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									                                           ZACH PENACHO
                            Eugene, OR • (619) 733-2785 •

Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration: Accounting, with a concentration in Finance
   • Expected graduation March 2011

University of Oregon, Charles H. Lundquist College of Business, Eugene, OR
   • Honors designation from the Economics department

Junior Analyst, March 2010 - Present University of Oregon Investment Group, Eugene, OR
   • Accepted into the group based on my strong financial knowledge and commitment to success
   • Assigned to research and provide an analysis of a public company held in the group’s portfolio

Finance Officer, February 2009 - Present LCB Entrepreneurship Club, Eugene, OR
   • Researched costs, collected accounts receivable, and authorized spending for a $2,000 budget
   • Prepared and presented budget forecasts to the Council for Inter Club Coordination to secure funding
   • Met with executive board weekly to communicate and establish strategies for club growth and added-value
   • Improved my business acumen by hearing stories of entrepreneurial success and failure and witnessing
      entrepreneurs in action through events such as the Bend Venture Conference

Systems Support, February 2009 - Present Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship, Eugene, OR
   • Relied on by staff to interpret and take ownership of projects and then design and execute solutions such as
      - conducting benchmarking research, marketing events, upgrading/updating the center’s websites, and
      contacting/tracking center affiliates
   • Developed multiple organizational database programs in MS Excel for administrative data analysis use
   • Interacted with real-world entrepreneurial faculty to gain insight on business evaluation and planning

President/Vice President/Member, January 2009 - Present LCB E-Business Club, Eugene, OR
   • Oversaw website and database creation and became further informed on business information systems
   • Partnered with and maintained a relationship between the UO PRSSA chapter and the club for an exchange
       of services, which led to an increase in the club’s membership by 100% and PRSSA’s complete satisfaction
   • Developed a team based organizational structure to more efficiently complete projects and engage members

Web Publisher/Entrepreneur/Technician, September 2007 - Present ProdigyAir Web Inc., San Diego, CA
  • Created two websites, &; the former averages a continued 1k
     average hits a day and a residual income of $50 per month; the latter focuses on financial education
  • Partnered with another publisher to optimize and monetize their site through SEO/AdSense
  • Further developed writing ability by publishing informative and entertaining content
  • Assigned to accomplish tasks on CEO’s websites and trusted to work independently and quickly

LCB Securities and Analysis Center Workshops
  • Interfaced with and informed by financial industry professionals in the Pacific Northwest, such as Oystein
     Harsvik from Microsoft, Tyler Welt from Intel, and Abbot Keller from Kestrel Investment Management

  • Extensive computer skills/knowledge (Proficient: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EViews and HTML coding)
  • Intercommunication skills grown through retail, restaurant, child care, and advertising experiences
  • Investing, website publishing, reading, writing, tennis, swimming, weight lifting, and human nature

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