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									Aqfs-601                            Lecture no# 3                            04-03-11

                     Importance of Aquaculture :
    Serve as Source of Human Food :
                                         Aquaculture supplies a quality source of
            nutrition for an expanding population .Some medical authorities support the
            benefits of fish & seafood in human diet.

    Provides valuable non Food Products :
                                                  Some aquaculture crops provide valuable
   products and by-products. Fine leather products are manufactured from eel skins &
   alligator hides. Cultured pearls from oysters are used in making valuable jewelry.
   Shells and skeleton parts may be incorporated into home & business decorations
   .Educational programs may use frogs and other aquatic animals in the instructional
   process. Lower quality, less –valuable shells may be used in paving roads or in
   ornamental landscaping.

    Contributes to Human Health Research :
                                                By research, dietary supplements and other
   ways. In research, certain animals are studied in an attempt to understand the human
   body and how it functions, e.g. squid has been used in medical research since the early
   1930s.Its nervous system has particular actions that are similar to certain functions of
   the human nervous systems.

    Creates Demand for Grain Crops:
                                       The rations used to feed fish often require grain &
   by-products of grain processing .Soybeans & corn are widely used in the feed. The
   manufacturing of feed creates a demand for agricultural commodities, this should help
   farmers who produce these ingredients of fish feed to find alternative markets for their

    Creates Jobs & Economic Activity :
                                          Jobs are created for thousands of individuals in
   producing & marketing aqua crops.
     International trade involves several aqua crops as well as captured fish and shellfish
   .Currently, 80% of the shrimp and 65% of the fish consumed in U.S.

    Revitalizes Rural Areas :
                              It has potential to revitalizes the rural areas .Many rural
   areas have experienced a decline in agricultural profits. Some farmers have quit
   farming traditional crops. A profitable aqua crop could stimulate the economy of an
   area .

 Provides Recreation :

                         The sport fishing industry is increasingly using fee-lakes stocked
with cultured fish, particularly trout and catfish.

     Improves Scenic Beauty:
                            Aquascaping is the term applied to using aquaculture to
   add aesthetic beauty to an area .

      Role of Animal Welfare :
                                      Aquaculture producers are adopting certain
     principles in their operations to insure animal welfare .Another concern of animal
     welfarists has to do with the release of species in into environments where they are
     not well adopted for growth. Placing trout in warm water streams is lethal, as they
     are cold water fish. Other species thrive in warm water would not survive in cold
     water. The welfare of pet fish in an aquarium is just as the welfare of fish on large
     commercial fish farm.

      Source of Nutrients :
                                Fish and some other types of seafood contain high levels
     of Omega-3 fatty acids; thus, as a result, they have encouraged consumers to
     include more fish in their diets.
          The role of aqua crops in providing nutrients for both human and animal
     consumption should increase, the by-products of processing many types of aqua
     crops provide excellent sources of proteins for use in commercially prepared
     animal feeds.


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