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					Demystifying                                Demystifying SEO has a mixture of theory and practical
                                            exercises designed to help participants to improve the way their

                                            sites are searched and ranked by search engines such as
                                            Google, Yahoo and Bing.

                                            Session aim
                                            The session will cover the factors, techniques and strategies that
                   SESSION PLAN             influence the ranking of web pages.

                                            Session objectives
                                                •    To provide the tools to identify and improve:
                                                         o The web ranking performance of a website.
                                                         o The ability for users to search for a site.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is
now a key component of all marketing
activities and should be a major factor
                                            Session outcomes
in business planning.                       The session is designed to provide learners with a detailed
                                            understanding of SEO and why it is important.
                                             1. To understand the difference between Search Engine Optimisation
Potential customers now look online to           (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
find information, products and services.     2. To understand the key terms and concepts.
Having a web site and expecting              3. To understand the key elements that influence SEO.
customers to come flocking is simply         4. To understand how to conduct key word searches.
not enough.                                  5. To understand how to conduct a competitor analysis.

If you're developing the search engine      Training methods, learning activities and content
optimisation (SEO) for your website,            •    Discussion
then a training course is essential to          •    Group work / Pairs
help you get the most from your                 •    Questioning
marketing spend.                                •    Storyboards
                                                •    Visuals
eQ communications is a Sydney based             •    Handouts and references
marketing and communications
specialist with experience creating and     Assessment
managing branded communications for
                                            Contributes to the effective development of a simple SEO marketing
B2B & technology clients.
                                                •   Understand the purpose of SEO
We provide a balanced view to digital           •   Ability to identify and select appropriate keywords
marketing and a broader perspective to
how your digital efforts should be a part
of your business.
                                            Method of evaluation
                                                •    Questioning to assess knowledge of the approaches to SEO
                                                     techniques.                         •    Participation in learning group activities to identify the key SEO
                                                •    Demonstration of the SEO approaches to take to improve
                                                     website search results.

                                            Workplace Health & Safety
                                                 •   Facilities (Access and awareness)
                                                 •   Cables and computer related issues
                                                 •   Location of chairs, tables and other furniture

                                            Resource requirements
                                                 •   Computer presentation
                                                 •   Access to network
                                                 •   Diagrams and charts
                                                 •   Projector
                                                 •   Whiteboard / Flipcharts
                                                 •   Demonstration

                                                                                  © Copyright eQcommunications 2012
This training plan describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to develop an effective SEO marketing plan
for a website.

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this training.

 Elements                        Key content                                                  Delivery method

 Defining Search Engine               •    Explore the concept of Search Engine               Presentation
 Optimisation                              Optimisation                                       Discussion
                                      •    Explain why SEO is important
                                      •    Explain how search engines find websites.
                                      •    Explain how people find your website.
                                      •    What is ethical SEO?

 Key terms and concepts               •    Explain PageRank                                   Presentation style.
                                      •    Identify the tools to use                          Present scenarios.
                                      •    Describe Metatags and its purpose                  Flipcharts.
                                      •    Describe page description and its purpose
                                      •    H and P tags
                                      •    Internal links
                                      •    Keywords

 Implementing SEO                Outline the steps to take to implement SEO on a site.        Demonstration and presentation
                                      •   Identify the tools to use                           Group work
                                      •   Identifying keywords
                                      •   Writing copy to include keywords
                                      •   Using keywords for images
                                      •   Applying keywords to the site
                                      •   Competitive analysis
                                      •   The things to avoid

 SEO enhanced                    Search Engine Marketing explored in more detail to           Show examples of websites and how
                                 outline how the following can enhance SEO efforts:           they have used the additional
                                      •   Blogging                                            resources to maximize their SEO
                                      •   Article Marketing                                   efforts.
                                      •   Google Adwords
                                      •   Google Adsense
                                      •   Linkedin
                                      •   Facebook

 Measuring SEO                   Identify the tools to use to measure the effectiveness of    Demonstrate the SEO tools
                                 your SEO.

                                                                                               © Copyright eQcommunications 2012

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