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									                                                        Summer 2011
                                                        Volume No. 4
                                                          Issue No. 2


The Floral Clock next to the
Sir Adam Beck Hydro Electric
Generation Plant in Niagara Falls.

A beautiful use of electricity
generated by the power of one
of the seven natural wonders
of the world!

       Institutional Locksmith
                  The Official Publication of Institutional
                   Locksmiths Organization of Canada
                    Mission Statement of ILOC

  ILOC (Institutional Locksmiths Organization of Canada) is a not for profit
trade organization set up as one voice to provide support and education to its
 members in the Institutional and In-House aspects of the Locksmithing and
                              Security Industry.

 Our members include: Locksmiths, Carpenters, Maintenance Workers, and
  anyone else involved in the installation, sales and service of security door
hardware in Hospitals, School Boards, Universities and Colleges, Commercial
  Companies, Property Management Companies, Government Institutions,
             Hotels, Municipalities, Hydro, Transit Systems, etc.

 We are dedicated to increasing access to education, proper training   and the
 sharing of information throughout the industry in order to provide    a better
     and more professionally trained Locksmith for the Institutions    and
                     Companies requiring our services.

ILOC is committed to working in partnership with Distributors and Manufac-
turers to create a foundation of viable educational resources for our members
    while supporting their products and services for the betterment of all.

            51 Artreeva Drive      Downsview, Ontario     M3H 4T9
       Phone: 416-398-4514      Fax: 416-398-4514   e-mail: office@iloc.ca

    Strength Through Knowledge, Education, and Unity
The CoverPhoto...                                                                             INDEX
                                                            Topics                                    Page
                                        Summer 2011
                                        Volume No. 4
                                          Issue No. 2   Presidential Address                          4

                                                        Are you an Info Snacker...?                    7

                                                        National Locksmith Registry                   9

                                                        Antique Hardware Restoration and
                                                        Refinishing (AHRR) Part Two                   12

                                                        ILOC Membership Application                   23

        Institutional Locksmith
                                                        Consumer Alert                                26

                                                        Locksmiths Don’t Just
        The Official Publication of Institutional       Break Locks!                                  28
         Locksmiths Organization of Canada

 The Floral Clock at Niagara Falls. One of              ILOC Search-A-Word                            32
  the achievemnets of Niagara’s power.
                                                        News and Current Events                       34
Canadian Institutional Locksmith is published
and distributed to Institutional Locksmiths,
Locksmith Associations, Healthcare Facilities,          Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities...
Colleges and Universities, School Boards,               Maternity Ward Solutions                      37
Government Agencies, Transit Commissions,
Property Management Companies, and other
security industry related companies and                 ILOC Spring/Summer
personnel throughout Canada. The publisher              Education Schedule                            42
reserves the right to cancel or deny any
subscription at anytime without notice. All             World Events Calendar                         44
articles and/or technical information, including
advertising are selected from submissions for
reasons of timeliness, available space, and             Corporate Members                             46
general interest to our readers. We regret that we
are not able to select all submissions for
publication. In some cases, edited versions of
submitted material are presented and we are
unable to vouch for their accuracy at the time of
publication.Opinions expressed herein do not
necessarily reflect the official view of ILOC or it’s
members. Appearance of advertisements does not
constitute endorsement of products featured.


(Institutional Locksmiths
Organization of Canada)
51 Artreeva Drive
Downsview, Ontario
M3H 4T9

Thomas Fraser

WebNews Printing
8 High Meadow Place
North York, Ontario M9L 2Z9                                      Strength Through Knowledge,
Publications Mail Agreement #41607075                                 Education and Unity

       www.iloc.ca                                         Canadian Institutional Locksmith           pg. 3
            Presidential Address

I hope everyone is out enjoying the hot summer weather. This year has been a whirlwind for me with ILOC,
my family, and work running me ragged. I can’t seem to remember a time when I could just sit still without
worrying about one or all of them.

This year has been very busy and successful on the education front with requests from all across Canada to
participate in various training events made available by ILOC and its associate members. Remember, this is a
free benefit for ILOC members, so please take advantage of these opportunities to grow into a more complete
lock specialist.

I had quite a lot of feedback on Brian Denyer’s first part to antique lock servicing and cleaning and I am
happy to report that part two is just a few pages further on in this issue. Besides the thousands of people who
receive this magazine across Canada, we also keep track of the hits on our website on a daily basis and I can
tell you that Brian’s articles specifically are read in over fifteen countries and the magazine itself has now
been read in over sixty-five nations around the world. It is quite the accomplishment for such a young trade

On a sad note, our sympathies go out to our friend Shane Maloney (Vice President of TAOL) and his children
(Mallory, Craig, Cameron, and Riley) on the passing of his lovely wife Liz Gates-Maloney on Friday, June
10th. Unfortunately, Liz lost her battle with cancer. My wife Margaret and I will always remember the joyful
times we all shared with Liz and Shane at the TAOL conventions over the years. She will be missed, but will
not be forgotten.

Thomas Ian Fraser
President of ILOC

                         ILOC BOARD of DIRECTORS
President                   Finance                          Directors                 Education
Thomas Ian Fraser           Edward Sturge                    Brian Bawn                Steven Sipe

                            Membership                       Jason Belanger, CPS,CRL   John Fawcett
                            Jason Belanger, CPS,CRL          Andy Douse                By-Laws
David O’Ball
                            Andy Douse                       Dan Godon
                                                                                       Brian Bawn

Secretary/Treasurer                                          Steven Sipe
                            Public Relations                                           Ethics

Edward Sturge               Thomas Ian Fraser                                          Dan Godon

    pg. 4                                Canadian Institutional Locksmith                             www.iloc.ca

  Body & Shackle Insulated         Ultimate Durability               Personalize Your Lock              Lifelong Corrosion Resistance
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          CANADA: 1-866-231-4118, TORONTO: 416-231-4118
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pg. 6                         Canadian Institutional Locksmith       www.iloc.ca
       Are you an Info-Snacker, a
        Thin Slicer? Architecting
        Decisions for Attention,
          Choice & Influence.

By Peter Callaghan
President and CEO
HuStream Tecnologies Inc.

Confession - I think a lot about choice and decision making. I believe “choice” is one of the
biggest issues facing business today. For one thing, it’s a challenge facing consumers,
knowing they have choice. But in businesses, if we ignore this challenge we fail to grasp the
context of our role in consumer’s lives. We risk failing to grasp how and why they, in turn,
ignore us. Choice is a major communications challenge. Mastering choice is a huge
opportunity for differentiation for your business.
Attention is finite, 24 hours per day is all we have. Work or play we are bombarded by
choice, and content has no respect for time; books, events, news, music, websites, blogs,
SMS, e-mails and of course videos. Each category offers seemingly infinite choice to acquire
content. So are we always choosing? Well, no, we filter on auto-pilot. We snack, skim,
channel hop, and tune-out. I use the term “Info-Snacking”, inspired by Nicholas Carr’s
“The Shallows”. Are you an Info Snacker? – Confess :)
“The Paradox of Choice” by Barry Schwartz was the first book to expose me to concept of
“too much choice” being a bad thing

When you slice our attention so thin, we end up with zero attention. As a culture we are
close to this point, yet the sense I get is we don’t know we’re in trouble. So how have we
changed the way we communicate to accommodate this new reality?

It should be no surprise that there is a lot of great content on the subject of choice. Here are
some fantastic authors focused on choice. They each add a unique perspective. Perhaps one
of them will speak to you and get you thinking more about choice. I’d argue these
methodologies are highly relevant for your business. All products and services compete for
our attention. You’d better get used to it. To some extent Time is the new Tiger.

Sheena Iyengar: The Art of Choosing
It’s important to understand how people decide. Until I came across Sheena’s talk I hadn’t
thought about how choice varies by culture. We live in a diverse world. I now know
choice varies massively by culture. Who is your audience? Do they make choices
differently? Are you responding to that?

Richard H. Thaler: Nudge - Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Nudge is about how to help people make the right choice and a lot of that comes from pre-
loading the correct defaults. Thaler and Sunstein demonstrate how thoughtful “choice
architecture” can be established to nudge us in beneficial directions without restricting
freedom of choice.

Remember the finite realities of your potential customers and make their choices easy
and respectful and you will be more likely to succeed.


Peter Callaghan has an amazing track record in the CRM world and brings a real depth of
 experience and passion to the HuStream team. Peter’s focus is on assisting software
companies with the design and implementation of their ‘go to market’ strategy and he has earned a
reputation for forecast accuracy.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry having most recently held the
position of Chief Sales Officer at Maximizer Software. A high-tech industry expert, he is
frequently quoted in a variety of trade and business publications, was included in VARBusiness
magazine’s list of the “Top Channel Executives in 2005” and was named to CRM magazine’s list of
“Who’s Who in CRM.”
             Open to ALL Locksmiths
                 across Canada

          Welcome to the new National Locksmith Registry
This registry is open to ALL Locksmiths (not just Institutional) and security personnel whether they are
currently members of an existing organization or not. The National Locksmith Registry has been created in
order to provide a legitimate database of Locksmiths and Security personnel from across Canada who have
completed and passed an RCMP criminal background check (form C216-C). This registry is for individuals
only and not open to companies or corporations. The registry will not interfere with any province’s existing
Locksmith legislation and will only go to enhance our industry in the last remaining areas of Canada where
there is no legitimate licensing and legislation. The National Locksmith Registry is a creation of and owned
by ILOC and will provide the public,
corporate, institutional and private sectors with the means to carry out safety and due diligence checks of
their contractors and installers of security and door hardware as well as create peace of mind with residential
customers regarding who is controlling the keys to their homes. This is a serious issue that has been neglected
for far too long. The new National Locksmith Registry will go hand in hand with proper training to provide
our industry with the best Locksmiths and security personnel possible for our clients.

