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Farhad Akhavan


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									Farhad Akhavan
26342 Forest Ridge Dr. #5H
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Telephone: 978-387-0028
US Citizen


Alcon (Irvine, CA)                                                               4/2008-present
Senior Engineer I
     Led lean process and capacity improvement, upheld medical device quality manufacturing
     (GMP, QSR, ISO 13485), for PurePoint Laser System from initial release on 4/2008 to
     Provided leadership in supplier relations and R&D relations for laser system problem
     solving (CAPA) e.g. KTP crystal sourcing for Eyelite (green laser) and qualification of
     PurePoint laser system used in eye surgery.

. Key contributor for production ramp up of PurePoint Laser system (green laser used in eye
  surgery) from initial launch to 120 systems/month based on effective operations planning and
  lean/six sigma tools.
. Utilized lean principle to improve operational efficiency for flagship Infiniti product
  line/Cataract Operations

Lightfleet Camas, WA                                                             4/2007-4/2008
Senior Electro-Optical Engineer
     Led development of high speed optical and electronic verification and debug for optical
     interconnects in 32-node high performance computer server.
     Managed supplier relations for critical electro-optical components used for optical

JDSU San Jose, CA                                                              11/2004 – 4/2007
Manufacturing/Process Engineer III
   Implemented reliability plan and actions, yield, waste reduction, and six-sigma continuous
   process improvement opportunities for Diode pumped Solid state laser (Green) product lines
   with $250K/week revenue.
   Led process improvement, sustaining, and quality process manufacturing of high reliability
   undersea (submarine) pigtailed PIN diode (<1 FIT), and high power pump diode laser
   products (<30 FIT). Improved reliability of optical coupling; improved test plans and vendor
   qualification plans for Back reflection and Polarization dependent loss.
   Conducted full optical (lens design), thermal, and structural modeling for pigtailed PIN diode
   product as part of total product/process understanding in Design for Reliability.

   . Zero customer return and on time delivery of more than 3000 pigtailed PIN diodes in a span
   of nine months.
Azna LLC Wilmington, MA                                                  8/2003 - 2/2004
      Consulting Scientist (Interacting with Mass General Hospital and CIMIT)

   Investigated cutting edge medical device technologies; incorporated and identified several
   concepts utilizing infrared optoelectronics to initiate product development:
               . Video capsule endoscopy, Evanescent optical fiber for laser surgery;
               . Mid-infrared Laser applications in biomedical engineering;
               . Disposable MEMs based laser scanning microscope for field diagnostics;
               . Palm-based Wireless systems for disaster recovery;
               . Photodynamic detection and therapy for atherosclerosis;
               . Microfabrication techniques for tissue engineering;
   Submitted two SBIR proposals (related to infrared laser systems and imagers)

Quantum Photonics Inc. (Covega)                                                2002-2003
Jessup, MD
Staff Optoelectronics Engineer

       Characterized single angle facet gain chips performance in an in-house built tunable
       external cavity, qualified single angle facet gain chip that exceeded customer
       Developed semi-automated production-ready test stations to characterize high power
       single-mode semiconductor laser chips, single angle facet gain chips, and semiconductor
       optical amplifier chips. Performed test and measurements to fully characterize their
       optical, thermal and electrical performances.
       Performed statistical yield analysis and trouble shooting techniques to identify
       semiconductor laser fabrication issues that resulted in yield hits. Contributed in daily
       production operations preparing test result travelers and data sheets thereby identifying
       laser batches that met customer specifications for customer shipment.

