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					                                                                       Issue 1, February 1, 2011

Welcome to Ugly Dog Media, Inc. from Dan Blacharski
Thank you for taking a moment to check out my newsletter. For those of you who haven't
heard of "Ugly Dog Media," you may know me better by my real name-Dan Blacharski. I
have only this month formalized my media company, which is now officially Ugly Dog Media,
Inc. It's been a busy time these past few months, but the transition is complete and we're
equipped to handle the incredible demand for services we've been seeing.

I'm sending this newsletter to people and companies for whom I have provided writing, PR
and marketing services, have talked about providing services, or perhaps have interviewed
for a feature article in the past. You can read the press release about my new
company here, and visit my website at

Introducing the Ugly Dog
Most of you know me already. I've been a commercial copywriter and marketer for 20 years,
and have worked in just about every industry. I have a team of writers, all with years of
experience in journalism and marketing, advanced degrees and the professionalism you need to
get the job done. My wife, Charoenkwan, also a very well-known writer and journalist in her
native Thailand, joins me in running the company. For my Indian clients, I now offer the
convenience of a local liaison. Gita Narrayani, a seasoned writer and marketer as well, will be
running Ugly Dog's South Asian branch from Kolkata, and you can contact her directly.

What We Do
Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by words. On every product package, on every
web site, and in every salesman's travel kit, words are what makes the difference between
success...and failure. To put it simply: We provide the right words.

We have special expertise in providing:

    Press releases
    Success stories
    Web site content
    SEO article marketing packages
    Google AdSense sites
    White papers
    Sales letters
    Professional blogs
    Ghost-written books and features
    Scripts for web videos, television and radio

Give us a call today at 574-344-2056, or email to discuss your
copywriting needs. We're looking forward to helping you succeed!

Dan Blacharski
President, Ugly Dog Media, Inc.

Contact us today by phone at 574-344-2056, or by email:

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