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					   Content Management Project

Website Management
  Strategy Report
   for ‘Ocean View Farmhouse’

               April 2012

            Matine Chabrier
     MA Web Design and Content Planning
Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012   Matine Chabrier

              1. Client Profile                         3
                 About Ocean View Farmhouse
                 About Padstow
              2. Elevator Pitch                         4
              3. Competitor Research                    5
              4. Content Strategy                      10
                 Target Audience
                 Written Content
                 Website Architecture
                 Updated Content
                 Downloadable Documents
                 User Generated Content
              5. Technology Solution (CMS)             13
              6. Internet Marketing Plan               14
                 On-site SEO
                 Off-site SEO
                 Email Marketing
                 Social Media
                 Offline Marketing
              7. Revenue Generation                    19
                 Google AdSense
                 Affiliate Schemes
              8. Progress Reviews                      20
                 Google Webmaster Tools
                 Google Analytics
                 Google Alerts

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                             Matine Chabrier

              Client Profile
              The following information has been supplied by the client regarding their new business ‘The
              Ocean View Farmhouse’ and its location ‘Padstow, Cornwall’.

              Ocean View Farmhouse is an 18th century farmhouse located on the outskirts of Padstow with
              panoramic views of the north Cornwall coast and Atlantic Ocean. Renovation of the farmhouse
              has just been completed and it will welcome its first guests in the 2012 summer season.
              There are many guest houses and hotels in Padstow and indeed Cornwall. Competition is
              fierce but Mr and Mrs Smith are confident their guest house is one of the most attractive; the
              challenge is marketing it and letting potential customers know about it.
              The guest house is for adults only. Mr and Mrs Smith have described Ocean View Farmhouse as
              “boutique”, “luxurious”, “relaxing”, “quiet”; and its out of town, hill top location is desirable for
              those seeking a relaxing getaway yet within a short walk of Padstow town centre.

              An image of Ocean View Farmhouse.
              Photograph courtesy of “mafleen”

              ABOUT PADSTOW
              Padstow is a small town with a big reputation. In recent years it has become famous for its Rick
              Stein Seafood Restaurant however it has been popular with
              couples of all ages and families for a long time.
              There are many other local attractions (e.g. The Camel Trail) for which Padstow is an ideal
              Like many seaside towns in Cornwall, it is quite refined but gets very busy during the summer

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                           Matine Chabrier

              Elevator Pitch
              A significant proportion of your potential customers will use the internet to search for a
              business like yours. It is therefore imperative to create an outstanding web presence for your
              Users will book on the basis of what we portray on your site, so we will use appropriate industry
              experts to make sure the content and design of your site is outstanding and better than your
              competitors. We will make sure the look and feel of the site reflects that of your guesthouse and
              gives customers a taste for it, enticing them to visit. We will define your target audience and
              tailor the site with that in mind, as well as making sure your website is accessible to every user.
              Not only do we aim to produce an outstanding website, but we will also greatly focus on driving
              traffic to your site and especially concentrate on pushing your site high up in search engine
              results pages, which is where potential customers will look. We will do everything we can to
              market your site for free using various SEO techniques and other methods, as well as advise you
              on areas to spend on further internet marketing.
              We will build your site so that it is easy for you to update regularly and manage yourselves as
              well as give you sufficient training and support to do so.
              Once the website is complete, we will put in place reviews at three month intervals to assess
              the progress of the site and by analysing the behaviour of the users, we can then make changes
              where necessary and to ensure that you are spending money on marketing in the right places.
              It is extremely hard to start up a new business, but we feel that we can significantly help this
              process through creating a strong web presence for your business and using various marketing
              techniques to encourage new customers.

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                            Matine Chabrier

              Competitor Research
              There are at least 100 guest houses and hotels in Padstow and more in the surrounding area.
              Padstow town centre has a large amount, however the USP of your farmhouse is that it is in a
              rural setting but within a short walk to Padstow town centre, therefore it is quiet, beautiful and
              relaxing but not isolated.
              I have selected some of your competitors and analysed their websites, taking from them what to
              do similar, better and also what not to do.