To register, please complete the following steps.

1) Visit the RCMP website at www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cr-cj/fing-empr2-eng.htm for a quick link on how to obtain
a criminal background check.

2) Visit the ILOC website at www.iloc.ca and download the registry application form.

3) Mail the completed form along with a photocopy of the approved RCMP background check (no faxes
accepted), a passport size colour photo and the $10CDN processing fee to the ILOC office as stated on the
registration form.

All picture ID cards will carry the name, company where the registrant is currently employed and the expiry
date, which will be three years from the registration date.

     www.iloc.ca                             Canadian Institutional Locksmith                         pg. 9



www.uscansafes.com                 1-888-2-1-USCAN (87226)
           and REFINISHING (AHRR) Part Two
               AHRR is pronounced just like the spoken Pirate ARRRRRRR Mattee!

                                        experience of several interrogated        interconnected with the historical,
By Brian Denyer
                                        applicants. While reading this            social, economic, and growth
There are those who want to do          instalment, ask yourself the              dynamics of governments.
restoration work, and Locksmiths        following questions: “What                Additionally, we will show how
have the capabilities and the           specific information do you need          they are an agent of that power
drive, but how many have the            to have in order to successfully          and control. This interrelation-
organizational skills? Perhaps this     proceed?” “Will the results of the        ship can be found both here in the
article can provide some sort of        restoration fulfill your obligation       earthly realm of the pagan/
directional system to embark on         to the client?” “Have all methods         paranormal sectors of society; and
the initial pathway. Lots of people     of restoration been attempted in          in Heaven according to the
do restoration work but not in the      order to produce what the client          teachings of Christianity. While
Locksmith field. The ill informed       has sought?”                              reading bare in mind that the keys
amateurs that do shall always                                                     we are dealing with for
provide follow-up work for us to                                                  restoration are essentially keys of
correct their mistakes. If you want                                               a non-political type, and
to restore and rekey a locking                                                    employed in daily activities for
device then go to a qualified                                                     the common people. These keys
specialist with knowledge of the                                                  may be viewed as an expression of
hardware field. This second                                                       those without political power and
instalment is written to distribute                                               no expectations of obtaining it.
some of the basic information                                                     What happens to the powerless
required, and to tempt the reader                                                 common key in our society? The
into this little explored facet of                                                rest of this article deals with
Locksmithing. One thought to                                                      methods of cleaning common
keep in mind is that a cookbook                                                   working keys and locks. Which
doesn’t make a reader a Chef.                                                     are designed by the local
Another one is questioning from                                                   Locksmith, Blacksmith, or
outsiders who ask for advice on                                                   produced by a factory production
how to do restoration work? From      A group of rusty Folding Keys, which        system? The Industrialized
several instances in the past I       are very corroded. Knowing the types        Revolution in Britain had
found that each and every person
                                      of rust and what will work to restore       factories mass produce keys for
                                      each one is leaned by practical experience. ordinary uses such as those for
who asks very specific and
detailed ‘how to’ types of queries                                                residential and commercial usage.
is going to cut you out of the                                                    Even American era Civil War
picture and try it themselves. One       GENERAL SURVEY OF THE                    hardware catalogs marketed a
engineer I knew was being                HISTORIC FIELD OF                        broad range of locks and keys to
interviewed for a large contract.        LOCKSMITHING                             meet their customer’s needs.
He was either interviewed or                                                      There was something for
interrogated in a group setting for      The article will start out with a        everyone. Most of the antique
over an hour. In the end he didn’t       general introduction covering            European hardware has made its
win the contract, neither did            some of basic and multifaceted           way to North America via tourist’s
anyone else. But the corporation         concepts of locking devices and          collecting them while souvenir
carried out the renovations based        keys. Then show some tendencies          hunting on the continent.
on the combined and acquired             of how Locks and Keys are

 pg. 12                                      Canadian Institutional Locksmith                            www.iloc.ca
www.iloc.ca   Canadian Institutional Locksmith   pg. 13
POLITICAL FUNCTION &                       part of their metal or cloth           Commemorative keys. All of the
PSYCHOLOGICAL                              insignia. One time I went to a         World Fairs produced several
BOUNDARY                                   costume party and dressed as a         commemorative fancy keys to
                                           generic Prison Guard and wore a        celebrate their opening. Of course
Keys and locks form part of the            plain grey dress shirt plus dangled    most are purely for display and
tradition of our historical political      a Folger Adams (FA) brass key          are non-functional. In addition a
structure. On the symbolic level           from a belt key ring. While going      key can be made to share feelings
keys send messages to about the            to the parking lot for a ride back     and ideas as a symbolic logo for a
division of power in society.              home late that night a person          certain exclusive group. If we
Although more pronounced and               selling drugs came up on his bike      accept that language is the
observed in previous societal              and started the pusher spiel. He       communication of meaning in
times. Those who govern have an            then glanced down at the light         visual symbolic terms then keys
obligation to wield leadership in          reflecting off of the brass            have a language all of their own.
the form of showing who has                detention key dangling on my           Before literacy was available to
power; who should lose the                 Sam Browne belt. His jaw               everyone in society we had
privilege of being free; and the           dropped in mid sentence and he         arbitrary symbols, and keys were
reinforcement of societal norms.           gave me the dirtiest look possible     one of them. So, just how do we
In other words setting the                 and then disappeared back into         learn about the language of
baseline for what is permissible           the dark night. I wasn’t wearing       antique and historic keys? By
and what is not, with an emphasis          any patches or metal badges            looking at past examples from
on Justice for all. Perhaps the past       either. Besides the plain black        history and learning the basic
has created a current culture of           military type hat and shined boots     mechanical design features of the
compliance? Those who govern               there was nothing to distinguish       pin tumbler, warded mechanism,
also have the responsibility to set        me from John Doe. The female I         and Scandinavian Disc tumbler.
limits on personal power,                  was with had a late Victorian era      As Locksmiths we all have the
freedoms and control.                      frilled dress with matching            basic skill of sight reading a key
                                           Granny ankle boots of the period       even if seen for a brief instant.
                                           style.                                 Well so did the old time Lock-
                                                                                  smiths from their particular era.
                                           READING THE VISUAL                     Now, when I have the chance to
                                           CODE                                   work on some antiques it is
                                                                                  possible to sight read any design
                                           In order to understand the World       improvements made over time
                                           of keys we should have some            and the technical skill level of the
                                           knowledge of their past in order       maker. As with all fields of en-
                                           to gain understanding of their         deavour there are different grades
                                           present usage. Our digitalized         of expertise and pride of craft.
                                           footprints left by the computer        Some people are just in it for the
The first experimental key. Taken          chip keys have evolved from the        passing of time until retirement.
out of the soup and wiped with a cloth.    ancient techniques of the Craft        While others are interested in
Notice the dull grey finish. This key
was very easy to clean inspite of its      Guild. We can see these keys as        continual learning and improve-
initial rusty look and feel. One element   symbols of power if we know how        ment of their chosen craft. Few
that helped was the highly tempered        to read their symbolic code.           are gifted and inspire us to reach
metal, and smooth finish produced          Which leads to the question:           their level of skill and acquired
at the Blacksmith Shop.
                                           “Does Locksmithing have a              field knowledge. In the Public
                                           language?” Each key is related to      Domain of Locksmith knowledge
                                           the storage, transfer, and             Jerry Finch was a master at lock
                                           reconstruction of encoded              picking and picking tool design
THE PRACTICE OF JUSTICE                     information in order to open a        and shared his knowledge freely.
AND ENFORCEMENT                            specific lock, or a series of Master   Don Shiles is a master at
                                           Keyed locks. A key is something        investigative locksmithing,
Current times demonstrate the              we can see, enjoy, or respond to.      unassisted entry and lock picking.
way in which keys have acted to            It is something to represent the       Additionally gifted people have
structure social relationships.            World in a special way. The            the foresight to help others in
Quite a few of our Prison Systems          design may also be used to record      their journey path to reach higher
incorporate Detention Keys as              an historic experience such as         standards in our chosen field. I

