How Do Brush My Teeth

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					How Do I Brush My Teeth?

        Elena Khoury
   Procedural Writing Project
                         Step One!
     •   To start, get your toothbrush, toothpaste, and be
                    sure to be in your bathroom!
1.  On your toothpaste, open the cap (by twisting the cap).
2.  Take your toothbrush; hold it upright in your hand.
3.  Hold your toothpaste in your other hand.
4.  Squirt (squeeze) toothpaste on to the brush.
5.  Put your brush on the counter.
6.  Take your toothpaste, and put cap back on (by twisting it back
    on… again).
7.  Put the bottle back on the counter.
8.  Open the water faucet (turn knob towards you).
9.  Take your toothbrush in your hand.
10. Put it under the running water for a few seconds to get the paste a
    little wet.
11. Bring the toothbrush back out.
12. Turn the faucet off (turn the knob back).
                       Step Two!!
     •    With toothbrush in hand, do the following:
1.   Put your toothbrush in your mouth.
2.   With the toothbrush laying on your teeth, move in a side to side
3.   Open your mouth, and do the same (step one) to the rest of your
     mouth. For two minutes (at least).
4.   With your mouth still open, brush your tongue moving in a back
     and forth fashion.
                          Step Three!!!
     •      Take the brush out of your mouth, and wash it.
1.       Take the brush out of your mouth, and hold it upright so it wont
2.       Open the faucet (turn the knob towards you).
3.       Put your brush under the running water.
4.       Rinse your brush thoroughly.
           •   Run the brush through the water back and forth, and turn it so all sides of
               the brush get rinsed.
5.       Turn faucet off (turn knob back).
6.       Put brush back on stand to dry.
                          Step Four!!!!
                 •     Wash your mouth, and finish!
1.       Turn faucet on (turn knob towards you).
2.       Take water in a cup
     –      Get a cup, from anywhere, it doesn’t matter.
     –      Put the cup under running water.
     –      Fill the cup with water.
3.       Take cup, and drink some water.
5.       Swish the water in your mouth.
6.       Spit the water into the sink.
7.       Put cup back on counter.
8.       Wipe hands and mouth in towel.
    By: Elena Khoury
    Pictures by: Mom
In Pictures: Elena Khoury
Made for: Sister (Megan)

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