              This is a luxury bed and breakfast outside of Padstow, although not walking distance from the
              town centre like yours. The best aspect of this site I think, is the aesthetic design and simplicity
              of it. It is very clear and easy to use, it feels clean and has a range of good photographs on the
              home page which portray the luxurious feel of the bed and breakfast. The wallpaper pattern in
              the background conveys a traditional feel with a modern twist and the white backdrop for the
              text and photographs, gives contrast for good legibility and enhances the images.
              The content of the website is clear and gives all the necessary information, but they haven’t
              gone over and above to supply useful information about the surrounding area or any particu-
              larly in depth content. The whole site is very geared towards bookings, with very clear call
              to actions such as the room image links on the home page and the telephone number in the
              header. Although it is very important to have clear call to actions, I also feel it is important for
              your website to not just give the bare minimum content, but to provide your guests with lots of
              useful and interesting information to show that you care about them and their entire experience
              staying in Padstow.
              This site can be viewed in three different languages (German, Italian and French) which is very
              good, however as the website is quite small, it shouldn’t have been a huge job to convert to other
              languages. A larger site, especially one that is updated regularly would be much more work to
              convert into different languages.

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                          Matine Chabrier

              The overall look and feel of the site is quite messy, items are not aligned and the width of the
              page is too wide, meaning it doesn’t fit on laptop screens. However, the photography is good and
              used quite prominently throughout the site. The hotel looks luxurious and relaxing, they even
              offer a massage service which you could possibly think about doing, or other spa treatments if
              you haven’t already.
              The photographs against a white background work well in giving a clean feel and showing off the
              images, however not a warm and homely feel, perhaps quite clinical or like a spa. There is a Trip
              Advisor feed on the right hand side with some great reviews about the guesthouse. Quite a few
              of your competitor sites also have links to Trip Advisor, so it’s something we definitely need to
              look further into. Above the feed also proudly display awards they have received. Having a good
              reputation is what will keep your business alive and is important to show outside opinions on
              your site, such as reviews and awards.
              The site has good content, in particular a write up about attractions and local restaurants, which
              is useful and good that someone has actually written it rather than just given links. An online
              booking function which is important. A ‘Business Ethic’ section, which talks about their envi-
              ronmental approach – this is also something to consider having a section on if it is appropriate
              for your business.

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                            Matine Chabrier

              This is a beautiful country house in a rural setting in Padstow and a short walk from the town
              centre which makes it your direct competitor.
              Overall the website has some good points and good information however the design and feel
              of the site lets it down and there are quite a few major glitches such as broken links which is
              very bad for usability and SEO purposes. Even though the design is poor, the photography of
              the guesthouse is good, which makes important for this type of business. Although there is a
              slide show on the home page, most of the images are just in the gallery section, whereas I would
              suggest utilising them more throughout the site ie. the rooms section should have the photo-
              graphs of the rooms, the restaurant section should have appropriate photographs and so on.
              There is an online room availability checker and booking system, which is important, however
              telephone bookings should also be an option that is more prominent.
              There is a choice to view the site in different languages which would be very good if it worked!
              It does however work on the bookings page, which is an important area to provide a choice of
              languages. This is something that we can do for your entire website or just for some sections
              such as the bookings page.
              The ‘Out and About’ section is a good title and is separated into appropriate categories: General
              Activities, Shopping food/non food, Local Services, Take away and cooked meals. The content
              here is also very good and is worth looking at to take ideas for your website. Within this section
              there is also a link called ‘Woodlands Picnic Baskets’, although the link doesn’t work, it is a great
              idea to do a picnic basket service for your guests, and something you may want to consider.
              The ‘Links’ section has some good content. There are some useful links here such as rickstein.
              com which is of course is very important for Padstow and should be included in your site. Other
              restaurants are included which could be useful to look at which ones they have chosen.
              They say they are listed in Alastairs Sawdays guide and website so we should look at how you can
              get your business in there too.

