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									                                Sean Neubert
                        2400 Belmont Rd., Belmont, VT, 05730
              Phone: (603) 718–3158 – E–mail:
             Website: (includes sample work portfolio)

Skills and Tools Experience

HTML                         CSS                       PHP (novice)              Javascript/jQuery (novice)

Search Engine Optimization   Search Engine Marketing   Web Analytics             Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing              eCommerce Marketing       Lead Generation           Social Marketing

Web/Graphic Design           PDF Design                Google Web/App Services   Business SaaS Integration

PC/Mac Help Desk & Support   Microsoft adCenter        Yahoo! Search Marketing   Google Adwords/Adsense

Professional Work Experience
*Over 10 Years of Business IT, Design, Web Analytics & Online Marketing Experience

Town of Mount Holly, VT January 2012 – Present
   • Website Developer / Admin
         o Developed and maintain town’s website.
         o Developed web apps for town government and local organizations.
         o Coordinate with towns many organizations to create content for town website.

eCoast Sales Solutions April 2011 – Present
   • Website Support & Developer (February 2012 – Present)
         o Support developer for companies many lead gen websites.
         o PHP form coder for landing pages. (email and ppc campaigns)
         o Hubspot integration specialist.
   • Online Marketing Specialist (April 2011 – Present)
         o Design, develop and maintain online b2b lead generation landing pages.
         o Create and maintain geo targeted b2b lead generation adwords campaigns.
         o Monitor and reporting site statistics with Google analytics for clients.
         o Developed unique SEM research tool to estimate long term adwords campaign
             details for small and large geo targets.
         o Design rich HTML email marketing campaigns for b2b clients.
         o Member of companies cloud blog team. (writer & researcher)
         o Sub–admin for companies blogs. (Wordpress)
         o Create detailed SEM & lead generation campaign reports for prospect clients.
SplashCart Corporation May 2006 – April 2011
   ● Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
         ○ Marketing Director
              ■Managed pay–per–click & pay–per–impression advertising campaigns.
              ■Maintained affiliate marketing program.
              ■Was in charge of maintaining companies marketing direction.
              ■Worked with sales team to set product pricing and promotional.
              ■Developed a successful social marketing campaign.
              ■Implemented search engine optimization (SEO) from the ground up.
              ■Created multiple lead generation programs.
              ■Responsible for monitoring site analytics and search engine listings.
              ■Created and maintained product instruction manuals and training videos.
              ■Supported business development team in attracting new clients.
              ■Worked with customers to develop theri own marketing programs.
         ○ Project Manager (IT & Services)
              ■Created concept designs for new and existing product features.
              ■Maintained overall product design.
              ■Worked with QA team to discover bugs and other design flaws.
              ■Created in–depth user experience flow charts.
              ■In charge of setting development deadlines and creating project priorities.
              ■Created A/B testing experiments.
         ○ Web Designer / Graphic Artist
              ■In charge of creating and maintaining graphical designs for multiple websites.
              ■Responsible for creating and maintaining all of the company’s graphical
              ■Designed banner ads for affiliate marketing program.
               ■Created professional e–commerce themes for clients.
               ■Responsible for multi browser testing
               ■Designed media rich fliers and other promotional assets.

Affinity Media ( / July 2004 – April 2006
   ● Project Manager (October 2004 – April 2006)
          ○ Designed & managed multiple web and pc software projects.
          ○ Maintained overall project design and development.
          ○ Acted as go between with corporate, development and marketing teams.
          ○ Set project goals and deadlines.
   ● News Room Manager (July 2004 – October 2004)
          ○ Hired and managed a team of 6 online news reporters.
          ○ Assigned creative article assignments.
          ○ Worked with community managers to host exclusive contests & events.
          ○ Worked with outside companies to secure exclusive stories, media assets and
             product information., Inc. February 1999 – June 2004
  ● Online eMarketing Manager (January 2002 – June 2004)
       ○ Managed high level pay–per–click advertising campaigns.
             ■Worked with Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Yahoo Search Marketing,
                 Overture, Inktomi.
       ○ Created and managed on–site promotional advertising.
       ○ Oversaw search engine optimization (SEO) changes.
       ○ Responsible for reviewing and creating detailed site analytics reports.
             ■Worked with Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Omniture, Yahoo
                 Webmaster Tools.
       ○ Created in–depth marketing to sales reports.
             ■Worked with Office Excel and PowerPoint.
  ● Web / Graphic Designer (August 2000 – June 2004)
       ○ Designed and managed the look and feel of company’s network of 20+ e–
           commerce websites.
             ■Worked with Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, HTML, CSS.
       ○ Responsible for multi–browser testing.
  ● New Product Entry Manager (March 2000 – August 2000)
       ○ Managed team of 3–6 product entry employees.
       ○ Responsible for hiring new employees.
       ○ Ensured product accuracy and quality.
  ● Product Entry (February 1999 – March 2000)
       ○ Added new products to company’s online stores.
       ○ Edited product photos for online display.

CIBACS Internship Program 1999–2003
   ● Participated in 4 year business and communications internship program.
         ○ Created marketing proposal targeted at developing 3rd world countries.
         ○ Designed new product for local manufacturer and created a marketing campaign
             to sell it.
         ○ Participated in several short term internships with local businesses.
         ○ Created an original product design.
         ○ Multiple project and team leader awards.
         ○ Awarded Gold Key Award.

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