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                     Table of Contents

           The Many Facets Of The Teaching Profession

           Being A Teacher Is Rewarding And Thrilling

                 Finding The Best Teaching Jobs

       How To Become A Qualified Teacher In the U.K.

            The Most Effective Way To Hire The Ideal
                     Teachers In The U. K.

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                The Many Facets Of The Teaching Profession
                               When you were a child, you have been dreaming to be like
                               your favourite teacher. This carried on until you decided to
                               get a degree in Education. But do you really know what
                               teaching entails aside from talking in class?

                               Each day in school is a live show for a teacher. Aside from
                               the required skills and competence, you need to have the
                               skill in handling a bunch of different actors called students.
       To get a feel of what it’s like to be a teacher and prepare yourself for the “real”
       thing, you can inquire from your local school about their Teaching and Learning
       Program so you can arrange for a classroom experience. Or you may also
       volunteer as teaching assistant in the Department for Education (DfE) to have
       hands-on training and to familiarize yourself with the demands of the job.
       Another is to seek guidance from the Teaching Advocate Programme. They have
       seasoned teachers that can tell you about the challenges of the job, what to
       expect from the different behaviours of students and also give you advice on how
       to be successful in your career.

       To become qualified as a teacher, you can either get a degree to reach qualified
       teaching status (QTS) or get any college degree, then train to get QTS. Training for
       a QTS will let you try the school-centred initial teacher training (SCITT)
       programme, wherein you can get actual training in the classroom and have a feel
       of the school environment. For more information about DfE’s programmes, check
       their website.

       Even if you don’t have a degree in Education, you can still qualify to become a
       teacher. In fact, this can even work to your advantage having a degree in other
       arts, since many schools are now in need of teachers with specializations in math
       and science. Moreover, the new British curriculum focuses on these subjects.
       Teaching agencies like Tradewind Recruitment, provider of excellent educators,
       also demand more teachers to have math and science background.
       There are many facets of the teaching profession. You can go and experience all
       these preparation to be immersed and have a real feel of what it’s like to be a

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                Being A Teacher Is Rewarding And Thrilling
       Everyone has a chance today to be an incoming leader,
       a business giant, an artist, a performer, a literary
       intelligent, a hero and heroine, and an outstanding
       citizen of the world. It is the teachers who partake in
       influencing students since they spend more time with
       the children at school while parents will only support
       them to fulfill their dreams. Aside from teaching the
       students about academic subjects, teachers should also
       shape their young minds. The good ones turn into a catalyst for change. How do
       you like to improve someone else’s life today?

       There are many career opportunities for teachers in the U.K. Teachers have the
       privileges to choose what subjects to teach, to whom they want to teach whether
       in a primary or secondary school. They can also decide whether they want to be a
       teaching assistant or a replacement teacher at first. They have also the
       opportunity to study an education course at the university while they are being
       paid in a teaching role. In this case, engineers are significant in the teaching
       workforce as they have the mastery in tough subjects like math and chemistry.

       People who are looking for “testing the waters” opportunities can work as a
       teacher. For those who are hesitant in taking teaching courses, Teaching Advocate
       Programme can give advices and insights about it. This Teaching Advocate
       Programme helps you answer all your enquiries and questions, and will show you
       the day-to-day challenges of a teacher. It will also educate you about the teachers
       workload, rewards and benefits and the different interesting experiences of being
       a teacher.

                              Furthermore, anyone can also apply for a School
                              Experience Program (SEP). This is designed for the hopeful
                              teachers who may want to concentrate on their subjects at
                              secondary schools. The programme lets you experience a
                              classroom environment for a maximum of ten days and
                              will also allow you to participate in preparing and
                              delivering lesson plans.

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       This saying from Alexander the Great molded the minds and personalities of
       armies “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”
       Start teaching and inspiring today to help improve the path of many lives.

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                          Finding The Best Teaching Jobs
       After long years of honing your craft and getting your
       degree in Education, finally you are excited to start your
       dream profession. Full of high hopes, you are already
       imagining yourself doing what you love most which is
       teaching. However, months have passed after your
       graduation and yet you are still part of the unemployed
       sector. What is happening? You have submitted your
       resume to every dream school you want to teach in, but
       no one has contacted you yet. Where are the available
       teaching jobs in UK?

       Perhaps it’s time to seek professional help to assist you in your job search.
       Sometimes, those big universities don’t advertise their vacancies and have
       already arranged tie-ups with recruitment agencies. In choosing the best agency
       to entrust your teaching career, you have to ensure that they are certified by the
       British DfE. Trust the company that will find you the most suitable teaching job
       that will match your credentials. And lastly, they must also give full assistance to
       prepare you in terms of skills training and practice before you face your new job.
       These are the reasons why you have to choose the leading teaching agency in
       London, Tradewind Recruitment.

