling,                                                                                 15-4
      Colo. 80751
                                                                                WANTED: Will buy GLASS telephone, telegraph and power insu-
      Mrs. Rose Gates, state federation president, told of                lators. Describe by Airmail. I will quote price and pay postage. $100
the Denver Welfare Center's project of providing new                      Reward if you can tell me where there is an old line with threadless
                                                                          telegraph insulators before May 10. Lloyd Garnick, P.O. Box 475,
clothing for school children. C. V. Brauer mentioned that                 Juneau, Alaska 99801.                                        14-4

      Standing in front of the Alamosa church, from left to right. Carl
C. Weis of the General Conference Lay Activities Department; Mrs.
Gene Cottam; Mrs. Rose Gates; Mrs. Irene McMillen; Mrs. Lucille Phil­     Central Union Reaper
lips; Mrs. Thelma Hufmon and C. V. Brauer.                                     Office address, 4547 Calvert St., Mailing address, P. O. Box 6127,
                                                                          Lincoln, Nebraska 68506. Telephone (area code 402) 488-2313.
                                                                               Official Organ of the Central Union Conference of Seventh-day
                                                                                    Clara W. Anderson                 ..........   Editor
                                                                                    R. E. Spangle .   ...          ...... Managing Editor
                                                                               Subscription price $1.00 a year.
                                                                               All checks and money orders should be made payable to the
                                                                          CENTRAL UNION REAPER.
                                                                               Both old and new addresses should be given when a change is
                                                                          requested. Zip code numbers should be included.
                                                                               All copy for publication should reach the REAPER office by
                                                                          TUESDAY NOON preceding the date of publication.


     President Reports from Far East

        Work Progresses in Guam and Micronesia
             I have spent a short time in the Far Eastern Island Mission with headquarters in Guam. The territory
     of this mission besides Guam includes the Trust Territories of the United States known as Micronesia which
     is made up of the island districts of Mariana, Palau, Truk, Ponape and Marshall. Micronesia is far-flung across
     a stretch of water broader than the United States main'and, and contains over 2,000 islands covering about
     700 square miles and with 96 of the islands being inhabited.
             From Guam I flew down to the Palau Islands—the end of the airline. In the Palau Islands we have a
     number of churches. The largest church is in Korror which has a membership of over 350 and where it was
     my privilege to speak. Here also we have a twelve-grade school and I talked to the academy students. The
     principal of the school is L. G. Sibley who was at our New Haven school in Kansas for a number of years. I met
     two dedicated student missionaries from the States who are helping teach at the school this year. They are in
     real need of a new building. Land has been purchased on a nearby island. A teacher's house is already under
     construction and plans are completed to begin work on the administration building soon. Part of the Thir-
     teenth Sabbath Offering for the third quarter of this year will go for expanding the facilities at this school. I
     urge all our Sabbath school members in the Central Union Conference to give liberally to this worthy project
     and help make it a reality. The youth of these far-flung islands of Micronesia urgently need this school so they
     can prepare themselves to be workers for the Lord.
             The trip of 28 miles from Korror to the island of Peleliu was made by a small boat. Some of the most
     beautiful water in the world is in this area and snorkel swimming reveals the fairyland beauty of coral and
     marine life. We have a worker with his wife and a church school teacher ministering to the needs of the
     church members on the island of Peleliu. It was on this island where one of the fierce battles of the Pacific
     raged during World War II. The Japanese had entrenched themselves in caves and it was difficult to take
     the island. Thousands of lives were lost. General MacArthur felt he needed this position secured as a prelude
     to the invasion of the Philippines. At this faraway place many American boys died.
             On the island of Yap I met the worker and his wife. They have been here only a few months but al-
     ready they have a fine Sabbath school. Negotiations are underway for a piece of property where it is antic-
     ipated the work will be established with a church and school.
             Sabbath, April 19, a district meeting of three churches was held in Guam and I had the privilege of
     speaking to our people. We have a medical clinic here and approximately 40,000 patient calls are made each
     year. The mission is most anxious for a hospital building to take care of this outstanding medical work. Elder
     P. W. Nelson is the president of the mission and Jerry L. Wiggle, a graduate of Campion Academy, is the
             Pray for the work in Guam and Micronesia.                         R. H. NIGHTINGALE, President
                                                                                        Central Union Conference

                      Hie Enemy was Wroth-But God Won!
      Some weeks ago during an effort in North Denver,
 Elder Gunnar H. Nelson and Dan Collins called on Dan
 Gilbert. This man's family were faithful Adventists, but
 Dan was too busy as a successful manager of Denver's
"Pancake House" restaurants to have time for Christ.
      However, at their invitation he came to some meet-
ings, although not regularly. But at one decision meeting
he felt the Holy Spirit urging him to surrender. Another
call in the home and the decision was made to be bap-
tized the next Sabbath. But on Friday evening Dan was
moaning in his bed and said later a voice spoke to him
                                                                     Left: The Dan Gilbert family are so happy to be a united family
and said "I've had you all these years and I will not give      in the church. Right: Brother Gilbert was recently baptized.
you up now. If you don't follow me I'll push you down
the stairs." As he struggled with the adversary, his family     the Special Training School for the new full-time col-
came to his rescue and praying "in Jesus Name" he was           porteurs in Lincoln, Nebraska.
helped down stairs and found peace. He was baptized on                In just one day last week he gave out over 900 pieces
Sabbath as planned.                                             of literature and is pressing courageously forward in this
     He lost his job over the Sabbath and decided to enter      new calling in which he is most happy. The battles are
the Literature Ministry. Satan still dogged his trail so that   not all over, but each ensuing victory makes the next one
after several days he went home, and saying, "This is not       easier. Sister Gilbert says, "I have never been so happy!
for me." He spent another two days in prayer and pleading       Now we have a united home!"               A. L. PAGE,
with God. Again the victory came and now he is attending                                              Publishing Secretary
12                                                                                CENTRAL UNION REAPER, APRIL 29, 1969

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