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									                  Exclusive in Bangla:- Blog, SEO,
                  Wordpress, AdSense, Blog theme
                    customization, tips & tricks
       Blogger Ria presents her exclusive bangla blog for the bengali speaking audience in India &
       Bangladesh. Learn about basics of blogging, SEO, Wordpress, AdSense, other tips and tricks.

A star blogger writing in Bangla / Bengali
Blogger Ria is famous among her entire community for her excellent writing skills and easy
to understand presentations written in the local regional language Bangla / Bengali which is
mostly in use in West Bengal state of eastern India and in Bangladesh. Not only does she
write in her blog, she also answers user's questions in email as well. You can connect with
her via Facebook & Twitter also.

What can you learn in Blogger Ria's website?
Almost everything that a blogger may need! Yes, from the very basics of blogging in both
wordpress and blogspot, her articles include best suggestions for advanced & experienced
bloggers also. She writes about the various aspects of the biggest earning possibility ever on
the world wide web: Google AdSense. Blogger Ria is an AdSense publisher for more than a
while, she spreads out her experience and best practices suggestions among all her readers
to help out her community to learn & earn while writing unique contents in blog.
Search engine optimization or SEO is perhaps the most worrying factor terrorizing every
webmaster, every day every minute. Blogger Ria writes about simplified form of SEO, from
basic approach to advanced levels and how to get higher search engine result page ranking
for specific keywords.
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