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					Tottenham host S pecial Olympics G B demo
Unified Football players display their skills at White Hart Lane Community S ports Centre

Thirty players took part in the inaugural B eyond S port S ummit on Monday as a live demonstration of S pecial Olympics
G B 's Unified Football programme was hosted by Tottenham Hotspur.

S pecial Olympics G B (S OGB ) is the largest organisation providing year-round sports training and competition for children and
adults with intellectual disabilities – also known as learning disabilities – across the country.

"Unified S ports bring people with and without intellectual disabilities together into the same teams and competition," said
S OGB CE O K aren Wallin. "This helps to promote and define inclusion and integration at its best.

It also provides a base for S pecial Olympics athletes (with intellectual disabilities) to develop their individual personal
skills and enhances empowerment."

The programme aims to transforms the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and their families through the power of
sport, and it certainly struck the right chord with those present at White Hart Lane Community S ports Centre.
P ositive change

"The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation was thrilled to host this event," said Grant Cornwell, CE O of Tottenham Hotspur
Foundation. "The Foundation run the very successful and first ever Unified Football programme on behalf of S pecial
Olympics G B ."

The year-round sports coaching and events provided by S pecial Olympics in Great B ritain is clinically proven to positively
change the quality of lives for the near 1.2 million people in Great B ritain (2% of the population) with intellectual disabilities.

S pecial Olympics G B has the ability to improve the lives and mental wellness of the thousands of people who take part in,
and many more that witness, the events on a weekly basis.

Julian B uttery, from S pecial Olympics G B 's sponsors National Grid, said: "We were blessed with glorious weather for the
event and 30 Unified Football players were put their paces by the coaches of the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.
Higher self-esteem

"Unified football is a pioneering sporting programme for people with intellectual disability and we are proud to be associated
with it."

Research from Canterbury Christchurch University showed that those who did participate in S pecial Olympics had a higher
self-esteem than those who did not take part.

Higher self-esteem leads to more feelings of self-worth and more self-care. Findings also concluded that those involved in
S pecial Olympics had wider social networks and lower stress levels.

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