 pg. 14                                       Canadian Institutional Locksmith                            www.iloc.ca
remember Don DeKyper                    statement of the Vatican’s divine
commenting that during his first        authority. The Pope uses a logo of
job the boss told him not to worry      gold and silver Warded Crossed
about the mistakes because it was       Keys.
all part of the learning process.
Don went onto to explain that he        MAGINALIZED GROUP
learned so much that summer             SYMBOLS
that he was fired.
                                        Various marginalized societal
                                        sub-groups use keys for ritual
                                        identification as did the ancient
                                        Egyptian Empire. Is it possible to
                                        call this extended reality? Some
                                        may call it pseudo reality? Others
                                        live by it as their sacred creed,
                                        and the World is structured to
                                        reinforce their beliefs. These are
                                        people who trust in their own
                                        direct experiences of separate
                                        reality. For example, the
                                        organized Vampire Community,
                                        as compared to the fantasy role
This a Black Iron key after the rust                                              T-handle key (cleaned) used for
has been removed. It reveals the dark
                                        player types, uses the Ankh as            Stagecoachtransportation doors.
 natural finish and doesn’t polish to   their symbol for eternal life. It
a bright finish.                        seems at the time of the ancient
                                        Egyptian Empire the Ankh used
                                        as a key symbol became                  Self governing bodies are set up to
                                         entrenched into the social             deal with unethical conduct by the
MINDSET AND WAY OF                      landscape. Modern Vampire               House membership. Apparently
SELF IDENTIFICATION                     House’s use customized variations       modern day Vampires are very
                                        of the Ankh symbol to show which        mortal and afflicted with a genetic
Certain Ceremonial Keys are worn        House they belong to, and               condition requiring continual
and shown for display, and act as       sometimes to display internal           feeding to replenish life energy.
a psychological ‘open sesame’.          rank.                                   Popular Hollywood Media and the
These keys are signs of both                                                    Fiction Press base their plot lines
established ranking, and                                                        and character development on the
acceptance into a special social                                                basic vampiric facts blown
group. They are displayed to                                                    completely out of proportion. Of
project power according to the                                                  course the media glorifies and
established status quo, customs,                                                enhances the Vampire image to a
of select community members,                                                    spectacular level as a hook to sell
and sub-group codes. The social                                                 the entertainment packaged
impact of keys over time has                                                    image. Looking at the profit being
reflected the changing nature of                                                made with all of the movies,
overt community groups and                                                      televised series, and product
covert sub-groups. From past                                                    spin-offs the trend will most likely
articles in ILOC we have seen                                                   continue. If some readers think
locks and keys are used for a                                                   the ordinary real life based
variety of purposes such as:                                                    vampire character is farfetched
religion, sub-group symbolism,                                                  then do a search for Remote
Craft Guilds, et cetera.                                                        Viewing (RV). The US Army has
                                                                                experimented and used psychic
RELIGIOUS THEOLOGY                                                              abilities to enhance the battlefield
                                                                                survivability of the elite ‘Warrior
In a previous article we explained        T-handle keys (rusted) used for       Monk’ in specialized units. The
Crossed keys used as a political          Stagecoachtransportation doors.       Russian Special Forces also

  www.iloc.ca                                Canadian Institutional Locksmith                                pg. 15
   No Wires! No Batteries!
                                     • No Wires to Install or Get Pinched

                                     • No Batteries to Replace

                                     • Environmentally Friendly

                                     • PowerStar™ Patented Technology
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                                       of the Lever


Introducing the E-Plex 2000 with
              Self-Powered Electronic Access Control

  Kaba Access Control • 1.800.849.8324 • www.kabaaccess.com
experimented with and use             them to defeat his opponents in           POLITICAL IMPACT OF
enhanced psychic abilities for        lethal combat. Still, there is a          IMAGE CONSIDERATIONS
their Spetsnez troops. I don’t have   person with a befuddled gaze.
any information on the Chinese        Back in the late Victorian period         Part of the package for the
but by extension as an emerging       you would be considered insane if         glorification of elected officials is
World Power they most likely          you claimed a rock known as               the possession to the “Key to the
have similar if not more advanced     Uranium could impart invisible            City” and the discretion to present
capabilities. Historically, the       death rays. These days if you still       a copy of the key as a tribute to
Chinese have practiced Martial        don’t believe it then it could cause      specially chosen people.
Arts for thousands of years and       your untimely end. Isn’t                  This is a carry on from previous
produced many skilled                 democracy wonderful? We are all           practices and has its origins
practitioners. Some techniques        free to choose what we want to            hundreds, if not thousands, of
involve manipulation of ‘Chi’ or      live by, and/or not live by?              years ago. Historically when
life force to overcome their                                                    Walled and Gated Cities were
opponent. Another facet is ‘Dim                                                 defeated the ruler was painted in
Mak’ or ‘Death Touch’ is based on                                               the ceremonial act of
the human body’s natural internal                                               surrendering the Key to the City
electrical flow between the organs                                              to the Conqueror. Back then the
and brain. That flow is the life                                                entry point to defeat the City was
energy, just what the Vampires                                                  through the City Gate which is
use to feed from. So how                                                        effect the Doorway to the City.
farfetched is all this talk about                                               The Trojan Horse was a ploy to
psychic energy manipulation?                                                    allow Special Forces the
There is always one wiseacre in                                                 opportunity to open the City
the group, and they are mumbling                                                Gateway and the subsequent
now: “Just what does this have to                                               defeat of an almost impenetrable
do with keys?” OK, it’s a valid                                                 City.
question. In answer to it we have
to look at the Japanese Martial                                                 SOCIAL IMPACT GROUPS
Arts. A master won’t let anyone
else touch their weapons because                                                Several fraternities use keys as a
after years of use with an                                                      symbol of membership. The
instrument such as a Samurai                                                    PLAYBOY Club had a numbered
Sword, the weapon contains their                                                cut key with their bunny logo on
                                      Before (dirty)and after (cleaned) of
“chi energy”. Another person          T-handle key with the arms hinged
                                                                                the key head. They even had a
handling it will upset that                        s.
                                      ou t w a r d s .                          custom designed leather wallet for
balance. It is considered a great                                               displaying the Playboy key for
honour if a Master extends an                                                   Club entry. For some it was a
invitation to a student to handle                                               badge of sexual office. I remember
their weapon. Now we come back                                                  when I took a course at York
to keys. If a person has used and                                               University about Criminal Law
carried a key with them for years                                               with a Professor from Osgoode
is it possible that the metal has                                               Hall Law School. We had a few
taken on some aspects of the                                                    snobs in the class and they would
owner’s psi energy? Still think is                                              show off certain status symbols.
beyond the realm of belief? The                                                 One person would always come in
author of ‘The Book of Five Rings’                                              about one minute before class
is William Scott Wilson; he also                                                started and sit at the lecture table.
has other works such as “The                                                    Then make a ceremony of casting
Lone Samurai the Life of                                                        down a set of logo keys from an
Miyamoto Musashi”. If you read                                                  expensive deluxe model vehicle.
this book about the famous                                                      So I went back home and took
martial artist Musashi, who lived                                               some of the 9 inch length antique
several hundred years ago, it                                                   keys and placed them on a giant
makes reference to various                                                      key ring. After a few weeks I
psychic abilities and how he used                                               waited until the classmate came

 www.iloc.ca                                 Canadian Institutional Locksmith                                pg. 17
in and went through the key            false cuts to throw off sight           consistent results. So go out and
drama routine. This time a loud        readers. Houdini the ultimate           get one of their products and
sound was heard when my group          Master Magician had a collection        try them. Just observe the Safety
of 9 inch keys hit the table. Gee,     of all types of locks and keys to act   pre-cautions, as with any
the other student’s eyes almost        as a hardware reference library to      chemical solutions. Now, let us
popped out of their sockets. The       perfect his escapes upon. He even       discuss the specifics of chemical
student never threw their              apprenticed to a Locksmith for          cleaning.
miniature keys on the table again      awhile to obtain “Restricted” locks
that year.                             and keys. Houdini was and still is      RUST REMOVER
                                       amazing. I believe some of his          CONCENTRATE AND GEL
CRAFT GUILDS                           lock picks were used to design
                                       surreptitious entry instruments         We know how it feels to get the
Guilds had the exclusive, and          for Camp X graduates.                   most out of our tools to do things
closely guarded, right to certain                                              right. One instrument in our
tools and technologies. They knew                                              toolbox is from SHIELD
that design process is one of                                                  TECHNOLOGY located in
shared communication with the                                                  Grimsby, England
client and then having the group                                               www.shieldtechnology.co.uk
background skills to make the                                                  Lee Valley is the distributor
lock and key both useful and                                                   www.leevalley.com and the
beautiful. For Guilds key making                                               product is illustrated in their
was technologically structured,                                                hardcopy catalogue and in their
and they had total control of the                                              online catalogue. Lee valley was
process. Guilds control the                                                    kind enough to supply me with
synergistic process of their work                                              sample bottles of their listed
from the initial creative design to                                            product at no cost for review.
the making of the final item.          Bridge Ward key that had a coating      There are before and after photos
                                       of thick black paint. It took several
Sometimes each key is made as if       treatments of Vinegar and Salt to
                                                                               of items cleaned with the solution
it were unique, and known by the       remove the paint coat, plus the         at both sites. This product helps
Artistic Design concept of             use of a wire brush as explained        to restore steel or iron tools, along
Masterpiece Keys. The                  in the article.                         with corroded component
exceptional skill shown in these                                               parts made of either steel or iron.
types of keys attract our                                                      This product is part of a process
admiration and perhaps our                                                     to bring items back to almost
envy? Guilds attracted those with      KNOWLEDGE FROM                          original lustre by cleaning off the
the quality of mind and insight        EXPERIENCE                              surface rust. Place a level of trust
that leads to the production of                                                in this solution to do its work.
excellent keys and locks. The          What follows now is my attempt          Additionally brass is also cleaned
basic Principals-of-Design are         at the separation of basic              and just needs a light touch up
used which have evolved over the       knowledge from my field                 with a brass brush. Don’t use a
centuries to produce locking           experience in order for my fellow       steel wire brush because the brass
devices as artistic self expression.   Locksmiths to benefit from. The         will be scratched. Now all we have
Some of you are asking why             reader can’t be 100% efficient          to do is identify the limits of what
mention Craft Guilds? It is            after just reviewing this article,      is physically possible? After
because after these exceptional        and if I may suggest that a few old     making the decision to accept this
keys and locks are made part of        keys and items be tested first          SHIELD chemical solution, the
the useable design features are        before using the customer’s             product has a way of becoming
filtered down and incorporated         articles? The SHIELD solution is        addictive due to ease of use and
into the common workday type of        designed to be almost foolproof.        consistent results.
key. Remember we can all sight         The other solutions have to be
read key cuts, and by looking at       played with to come up with the         WATER BASED SOLUTIONS
the Masterpiece Key some               best results. Sometimes you make
insights about the mechanical          a great pot of coffee and other         For our purposes we will confine
features of the locks interior can     times it will act as a bug deterrent    this review to cleaning of locks
be learned. As a matter of fact        to the 2 footed and the 6 footed        and keys by use of the SHIELD
some of the antique keys have          varieties. SHIELD will provide          product. Although other liquid

