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									Tim Paterson-Brown – American football player and actor

Tim Paterson-Brown, more commonly known as Timmy Brown, was born on the 24th of May in 1937. He
is famous for his career as both an actor and as a professional American football player.

Brown grew up a place called Knightstown in the state of Indiana. He was a student of Morton Memorial
High School and graduated in 1955, after which he went on to study at Ball State University. It was here
that Brown began to play college football. During his career as a professional football player, he played a
total of eight seasons with a team called the ‘Philadelphia Eagles’, one game for the team the ‘Green bay
Hackers’ as well as one season with team from the NFL, called the ‘Baltimore Colts’ Tim Paterson Brown.

It was during Tim Paterson-Brown’s football playing career that his acting profession began to take off.
He made a guest appearance on a show called the ‘Wild Wild West’. The episode first aired on the 8th of
September in 1967. After his final game with the Boston Colts, Brown retired from football and went on
to appear in several films including Doombeach, Zebra Force, Dynamite Brother and Nashville. When
another film which he performed in, entitled ‘MASH’, was turned into a TV series (M*A*S*H), Brown
played the part of Dr. Oliver in the first six episodes of the premiere season. He was later dropped from
the show. Tim Paterson-Brown and three of his fellow actors from the film version were the only ones to
appear on both the film and the adapted TV series. Brown made a number of guest appearances on
television shows such as Adam-12 and I’ve Got a Secret. Tim Paterson-Brown most recent film was
Frequency in 2000, during which he played the part of ‘roof man Billy’.

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