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									        Google AdSense Start-Up Guide
                                    By Matt Helphrey

Google AdSense and How it Works:

AdSense is a free program offered to online webmasters and
publishers. It is a way to monetize your website or blog by placing a
tiny code in your website files. This code displays relevant Google ads
on your website. Each time one of these ads gets clicked by a visitor,
you earn a small commission. The more clicks you get, the more money
you are going to make.

AdSense works in relation with Google’s AdWords program for
advertisers. The advertisers participating in the AdWords program pay
Google for each visitor that Google brings to their website. The
advertisers set up an ad and then bid over traffic they would get using
certain keywords. These ads can then be displayed inside the Google
search engine itself or through a network of approved AdSense web
platforms. You, as a part of the AdSense network, would earn a portion
of the fee that Google made from its AdWords advertisers.

If that makes sense, great! If it sounds complex or too over your head,
don’t worry. All you need to know is that you can make some easy
money with AdSense and it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The first thing that you need to do is to get approved for an AdSense

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How to Get Approved for an AdSense account:

That’s right. Not everyone with a website will be allowed to join and
make money with this program. You actually have to apply and get
approved for an AdSense account first. I guess they want to make sure
that you are who you say you are and that your content is unique and
will benefit their advertisers.

Anyone can sign up to use Google AdSense, but you must get approved
first. Here is a step-by-step method you can use to get approved that
works every time...

Step #1: Go to and sign up for a free Blogger blog. This
blog platform is run by Google, so when you apply using one of their
own platforms, your chances of getting approved are much better.
Don't worry so much about setting up all the fancy looking templates,
add-ons and extra graphics. You aren't going to use it anymore once
you get approved. Or at least you don't have to.

You can name your blog whatever you want, but try to pick out a theme
or topic that you can write on easily. More about that coming up...

Step #2: You will need to have some well written and unique content to
include on this new Blogger blog. The Google rep who looks at your
blog wants to see that there is no spam, no duplicate content and
nothing to do with porn or gambling.

So, find something that you know that you can write about without
having to put too much thought into it. Remember that you are only
using this blog to get approved for AdSense and that you can even shut
this blog down when you are done with it. Thus, the topic you choose

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to write on should be something that won't take you too long to
research and write on.

Once you know what that topic is, simply write 5 articles with each
article being around 450 words in length.

Step #3: Once you have your content written, you need to drip feed it
into your new blog. Publish one article each day for five continuous
days. Don't skip a day! The Google rep will also want to make sure that
you are posting often and that your blog isn't only made with one page
of content strictly to try and make money with AdSense.

Step #4: Go to the Google AdSense sign up home page and apply after
publishing your 4th page of content after day #4.

That's it! The application process may take a few weeks to approve you,
but you will usually get approved within 7 to 9 days. It all depends on
how busy they are at the time.

Keep in mind that once you get approved, that you can then use your
Google ads on any website you want. You don't ONLY have to use them
on your Blogger blog. You don't have to ever use that blog again if you
don't want. Just make sure that you read through the entire terms of
service for using their program so as you don't get booted from it.

Niche Research and Your New Website:

After the approval process you want to start thinking about your
website. What are you going to write about? What should your
website be focused on when providing content to its visitors?

To succeed with making a lot of money in AdSense the key is to convert
traffic into clicks. Part of that has to do with the layout of your website
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(more on this soon) and another part of that has to do with the niche
your website is in.

Some niches will undoubtedly have higher click-through rates than
others simply because of the type of traffic and how relevant the ads
are to this traffic. Let me give you a few examples…

Example #1.

First let’s pretend that you are a consumer looking to buy a pair of
purple figure skates online. The first thing that you are going to do is go
to Google and type in “purple figure skates”. After a brief search you
end up landing on a website with information about purple figure
skates. You see that there are no real skates for sale on this page, only
information about the skates. However, this website has Google ads
displayed that are advertising “50% Off Purple Figure Skates”.
Naturally, you are drawn to this ad and click on the ad to find the exact
skates you were after.