pg. 18                                     Canadian Institutional Locksmith                              www.iloc.ca
methods are available such as:        explanation is that metals are             thin surface rust again. That is
-Vinegar                              placed on a galvanic scale and             where the SHIELD solution
-Vinegar and Salt suspended in a      plating from one metal onto the            comes into play. Don’t add any
Galvanic Solution                     other occurs when placed in an             other chemicals to the SHIELD
-heated Citric Acids from             electrolytic solution. Or else an          solution as explained in their
processed vegetables                  item is hooked up to a positive            product safety literature. To
They are beyond the scope of this     and negative current flowing               follow this advice, first wash off
article and therefore will be         through the solution. So the               the vinegar/salt before placing the
discussed only on superficial         information commercial had the             dried key into the SHIELD
level. Each has its own strengths     acid solution in the form of               solution. The majority of the time,
and side effects. I am quite sure a   common salt placed in tap water            all that is needed is a soaking in
small manual can be compiled in       and the silverware acting as one           the SHIELD solution alone. Like
an effort to describe the uses for    side of the galvanic reaction. The         everyone else I made lots of
each separate type of solution.       remaining unknown was the                  mistakes trying to clean rusty
Part of clearly explaining doesn’t    metal plate. The way the                   antique keys. Being ‘gung ho’ the
include too much information          demonstrator handle the coloured           cleaning was done with abrasives
which tends to overburden the         plate made it look like it was very        like Pumice and a plastic
reader. I suppose some of us Mr.      light. Remember the pennies?               toothbrush. Of course the magic
Wizard types who watched his          What if the metal was                      ingredient of elbow grease was
show about Science Experiments        aluminium? OK, where do you                needed. I can’t count how many
during the 1950’s and the 1960’s      find a sheet of aluminium? Back            years I searched the hardware
may have tried the old tarnished      to the magic of improvisation and          stores for that magic can with the
pennies and salt solution? Here is    the Aladdin’s Cave found in the            title of “elbow grease”? The keys
a short background explanation        kitchen of Mr. Wizard. One                 were lightly filled with my nail file
for you Tenderfoots out there. Mr.    substitute is the roll of Aluminium        to remove the surface rust. I
Wizard was a show explaining the      foil used for cooking. That was the        didn’t know about using steel wire
principals of physics and             metal. Eureka! Silver is much              brushes back at the tender age of
chemistry to a younger audience       softer as compared with processed          seven years old. Now, fast forward
on Saturday morning. He used          steel and iron. I still had to find a      to a few decades ago and a similar
young people as demonstrators,        way to increase the acidity to deal        method worked but it was very
and ordinary objects to teach us      with the harder metals.                    labour intensive and hard to do.
how and why things worked. It         Some of you can see it coming.             The technique was using strips of
was always fascinating and Mr.        Mr. Wizard used some vinegar to            emery cloth to pull back and forth
Wizard had a pleasant on camera       make baking powder explode.                to clean off the rust. Well that rust
personality. One experiment he        So I threw some vinegar into the           dust settled everywhere. It was a
televised was with a few oxidized     powder. Not wearing safety                 son-of-a-gun to clean up too.
copper pennies. They were placed      glasses at that young age, I               There are more accurate words to
in a container of water with a few    mistimed the baking powder                 describe how I felt but it wouldn’t
sprinkles of salt and then left       explosion and got a face full of the       be polite to use them in magazine.
overnight. The next day, if you       mixture. Also, the ceiling had             To pass on these lessons from the
had the proportions correct, the      white circular stains from the             graduate School of Hard Knocks
pennies were bright and shiny.        explosive effects and the                  (SHK) I decided to share some
That was my introduction to           powdered water color paint mixed           insights picked up over the years
chemical cleaning. One late night     in with the baking powder and              of learning from my mistakes.
back in the 1980’s an infomercial     vinegar. That combination                  One thing the SHIELD Rust
was selling a silverware cleaner      resulted in more fireworks when            Remover sold at Lee Valley does is
that just needed water, salt and      my mother came home and                    to make a person an instant
their special metal plate. It         noticed the ceiling stains.                graduate of the SHK. Why you
worked marvels. The catch             Connecting the dots worked this            ask? Because here is a chemical
however, was the special plate.       time and the vinegar/aluminium             solution that takes care of the
What the %^$#@ was it? The            solution cleaned off lead paint            nook and cranny cleaning
answer came to me one day when        and deep seated rust. A side effect        challenge. That is to clean the
I thought about our high school       was that when taken out of the             intricate parts of keys and
metallurgy class and a galvanic       vinegar and then brushed and               locks. The same cleaning can be
plating solution. Let’s not get       dried, the cleaned metal surface           done with emery cloth and lots of
fancy here. A simplified              would form a powdery layer of              acquired experience. That

  www .iloc.ca
  www.iloc.ca                                 Canadian Institutional Locksmith                                 pg. 19
experience is in the form of           keys weren’t visible at the bottom      joking. I found a few keys which
making special shapes to reach         of the plastic bucket. After being      were tempered by being oil
those places on the key were the       wiped dry, a few keys were              quenched. These keys and items
sun doesn’t shine. With the            already rust free. Others were          produced a dull black finish when
SHIELD Rust remover an                 wiped dry and then a small              taken out of the SHIELD solution
ordinary cloth is used to wipe off     toothbrush sized steel wire brush       even after several soakings. The
the rust. SHIELD transforms the        was used ‘One Way’ to take off the      SHIELD instructions state to
rust into a greyish film and is then   stubborn pieces of clinging             clean off the loose rust before
wiped off with a dish cloth type of    rust. Then the keys still having        placing the items in the solution.
material used for drying               traces of rust were placed back         Use a wire brush on the keys or
dishes. One observation is that        into the solution. To keep the          objects first before placing them
SHIELD won’t restore a pitted          protective dry layer of chemical        into the solution. In my small
corroded finish to a smooth            on the item place back the wire         collection I have some antique
one. If you have pitted and deep       brushed keys back into the              Blacksmith made steel handheld
set corrosive rust the SHIELD          solution for a little longer. Just      vices. These functioned as
solution will take off most of the     remember to keep a watch on the         portable handheld vices for filing
surface rust but NOT the               time because each key or lock part      keys in the field. The solution
embedded corrosion. A problem          has its own sequence for rust           worked great on these items also.
is that you can’t determine the        removal. Each passing hour              One precaution is learning to
depth of the rust nor the type by      resulted in more keys being             recognize when an antique lock or
visual inspection. Some of those       cleaned and fewer keys placed           key has been japanned. That is
stubborn keys have to be placed in     back into the plastic bucket. Now,      when a solution is coated onto the
a strong corrosive solution. Just      it was late in the day, and I was       piece of steel or iron and baked to
like the vinegar one already           becoming tired and so I put a lot       a hard enamel finish. The surface
mentioned.                             more keys into the solution then        is kept pristine and protected
                                       closed the lid and went to bed. I       from the natural oil seeping out
TIME FACTOR AND                        forgot to check them before going       from wood doors or cabinets
INTERACTIVE EFFECTS                    to sleep. The next morning              which could corrode the metal
                                       the bucket contained an opaque          lock. Next time look at the finish
OK, after seeing the before and        black grey coloured solution. Keys      on a modern KIK unit pulled out
after pictures of the SHEILD           left in the mix were blackish with      for repair from a wood door frame
product at work I had a difficult      dark poke-a-dot surface                 and look at the corrosion on the
timebelieving the results.             pattern. They all needed a good         metal.
Amazingly, the concentrated            wire brushing. Either a small
SHIELD solution, when combined         brass or steel brush can be used        BRASS, STEEL, BLACK
with the correct amount of water,      for wiping off the residue. These       IRON, AND BI-METALLIC
started to work right before my        types of brushes may be found in        KEYS
eyes. Of course, you should be         some of the bargain stores. Being
wearing safety goggles, which are      happy with the results, I decided       The Salt Vinegar mix corroded
also available from the Lee Valley     to test the solution further. So, I     and tarnished the older
store. Avoid dropping the keys         took out some of my antique             Bi-metallic keys. Brass is also a
into the solution because a little     Bridge Ward keys with intricate         touchy matter with the corrosive
may splash back. Yes, I dropped        warding cuts and tried them             salt. However, the SHIELD
some in and was splashed. Keep         also. It worked just as                 method doesn’t seem to damage
your mouth closed also, besides        well. Remember that underneath          the brass. In fact some of the
catching flies you could get some      the opaque rust a layer of black        antique type of common
chemical splash back into it.          paint may have been either baked        workhorse keys had brass repairs
Keeping the yap shut is also good      on, or else the key was dunked in       to rejoin pieces of the key where it
general advice given the current       a bath of lead based paint. So with     broke. They were so rusty and
state of World Political Affairs.      the painted keys and items the          tarnished that I couldn’t even see
The liquid turned a light rusty        SHIELD product will only be able        the repaired parts until after
color. After about an hour I pulled    to do part of its cleaning function.    being removed from the SHIELD
the keys out with long needle nose     This is another tip I pass on.          solution. So I made a few insights
tweezers and wore dish washing         Although I may show up at your          into where the old steel keys were
gloves. The SHIELD liquid color        work place in the future with a big     weaker or areas that produced
was now a dark grey black and the      bill for services rendered…just         enough torque stress to break