       They are the agency most relied on by London schools and have achieved DfE’s
       highest mark for quality Education. They are recognized in the education industry
       as the provider of exceptional teachers and teaching staff. Getting them to assist
       you will cut all your troubles in job hunting and waiting for the most suitable job.
       Tradewind Recruitment agency will take care of you.

       They also offer training workshops and seminar to enhance your teaching skills.
       From years of experience, they would know all the challenges a teacher would
       face in the classroom. That is why in their actual simulation training, you will be
       given scenarios of different student behaviours and tips on how to handle these.
       They give professional advice for your career advancement and will aid you make
       decisions about your future plans.

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       Choosing the best recruitment agency will take away all your worries. They will
       ensure that you are confident and competent enough to work in any British
       school you ever wanted. With Tradewind Recruitment agency, you are in good

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              How To Become A Qualified Teacher In the U.K.
       Enhancement is being made now by the UK government to the British education
       curriculum. They are evaluating the program and subjects of the students so as to
       be at par with the education system of other developed countries like Hong Kong
       and Singapore. The goal of the Department for Education is to “restore rigour”, so
       improvements are specifically centered on maths and sciences for primary
       schools. Thus, this new focus entails adjustments as well for teachers across the
       country. They are also required to improve their qualifications so as to cater the
       needs of the new curriculum.

       To be a qualified teacher in the U.K., the DfE listed the following degrees as a
       requisite. You can take computer science, information systems, business studies,
       media studies, management studies, electronic and electrical engineering,
       mathematics, psychology, and education as degrees for those who want to teach
       information and communications technology. Science teachers are required to
                                have a degree in either biology, chemistry, biologic
                                sciences, molecular biology, biochemistry, physics,
                                zoology, physical sciences, sports science, or education.
                                On the other hand, maths teachers should have degrees
                                in computer science, accounting, economics,
                                mathematics, psychology, mechanical engineering,
                                electronic and electrical engineering, physics, and

       If you have another degree not related to education, math or science, you need to
       undergo more training to get a qualified teaching status (QTS), which is a strict
       requirement for state-maintained schools. You can either get a Postgraduate
       Certificate in Secondary Education (PGCE) or a Professional Graduate Diploma in
       Education (PGDE), both can be taken full time or part time. The DfE also offers a
       school-centred initial teacher training (SCITT) programme, wherein you can get
       actual classroom experience. The training lasts about a year and it can help you
       get your QTS. You may also try out the graduate teacher programme, which gives
       you an opportunity to train to become a teacher while getting paid. The DfE offers
       various programs to support anyone who aspires to be a qualified teacher and at
       the same time corresponds with the requirements of the future changes in the

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       British education. (For more information about the DfE’s programmes, you can
       check their website.)

       In 2014, by the time the proposed changes in the
       curriculum were effected, like additional math and
       sciences in primary schools, our teaching sector are also
       ready to take on the role. With the programmes and
       training support offered to get the QTS, your dream to
       become a teacher can be an immediate reality.

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            The Most Effective Way To Hire The Ideal Teachers In
                                 The U. K.
                                           The overall success of each graduate is a
                                           challenging part for every school to maintain
                                           their standards. School that produces
                                           outstanding students with remarkable records
                                           on academic and even arts and sports
                                           achievements are being sought-after by a lot of
                                           well-off parents. The reason for this is most
                                           parents believe that if their children were
                                           admitted into the best school, it will surely lead
                                           them to a brighter future. As a result, admission
                                           screening process for students becomes very
       strict. Thus, similar level of standard in hiring teachers is also being implemented
       in every school in the U.K.

       Schools that have teachers with mediocre level would also results to mediocre
       students. Teachers play an important role in educating and inspiring them. Only a
       few students can excel if they will exert more effort on their studies but it would
       be best if all the students will have the passion and the means to live up to their
       utmost potentials. And so outstanding teachers can only make it achievable. For
       help, a recruitment agency in the U.K. specializes in providing this talented
       teachers and school staff.

       The best teaching recruitment agency will have received 100% quality mark
       accreditation from Department of Education (DfE) and they are the only
       accredited agency that has the high level of standard for their candidates.
       Therefore, schools are assured of getting the exceptional teachers since they all
       go through meticulous screening process. They are guaranteed that their
       candidates were evaluated with a thorough check on their credentials,
       professional experiences, background checks and their legal rights to seek
       employment in the U.K.

                                         COPYRIGHT 2012
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       Achieving a good reputation as a quality school that produces quality students
       takes a lengthy and tough process. This is all with the help of the rigid screening of
       teachers and the implementation of the new curriculum in 2014 that teachers
       must have the mastery of specific subjects to mold students’ skills. And with the
       assistance of accredited recruitment agencies, any schools in the U.K. can achieve
       this objective.

                                         COPYRIGHT 2012

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