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					                                SOUTHWEST OFFICIALS SERVICES, INC.
                                                                                                2106 NW 22nd Ave.
                                                                                                 Camas, WA 98607
                                                                                                   Mailing Address:
                                                                                                    PO Box 873493
                                                                                              Vancouver, WA 98687

                                AGREEMENT FOR COLLECTION
For and in consideration of the mutual benefits and covenants, Southwest Officials Services, Inc. ("SOS") and
the Official ("Official") agree as follows:


______________________________                      _____________________________
Official’s Name--Printed                            Name--Signature

SSN:___________________________                     Phone:________________________

          1. Contract for Services.

        The Official contracts with SOS as the Official's agent for the purpose of invoicing and/or collecting
from the schools, leagues, and other parties for payment of the officiating services the Official provides to such
schools, leagues, and parties. The Official directs each school district, league, or party to accept such invoices
and remit payment on the Official's behalf to SOS. SOS is not the employer of the Official and the Official is
only contracting with SOS for SOS to be an agent for the services as provided in this Agreement.

          2. Term.

         This Agreement shall be in effect from the date above written and continue for each year thereafter
until 30 days written notice of termination is provided by either party.

          3. Payment to SOS.

         For the services to be provided by SOS, SOS shall collect an administrative fee from the schools,
leagues, and other parties for whom the Official provides services. The administrative fee from the school
districts shall be the amount as set forth in the Contract between the school districts and the officials or
officials' associations. The Official authorizes SOS to be paid a $1.00 administrative fee from each game fee
the Official is paid for officiating games any non-school or recreational programs unless the Evergreen
Basketball Officials Association and SOS agree to another formula.

          4. Summary of Monies Collected and Disbursed.

      SOS shall provide the Official a summary of the monies collected and disbursed pursuant to this
Agreement. SOS shall also file IRS form 1099 as required by the IRS. The Official agrees to complete IRS
Form W-9 as part of this Agreement.


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          5. Payment Vouchers/Summaries Required for Payment--Deadline for Payment.

        Disbursement of monies to the Official shall be triggered upon providing SOS a Payment Voucher
signed by the Official and a representative of the school or league served for each game officiated or similar
proof showing the game was officiated. The Official shall also submit a summary of the games worked on
such Summary Sheets as may be provided by SOS. No monies shall be paid for games in which the Official
has not submitted such proof.

          6. Deadline for Payment.

         If the Official does not deliver the proof summarized in paragraph 5 to SOS on or before the thirtieth
(30th) day of August, then the Official shall have waived its right to payment and SOS shall retain any monies
collected on Official's behalf for games the Official has worked prior to August 30 of that year.

          7. Disbursements.

        From the monies SOS receives on behalf of the Official, the Official directs SOS to make the
following disbursements:

          A.        The amount for an Assigning Fee shall be paid to the Assigning Secretary as determined
                    between the Evergreen Basketball Officials Association ("EBOA") and the Assigning
                    Secretary for the service of assigning the Official to officiate games.

          B.        The amount of local EBOA annual dues shall be paid to the EBOA once each basketball
                    season if the EBOA provides SOS written notice of the Official's membership in the EBOA.

          C.        The amount of the membership dues in the Washington Officials Association for each sport
                    the Official participates in if the EBOA provides SOS written notice of the Official's
                    membership in the EBOA.

          D.        Any supplemental amounts as directed by the Official or by the EBOA for such things as
                    game assignment turn-backs, missed game assignments, fines, etc.

          8. Payment of Taxes and Assessments and the Like.

         The Official assumes full responsibility for the payment of all assessments, payroll taxes, or
contributions, whether state or federal, which may be due as a result of the Official's work as an official. In
addition, the Official agrees to pay any and all gross receipts, business and occupation (B & O), compensating,
transaction, sales, use, income, or other taxes or assessments of whatever nature or kind levied or assessed as a
consequence of the work performed. The Official shall be responsible for his or her personal expenses
including, but not limited to, advertising, automobile, travel, entertainment, food, lodging, business cards, long
distance charges. SOS will not be forwarding payments to the Washington State Employment Security
Department or Labor & Industries on behalf of the Official. The Official is solely responsible for registering
with the Employment Security Department or Labor and Industries if the Official desires to have the benefits
provided thereby.

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