Migrating to Exchange 2000 with Compaq by pengxiang


									Migrating to Exchange 2000
with Compaq


Compaq has a long history of providing complete Microsoft
Exchange solutions to our global customer base.
For customers implementing Exchange 2000, Compaq
provides a total end-to-end solution that includes ProLiant
Servers and storage systems optimized for Exchange 2000,
and lifecycle services for implementation and support. The
solution benefits are reduced risk and time to implementation,
improved productivity, and return on investment.
Customers profit from Compaq's experience and expertise.
And Compaq continues to invest engineering resources to
expand the existing messaging framework in adding voice,
collaboration and wireless applications to Exchange
Ten Factors that Drive
10 Reasons to Move to Microsoft
Exchange 2000 TODAY!

1. Increase reliability and performance   Increase
2. Server consolidation
3. Collaborate via instant messaging or   Wider
   conferencing                           Design
4. Access information from anywhere
5. Flexible storage options
6. Scalability improvements               costs
10 Reasons to Move to Microsoft
Exchange 2000 TODAY!
7. Integration with Active Directory     Integration
                                         By Design
8. Easier system management
9. Security protection through
10. Application Development that:
  –   Supports collaboration             Best Security
  –   Integrates forms development
  –   Builds on .NET
  –   Uses Web standards
                                         Develop Apps
  –   Leverages web development skills   to Exploit
  –   Uses native web interfaces         Exchange
Microsoft Exchange 2000: Challenges

 Exchange 2000 is a major technological revision
 Dependent upon Windows 2000 and Active
 Steps can be taken to minimize disruption and
  maximize benefits
 Deployment of Exchange 2000 may require
  coordination across multiple IT organizations
Microsoft Exchange 2000 Deployment:
Key Customer Concerns
 Amount of time it will take to deploy
 Complexity of deployment
 Business disruptions during deployment
 Minimizing cost of deployment
 Length of time it will take to achieve a positive
  return on investment
 Who has the skills and staff to help?
Compaq Product Basics
ProLiant Family

                                      ProLiant Essentials Software Value Packs

                                     ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack

                                Smart Array Storage for ProLiant Servers

                       700 Series                      700 Series
              500 Series                      500 Series
     300 Series                      300 Series

ML                              DL                              BL   Enterprises/SPs
Compaq Simplifies IT Management

 Rapid Deployment                                    Change Control &
Pre-configured                    2                 Software Maintenance
                                                Remote Deployment Utility
                                       Design   Version Control
SmartStart Scripting       Plan
                       1                        3
Remote installs with
Virtual Floppy Drive                   Deploy

      Solution                    4                 Lights-Out Management
 Sizing & Evaluation
                                                Compaq Insight Manager
                                                Management Agents
                                                Intelligent Cluster
Compaq Storage Backup/Restore Solutions
for Microsoft Exchange 2000
 Rapid Restore & Virtualized      “By partnering with companies like
  Storage Management for           Compaq, the Worldwide Prime
                                   Integrator for Exchange 2000, we
  Exchange 2000                    are able to deliver highly beneficial
                                   solutions to our customers. The
 Pre-tested configurations with   Rapid Restore for Exchange 2000
  free downloadable solutions      and Virtualized Storage
                                   Management for Exchange 2000 by
  guides                           Compaq StorageWorks solutions
                                   take advantage of Compaq's highly
 Dramatically enhance             scalable and easy-to-manage
  availability through cloning     storage systems and management
  and snapshot technology          software, in addition to their
                                   expertise designing, deploying and
 Minimize impact of backup on     managing Exchange 2000
                                   infrastructures. This provides a great
  Exchange services                way for customers to maximize the
                                   availability of their Exchange 2000
 Web-based SAN                    environment.“
  Management applications             Kevin McCuistion, Group Product Manager
                                                         Microsoft Corporation
Compaq Exchange Solution Delivery

                                  Service Providers
 market reach

                ActiveAnswers        Compaq

                                 Services Network
                                Compaq Services

                   Increasing complexity
Ten Manageable Steps to
Exchange 2000 Deployment
Compaq’s Approach to Deploying
Exchange 2000
1. Gather knowledge – Use ActiveAnswers, books,
2. Analyze existing systems
3. Prepare the network
4. Design for Windows 2000
5. Prepare Active Directory
6. Investigate add-ons – storage, partners
7. Assess hardware – bundles
8. Examine clients and desktops
9. Deploy Exchange 2000
10. Exploit new applications, explore future capabilities
Compaq’s Exchange 2000
Compaq Global Services:
Complementary Service Offerings
                                                 Exchange 2000
                                            Support & Management
                                         Migration & Integration
                                    Planning & Design
                                 Evaluation Pilot
                             Preparation Assessment
                          Expert Check
                     Windows 2000
             Planning & Design
     Design Review
  Readiness Assessment
Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server
 What is it?
   – Provides an extensible platform for real-time online
   – On-line conferences with live audio and video can be
     scheduled and conducted, with a range of features
     including whiteboard drawings, chat, application sharing,
     and file transfer.
   – Conferences can be public or private and can
     accommodate two or more attendees.
 What are the benefits:
   – Helps reduce meeting and travel costs
   – Increases the scope for key people to contribute to
     important business discussions and decisions, from
     anywhere in your organization.
   – Leverages off existing Exchange infrastructure – no
     special networking requirements.
 Compaq provides an Planning and Implementing
  Exchange Conferencing Server service
Compaq Exchange Offerings
Exchange 2000 Solutions Packages