 pg. 20                                     Canadian Institutional Locksmith                             www.iloc.ca
 them. One word of caution is that      screw holes was partially              any cleaning solution will produce
 when I had some brass keyhole          dissolved. It reminded me of the       an item with a black color finish.
 plates to clean there were a few       Three Stooges episodes where the       That is the way it is supposed to
 hidden problems. A very well           villain places poison in a cup of      be. I found two late Victorian
 designed keyhole plate had some        coffee and serves it to one of the     hinges and one went into the
 unusual black stains and small         Stooges. When stirred the spoon        SHIELD solution and the other
 pinholes which looked like             is pulled out from the cup with its    into the Salt and Vinegar. The
 miniature broken bubble holes.         front portion dissolved. This          results were similar but with a big
 Even a SOS pad didn’t clean the        dissolving of the keyhole plate        difference. The non SHIELD
 tarnish off. That should have been     was a surprise and the only            solution produced a clean surface
 a red flag all by itself. When         explanation I can come up with is      and then formed a thin powder
 melting bronze in a graphite bowl      that at the foundry some of the        layer of rust a couple of days later.
 in preparation for casting one         workers must have used the scum        On the other hand, the SHIELD
 result is that a film of scummy        pile to do some side line casting      solution produced a restored
 metal molten material raises to        for an additional unauthorized         surface that is still rust free after a
 the top. It has to be scraped off      profit? So keep an eye out for this.   week.
 and set to the side. This is discard   Back then I didn’t know about the
 contaminant and is thrown out.         SHIELD product. Now if I could
 Well I placed one of the keyhole       find another keyhole plate like
 plates in the acidic solution of the   this then the safer SHIELD
 galvanic vinegar and Aluminium.        chemical solution could be used.
 A day later the keyhole plate was      Some keys and hinges are caste
 even blacker. The next day I           from black iron and then hot
 looked and one of the mounting         dipped into industrial oil. Using

                             Annual ILOC
                            General Meeting
 Attention all Institutional and In-House Locksmiths and door security professionals!
 ILOC (Institutional Locksmiths Organization of Canada) will be hosting it’s annual general
 membership meeting. The meeting will be open to all ILOC members as well as any Institutional
 and In-House Locksmiths, Distributors, and Manufacturers who wish to participate and/or
 consider joining our organization. Unfortunately, this meeting is not open to the general public, or
 Locksmiths who do not work in an Institutional or In-House setting. The meeting will be held
 towards the end of September. The location and exact date will be posted on our website as soon as
 they are both finalized. Visit us at www.iloc.ca for more informationas it comes available.

www.iloc.ca                                Canadian Institutional Locksmith                                 pg. 21
                  ILOC Membership Classes
                      and Definitions
         a) ACTIVE -           an individual who is gainfully employed in the Institutional and In-House
                               aspect of the locksmith and security industry for a minimum of (2) years. An
                               Active member is eligible to hold office and has the right to vote.

         b) APPRENTICE -       an individual who meets all the requirements of an Active member except for
                               the minimum (2) years of service. An Apprentice member is not eligible to
                               hold office, but has the right to vote.

         c) STUDENT -          an individual who is actively participating in locksmith training courses, but
                               is not currently employed as a locksmith. A Student member is not eligible to
                               hold office and does not have the right to vote.

         d) ASSOCIATE -        an individual who is gainfully employed by a distributor, manufacturer, or
                               any other company engaged in the sales and/or service of locksmith and
                               security products. An Associate member is eligible to hold office and has the
                               right to vote.

         e) DISTRIBUTOR -      a company engaged in supplying lock and security hardware and accessories
                               to the locksmithing and security industry. A Distributor cannot hold office
                               and does not have the right to vote.

         f) DISTRIBUTOR
            GOLD -             same as Distributor designation, with the additional right to place a half
                               page colour advertisement in the ILOC magazine.

         g) DISTRIBUTOR
           PLATINUM -          same as Distributor designation, with the added right to place a full page
                               colour advertisement in the ILOC magazine as well as a company link on the
                               ILOC website.

         h) MANUFACTURER - a company engaged in producing lock and security hardware and accessories
                           to the locksmithing and security industry. A Manufacturer cannot hold office
                           and is not eligible to vote.

         i) MANUFACTURER
           GOLD -              same as Manufacturer designation, with the additional right to place a half
                               page colour advertisement in the ILOC magazine.

         j) MANUFACTURER
           PLATINUM -          same as Manufacturer designation, with the additional right to place a full-
                               page advertisement in the ILOC magazine as well as a company link on the
                               ILOC website.

         k) MANUFACTURER
           DIAMOND -           same as Manufacturer designation, with the additional right to place a full
                               colour cover page advertisement (limited to (3) members per year) in the
                               ILOC magazine as well as a company link on the ILOC website.

pg. 22                                 Canadian Institutional Locksmith                            www.iloc.ca
www.iloc.ca   Canadian Institutional Locksmith   pg. 23
     Introducing a brilliant new innovation in access management:

                                                                            ™ from Schlage

     It’s a web-based access control system that gives you the freedom to access, manage and control your facility’s
     points of entry from anywhere. It’s powerful. It’s affordable. It’s easy to use.

     With bright blue, there’s no need to install expensive software or use a dedicated PC — everything you need
     is inside the box, just plug it into your existing network and power source. You can safely and securely
     manage up to 32 doors and 5000 cardholders from any computer with internet access, so it’s perfect for most
     small- to medium-sized applications. Every aspect of the system has been designed to make it intelligent,
     cost-effective and easy to use. bright blue is so smart, it’s a simple choice

          •   Supports up to 32 doors and 5000 cardholders
          •   Pre-configured, network-ready package
          •   Control over who goes where and when
          •   Standard reports for authorized personnel
          •   Application wizards for easy use
          •   Access anytime and anywhere there’s internet access
          •   Manual overrides to temporarily unlock doors
          •   Supports magnetic stripe and proximity technologies
          •   Battery backup

    How do these features translate into benefits?
      • An easy-to-use interface
      • No need for a dedicated PC or security network
      • It’s just like accessing a website
      • Training takes just minutes
      • Flashable firmware means easy upgrades
          It’s the most cost-effect solution on the market

    Simple = Profitable. bright blue is smart for you because it
       • Reduces sales cycles
       • Makes installation effortless
       • Reduces support issues
       • Shortens training time
       • Is cost-effective
       • Provides the right feature set for your customers

     Do you want to learn more? Follow the bright blue light on http://www.brightblue.schlage.com/

     Bright Blue is now available in Canada. To find out how you can apply this product in your facility, contact us
     at 1-800-900-4734 or email us at SchlageInsideOut@irco.com

www.iloc.ca                                     Canadian Institutional Locksmith                            pg. 25
It has come to our attention as well as the Better Business Bureau that the so-called scammer
locksmiths have risen again across our country.

ANY company with the words “Locksmith Master” in the name ARE NOT AND NEVER
WILL BE MEMBERS OF ILOC! They are using false affiliations and illegal use of various trade
logos such as our own.

Beware of these “alleged” crooked companies which appear to be based out of Atlanta, Georgia and
have no legitimate licensing or employees in this country.

The following list of names has been confirmed to be illegally using the ILOC logo and claiming to
be members which they are not.

Concord Locksmith Master

Milton Locksmith Master

Newmarket Locksmith Master

New Westminster Locksmith Master

North Vancouver Locksmith Master

Oshawa Locksmith Master

Port Moody Locksmith Master

Richmond Locksmith Master

Surrey Locksmith Master

Toronto Locksmith Master

Vancouver Locksmiths Master

Winnipeg Locksmith Master

24 Hour Tsawwassen Locksmith Master

24 Hour Vancouver Locksmith Master
                  ULTRA VISION CONVEX
                  & DOME MIRRORS
                  AND KEY CABINETS
               CONVEX MIRRORS
               • Enhance Security with 160 degree wide angle
                 view convex mirrors.
               • Overhead view and increased vision helps reduce
                 collisions at corners, intersections and aisles.
               • Indoor and Outdoor models available.

