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					                All about Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is one of the most common and troublesome conditions for people. Tension sets in,
once you notice the thinning hair or excessive hair loss and everyone starts to advise all forms
of treatment plans. But before you decide for an expensive treatment plan, it is advisable to
understand what hair is and the types and benefits of medication for the treatment to ensure a
effective and desirable results.

Hair Loss

Hair loss or baldness are embarrassing for men. Before you go for another baldness treatment
medication is important to know about the actual process of baldness.

The scalp hairs are divided into two phases, the growth phase and the resting phase. Almost 90%
of our hair in the growth phase, which lasts about four to five years. Each hair grows
approximately 1 centimeter per month during this phase. Once they mature, the resting phase
begins, which lasts up to four months. After this period, the hair and fall out naturally be
replaced with new one in its place. This is a continuous process and as a result of which we can
lose 100 hairs every day. However, this is a normal phenomenon and is not considered hair loss.

Hair loss begins when the pace of its fall, growing at an alarming rate. Moreover, when the new
hairs that are slowly replacing the old or thin, the onset of baldness. Male pattern baldness is
the most common cause of hair loss, but there would be another reason behind it. Therefore it is
important to your specific hair problem to discuss with your doctor before you buy Propecia or
begin another treatment.
Advantages of medication over other forms of treatments

With hair loss becoming a common cause of concern among millions of people around the
world, each year a large number of medications, herbs, spices, food supplements, oils, shampoos,
etc. enters the market each claiming itself to be the panacea for hair loss. Every year, men
suffering from baldness to spend billions of dollars in an attempt to treat her problem.
Unfortunately, 99% of all products sold in less than ethical treatment of its industry are
completely ineffective for the majority of those who use them.

If you are going bald you should seriously consider medication treatments to halt or even reverse
your hair loss. Although there is no "Cure", hair loss drugs can often stop or even reverse
alopecia aerate in most people. Medications to treat hair loss slows thinning of the hair and
increases coverage of the scalp by growing new hair and the extension of the existing hair.

Types of Drugs for hair loss treatment

Today there are two FDA approved drugs for baldness - minoxidil which is sold over the counter
as Rogaine, for both men and women, and finasteride, a prescription pill sold as Propecia, for
men only. Two other recently approved drugs for hair growth and have a high-estrogen oral
contraceptive and Aldactone (spironolactone). However, these two drugs are for women only by
their feminizing side effects.

Both drugs slow thinning of the hair and increase coverage of the scalp by growing new hair and
the expansion of existing ones. However, the effectiveness of finasteride or minoxidil depends
on your age and location of hair loss. These drugs do not work for everyone, and you should not
expect to re-grow a full head.

Propecia hair loss as Medicine

Propecia (finasteride) has been proven that the most effective drug to treat male pattern baldness.
Propecia is for men only, and is not approved by the FDA as a hair treatment for women or

Propecia works by blocking the enzyme, 5 alpha-reductase type II from the conversion of
testosterone into its active form DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the body. DHT plays a major role
in hereditary male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). In this process, it reduces the level
of the hormone in the scalp which shortens the hair growth cycle and allows hairs to return to a
normal growth cycle. This can result in stopping further hair loss and increasing new hair
growth in men with male pattern baldness.

A single 1mg Propecia tablet is to continuously be taken every day for 3-6 months before benefit
is seen. When Propecia is discontinued, the hair loss process resumes so continuous use is
recommended to take advantage.

Also remember that Propecia is a prescription only drug with some side effects and should be
taken after consultation with the doctor.
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Description: Hair loss or baldness are embarrassing for men. Before you go for another baldness treatment medication is important to know about the actual process of baldness.