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                           Matine Chabrier

              This site is very well done, both in the clean and clear design and the range of content. The CTA
              ‘book now’ is in clear view in one place throughout the site, like I suggest we do on your site.
              There is section which is updated, displaying current topics such as ‘Treat your mum on mother’s
              day’. An ‘offer of the month’ is also a great idea to have on the home page, which is another
              regular update. The main navigation includes all information necessary but there are also image
              links on the home page to draw the user to certain areas. We can also see on the bottom right
              corner, that they are using social media and feeds such as news and latest offers.
              This is a fantastic website, doing all the right things in providing customers with plenty of useful
              information in a clear way as well as using good marketing techniques. The only downfall is
              perhaps the design could be more inviting and feel more luxurious.
Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                          Matine Chabrier

              I am particularly interested in this site because of it’s blog and I am intrigued to find out what
              they write about. Some of the titles include ‘Stunning skies’, ‘A taste of Autumn – our blackberry
              jam’, ‘Awarded a certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor’, ‘Elder flowers in abundance – making
              cordial’, ‘We are to be featured in the Michelin Guide’. There are some great posts in here, and
              worth a look for ideas.
              The main navigation has sub categories in full view which is interesting. I suppose it does give
              the viewer a clear idea of where to find what they want within the site without having to hover
              over any links, but I would still suggest a hover mechanism to keep things tidy, especially if your
              site has a fair amount of pages.
              There are some good links in ‘Local Padstow’ such as a ‘beach guide’ – a write-up about each
              beach in the area, and all the other sub categories under ‘Local Padstow’ also have write-ups and
              some useful links. I would suggest in your website to do much more links so it gives your guest a
              broad range of what is in the area, but also write up about your recommended businesses.
Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                              Matine Chabrier

               Content Strategy
               The content of your website is of vital importance to encourage potential customers to book a
               stay, or at least make an enquiry. We will recommend industry experts to ensure the content of
               your site shows off your business to it’s potential and more.

               TARGET AUDIENCE
               The web content needs to cater to your target audience, therefore this should be defined before
               the project can begin. You have stated that your guesthouse is for adults only so this rules out
               families with children, babies or teenagers. The age range of your audience is from 30 onwards,
               however it is more likely that the quiet, relaxing and naturalistic setting of your farmhouse will
               attract a more mature age group. You describe your farmhouse as being luxurious and boutique,
               thus you are more likely to attract guests with some spare money, perhaps working profession-
               als or retired persons. Your typical guest could be a retired couple seeking a relaxing, luxurious
               break, possibly to do some walking in the area and see some of the attractions that Padstow has
               to offer.

               If you haven’t got a definite brand identity already, this should also be done before starting the
               web page design. A brand identity is imperative to promote your business and you will need to
               pay for a professional Graphic Designer to do this. The brand should be applied to all documents
               within the guest house such as, letter heads, business cards, restaurant menu, welcome booklets
               etc. The look and feel of the site should also be in keeping with the brand as well as any down-
               loadable documents such as the menu, a receipt print out. Also all online or offline advertise-
               ments should of course be branded.
               To brand your business we will need to firstly create a logo design and slogan. Some other brand
               aspects that need to be defined are the fonts (typeface, style, size), colour scheme and tone of
               voice. A set of guidelines should be compiled which everything should adhere to.

               You describe your farmhouse as being luxurious, relaxing, quite and boutique. The best way to
               portray these aspects on your site is via photographs. This site would hugely benefit from being
               image heavy so that viewers really get a feel of the place. It is vital that we compile excellent
               images of your guest-house to show it’s best assets which include the beautiful scenery and the
               quality of the interior. This would require the cost of a good photographer specialised in the
               photography of interiors. The images should include plenty of interior shots as well as exterior
               shots of the house and the views. If you pride yourself on good food, it may be worth paying
               for a food photographer as well. There should also be photographs of you and the staff, so that
               people know who they are contacting when booking etc.. The beautiful, peaceful setting and
               interior is your main USP so we want to make the most of it and show it off to the maximum.

               WRITTEN CONTENT
               The content within this site will be written by our web copywriter who will work very closely
               with you to get unique content to portray the best qualities of your business. Our web copywrit-
               er is specialised in writing for the web as it is quite different from writing for print as I will now
               speak about in more detail.
               Web content should be concise and scannable. Bullet points should be used where necessary. The
Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                              Matine Chabrier

               opening paragraph should capture the user and contain key points about the page to encourage
               onwards reading but also to make sure the user has enough information without having to read
               on if they choose not to. The paragraphs should be short and the width should be reasonably
               narrow as it is easier to read. For SEO purposes the web copywriter will also include keywords
               within the content, especially the headings and sub headings (I will speak about SEO and
               Keywords in greater detail in ‘Web Marketing’).
               A significant proportion of the users of this site are likely to be of a mature age group, so we
               need to cater for possible eyesight difficulties and people with limited computer literacy. With
               this in mind, we will ensure the text is a size and style that is easily legible and the line height
               will also be wider than average to improve easy reading. We can also add a function to allow the
               option to enlarge the text if users wish to do so.