               DOME MIRRORS
               • Dome Mirrors provide views from several angles.
Warehouses     • Install FULL DOME mirrors directly on the ceiling.                   FULL DOME
                 Hanging Kits are available for high ceilings.                   Suspends from ceiling
               • HALF DOME mirrors are suitable for three way                    with 360º viewing area
                 intersections. They are
                 mounted to the wall for a
                 180 degree view.
               • QUARTER DOME mirrors are
                 used for two way intersections.
                 They are mounted to the wall
                 for a 90 degree view.

                                                        QUATER DOME                 HALF DOME
                                                   Suspends from corner walls   Hangs on wall with 180º
   Worksites             Parking Garages             with 90º viewing area          viewing area

                                                              • Various Key Capacity available:
                   KEY CABINETS                                 30-key, 60-key, 120-key, 240-key
                                                              • Heavy duty steel construction
                                                                with full length, hinged door and
                                                                built-in slotted key racks
                                                              • Durable powder coated cabinet
                                                              • Rekeyable wafer cylinder lock
                                                                with improved pick resistance
                                                              • Key retaining security insures key
                                                                cannot be removed until cabinet
                                                                is locked
                                                              • 2 keys, key holders, cross
                                                                reference chart and installation
                                                                hardware included

                                   665 Millway Avenue, Unit 48, Concord, ON L4K 3T8
                                   TOLL FREE: 1-800-567-5300
                                   FAX: 1-888-703-2948 EMAIL: sales@securityhouselock.com
           Locksmiths Don’t Just
               Break Locks!
By JuliusNeilson

                                                                        aspects that go into the
Right from when our world        locks, in our times they have          toolkit of a Locksmith and
started man has been             extended their services to a           no one is complaining.
creating his own spaces,         wide range of activities               The main reason
homes, work spots, safe          starting with making locks,            Locksmiths are called in our
spaces, and storage areas        repairing old and ancient              times is to assess or upgrade
and so on, the reason why        locks, assisting people who            the security of our homes or
the need arose for these         are entitled to certain                workplaces. Companies of
spaces that are distinct in      properties to break open old           today ensure they have a few
their structure and function     locks where the key is either          Locksmiths on the rolls to
is almost obvious,               worn out or misplaced and a            secure their offices
nevertheless let’s look at the   host of other services.                efficiently. Locksmiths that
explicable two fold reasons      Locksmiths are fast                    companies enroll are usually
for this distinction one was     becoming harbingers of                 trained to modernize their
the need to have dedicated       good times as they break               own profession and are
spaces for dedicated             open difficult locks and also          introduced to sophisticated
activities, hence avoid          make new locks with                    security systems, in most
clutter and unpleasant           sophisticated security                 cases even security systems
emotions or situations two       systems. Getting the right             that are built with new age
was for the higher purpose       Locksmith can sometimes                computers are used and
of safety of certain articles    be harrowing, however with             Locksmiths get equipped to
that are of higher value and     technology paving way for              handle them as well . The
undeserving of the               easy access of anything                best of Locksmiths come to
onslaught of open areas          anywhere Locksmiths are no             offer services as a package of
where weather and other          longer a rarity. All one               tasks that include auditing a
factors could deplete their      needs to do to find a                  space that requires security,
condition and eventually         Locksmith is to log on to the          upgrading existing systems,
value. In fact these two         internet and run a search              installing new security
reasons are also primarily       and voila! You find your               systems, installation of
responsible for the              Locksmiths at the click of             sophisticated security and
invention of locks and thus      the mouse. Locksmithing is             vigilance equipment such as
lent a purpose to the life of    an art and Locksmiths are              sensors, radars, security
Locksmiths.                      those rare artists who have            cameras and CCTV
Locksmiths, in technical         this insight into the nature           recording systems.
sense, are people who work       and functions of locks.                Locksmiths of today go
with locks, the normal           There are different                    beyond just audits and
understanding is that            Locksmiths who perform                 installation, they offer
locksmiths break locks and       different kinds of                     services to maintain and
assist people to find ways to    Locksmithing tasks and do              upgrade these systems
enter spaces that are locked     so with the aid of the latest          installed by them.
and the key has been             technology. Gone are the               Locksmiths of our times are
misplaced however                days when manually crafted             well equipped to handle
Locksmiths don’t just break      crude keys broke locks,                niche equipments of
                                 today there are various

  pg. 28                             Canadian Institutional Locksmith                     www.iloc.ca
personal identity such as        world over we know that a
key cards, flash security and    Locksmith no longer just
id cards, voice and bio          breaks locks, he is a guy or
identification security          gal who secures places and
systems, biometric finger        does so with a trademark of
print analyzers and so on.       trustworthiness and                    About the Author:
The industry of Locksmiths       reliability. So the next time
is expanding in such a rapid     someone says a Locksmith is            Julius Neilson has
                                                                        published a number of
way that there are               just a lock breaker go right           articles on blog and press
Locksmiths who are               ahead and tell them why                release about locksmith,
specialist for certain kinds     they are not.                          auto locksmith and
of security systems.                                                    emergency locksmith. A
Automobile experts, safes                                               couple of his articles
and locker specialists,                                                 tackle the best installation
specialists in car security                                             and repair services that
systems, security                                                       you’ll see online, this is his
engineering experts and the                                             way of providing you
                                 These and other stories                relevant information on
list are exhaustive. The best    are available free online at           taking care of your home
part about Locksmiths is the     www.articlesbase.com a                 and car.
amount of dedication and         free sharing website that
out of the box thinking that     contains thousands of
they characterize and that is    articles and stories on a
a rare skill in people who are   variety of subjects.
“just” Locksmiths and not in
a white collared job. By the
standards that are being set
by Locksmiths here and

        Attention ALL Locksmiths!
We at ILOC are looking for stories about the last fifty or so years in
the Locksmith and Security Industry. We would love to hear from
    you regardless if you are an ILOC member or not. The most
 precious thing one can pass on is knowledge and that is what we
   want from you. Send us you stories and memories about your
Locksmithing past. It could be something as simple as how things
have changed in your view since you started. Did you invent a tool
   or want to pass on a tip for the future Locksmith in training?
Things might be different all across the country so it would be nice
  to have different perspectives on our industry over the last half
century. Please include you name and city along with your story to
  the ILOC website at www.iloc.ca and we will put them all into a
  feature article in the November 2011 issue for all your peers to
  enjoy. This should prove to be very interesting reading indeed!

  www.iloc.ca                        Canadian Institutional Locksmith                          pg. 29
         Happy Birthday

    Here’s hoping everyone has a happy
     and safe summer. Now go out and
       celebrate 144 years of peace,
         happiness, and freedom.

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           Security. Versatility. Control.

                           PEAKS Preferred

                               Patented Key System

•   PEAKS® Preferred—the next generation of PEAKS®
•   Patented key control system restricts unauthorized key duplication
•   Key blanks and cylinders available only from Kaba, with proper authorization
•   Preferred key blanks are backward compatible with Peaks® Classic cylinders
• Available in rim, mortise, interchangeable/removable cores, and key-in-lever/knob cylinders
• Compatible with most manufacturers’ door hardware
• Extra long patent life until 2024

           Kaba Access Control • 1.800.849.8324 • www.kabaaccess.com
    News and Current
June 8, 2001

ASSA ABLOY: A pilot project with NFC phones shows great
potential for mobile keys
The world’s first pilot using NFC-enabled mobile phones to check in and out of hotel rooms,
replacing room keys, is now completed. A survey shows that all guests in the trial appreciated not
having to wait in line at the hotel reception. Almost all stated that they would use the mobile key
solution if it were available today.

ASSA ABLOY, Nordic Choice Hotels, Giesecke & Devrient, TeliaSonera and VingCard Elsafe have
completed a joint pilot project to replace hotel room keys with NFC-enabled mobile phones. During
an eight-month long pilot at the Clarion Hotel Stockholm in Sweden, about 30 hotel loyalty guests
checked in to the hotel via a mobile key application. After the check-in, the hotel key was sent
directly to the mobile phone. Upon arrival the room could be directly accessed without the need to
wait in line at the hotel reception. The check-out was also managed through the mobile key service.

A survey was conducted with the participating loyalty guests. It showed that not having to wait in
line at the reception to check in and check out was highly appreciated by all participants. Almost all
of the guests said that it saved time not having to check in at the reception, more than half said they
saved 10 minutes or more. Almost all of the loyalty guests would use mobile keys for their hotel
stays if NFC-compatible cell phones were available today and their phone supported the
service. The pilot has been a success. A broad majority of the guests claim that the service made
their hotel stay more pleasant. This shows that technology that helps people save time will be
appreciated and used. The pilot also confirms that using mobile keys to open all kinds of doors will
be one of the most popular NFC applications, said Daniel Berg, Vice President and General Manager
ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys.

