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    For many years, reliable contractors grew their business through word-of-mouth
    (WOM). The most productive form of marketing involved keeping your clients happy
    with fine craftsmanship and top-notch customer service. In the past decade however,
    things have changed considerably.
    Today, nearly 200 million Americans go online each day to search for information.
    Nearly half of these people are looking for information about a product or service they
    are thinking about purchasing (aka you).
    For home improvement contractors, this represents a tremendous opportunity and a
    tremendous risk.
    Every day, thousands potential customers are looking for the services you offer. If
    you can figure out how to connect with this vast population, your business might take
    off. At the same time, there are also people who are researching your business and it
    only takes one bad review from an angry customer to scare them off.
    There are plenty of consultants and businesses that promise you ”Page 1” results.
    Regardless of whether or not they can deliver on their promise, one thing is certain:
    their business is based on your lack of knowledge. After all, if you knew how search
    engine optimization (SEO) actually worked, you wouldn’t need to pay the exorbitant
    fees many of them charge.
    Search engines want to show good results to people and there are many things about
    your business that would equate to good results if you knew how to approach your
    Website properly.
    It’s not rocket science. In fact, it’s a lot easier than most of the things you have been
    doing for years. It just requires time, patience and a basic understanding of how
    search engines work.
    Let’s get started.

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    How search engines work

    Search engines serve an important role in society: to help anybody find information
    about anything. The emergence of search engines has created an entire industry
    (SEO). SEO is particularly important for the remodeling and construction industry
    because search has become the most popular way for consumers to find home
    improvement professionals.
    To better understand SEO, we must first understand how search engines work and
    fortunately, it’s not that complicated. In general, search engines work in three phases:

                       Collection        Analysis          Results

    1. Collection– During this phase, a search engine spider (aka crawler) will visit your
    Website, collect everything on it and bring it back to the search engine. Search
    engines love content. The more content they see, the more they are able to
    understand what a Website is about. They will look at pictures you’ve uploaded, stuff
    you have written about your company like the services you provide and even the links
    on your site.

    SEO for Contractors. © 2012 BuildZoom.
    How search engines work

    2. Analysis – Once the crawler has gathered everything from your site and brought it
    back to the search engine, your content is then analyzed so that the search engine
    can understand what your site is about.


                                      Your site


    All the different pieces of content on your site represent “signals” to the search
    engine. If you uploaded pictures of a bathroom remodel you completed, the search
    engine learns something; if the “contact” page on your site shows that you’re located
    in Rhode Island, the search engine learns something.
    3. Results – Once a search engine has determined what your site is about, they need
    to make a determination of where to show our site on the results page. They do this
    by determining the “authority” of your site. This is a very important point that we will
    discuss in more depth later on. For now, let’s just say that the “authority” of your site
    is really just the search engine’s conclusion about how legitimate you are and
    determines where you will show up for a particular search request.
    That’s it – search engines aren’t as complex as you may have imagined.

    SEO for Contractors. © 2012 BuildZoom.
    How SEO works

    SEO is focused on helping your site perform better in search. SEO is typically broken
    down into two areas: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.


    On-page SEO focuses on managing (or optimizing) the content on your site to make
    sure that search engines receive the right “signals” so they can draw the right
    conclusions about your site.
    Common on-page SEO tactics include optimizing the textual content on your site;
    adding or revising the meta tags throughout your site; and updating the architecture of
    your site. On-page SEO looks at how to optimize for Phase 1 (collection) and Phase
    2 (analysis) in the search engine process.
    Off-page SEO is focused on impacting Phase 3 (results) in the search engine
    process by increasing the authority of your site to help you rank higher than other
    sites that are similar to yours.
    There are a wide variety of off-page SEO tactics but they are all focused on doing one
    thing: building links. The more links that point to your site, the more authority your site
    will have. The more authority your site has, the higher it will rank. The higher it ranks,
    the more business you will get.