Nortel Networks, (CoreTek acquisition in May 2000)                             2000-2001
High Performance Optical Component Solutions, Wilmington, MA
Senior Optical Engineer,

   Maximized output power of in-development tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser
   (VCSEL) under challenging optical and material losses by modeling and optimizing optical
   resonator, waveguiding, and device diffraction behavior using Finite-Difference-Time-
   Domain (FDTD) and multi-layer thin- film modeling tools.
   Implemented tunable VCSEL production cost reduction by developing spreadsheet model to
   optimize cost against failure probabilities from chip level to package level production. Used
   statistical methods to quantify reliability features for tuning of Micro-Electro-Mechanical
   (MEM) based tunable VCSEL.
    Identified key parameters for polarization stability and provided feedback to stabilize
    stressor-based polarization fixing design thereby releasing the product from a major defect.
    Designed and built complex wavelength tuning and polarization testing stations to
    characterize wavelength tuning and polarization behavior of in-development wavelength
    tunable VCSEL chips.
    Played a motivated support role for a number of defect identification and analysis projects in
    tunable VCSEL chip and package test and measurement, characterization, and reliability

Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ                               2000
Optical Data Storage Center: an Industry- University Cooperative,
Assistant Research Scientist,
   Conducted experiments to characterize read-back parameters of recordable super-RENS
   optical disks (50 times capacity of DVD) using a novel contact method that incorporates a
   modified Solid Immersion Lens in transmission. Incorporated white-light interferometry for
   contact surface profiling. In collaboration and sponsorship by National Institute for
   Advanced Interdisciplinary Research (Japan) 1999- 2000.
   Demonstrated 150% data storage capacity increase on DVD optical disk by setting up
   experiments to characterize super-resolution effects due to polarization mixing from an active
   liquid crystal element. The setup also involved a polarizer in the return path of the optical
   recording system to suppress side- lobes. In collaboration and sponsored by Citizen Watch
   Co. Ltd. Japan 2000.
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
   Demonstrated 10 dB electronic cross-talk cancellation for optical disk readout by developing
   a dynamic test-bed for signal cross-talk, and super-resolution and noise studies
   characterization of next generation optical data storage systems. Helped setup and run
   industry quality optical recording tester that was developed at Kodak Research Labs.
   For the first time effectively analyzed and utilized several exposure and readout methods to
   erase and recover data on optical storage media. Developed exposure techniques including
   innovative chemical, mechanical, laser, and extended sources. Developed readout techniques
   including modification to optical disk drive. Designed and built a phase-contrast/near
   field laser scanning microscope system to read back partially erased optical disks.
   Generated bi-annual research and progress reports. PI: Dr. Tom Milster. Sponsored by
   National Security Agency 1998-2000.
   Investigated radiation-causing read-out bit-error performance of optical disks in space
   environment. Initiated and won a $1.2M contract jointly with Call/Recall Inc. (sponsored by
   NASA) to test space readiness for terabyte capacity of two-photon storage prototypes.
   Sponsored by Arizona/NASA Space- Grant 1998-2000, and NASA Advanced Information
   Systems Technology 2000-2001.
University of Missouri-Rolla, Intelligent Systems Center,                        1993-1997
Doctoral Graduate Research Assistant
   Developed and integrated an intelligent health monitoring system for carbon-epoxy
   composite plates that identified and characterized foreign object impact. Characterized and
   Utilized Extrinsic Fabry- Perot fiber optic sensors for damage detection and vibration sensing
   of composite laminates and incorporated neural networks to predict their impact contact
   forces and delamination size (Advisor Steve E Watkins)
   Characterized laser-based electronic shearography system for nondestructive imaging of
   composite panels and made operational user manual.
   Fabricated composite plates with embedded fiber optic sensors. Designed hardware and
   instrumentation for low and high velocity impact tests. Developed and utilized 3D finite
   element simulation to verify stresses and impact parameters.

University of Missouri-Rolla, Materials Research Center                          1990-1992
Master’s Graduate Research Assistant
   Plasma deposited Tin-Zinc alloy films on steel substrates and tested their corrosion resistance
   with various operation parameters in a Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition chamber.
   Characterized deposited thin films and maintained the plasma reactor (Advisor Edward B

Graduate Teaching Assistant                                                  1990-1994
   Led undergraduate physics students in the Advanced Physics Laboratory projects.
   Taught Computer Engineering Laboratory course using schematic capture Mentor Graphics
   design tools and Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA). Developed laboratory
   planning and exercises.
   Taught basic engineering physics, advanced physics laboratory, and electrical circuits to
   engineering students and
   Assisted running graduate level courses in mathematical physics and quantum mechanics.