The hotel loyalty guests stayed at the hotel frequently during the pilot period which meant that they
used the application repeatedly. This gave the guests the familiarity with the service needed to give
valuable feedback on the user experience. When asked what other NFC applications they believed
in, most of the guests replied paying for food, drink and hotel services. A majority also believed in
getting information about the hotel and the hotel services such as map, room service menus, the spa
and gym and information about restaurants, bars and public transport available via the NFC
service. Mobile keys are a great way to enhance the guest experience and add value to hotel loyalty
applications, also it is environmentally friendly, said Marcus Majewski, General Manager, Clarion
Hotel Stockholm. We get a closer relationship with our guests and can add information on
promotions and events. The survey shows that 60 percent are positive to getting information about
hotel offerings using the service. The pilot has verified user’s interest in these types of services and
the potential and suitability of using the SIM card to securely store important information as the
hotel key. With this real life implementation, based on standards developed during the last years,
we have jointly taken important steps towards commercial NFC based services and solutions, said
Johan Wickman, Head of Innovation Management at TeliaSonera Mobility Services.
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   News and Current
About NFC
NFC, Near Field Communication, is a short-range wireless communication technology standard
that enables the exchange of data between devices over up to a 10 cm distance. Applications include
contactless transactions such as payment and transit ticketing, keys, data transfers including
electronic business cards, and access to online digital content.

Watch the film from the pilot, download the full report and images at:

Pilot Partners

ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door-opening solutions dedicated to satisfying end-user needs
for security, safety and convenience. ASSA ABLOY has developed a scalable secure delivery
infrastructure for mobile keys. This solution ensures end-to-end security and is applicable for
residential, commercial and hotel applications.

Nordic Choice Hotels is Scandinavia’s largest hotel company with 170 hotels and more than
9,200 employees. The company’s brand names in the Nordic market are Comfort, Quality Hotels,
Quality Resort, Clarion Collection and Clarion Hotel as well as 8 individual brands within Nordic
Hotels & Resorts. For more information, please visit

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is a leading international technology provider headquartered in
Munich, Germany. With a workforce of over 10,000 employees, the Group generated sales of EUR
1.7 billion in fiscal 2010. Founded in 1852, G&D is a global market leader and pioneering innovator
in banknote production and processing, security documents, and identification systems. It supplies
commercial banks, business enterprises, network operators, and public transportation companies
with innovative hardware, comprehensive software and services, and end-to-end solutions for
mobile security applications. 61 subsidiaries and joint ventures in 32 countries ensure customer
proximity worldwide. For more information, please visit: www.gi-de.com

TeliaSonera provides network access and telecommunication services in the Nordic and Baltic
countries, the emerging markets of Eurasia, including Russia and Turkey, and in Spain. TeliaSonera
helps people and companies communicate in an easy, efficient and environmentally friendly way.
Our ambition is to be number one or two in all our markets, providing the best customer
experience, high quality networks and cost efficient operations. TeliaSonera is also the leading
European wholesale provider with a wholly-owned international carrier network. In 2010, net sales
amounted to SEK 107 billion, EBITDA to SEK 37.7 billion and earnings per share to SEK 4.73. The
TeliaSonera share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. Read more
at www.teliasonera.com.

VingCard Elsafe is the worldwide leader in guestroom security for hotel door locks and in-room
safes in the hospitality industry. VingCard Elsafe has products installed in more than 39,000
properties worldwide, securing in-excess of 6.5 million hotel rooms. VingCard Elsafe is part of the

Ingersoll Rand Solutions for
Hospitals and
Healthcare Facilities
Our extensive product and service offerings help keep
your patients safe and your facility’s cost contained.

Maternity Ward - Secure Main Entrance Solution

Security	is	one	of	the	main	priorities	on	the	maternity	floor	in	any	hospital.	Doors	leading	to	delivery	rooms,	
nursuries and nurse stations require special credentials for visitors and staff. Although these doors are not
subject to traffic loads as heavy as those experienced by emergency rooms, dependable closing and locking
is critical to the protection of infants whose inability to fend for themselves renders them among the most
vulnerable occupants in a hospital.

                                                               If we look closely at some
                                                               of the issues that exist today, we see:
                                                                   •	 Lack	of	standardized	electronic	access	control	system	
                                                                      and door hardware across the facility
                                                                   •	 No	controlled	access	for	visitors	and	no	audit	trail	
                                                                      to track who accessed what door
                                                                   •	 CCTV	surveillance	system	is	not	integrated	with	
                                                                      your access control system
                                                                   •	 No	access	control	coordination	with	infant	abduction	
                                                               As you review your current Access Control Solution or planning
                                                               on upgrading your existing system, the solution you choose
                                                               needs to be customizable, expandable and should address the
                                                               issues that exist today.

   About Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies Canada
   With more than a century of experience in safety and security, Ingersoll Rand Security
   Technologies has developed comprehensive programs for healthcare facilities which
   include a full complement of innovative products and solutions to address every aspect of
   your facility’s security and life safety needs. At Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, we
   understand the unique challenges you face in a modern healthcare environment and can
   help you identify the solutions you need by looking beyond the locks and doors.

   Our experienced Consultants can help you by:
   •	 Understanding	your	existing	Health	Care	                    Our wide range of architectural, consultative
      Infrastructure: Physical Security and Logical Security      and integration services offer the flexibility you
   •	 Determining	and	resolving	potential	                        need to grow and evolve while protecting staff,
      security and safety vulnerabilities                         patients and their families.

   •	 Offering	door	opening	solutions	that	
      promote safety and efficient traffic flow                      Let’s look at how we create a secure solution with our
      to optimize building operations.                            products and show you how we address some of the
                                                                  security issues that exist today:
   •	 Providing	innovative	integrated	solutions	
      for all levels of security
   We	create	Health	Care	solutions	that	are	affordable	and	offer	greater	
   flexibility for changing security needs

   At Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies we always take a multi-level, layered approach to
   security and safety, with solutions for every entry and exit points in your facility.

 MECHaNICaL	              kEYPaD	                 SOFTWARE               HaRDWIRED                WIRELESS           SOfTWaRE	aND
 LOCkING                  PROGRAMMABLE            MaNaGED                NETWORkED                NETWORkED          CONTROLS

Mechanical Locks           Programmable Electronic Locks— thru Keypad    Biometric Hand and Fingerprint Readers     Internet Based Access
Patented High Security     or Software Management                        Wireless Access Credential Readers         Control System—
Key Systems                Open Architecture Stand Alone Locks                                                      Schlage Electronics—
                                                                         Security Management Software (SMS)         bright blue
Mechanical and             Electrified Exit Devices and Strikes          — Express and Select
Automatic Door Closers                                                                                              Security Management
Mechanical Exits                                                                                                    Software (SMS)—
                                                                                                                    Premier and Elite
                                                                                                                    Integration Services
LEVEL 1 :                LEVEL 2 :                                      LEVEL 3 :                                  LEVEL 4 :

       LEVEL 1:                                                          LEVEL 3 :
      Mechanical Access Control                                         Networked Access Control
      Reliable and effective security products like mechanical          These advanced products are most effective when part of
      locks, key systems, door closers, exit devices form the           an electronic access control system and include biometric,
      foundation of any system.                                         proximity and smart card readers, and both wired and
                                                                        wireless integrated locking solutions.

       LEVEL 2 :                                                         LEVEL 4 :
      Standalone Electronic Access Control                              Facility Integration
      By using electronic credentials and electrified exits, these       Solutions in this category represent the highest degree
      products offer a heightened level of protection and               of security, allowing easy management of people and
      control, and yet are convenient for the user.                     openings throughout the entire facility.
Maternity Ward Opening Solution

                                                        How does this solution work?
                                                        •	 Valid	card	presented	at	reader	in	maternity	ward	
                                                           releases exit device touchpad permitting authorized
                                                        •	 Valid	card	presented	at	stairwell		reader,	releases	
                                                           exterior trim and permits manual retraction of
                                                           latchbolt for access.
                                                        •	 attempted	egress	without	use	of	valid	card	Initiates	
                                                           15 Second delay cycle. Alarm signals at security.
                                                        •	 On	fire	alarm	-	free	egress	from	inside	maternity	
                                                           floor, trim unlocked to permit staff and fire-fighter
                                                           personal access from stairwell
                                                        •	 On	Power	failure	–	Traffic	permitted	in	both	

           Product Part Number              Description
     	1    5BB1HW	4.5	X	4.5	NRP	            HINGE
           EPT-10                           POWER	TRaNSfER
     	3    TaC-LD1	                         MORTaR	BOX
     	4    CX98L-f-BE	X	E996L-BE	(fSE)	4'	  fIRE	EXIT	HaRDWaRE
           20-061-ICX                       MORTISE	CYLINDER
           20-740-XP                        PRIMUS	CORE	ONLY
           4011                             SURfaCE	CLOSER
     	8    8400	10	X	1	½”	LDW	              kICk	PLaTE
           WS401CVX                         WaLL	STOP
           W-21	(TO	SUIT	DOOR	WIDTH)        SMOkE	SEaL
      11   CT54		                           aUTO	DOOR	BOTTOM
      12   CT-64	fHSD	TaP	CON	              THRESHOLD
           PS873                            POWER	SUPPLY
           SRINX-1	(STaIRWELL	REaDER)       REaDER	INTERfaCE
      16   679-05		                         DOOR	POSITION	SWITCH
           SRINX	-1	(fLOOR	aREa	REaDER)     REaDER	INTERfaCE
      18   SENT-SfT-1	                      SMS	-	Enterprise	Edition
Featured Products
                    SCHLAGE SMS SYSTEM
	                   Schlage	SMS	System	can	integrate	a	variety	of	open	architecture	products	(both	online	and	
                    offline)	for	advanced	access	control,	alarm	monitoring,	audit	trail,	asset	tracking,	photo	
                    ID	badging	and	controlled	visitor	management	functionality.	SMS	can	also	integrate	your	
                    hospitals’	CCTV	eliminating	the	need	for	security	personnel	to	access	multiple	systems	