 Customers can order Compaq
  tested, packaged solutions for
  their Exchange environment
  through Compaq Direct on the
 50 to 250 corporate users:
  – Compaq ProLiant ML350
 250 to 500 corporate users:
  – Compaq ProLiant ML370 Tower
 500 to 1,000 corporate users:
  – Compaq ProLiant ML 570 Tower
Exchange 2000 on Data Center
4-Node Clusters
 Specific Support in Exchange 2000 SP1
 4-Node: Data Center
 Key to Exchange Server Consolidation
 Deployment Recommendation:
  –   ROI can be achieved
  –   5K-15K user Clusters
  –   4 Storage group limitation
  –   N+1 4-Node Support
High-end Exchange Solutions
 Scalability
   –   Support for large SMP systems
   –   Massive physical memory
   –   Kernel and NTFS optimizations
   –   Scalable system services for
       authentication, components and
       transaction processing
 Management
   – Dynamic Resource Partitioning
   – Integrated HSM
 Investment protection
   – Source-code ready for WIN64
   – Increase throughput through clustering
Exchange 2000 Mobility Messaging

    BlackBerry                     Infowave or
                        Microsoft Mobile Information Server
Enterprise Server for
                        for Exchange Software and Compaq
Microsoft Exchange               iPAQ Pocket PCs
Flexible Solutions for ASPs
                   Network load                Component load                                Cluster
  Clients           balancing                    balancing*                                  services

                        1                              1
                              4                            3

                         32                                8

                   MS IIS web server            COM+ components                           Data servers
               or other IP-based services       application servers                     SQL, Exchange, file

* = Component load balancing is delivered through the AppCenter Server product, which is an add-on to Windows 2000
 Applications on Demand for
 Microsoft Exchange 2000
   Exchange as an “IT utility”
  Provides a packaged, completely managed
   messaging solution priced per user mailbox per
  Beyond the package, options are available
  Number of seats can be increased or decreased
   annually as needs require.
  Servers are built according to the
   Compaq/Microsoft “prescriptive architecture” for
   MS Exchange 2000
Complete Solution – Financial Benefits – Ensured Success
   Exchange “on demand” solution stack

             E2K Managed Services L2/L3 Support

   Basic        Level 1 Help Desk for Outlook
                     Software Licenses

               Proliant Servers and SANworks

                      Exchange On Demand
Exchange 2000 “on demand” -
Compaq offers two approaches
           Large                  Small & Medium Business
         Customers                       Customers
 Dedicated service delivery      Shared (multi-tenant)
  provided by Compaq               service delivery provided
  Global Services (CGS)            via Compaq certified
 Servers are located either       partner SPs
  at the customer’s site or at    Solution hosted at SP
  a Compaq data center,            location
  and CGS monitors and
  manages the Exchange            SP monitors and manages
  environment remotely             the Exchange environment
 Beyond the package,             Package only – options are
  options are available            limited
Why Compaq
Compaq Solution Partner Credentials
 Only supplier designated by
  Microsoft as Prime Integrator for
  Exchange 2000
 3500+ Microsoft Certified
 850 Exchange Solution
  Integration experts
                                      “Microsoft partners with Compaq for
 24x7 leadership — highly            two reasons. First, Compaq has a
  available, reliable systems based   phenomenal track record in terms of
                                      deploying and managing messaging
  on clustering and SAN               and collaboration systems on an
  technologies                        incredible scale, and they know how
                                      to get the job done in a way to benefit
                                      customers. Secondly, Compaq has
 Compaq solution architects have     made an incredible investment in
  written Exchange 2000 books and     terms of the Exchange product with
                                      Microsoft, actually helping us to
  white papers                        develop the product and ensure that
                                      it readily meets customers’ needs.”
  www.compaq.com/activeanswers/                 Stan Sorenson, Group Manager
  exchange                                               Microsoft Corporation
Compaq Exchange Experience and
 >8 million seats of Exchange under
  contract through Compaq Global
  Services, of this >1.8 million
  Exchange 2000 seats
 550+ global enterprise customers
 ProLiant hardware — platform of
  choice for Exchange with > 50%
  market share
 Best-of-breed partners — helping     “Compaq is a good
                                       choice, maybe the only
  you extend reach and power of        real choice, to help
  Exchange with next-generation        customers migrate to
  applications in wireless, unified    Exchange 2000.”
                                                            David Ferris,
  messaging, and more                  President of Ferris Research, Inc.
Exchange 2000 Deployment Workshop
Series for Customers
 Microsoft TechNet, Compaq and Veritas are
  sponsoring a series of 3-day Deployment
  Workshops focused on the Server Infrastructure
  (Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Exchange
 Target Audience: IT professionals focused on
  messaging infrastructures
 More Info:
Complete Enterprise Solutions
Backed by the FrontLine Partnership