               We will ensure the architecture of the site is extremely simple, intuitive and easy to navigate –
               we apply this rule to all our websites, but especially for some of your target audience who may
               not be internet savvy. There should be no more than six links with the main navigation and this
               particular site has no reason to go more than three levels deep if that. The user should know
               where they are within the site at all times and this will be obvious by styled active links within
               the menu bar showing a breadcrumb trail. The calls to action such as booking form, telephone
               number and room availability will be all in a side bar on the site, in clear view and will stay in one
               place throughout, making it as simple as possible for a potential customer to book or enquire.
               The exact site structure is something that will need to be discussed further with you and our
               team, depending on the content you decide to use within your site.

               UPDATED CONTENT
               It is very important for SEO purposes to update your website regularly. This will be an ongoing
               task, therefore it is a question of how much time you are willing to dedicate to your site and in
               which areas. We will need to agree on how much time you will realistically spend updating your
               site and then we can set a plan in place to do so at chosen times. Some suggested areas to update
               your site are: calendar of local events, blog, news. You could also choose interesting projects to
               take on and update the website with these. Photography projects could be an option, perhaps
               bird watching or beautiful sunsets from your guesthouse view could be fun. You could get guests
               involved and encourage them to upload their own photographs from your guesthouse. There
               could be other photography projects or a written blog about an interesting and relevant subject.
               We can also stream information from outside sources such as the latest news from the tourist
               information website and your Twitter or Facebook account should you decide to have one.
               You need to also make sure all content on your site is correct at all times and update when
               changes are made, for example, the food menu and any special offers should be reflected on your
               payment area of the site.

               During the production of a website, our web developers ensure that the site is accessible and the
               code is semantic. Within the HTML: titles, links, alternate text and image names are all named
               logically and descriptively. As mentioned earlier, we will ensure the font is clear and legible as
               well as an option to increase the text size. Some of your competitors included the option to
               read some of the content in various languages, which I recommend to do the same in selected

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                          Matine Chabrier

               languages. This would require the cost of a translator for each language. To minimise the cost,
               we could initially implement this function only on selected areas of the site such as the booking
               form and perhaps the food menus, maps and guides. Once the site is up and running, we can
               analyse the traffic behaviour, and then decide whether it is worth adding extra languages or
               using the function across the entire site.

               It is good to include specific downloadable documents (PDF) or print ready formatted pages
               (CSS), especially for some of your target audience who may be more traditional in preferring
               having a print out of something. These documents will be styled with your brand and have a
               white background so they don’t waste ink when being printed. Some suggested print ready
               pages or downloadable documents include: restaurant menu’s, booking receipt/reservation, local
               amenities, local restaurants, local attractions, local events, a map of the area, a cycling map,
               directions to your farmhouse etc.

               User generated content is a great way of getting new content on the site (helpful for SEO)
               and it can help the business and website feel more trustworthy to a potential guest. There are
               several options that we can implement in order to engage users to generate content on your site.
               There should be a guest reviews page and a questions forum may be a good idea. A questions
               forum could go within the FAQs page, where customers can ask questions and you can answer
               them publicly – you do however need to make sure you answer them promptly. As previously
               mentioned in ‘Updated Content’, if you decide to take on projects such as photographing sunsets
               or bird watching, users can interact with this by uploading their own photographs and we can
               make a commenting function, ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons so people can interact.