Missouri University of Science and Technology; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering May 1998. GPA
Missouri University of Science and Technology; Dual M.S. in Electrical Engineering and
Physics, May and December 1992 GPA 3.8
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Physics undergraduate work 1987

. IEEE Senior Member.
       . IEEE CPMT Silicon Valley Chapter Secretary 2007.
       . IEEE Volunteer for Engineer’s day, K12.
. American Society of Quality (ASQ) Senior Member.
       . ASQ Certification Test Specification and exam item writer.
         . ASQ International Team’s Excellence Award Lead Judge.
. Optical Society of America (OSA) Senior Member.
         . Reviewed peer-reviewed papers 2009-2011
         . Book reviews published in Optics and Photonics News
. Society of Optical Engineering (SPIE) Senior Member.
. Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering) & Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics) Honors Society.
. Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, America, and World.
. University of Arizona small grant recipient
. SPIE educational grant recipient
. NASA/UA Space Grant Mentor
. Marquees Who is Who in World, and Science and Engineering in America.
. Published in Peer Reviewed SPIE Publications.

. ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE)
. ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB)
. ASQ Certified Quality Auditor (CQE)
. ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CQM/OE)
. ASQ Certified Biomedical Auditor (CBA)
. PMI Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
. SME/AME/Shingo Prize/ASQ Lean Bronze Certification (LBC-Sensei)

Continuous Education:
. Attended > 2000 hours of internal (Alcon/JDSU), on-line (ed2go.com and Mindleaders) and
off-site (Stanford Univ., Saddleback Church, and Saddle back College Continuing Education)
project and time management, 7 Habits of highly effective people, influential communication,
supervisory, and leadership courses, 2004-2011.
. Studied General Electric as part of on-line, internal manufacturing, quality management
systems, and business process training courses. 2006-2007
. Attended > 25 short courses in lens design, fiber lasers, high power diode, and solid-state laser
systems, MEMS, Materials Analysis, etc. at SPIE/OSA conferences and elsewhere 1996-2007.
Publications List

S. E. Wat kins, F. Akhavan, R. Dua, K. Chandrashekhara, and D. C. Wunsch, " Impact -
Induced Damage Charact erizat ion of Composit e Plat es using Neural Net works," Smart
Mat er. St ruct ., 1 6 ( 2 ) , 5 1 5 -5 2 4 , ( 2 0 0 7 ) . Peer Reviewed Jounral.

F. Akhavan, S. Saini, Y. Hu, E. Kershaw, S. Wilson, M. Krainak, R. Leavit t , P.J.S. Heim, and
M. Dagenais, “ High power ext ernal cavit y semiconduct or laser wit h wavelengt h t uning
over C, L, and S-bands using single-angled-f acet gain chip” Present ed as a Post -deadline
paper at Conf erence on Lasers and Elect ro-Opt ics, Long Beach, CA, May 1 9 -2 4 ( 2 0 0 2 ) .
S. E. Wat kins, G. W. Sanders, F. Akhavan, and K. Chandrashekhara, " Modal Analysis using
Fiber Opt ic Sensors and Neural Net works f or Predict ion of Composit e Beam
Delaminat ion," Smart Mat er. St ruct . 1 1 , 4 8 9 -4 9 5 , ( 2 0 0 2 ) .
Thomas D. Milst er, Farhad Akhavan, Melissa Beiley, J. Kevin Erwin, David M. Felix, Kusat o
Hirot a, St even Koest er, Kei Shimura, Zhang Yan, “ Super -Resolut ion by Combinat ion of a
Solid Immersion Lens and an Apert ure,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 4 0 ,part 1 ,
3 B, 1 7 7 8 , ( 2 0 0 1 )
Robert S. Upt on, Farhad Akhavan, Thomas D Milst er, Michael Schweisgut h, Warren L.
Blet scher, Kevin J Erwin, Anson M Nichol, “ Elect ronic Crosst alk Cancellat ion wit h a
Quadrant Cell Det ect or,” Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Vol.3 9 Part 1 , No. 2 B, 2 8 ( 2 0 0 0 )
Nobuyuki Hashimot o, Farhad Akhavan, Early Rose, and Tom Milst er, “ Readout
Charact erist ics of DVD disks using liquid cryst al superresolut ion devices” Proceedings of
Opt ical Societ y of Japan Annual Meet ings ( Oct . 2 0 0 0 )