     Systems                                   Software
 from our complete                        from Compaq and our
   line, palmtop to                     best-in-class partners for
      desktop to                          integrating Windows
      Datacenter                         2000 environments with
                                            multivendor UNIX,
                                            OpenVMS and NSK
                           WIN 2000

 Consulting Services                        Support Services
based on our extensive                         from our MS
expertise with Microsoft                    engineers trained
     technologies                           onsite at Microsoft
Complete your Exchange Solution
through Compaq Partners                          Wireless
Unified Messaging        Co-existence
                          & Migration

 Management Interfaces
  Desktops & Servers           Collaboration

                                    & Security
Deloitte Touche        “Throughout the entire project, Compaq staff demonstrated
                        they had the methodology, skills and experience that
Tohmatsu,               would make it succeed.”
Australia (DTT)
                        Mark Kalisch
DTT is one of the       Chief Technology Officer
world’s leading
business advisory
firms delivering      Compaq’s Global Services:
quality client         Designed, developed and deployed a complete server & client
services all around     Windows 2000 and Active Directory infrastructure migrating from
the globe.              Novell NetWare for 3,500 seats across the country
                       Provided migration from cc:Mail for 3,500 users to Microsoft
                        Exchange 2000 + another 3,500 seats over the next 6 months
                      Microsoft Software:
                       Exchange 2000, Windows 2000
                      Business Benefits:
                       The Microsoft W2K environment offers less server downtime, runs
                        higher-end applications & reduces maintenance tasks
                       The Active directory provided a single, consistent point of
                        management for users
                       The Microsoft Exchange 2000 product offered a low total cost of
                        ownership for the messaging and collaboration activities
                         “In looking for a solution provider, we wanted a company
Reach Limited             which had a presence in every country we were in, as
                          well as one which could capitalize on relationships with
                          vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft. We also wanted a
Reach Limited is the      company which could demonstrate that they’d
newly formed              successfully done this type of project in the past.”
Internet connectivity
company owned by
both Telstra              Andrew Robinson
Corporation and           Manager, IT Infrastructure
Pacific Century
CyberWorks              Compaq’s Professional Services:
(PCCW) in Australia.
                         Designed and implemented a Microsoft Exchange 2000, Microsoft
                          Windows 2000 and Active Directory environment to support more
                          than1,500 Reach personnel located throughout the Asia Pacific
                          region, as well as the US, UK and Canada
                         Complete design delivered in only 6 weeks
                        Compaq Hardware:
                         ProLiant DL380’s and 8500 servers and Compaq Deskpro ENSFF
                          6733 as the desktop standard PC
                        Microsoft Software:
                         Exchange 2000, Windows 2000
                        Business Benefits:
                         Employees can easily gain access to information now at any point
                         A totally integrated approach to the previous computing environment
Florida                 “We needed to work with a vendor in whom we had
                         absolute confidence and with whom we could
Department of            successfully collaborate. We had a relationship with
Environmental            Compaq for some time now and were confident they
                         were the right technology partner for us.”
Florida DEP              John Willmott
provides                 Chief Information Officer
of Florida’s
ecosystems to          Compaq’s Professional Services:
preserve the state’s
                        Provided the planning & design, project management and
unique quality
                         implementation of Windows 2000 + migration of 3,200 seats of MS
of life.
                         Exchange 2000
                        Compaq Customer Services assisted Professional Services with
                         hardware and software installation and troubleshooting
                       Compaq Hardware:
                        2 clustered Compaq ProLiant 8500 servers; StorageWorks SAN with
                         TL895 DLT Library; 6 ProLiant ML350 servers; and 7 ML370 servers
                         as domain, protocol, web & backup servers
                       Business Benefits:
                        State-of-the-art mail system, reduced cost of backup operations, and
                         enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in the day-to-day work
                             “Because of the closely coordinated relationship between
USinternetworking             Compaq and Microsoft, we receive excellent support
                              and accurate, and quick answers to problems for our
                              enterprise client base – that’s a big bonus to us because
 USi, Annapolis, MD
                              maximizing uptime is our central focus.”
 is the leading
 application service
 provider (ASP) that           Mike Klass
 hosts & manages               Director, Microsoft Technologies
 applications over          Compaq’s Global Services:
 the Internet for a          Designed, developed and deployed a complete server & client Windows 2000
 monthly fee                  and Active Directory infrastructure migrating from Novell NetWare for 3,500
                              seats across the country
 May 2001:                   Provided migration from cc:Mail for 3,500 users to Microsoft Exchange 2000 +
 IDC Names USi as ASP         another 3,500 seats over the next 6 months
 Industry Leader
                            Compaq Products and Services:
 July 2001:                  ProLiant DL360, DL380, DL580, and ProLiant 8500 systems; Remote Insight
 USI received Microsoft’s     Manager XE; Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition; StorageWorks; Global Services
 ASP solution of the year     maintenance contract
                            Microsoft Software:
                             Exchange 5.5 & Exchange 2000; Integration Information Server; Site Server,
                               Commerce Edition 3.0; SQL Server 7.0 and 2000 databases; Windows NT
                               server network ; Windows 2000
                            Business Benefits:
                             High reliability and high performance
                             Maximum availability and protection for enterprise application hosting
                             Easy, proactive and centralized management across global data centers
William Blair           “Compaq products are affordable, reliable and
                         serviceable, and we can always count on our Compaq
                         advisors to help us put together the right solution.”
William Blair & Co.
is one of the oldest
investment banking       Tony Burdick
firms in the U.S.        Partner and IT Manager