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                            Matine Chabrier

               Technology Solution (CMS)
               A Content Management System or ‘CMS’ is a web-based software application used to manage
               content on a website. A web developer will use the chosen software to build a website so that it
               enables you as the client to manage your own website after the initial build.
               A Hotel or Bed and Breakfast website needs to be active, with regular updates and a booking
               functionality, therefore a CMS is imperative to do so and allows you to manage the website
               yourself via a user friendly interface.
               After some research into the options, I would suggest Joomla to be the CMS for your website.
               Joomla is a free and open source CMS and is estimated to be the second most used CMS on
               the Internet after WordPress. Joomla is an all round CMS platform and is often used for small
               business websites and also has a good blogging tool. Joomla has a wide range of free and
               commercial extensions needed for a website like yours such as room booking, multi language,
               event calendar extensions. This is an area that you may incur some costs for extensions,
               depending on which extensions are appropriate for your site.
               You describe yourselves as being of “average computer literacy” and have no experience of
               website management. I have taken this into account when choosing Joomla as the suitable CMS,
               because it has a friendly interface and is quite simple to use. Screen shot of the interface below.

               Although the interface of a CMS is intended for easy use to someone with no web design
               experience, it can take some getting used to. For that reason we will need to give you an initial
               training session on how to use the Joomla interface.
               I would suggest that we can arrange weekly reviews for the initial stages and then further
               support will be available over the phone and extra training sessions can be arranged if required.
               At the progress reviews at three month intervals (mentioned later in the report), we may need to
               make changes to your site. At this time we will also review how you are updating your site using
               Joomla and may make technical changes or offer further training if necessary depending on your

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                          Matine Chabrier

               Internet Marketing Plan
               The content and design of the website is irrelevant if people are not visiting it. A website
               marketing plan is required to promote your business and website and to make sure your site
               appears in search results when potential clients look for a business like yours.

               I will start by explaining what SEO is as it is a hugely important factor in website marketing and
               I will be mentioning this frequently in this section. Search engines aim to present the user with
               the most relevant web pages ranked by popularity. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is how we
               can do things in order to rank higher in search engines in order to drive appropriate passing web
               traffic to your site. There are two main ways to do this, the first known as On-Site SEO, which is
               how we can build the site to specifically ensure it is well optimised. The second is off-site SEO,
               which is more tricky to do and can be time consuming and costly as it relies on the support or
               payment to outside influences.

               ON-SITE SEO
               On-site SEO is very important and it is a way to market your site without added costs of adver-
               tising. Our web copywriters and web developers always keep SEO in mind when creating a site.
               With your type of business it is particularly important to have a well-optimised site because so
               much of your business will come from users using search engines to find a place to stay. We need
               to target the words that a potential guest might type in to a search engine and then scatter your
               site with those terms. These words are called ‘keywords’ and it is very important to do keyword
               research to compile our selection of words and phrases before beginning.

               Keyword Research
               The first stage of our keyword research will be a brainstorming session with you and our team.
               It would be beneficial for you to brainstorm with friends and colleagues before our session so
               that we have something to work with. The keywords should be a mix of generic terms such
               as Cornwall, Padstow and Guesthouse as well as more niche terms that describe the unique
               qualities of your business such as ‘boutique’, ‘luxurious’, ‘relaxing’, ‘quiet’.
               We will use the words from the brainstorming session as a seed for our keyword research. We
               will then do online research and use specific tools such as ‘Google Keyword tool, Google Suggest’,
               ‘Wordtracker’ and others to select appropriate keywords for your business. The final compiled
               list will include a mix of broad and targeted keywords, variations on words and a mix of primary,
               secondary and tertiary words.

               Keyword Integration
               Our web-copywriter will write the content with these keywords in mind, using primary
               keywords within the first paragraphs, secondary keywords in the second paragraphs and so on,
               seamlessly integrating the keywords into the text. Primary keywords will also be included in
               the title tags and URLs – treating each page as a unique opportunity to be optimised. The meta
               description should also be unique for each page, although keyword scattering within this is not
               thought to influence SEO, however it is very important to accurately summarise your business
               here in order to encourage click-throughs. We will not include keywords in the meta keywords
               tag because it is also not thought to influence SEO and it will give away our keyword research to
               competitors. Other areas where we will include keywords on your site will be: headings, alternate
               text, image names, highlighted or italic words and links.
Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                            Matine Chabrier

               The domain of your website is an extremely important factor for SEO purposes. Although it
               may make more sense to use your farmhouse name ‘Ocean View’, it will be better for marketing
               purposes for the domain name to include primary keywords. We can see this technique used
               in some of your competitors domain names that rank highly in search engines such as, wood-
      and Some suggested domain names for your
               business would be: or