Farhad Akhavan, Thomas D Milst er “ CD-R and CD-RW opt ical disk charact erizat ion in
response t o int ense light sources,” Recent Advances in Met rology, Charact erizat ion, and
St andards f or opt ical digit al dat a discs, edit ed by Fernando L. Podio, Proceedings of SPIE
3 8 0 6 , P8 4 ( 1 9 9 9 ) .

F. Akhavan, S. E. Wat kins, and K. Chandrashekhara, " Predict ion of Impact Cont act Forces
of Composit e Plat es using Fiber Opt ic Sensors and Neural Net works," Mechanics of
Composit e Mat erials and St ruct ures, 7 ( 2 ) , 1 9 5 -2 0 5 , ( 2 0 0 0 ) .

F. Akhavan, S. E. Wat kins, and K. Chandrashekhara, " Measurement and Analysis of
Impact -Induced St rain using Ext rinsic Fabry -Perot Fiber Opt ic Sensors," Smart Mat er.
St ruct . 7 ( 6 ) , 7 4 5 -7 5 1 , ( 1 9 9 8 ) .

R. Dua, S. E. Wat kins, D. C. Wunsch, K. Chandrashekhara, and F. Akhavan, " Det ect ion and
Classif icat ion of Impact -Induced Damage in Composit e Plat es using Neural Net works,"
INNS-IEEE Int ernat ional Joint Conf erence on Neural Net works 2 0 0 1 , 1 4 -1 9 July 2 0 0 1 ,
Washingt on, D.C. and NIMIA-SC2 0 0 1 - 2 0 0 1 NATO Advanced St udy Inst it ut e on Neural
Net works f or Inst rument at ion, Measurement , and Relat ed Indust rial Applicat ions: St udy
Cases, 1 9 -2 0 Oct ober 2 0 0 1 , Crema, It aly.

K. Chandrashekhara, S. E. Wat kins, and F. Akhavan, " Impact Charact erizat ion of
Composit e Plat es Using Fiber Opt ic Sensors and Shearography," PHOTONICS-9 8 : Int .
Conf . On Fiber Opt ics and Phot onics, Vol. 2 , ( Viva Books Privat e Lt d., New Delhi, India,
1 9 9 9 ) , 7 1 6 -7 1 9 .

G. W. Sanders, F. Akhavan, S. E. Wat kins, and K. Chandrashekhara, " Fiber Opt ic Vibrat ion
Sensing and Neural Net works Met hods f or Predict ion of Composit e Beam Delaminat ion,"
Smart St ruct ures and Mat erials 1 9 9 7 : Smart St ruct ures and Int egrat ed Syst ems, Proc.
SPIE 3 0 4 1 , 8 5 8 -8 6 8 , 1 9 9 7 .

F. Akhavan, S. E. Wat kins, and K. Chandrashekhara, " Recovery of Impact Cont act Forces
of Composit e Plat es using Fiber Opt ic Sensors and Neural Net works," Fiber Opt ics and
Laser Sensors XIV, Proc. SPIE 2 8 3 9 , 2 7 7 -2 8 8 , 1 9 9 6 .

F. Akhavan, S. E. Wat kins, and K. Chandrashekhara, " Delaminat ion Det ect ion of Smart
Composit e Plat es Using Fiber Opt ic Sensors," Opt ical Engineering Midwest 1 9 9 5 , Proc.
SPIE 2 6 2 2 , 2 9 2 -3 0 2 , 1 9 9 5 .

F. Akhavan, S. E. Wat kins, and K. Chandrashekhara, " Hybrid Sensors f or Impact -Induced
St rain in Smart Composit e Plat es," Smart St ruct ures and Mat erials 1 9 9 5 : Smart Sensing,
Processing, and Inst rument at ion, Proc. SPIE 2 4 4 4 , 5 1 4 -5 2 5 , 1 9 9 5 .

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