Example #2:

Now let us pretend as if you were doing research for a school project
and you wanted to find information about animal life in the Sahara
desert. You go to Google and search for “Sahara desert animals”. Next
you find yourself on a website that offers fantastic information about
exactly what you need. There are Google ads on their advertising
Sahara trips and Wildlife Excursions, but is that going to catch your
interest? Nope, you are there for information and information only and
are surely not likely to click any of the ads.

Understand that both of these are just extreme examples and that you
can make money by writing content in just about any niche imaginable.
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However, example #1 demonstrates how it might be possible to make a
lot more money with AdSense than example #2. The click-through
rates and # of clicks are certainly going to be higher if you put up a
website related to products.

As I said though, you can still make money by putting up a website on
any niche. Sure it may take more visitors in example #2 to make the
same amount of earnings as in #1, but it might be easier for you to get
traffic to a site like in #2.

This comes down to how easy it is for you to write and include relevant
unique interesting enlightening, educational, or entertaining content on
a consistent basis. Basically what I mean is that you have to write a lot
to make good AdSense money. It may be easier for you to write about
desert animals than it would to write about figure skates.

It might be best to find a niche that showcases the best of both worlds.
Find something that you are knowledgeable in and can write a lot
about, but that might be closely related to some type of product. Let
me give you another example…

Let’s say now that you absolutely love Hawaii and/or have lived there
long enough to have extensive knowledge about cheap vacation spots
in the state. You could write for days on end about Hawaii, its cultures,
landscapes, etc.

Would this be a profitable type of website to put up for AdSense? Yes
and here’s why…

Hawaii is a popular tourist destination and that many people look to
book flights, hotels, cars and different vacation packages online. Thus, a

    5   Google AdSense Start-up Guide |
good amount of people who find your website on Hawaii may also be
attracted to the Google ads advertising Hawaii vacation packages.

You see how easy that is? Find a niche like Hawaii (or use Hawaii) or
something that you are passionate about and write content on your
website that would attract buying type customers or visitors that will
be attracted to the ads on your website.

Setting Up Your Website:

In order to make money online with AdSense you are going to first need
a website to put the ads on and draw the traffic. This is done in two
easy steps: Registering your domain and then finding a reputable host.

Registering the Domain:

The domain is the URL of your website. This is the that will soon belong to you. When thinking
about what to call your website, it’s best to include the main keywords
associated with the type of traffic you are looking to attract. So from
example #1 above, the best domain to go after would be

Tip: Stay away from using any extensions other than .COM, .ORG or
.NET. These extensions are most recognizable by Google searchers
worldwide and people may be hesitant to click on a .INFO or .BIZ

You can register your URL at many places. I would recommend
GoDaddy or NameCheap. The average cost to register your domain is
right around $9 per year.

Finding a Reputable Host:
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The host is where you will store all of your websites files. Unless you
have a nameserver and a computer that stays on 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week and 365 days a year, it’s best to pay a low monthly fee and have
this service provided for you.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a reputable host to put your
websites files on. A reputable host is a company that will protect your
website from hackers, ensure that it has no downtime, will not put any
of their own advertisements on your websites, give you the freedom to
let you customize your websites as you see fit, offer solid around the
clock support, and finally not limit your website to the amount of traffic
it can get. *Gasp* That’s a lot!

It’s your business and your website. Don’t let anyone take all of your
hard work away. A reputable host is VERY important!

Out of all the hosts I have used over the years, is by far
the most reputable and wouldn’t recommend anybody but them. And
they’re cheap! ;)

How to Get Traffic and Make Money:

I could write an entire book and video course on the different methods
that you can use to get traffic to your website. Oh wait, I already did ☺

How to Make Money With Google AdSense

How you get traffic to your website is up to you, but most content
publishers who make money with AdSense get traffic to their websites
organically from the search engines. This means that people land on
the website by doing a simple search in Google or other major search

    7   Google AdSense Start-up Guide |
Once your website and all of its pages are indexed in the search engines
this type of traffic is impossible to shut off. Your website will receive
traffic on auto-drive at all times during the day…even while you sleep!
When the search engine traffic starts to pick up is when you start
earning the big time residual income that will make major differences in
your life.