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    On-page SEO

    Your Website represents a wide variety of things: It represents who you are as a
    business, the services you offer, the projects you have completed in the past and

                                        About you

                                Projects          Services

    The goal of on-page SEO should be to make sure that each of these sections is
    optimized to give you the best chance to show up when someone is searching for
    something that relates to your business.
    For example, let’s say you are a contractor in Rhode Island who focuses on bathroom
    and kitchen remodeling. Some of the main goals of your on-page SEO efforts should
    be to make sure that you are communicating that:
           You are a Rhode Island Remodeling Contractor
           You offer bathroom remodeling services in Rhode Island
           You offer kitchen remodeling services in Rhode Island
    To help better explain how this is done, let’s take a closer look at one page in a
    contractor’s Website to illustrate the different elements you should optimize.

    SEO for Contractors. © 2012 BuildZoom.
    On-page SEO

    The URL – Make sure the page contains a descriptive URL that explains
    the service you offer.

    The Header – The
    header , or H1 tag, helps
    explain what the section
    of the page is about. It
    should concisely explain
    the service that is offered.

    The Body - This is the
    meat of the page: the
    section that explains what
    the service is and who it
    is for. It’s also an
    important place to use
    key terms that a
    prospective customer
    might search for.

    In addition to the three on-page elements referenced above, there are two important
    elements that should be part of your on-page optimization efforts:

    The Page Title – This is a meta tag that briefly explains what the page is about. It
    doesn’t appear on the page however it is an importance piece of information used by
    search engines and impacts what is shown on a search engine results page.

    The Description Tag – The description tag explains (in more depth) what the page is
    about. Like the page title, it’s a valuable signal for search engines.

    SEO for Contractors. © 2012 BuildZoom.
    Off-page SEO

    To help explain off-page SEO, consider the first five results for a search of “Rhode
    Island” AND “Bathroom Remodeling.”

    As you can see by the text in bold, all of the results contain words that match the
    search query. In other words, all of these pages have been properly optimized. The
    variable that determines how they are ranked is their “authority.”

    SEO for Contractors. © 2012 BuildZoom.
    Off-page SEO

    Authority is determined by a fairly sophisticated algorithm that looks at many different
    variables. Fortunately, there is one variable that is far more important than any of the
    others: links. Both the quantity and quality of links to your site is the single most
    influential factor that will determine where your site is ranked by search engines.
    Now before you go and start trying to collect links, keep in mind that the source of the
    link is very important. Consider the following examples (in which authority is depicted
    by the size of the circle):


                                                             Site 2
                     Site 1

       Linking                    Linking
         site                       site

    Even though Site 1 has more inbound links than Site 2, the fact that Site 2 is linked to
    from a high authority domain means that it has more overall authority.
    In other words, one link from a high authority domain can be more valuable than
    multiple links from low authority domains. In fact, there are even some domains that
    can penalize your site if they link to your site so its important to think about how you
    build links.
    Link building is a very in-depth subject and will be covered in an upcoming guide.

    SEO for Contractors. © 2012 BuildZoom.

     Sound like a lot of work?
     Stop and think for a moment how much time and energy you have put into your
     business. How long has it taken you to build a reputation for yourself in your
     community? How many hours have you put into planning and executing remodeling
     projects for your clients?
     The goal of any search engine is to provide the searcher with the best possible result.
     If you are the best contractor in Rhode Island (or wherever you are), then the good
     news is that a search engine would be delighted to show your Website if someone is
     searching for “the best contractor in Rhode Island.”
     In other words, you’ve already done most of the work. Compared to what you have
     already accomplished, SEO should be easy.

     About BuildZoom
     We believe that a contractor’s greatest marketing tool should be the quality of their
     work. We help remodeling and construction professionals grow their businesses by
     providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to take control of their own
     On BuildZoom, contractors can access a variety of free tools to help them showcase
     their business and their work. Sign-up today!

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