	                   Chexit	Controlled	Exit	Device	is	designed	to	delay	egress	through	an	opening	using	panic	
                    or fire exit device for up to 15 seconds.* The combination of exits controlled by Chexit
                    devices working in conjunction with an infant abduction system provides hospital security
                    with valuable seconds to react to any attempt at unauthorized removal of an infant from
                    the maternity area.
	                   Patented	High	security	Primus	XP	key	override	gives	you	the	ultimate	key	duplication	
                    * Chexit that provides longer delays can be supplied where approved in writing by the
                    authority	Having	Jurisdiction	(aHJ).		

                    SCHLAGE SMART CARD READER
	                   Our	Schlage	Smart	Card	Readers	are	compatible	with	most	types	of	HID	Prox	Technology	
                    and	other	Smart	Card	Technology.	Our	readers	are	“Open	architecture	and	non	proprietary”	
                    and will easily integrate with your existing Access Control systems.

                    Schlage reader interface units are compatible with various technologies including: proximity,
                    magnetic stripe, bar code, Weigand, barium ferrite, smart card, biometric, wireless, etc
                    giving you plenty of options for future expansion. Can also be integrated into any third
                    party access control system

	                   Our	Schlage	reader	controller	SRCNX	is	an	intelligent	device	that	can	be	paired	with	our	
                    SMS	Software	and	all	of	our	“Open	architecture”	solutions	including	our	Wireless	products	
                    that fully integrate into your network. Through a dramatic reduction in labour costs and the
                    elimination of material costs associated with conduit & wires, Wireless products provide an
                    economical proposition for both new construction and retrofit projects alike. In a retrofit
                    environment, additional cost savings are realized by eliminating the need to core concrete
                    and existing wall structures. Further savings are realized through an increased speed of
                    installation that minimizes disruption to the day to day operations of the health care facility
                    where	patient	care	is	a	24/7	occupation.
 ILOC Education Schedule 2011
Tuesday, August 30                                     Tuesday, October 25
Electronic Access Control for the Novice               Exit Device Overview & Servicing
8am to Noon                                            8am to 4pm
Montreal, QC                                           Montreal, QC

Tuesday, August 30                                     Wednesday, October 26
Schlage Credentials and Readers                        Electrified Exit Products
1pm to 4pm                                             8am to 4pm
Montreal, QC                                           Montreal, QC

Wednesday, August 31                                   Thursday, October 27
Schlage Offline Electronic Locks                       Von Duprin & Schlage Electronics
(featuring the AD-Series)                              Power Supplies
8am to 4pm                                             8am to Noon
Montreal, QC                                           Montreal, QC

Thursday, September 1                                  Tuesday, November 15
Schlage Keypad Electronic Locks                        Electronic Access Control for the Novice
(featuring the CO-Series)                              8am to Noon
8am to Noon                                            Dartmouth, NS
Montreal, QC
                                                       Tuesday, November 15
Tuesday, October 4                                     Schlage Credentials and Readers
Exit Device Overview & Servicing                       1pm to 4pm
8 am to 4 pm                                           Dartmouth, NS
Winnipeg, MB
                                                       Wednesday, November 16
Wednesday, October 5                                   Schlage Offline Electronic Locks
Electrified Exit Products                              (featuring the AD-Series)
8 am to 4 pm                                           8am to 4pm
Winnipeg, MB                                           Dartmouth, NS

Thursday, October 6                                    Thursday, November 17
Von Duprin & Schlage Electronics                       Schlage Keypad Electronic Locks
Power Supplies                                         (featuring the CO-Series)
8am to Noon                                            8am to Noon
Winnipeg, MB                                           Dartmouth, NS

 Contact the ILOC office by email at office@iloc.ca to reserve your space today! These classes fill up very
   fast and registration is required to attend. Most classes are limited to (20) students. Vist the ILOC
                       website at www.iloc.ca for updates as they become available.
                                     A LEADING SUPPLIER OF
                                     COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL
                                     DOOR HARDWARE
                                     & SECURITY PRODUCTS


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September 22 – 25           CIPS 2011
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For more than 60 years, we have provided the industry with quality door and security
hardware. Whether your needs are mechanical or electrified, we offer the right product
and the knowledgeable support needed to get the job done.

Equipped with extensive product knowledge our team supports you in product selection and
installation, system analysis and design.

                                      Rim Alarmed Exit Device
     Designed for use on all types of single and double doors with mullions, the Detex V40
     Series exit device is secure and durable. The patented mounting plate and strike locator
     system ensures the easiest and most accurate installation of panic hardware available.

     V40 EB/EH Battery Option

Put our security smarts to work for you. Give us a call or visit our complete online catalogue.

K.M. Thomas Company Ltd.   Phone Toll Free: 1-877-798-0611
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         Alberta                        Ingersoll Rand                    Dartmounth, NS
   3015 16th Street NE               Security Technologies                1-888-550-4209
       Calgary, AB                 1076 Lakeshore Road East
      403-250-9333                     Mississauga, ON                   Montreal Branch
                                        905-403-1800                     1600 Rue Beaulac
     British Columbia                                                   Ville St. Laurent, QC
        106 - 1350                      Dan Godon                         1-800-268-1306
      Jacombs Road                  Strongbar Industries
      Richmond, BC               3400 Ridgeway Drive Unit #3
      604-279-2524                     Mississauga, ON
         ILOC Corporate Members 2011

        Ottawa Branch              West Toronto Branch              Ness Security Inc.
 1250 Old Innes Rd. Unit 508        1862 Kipling Ave.               100 Sandiford Drive
         Ottawa, ON                    Toronto, ON                     Stoufville, ON
       1-866-485-4436                1-888-752-7210                    905-477-7311
     Vancouver Branch
                                  Kaba Access Control                 Tyler Peters
     2172 Douglas Road
                                   2941 Indiana Avenue          Edwards Builders Hardware
        Burnaby, BC
                               Winston-Salem, North Carolina     4988 Dundas Street West
                                     1-800-849-8324                   Islington, ON
     Ingersoll Rand
                                     Kaba Ilco Inc.
  Security Technologies
                                    7301 Decarie Blvd.               Security House
      Corporate Office
                                      Montreal, QC                665 Millway Ave. Unit 48
   1076 Lakeshore Rd. E.
                                     1-877-468-3555                     Concord, ON
     Mississauga, ON
                                     Mark Johnston
                                        IDN Canada              Strongbar Industries Inc.
     Ingersoll Rand
                                     70 Floral Parkway          3400 Ridgeway Drive Unit #3
  Security Technologies
                                        Toronto, ON                  Mississauga, ON
      Atlantic Region
                                      1-800-268-1306                  1-800-661-5713
      92 Chani Drive
    Lower Sackville, NS
                                      John Kalnay                  Suzanne Stieglmayr
                                   K.M. Thomas Co. Ltd.                Security House
     Ingersoll Rand
                                   360 Carlingview Drive          665 Millway Ave. Unit 48
  Security Technologies
                                        Toronto, ON                     Concord, ON
                                      1-877-798-0611                  1-800-567-5300
 9450 Henri-Bourassa ouest
       Montréal, QC
                                        Doug King              The Door Closer Exchange
                                  Hardware Agencies Ltd.          2077 Lawrence Ave. E
     Ingersoll Rand
                                  1220 Dundas Street East             Toronto, ON
  Security Technologies
                                        Toronto, ON                  416-699-9999
  Manitoba/ Saskatchewan
     50 Terracon Place
      Winnipeg, MB
                                 K.M. Thomas Co. Ltd.
                                  360 Carlingview Drive
                                                                New members are
     Ingersoll Rand
  Security Technologies
                                       Toronto, ON             welcome throughout
                                     1-877-798-0611             the year. Please fill
   3428 25th Street N.E.                                       out the membership
                                        LVS Inc.
        Calgary, AB
                                   Security Systems                 form in this
                                  7725 Birchmount Road
     Ingersoll Rand
                                        Unit #22
                                                               magazine or visit us
  Security Technologies
      British Columbia
                                      Markham, ON                at www.iloc.ca to
                                      905-889-2945                help us all grow
     3080 Beta Avenue
       Burnaby, B.C.                                            stronger together.
                                      Gary Mayzel
                                Edwards Builders Hardware
Jovan Security Distributors
                                 4988 Dundas Street West
      Corporate Office
                                      Islington, ON
     2350 Midland Ave.
      Scarborough, ON

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