To make sure you benefit from the search engines you will need to
understand SEO (search engine optimization) and how to find keywords
to go after that will gain you easy traffic. Then all you need to do is
include these keywords on your own site and link to it using anchor
links from other websites.

You can do this by listing your website in directories and/or writing
articles to be published on other websites that link back to yours. The
more incoming links you have from different quality websites, the
higher your websites pages will rank in the search engines.

Some keywords obviously are going to get searched on more than
others yet will be much harder to rank for. You’ll need to find
keywords that get searched on but still have a low amount of quality

There is more science to this than what you need to know when first
starting out. If you focus on including quality content on your website
that is either entertaining, educational, and/or enlightening people will
naturally link back to your website. That’s how you will succeed and
how you get traffic to your website. Once you have that content
already on your website, then you just have to seed a few visitors to get
the viral process in motion.

    8   Google AdSense Start-up Guide |
Use social sites like FaceBook and Twitter to garner attention. You can
also participate in forums, web answer boards, blogs, and even write
articles to let people know about your website. You can get links from
press releases, blog comments, RSS feeds, bookmarking and video sites
to name just a few more.

Long-Term Success and Mindset:

The longer you work on your website by including new relevant and
unique content as well as promoting it through picking up links, the
more money you are going to make from it. And this process will build
with momentum slowly over time.

I will warn you, it will feel like you are doing a lot for nothing at first.
There is also a bit of a learning curve, especially for those who don’t
consider themselves to be ‘web savvy’. You may only start earning a
few dollars a day after the first month and maybe up to $20 a day after
the first two months, it’s really hard telling. You may even hit it big and
approach $50 a day in just a few weeks! Wouldn’t that be great?

The fact of the matter is that these numbers will slowly increase over
time to a point where you won’t need to do anything and your website
may still earn you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day. So even
though you are working for nothing now, you’ll be doing nothing and
earning income passively some time down the road.

There is a certain frame of mind that you must have in order to succeed
with this type of business.

First, as I mentioned above, that income will grow as time progresses.
You won’t be able to quit your job now and have money tomorrow.
You may be able to in a few months to a few years depending on your
     9   Google AdSense Start-up Guide |
work ethic and the amount of time you have to put into your publishing

Second, that there is no such thing as easy money. This is not a get rich
quick scheme! This is a legitimate business and you need to treat it like
one if you want to succeed.

Lastly, set goals and take massive action to reach those goals.

In this business it is important to set attainable production goals rather
than monetary goals. The reason for this is simple, there is no way of
determining how much money you are going to make in any amount of
time. There are just too many variables that are beyond your influence
no matter how hard you work. Since goals should be set in time
frames, it’s best to set production goals with variables that are in your

So instead of setting it as your goal to reach $100 a day in three
months, make it your goal to do the amount of work it takes to put
yourself in position to reach that amount of money in three months.
That way you can still succeed without hitting the $100 a day mark in
three months. Maybe you will make well more than $100 a day in that
time! You just never know but at least you do know that you will have
worked hard enough to get you there eventually and have done the
things you need to do to make this type of money. Success! And the
money will likely follow eventually if it hasn’t already.

Do some research and find out exactly what you need to do.

If you know that Joe Schmo made it to $100 a day in three months, find
out the exact work that Joe did. Now you have a workable plan that
you can put together and set up some achievable production goals.
    10   Google AdSense Start-up Guide |
The amount of time it takes for your AdSense publishing business to
grow to the size you want financially will be dependent on how much
time and effort you can put in to it. You will only get out of it what you
put in to it. Too many people get too discouraged not making a lot of
money right away and quit before the money really starts to show.

Don’t come into this business thinking it’s going to be a walk in the
park. There’s no such thing as easy money. If you want to succeed
then you have to keep pushing on and plowing ahead to gain
momentum and start to see the fruits of your labors show. Consistent
work will be rewarded with a handsome passive residual income down
the road. Do something every day for your website and soon enough
you will see the true potential of establishing and running a successful
AdSense publishing business.

Wishing you success and riches!


Matt Helphrey

Author and Course Creator

p.s. If you want to know exactly how I make over $3,000 a month by
creating and selling AdSense websites, be sure to check out my new
eBook and course.

How to Make Money With Google AdSense

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