               Other on-site SEO techniques
               There are also other things to consider for on-site SEO. As previously mentioned, our web
               developer will ensure that the coding is semantic, valid and has no broken links. It is helpful to
               include internal linking and cross-related content (outbound links should only link to relevant
               and high quality websites). There are some helpful things that we will include such as Robots.
               txt, Sitemap, 404 page (with a navigation bar) and breadcrumb trails if appropriate. Most impor-
               tantly, search engines love new and relevant content, and as spoken about in previous section,
               it is important to dedicate time to updating your site or allow for and encourage user generated

               OFF-SITE SEO
               The first and most important thing is to put your guesthouse on Google Places/Google Maps.
               This is free and is crucial for SEO.
               Generally Off-site SEO is much more out of our control and you are likely to incur costs or incen-
               tives. One-way inbound links from high quality sites is very valuable but very hard to get.
               The main way that your business will gain genuine recommendations is from people who have
               had a memorable experience at your farmhouse. This can be done via social media ‘likes’ and
               ‘shares’ (I will speak in more detail later), and it may be beneficial to invite selected guests to
               stay for free or for a discounted rate in exchange for an article written about your guesthouse or
               a link to your site.

               Specific Websites to consider targeting
               I have researched some businesses that are worth looking at as options to either pay to be listed
               in, advertise within or ask for/give incentives for link exchanges/partnerships.
               Some examples of primary sites you should be listed in:
               •	 Trip Advisor – a directory which your competitors are listed in and link to their sites
               •	 Alastair Sawday – a guide for special places to stay. Your competitors are mentioned in this
                  and you should be too.
               •	 Enjoy England – the national trust tourist board. Your competitors have had star ratings
                  from here, you should do the same.
               • – a UK directory for accommodation and travel. They have also recently
                  launched a magazine.
               • – one of the most popular worldwide directories.
               • – the Cornish Council website.

               Local newspapers are also a good place to have articles written about your business, especially if
               they are online and link to your site. Here are some local newspapers to target:

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                             Matine Chabrier

               •	   Cornish times
               •	   Cornish guardian

               Niche options. Guests may visit Cornwall for specific activities such as walking, bike riding,
               surfing, fishing etc. You can target this audience via specific magazines or websites that they
               may read. This is where you can advertise as well as the possibilities to partnership or get articles
               written. Here are some examples that we should look at in more detail:
               • – a site for outdoor activities in Britain
               • – a bike shop that specifically hire bikes for the Camel trail
               •	 ‘Surfing Magazine’ and – a surfing magazine and website. Cornwall is
                  famous for surfing, people visit specifically for that reason.
               •	 ‘Wave Length’ and – a UK surfing magazine and website.
               •	 ‘Carve’ and – a UK surfing magazine.
               •	 ‘Drift’ and – a UK surfing magazine.
               •	 ‘Pit Pilot’ and – a UK magazine and blog.
               •	 ‘Country Walking’ – a popular magazine for walkers in Britain
               •	 ‘Walk Mag’ and – a magazine and website for walkers in Britain.
               •	 ‘Trail’ – a popular magazine for walkers in Britain
               •	 ‘Cycling Weekly’ and – a weekly cycling magazine and website.
               • – a bike website.
               • – A website on ‘The best of UK Trail Riding’

               Websites for Local attractions are good to advertise possibly partnership with. A list of some of
               the popular attractions in Cornwall and Padstow:
               • – The Eden Project which is one of the famous attractions of Cornwall.
               • – Padstows historic stately house.
               • – The Cornish birds of prey centre.
               • – The national maritime museum
               • – The Cornish cider farm
               • – Camel Valley Vineyard
               • – The lost gardens of Heligan

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                             Matine Chabrier

               • – Cornish Orchards
               • – The Minack Theatre
               •	   Blue Reef Aquarium
               • – Cornwall Pearl Treasure Park

               Directories are often the first sites to appear in search engines when a user types in places to
               stay so you should definitely be listed in some of them. I have put together a list of directories
               that appear in search results when typing in keywords related to your business:

               EMAIL MARKETING
               When requesting emails from your guests and customers that enquire, you should have a box
               that asks if they mind receiving emails of offers from time to time. This can be a great way for
Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                                Matine Chabrier

               your particular business, to encourage repeat customers without paying for advertising. Ensure
               that you do not send emails too regularly and only send good offers otherwise you are at risk of
               annoying your customers. It is also important to have an ‘unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of
               every email so that it is the customers choice to receive emails from you.

