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									Harry Coumnas Is A Popular
   Motivational Speaker
Harry Coumnas belongs to a highly educated
family and is a famous motivational speaker. He
is a balanced and strong person who loves
peaceful environment. He is a family-centric
person and spends quality time with his family.
He has a friendly nature, along with an ability to
understand the feelings and needs of other
He is highly regarded for being an experienced
and knowledgeable speaker. A motivational
speaker is "a professional speaker, facilitator or
trainer who speaks to audiences, usually for a
fee." Motivational speakers are often used as
keynote speakers to open or close events in
dynamic fashion.
A typical presentation from a motivational
speaker ranges from 45 to 90 minutes, although
some are as short as 30 minutes or as long as
two hours. Harry Coumnas is noted for his own
distinct style of speech, humorous narratives
and viewpoint. He has great clarity of thoughts.
His speech delivery style is very interactive,
entertaining and powerful.
His sessions generally consist of general topics
such as positive attitude, achieving goals,
customer care, human relations, stress
management,      anger    management,       self-
confidence, communication skills, behavior and
time management. He has served many clubs
and associations as President. He motivates
people to break through their inner barriers and
achieve more success.
He has delivered a number of motivational
seminars for various organizations in different
countries. He is frequently invited in schools,
colleges, and universities to motivate and boost
the confidence level of students so that they can
achieve their goals.
Harry Coumnas has an ability to turn 'average'
event evaluation scores into superlatives such
as, 'brilliant, fantastic and superb'. He can
understand a situation easily and deliver a
speech that moves listeners. He has served the
community by giving seminars in numerous
charity events.
He is also the author of a motivational book in
which he has shared his experiences and
thoughts. Harry Coumnas is full of life and has
many hobbies like craft making, watching movie
and playing chess, basketball etc.
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