                       Compaq’s Global Services:
                        Implemented clustered ProLiant 5500 servers running Windows 2000
                         and MS Exchange 5.5 and a 35/70 Fibre Channel tape library
                        Compaq Customer Services (CCS) provided the company with
                         Microsoft licenses and migrated William Blair's desktop environment
                         to Windows 2000 for 1,100 users
                       Compaq Products and Services:
                        StorageWorks, Raid Array, Insight Manager, Compaq Deskpro EN
                         Small Form Factor PCs, 98 various ProLiant servers
                       Business Benefits:
                        Using Altiris eXpress has provided a more efficient management
                         system for its PC environment and has reduced system downtime
Elisa                    “Design project proved, that in large projects like this, it
                          is important to use the expertise of knowledgeable
Communications            partners”.

 A major telco            Pertti Simola
 company in Finland.       IT Manager
 The group offers
 wireless voice, data
 and internet           Compaq’s Global Services:
 services. Network
 communication           Migrated from Teamware mail to Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000
 competence and           for 7,000 users
 internet services       Compaq’s Global Services was responsible for planning, design,
 range from e-mail to     project management, software licenses for migration tools and virus
 e-business.              scanning software. Compaq was the prime integrator with Microsoft
                          as its subcontractor.
                        Compaq Products and Services:
                         Elisa Communications solution also includes NETIQ tools to migrate
                          from NT4.0 to the Windows 2000 Active Directory
                        Business Benefits:
                         Provided Elisa Communications with the necessary modern
                          enterprise solutions for messaging and other personal productivity
Erste Bank
Erste Bank is the
head of the Austria
Savings Banks         Compaq Products and Services:
Group.                 Erste has started its rollout of Windows 2000 with Exchange 2000
                        and Office 2000 for 3,000 users.
                       Final roll-out will be for approximately 7,000 users in Erste Bank &
                        about 14,000 users in the Savings Bank.
                       Compaq Hardware so far consists of 150 ProLiant ML370’s + 3,000
                        Deskpro EN’s.
                       Microsoft Software consists of Windows 2000, Exchange 2000 and
                        Office 2000.
                      Business Benefits:
                       Reduced total cost of ownership
                       A single integrated, global client/server network which can be
                        managed from a central location
Customer Success:
Data Return Corporation
 Challenge
   – Provide advance hosting,
     guaranteed uptime and 24X7
     availability for applications utilizing
     Microsoft BackOffice
 Solution
   – Migration Services for Exchange
   – Porting
   – Partner/customer testing capability
   – Customer/account team meetings            “ We see no limits to the
   – Scalability for Internet                  level of scalability we
     e-business                                can offer customers with
                                               Compaq and Microsoft
   – Leadership technology, eBusiness          solutions.”
     infrastructure, Microsoft Back Office             Sunny Vanderbeck
     expertise and reliable customer                  Chairman and CEO
                                                  Data Return Corporation
Further Information
Compaq Web Sites for More Information
 ActiveAnswers
  – www.compaq.com/ActiveAnswers
 Windows 2000 Migration
  – www.compaq.com/windows2000
 Messaging (services, solutions,
  white papers)
  – www.compaq.com/messaging
 Services
  – www.compaq.com/services
 Messaging Services
  – www.compaq.com/services/mess

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