               SOCIAL MEDIA
               Although a lot of your target audience are of a more mature age group who probably don’t use
               social media, some of your target audience will so it is still worth paying attention to, especially
               because it is free advertising.

               We will create a Facebook fan page for your business. This can be a great way to advertise for
               free however you should not abuse it and inundate your fans with information. You will need
               to firstly gain fans on your page. You may generate fans from guests that genuinely had a great
               experience at your guesthouse and want to be a fan on Facebook, however often you will need to
               give incentives for people to be a fan of a business. Once you have some fans, you should send
               out posts only occasionally and only with interesting information or special offers.
               We will add social media links on your site, such as like and share buttons as well as comment-
               ing functions. This makes it easy for people who genuinely had an enjoyable experience to
               recommend your guesthouse.

               It could be useful to be on twitter. If you tweet about interesting subjects, perhaps about local
               activities and events, or maybe something more unique, you will also get exposure by people
               following you. It can also be a good way to find out the latest news and gossip if you follow
               relevant people or businesses. This completely depends on how interested you are in it and if you
               will dedicate time to it. If you do decide to use twitter, we could also feed it on your website and
               it will also act as new and updated content which is good for SEO and also could be interesting
               topics for customers to read.

               OFFLINE MARKETING
               We should not neglect offline marketing, especially as some of your target audience may not be
               regular internet users. Newspapers and magazines (local and niche) are good to either advertise
               in or request articles to be written about your guesthouse in exchange for incentives. I listed
               some good examples to look into earlier.
               As mentioned earlier, once branding is in place – if not already – business cards and stationary
               are essential for every business.
               It is definitely a good idea to produce flyers to distribute in the local tourist offices and attrac-
               tions. It may also be beneficial to have an offer or discount on the flyer to entice customers.

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                            Matine Chabrier

               Revenue Generation
               You should bare in mind that you are compromising the look of your site in order to gain
               revenue from adverts on your site so it is worth thinking carefully about this before going ahead.
               However, adverts from relevant businesses such as local attractions, local restaurants, local
               produce etc. could be beneficial and even be useful to your guests.

               GOOGLE ADSENSE
               This is a hassle free, maintenance free option for advertising on your site for some added
               income. It could be worth having some advertising on your site and a good quality about Google
               AdSense, is that you have some control over the look of the text adverts on your site. It is only
               when your site has a substantial amount of traffic driving to it that you will earn much from
               advertisements on your site.

               AFFILIATE SCHEMES
               You would promote a product on your website and you will gain commission if the customer
               buys the product. This could be a suggestion we can make to sell tickets for local attractions or
               local produce or products.

Website Management Strategy Report – April 2012                                                              Matine Chabrier

               Progress Reviews
               Once your website is up and running, we will schedule meetings with you at three month
               intervals to review the progress of the site and it’s impact on your business.
               Because your site will be brand new, we have to bear in mind that the first two months your site
               is online you might not rank well or at all in Google, you will be in the “sandbox” stage. The older
               your site is, the more it is likely to gain trust from Google as long as we do all the right things to
               gain it’s trust.
               We will use online tools to analyse your sites progress and will bring this data to our meetings.
               We can then evaluate which marketing strategies are working for your site and which are not so
               much. Some of the data we will bring at these reviews will be:

               This will provide reports on your pages’ visibility on Google. This will give us vital information
               on where we are doing well and will highlight any problems we need to attend to.

               GOOGLE ANALYTICS
               We will be able to bring reports on the type of audience that visit the site (the Demographics,
               Behaviour, Technology, Social media interaction, Mobile device usage). We will be able to asses
               the source of the traffic that comes to the site (Direct / referrals / from search engines, SEO
               keyword traffic and landing page analysis). We will be able to analyse the content of your site
               (page popularity, site speed, in-page analytics and more).

               GOOGLE ALERTS
               We will also sign up to Google Alerts to see when your page is mentioned on other sites and we
               will bring this information to our meetings.


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