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									A Cursory Glance at Specs and Features
      of BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev

BlackBerry apps development will never be the same once BlackBerry 10 smartphone
and BlackBerry OS are released. Under a lot of pressure from competition, the new BB
device and operating system are BlackBerry's attempt to produce something that brings
it back into the race. While other operating systems are attracting mobile application
developers and users, BB has not been able to develop such a robust app development

The new BlackBerry 10 Alpha for Developers
can give us a glimpse into what the future BB
10 devices will look like. It can also help us
find out what new features BB 10 OS will
offer. The special version for developers was
launched to give developers an idea of how
their apps would function on the new devices.
While these specs will carry over to the final
device, several new features may also be
added at a later stage.

Distributed at the BlackBerry 10 Jam, this is a
prototype device will help the developers test
their applications on a real BB 10 device. It is
worth noting that several BlackBerry apps
development teams are working on apps that
will be launched alongside the new operating
system and devices.
The following are the major device specifications and features:

Display               4.2-inch, 1280X768. Touch screen. HD LCD, 365dpi.
Network               MicroSIM. Quad Band HSPA+, LTE support not enabled.
Connectivity          NFC, Bluetooth.
Ports                 microUSB, microHDMI, 3.5mm Headphone Jack.
Cameras               1 front facing (no flash), 1 rear facing (with flash).
Battery               Non-removable.
Storage               Internal, 16GB.
OS                    BlackBerry 10 Developer Preview

The MicroUSB is to be used for
charging as well as debugging,
while the MicroHDMI will allow
users to display video on
monitors      or      televisions.
Recently, a Siri-like feature has
also been added to BlackBerry
10 Alpha device. It is virtual
personal      assistant       that
responds to voice commands,
but it is not that polished at
this stage.

While you look at the specs, you should keep the fact in mind that the prototype device
as well as the OS is released only to BlackBerry app developers. The company wants to
make it possible for developers to build quality apps that can be made available at the
time of the release of BB 10 devices.

This prototype device only has cameras and web browser loaded, but the original device
for general customers will have a lot more hardware features. Also, the final version of
BB 10 OS will surely have more features. At this point, we can say one thing for sure:
this device is bound to revolutionize BlackBerry apps development.

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