Android Game Development - Best Choice in Mobile Industry

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					   Android Game Development - Best Choice in Mobile Industry

                                  Mobile gaming is the job of creative people who love playing
                                  and developing mobile games if they are technically
                                  proficient in the mobile technologies. Google Android has
                                  application framework, which allow use again and substitute
                                  of fundamentals. It has optimized graphics motorized by a
                                  custom 2D graphics library and 3D graphic depending on the
                                  open             GLES            1.0           requirement.

 Android Game Development Features                         Benefits of AADI
Delivering exciting Java games              Highly skilled, technically capable
                                            designers and developers
Custom 2D and 3D games                      Cost effective yet qualitative work
Excellent graphics                          Speedy development and timely delivery
Proper use of the SQL Lite database         Interactive, scalable and robust game
Multiple options in game environments       Source code security with non-disclosure

     Android Game Categories

            Action
            Puzzle
            Learning
            Arcade
            Simulation
            Sports
            Casual
            Board
            Word
            Adventure
            And More

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Description: Android game development is primly based on the Java programming language. Every Android game developer at AADI is experienced, talented and creative to produce entertaining games for the offshore clients.