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					                  fall 2006

  Museum of Art
	                Con t e n t s

Introduction         1
Letter from the Director of education        1
open House / Family Day             1
Museum school Registration schedule          1
At the Museum             1
Classes at a Glance           2
Calendar of Workshops and
Family Programs 3
Adult Classes and Workshops             4
Drawing					4
Intermediate	/	Advanced	Drawing					5
Composition,	Color,	Collage					6
Painting					6
Watercolor					8
Illustration					8
Printmaking					8
Photography					9
Clay					10
Fiber					10
Jewelry					11
Looking	at	Art					11
Professional	Development					12
Children’s	Literature         12
teen Classes          12
Children’s Classes            13
Start	with	Art	(preschool)					13
Ages	5	–	6					14
Ages	7	–	9					14
Ages	10	–	12					15
Workshops for Children					16
Birthday	Parties					16
Girl	Scout	Badges					16
Family Fun           16
school Vacation Workshops					17
Faculty and staff             18
Museum school Information               19
Registration Form              21
             Int Ro Du C t I o n

From the Director of Education                               Fall Open House Free!
Welcome	to	the	2006	Fall	Session	of	studio	art	classes	at    	        sunday, september 10, 1 – 4pm
the	Danforth	Museum	of	Art!	The	Museum	School	offers         Visit	the	Museum	School	and	Museum	Galleries!
a	wide	selection	of	classes	for	all	levels.	Whatever	your	
age	or	experience,	the	Danforth	Museum	School	has	a	         Meet	faculty!
workshop	or	class	for	you.                                   Last	day	of	early	registration	with	added	member	discount!
You	will	notice	a	few	changes	in	the	catalog	for	the	fall.   Family	Activities	and	Demonstrations!
Our	redesigned	catalogue	makes	our	course	offerings
easier to find. There are many more workshops for            Fall Class Registration Schedule
both	children	and	adults,	which	are	listed	by	area	of	       Register	early	and	become	a	member!	
interest	and	also	in	our	workshop	calendar.	Beginners	       Additional	discount	of	$5	for	all	member	registrations	
will find stronger foundation classes, and teens have the    received	by	September	10	
opportunity	create	portfolios	in	our	pre-college	classes.	   	
There	are	master	class	workshops	for	the	experienced	        	             open House : sunday,
and	advanced	artist,	and	art	history	and	children’s	                       september 10, 1 – 4pm
literature	workshops	to	expand	your	Museum	experience.	                      Registration for classes closes
Overall,	you	will	see	a	stronger	connection	to	the	                          september 18
exhibitions	in	the	museum,	with	special	focus	on	our	new	
second floor children’s gallery, dedicated to the art of                     Classes begin september 25
children’s	book	illustration.                                                Registration for workshops and
You	can	visit	the	Museum	School	before	classes	begin.	                       intensives closes one week before
Attend	the	Open	House	/	Family	Day	on	Sunday,	                               starting date
September	10	from	1	–	4pm	to	participate	in	family                           no classes on october 2, 7, 8, 9
activities	and	meet	faculty.	You	can	also	tour	the	Museum	                   november 10, 21-26
and School, which consists of 9 light-filled classrooms,
plus	ceramics	and	photography	labs.	Let	us	answer	your	                      school Vacation Workshops for
questions	and	sign	you	up	for	a	class.	Make art part of                      children – December 26, 27, 28
your life.
                                                             At the Museum
I	look	forward	to	meeting	you	all.                           Be	sure	to	take	time	to	visit	the	Museum	Galleries.	This	
                                                             fall	you	can	see	the	illustrations	of	Janet	Montecalvo	in	the	
Sincerely,                                                   Children’s Gallery on the second floor from September 10
Pat Walker                                                   through	October	8.	Janet	teaches	in	the	Framingham	Public	
Director	of	Education                                        Schools,	and	will	be	doing	two	Saturday	workshops	for	
                                                             grades	1	–	3	in	the	fall.

                                                             Also on view
                                                             	           september 10 – December 23
                                                             Dave	Cole	:	Memorial	Flag
                                                             	           september 10 – november 19
                                                             John	Walker	:	Passing	Bells
                                                             	           september 10 – october 22
                                                             New	England	Currents	Series,	Rob	Roy

                                                             Become a member – get tuition discounts and
                                                             visit the museum for free!

                                                             Fall	Open	House	Sponsored	by

                                                             	               and	others

CLA sses
     A t A                   G L AnC e

Adult and Teen Classes                                       Children’s Classes
Monday               Wednesday                               Monday                          Friday
M oRn I n G                    e Ven InG                     Mo RnI nG                       Mo RnI nG
Figure	Drawing	–	              Open	Darkroom                 Parent	/	Toddler	Art            Beginning	Artists	3	–	4
	     Anatomy	and	             Independent	
                                                             tuesday                         saturday
	     Structure                	    Weaving	Projects
                                                             Mo RnI nG                       Mo RnI nG
Color	Fundamentals             Beading
                                                             Parent	/	Toddler	Art	           Mostly	Clay	5	–	6
A Ft eR n o o n                Art	Appreciation
                                                             AF teR noon                     Let’s	Paint	7	–	9
Landscape	Oil	Sketching
                               thursday                      Mostly	Clay	5	–	6               Cartooning and Graffiti
tuesday                        M o RnInG                     Let’s	Draw	7	–	9                	     Art	10	–	12
M oRn I n G                    Foundation	Drawing	           Semi-private	Drawing	           Workshops
Art	Basics                     Intermediate	Watercolor       	     and	Painting	             AF teR noon
Beg	Painting	with	Acrylics     Advanced	Painting             	     7	–	9,	10	–	12            Art	Around	the	World	
Intermediate	Painting          Int.	Painting	with	Acrylics   Junior	Wheel	Throwing		         	     5	–	6
Advanced	Painting              Beginning	Watercolor          	     10-12                     Let’s	Draw	2,		7	–	9
Basic	Ceramics                 Wheel	Throwing                                                Painting	10	–	12
Advanced	Watercolor            AF te R noon
                                                             AF teR noon                     sunday
Jewelry	/	Metals               Beginning	Oil	Painting
                                                             Clay	Projects	7	–	9             AF teR noon
A Ft eR n o o n                Collage	in	the	
                                                             Art	Around	the	World	5-6	       Family	Fun	Activities	and	
Drawing	with	Pastel            	     21st	Century
                                                             Painting	10	–	12                Family	Tours
Landscape	Drawing              Teen	Oil	Painting
eV e nI n G                    e Ven InG                     thursday
Foundation	Drawing             B	&	W	Photo                   AF teR noon
Advanced	Painting              Wheel	Throwing                Kindergarten	Art	
Beginning	Watercolor                                         Drawing,	Making	Faces		
Beginning	Illustration		       	                             	    10	–	12
                               M o RnInG
Children’s	Books                                             Pottery	and	Sculpture	
                               Foundation	Drawing
Off	Loom	Weaving                                             	    10	–	12	
                               Process	of	Abstraction
Jewelry	/	Metals
Wheel	Throwing
                               Wheel	Throwing
Wednesday                      Master	Classes	
M oRn I n G                    	    and	Workshops
Intermediate	Painting
Intermediate	Watercolor
                               M o RnInG
Advanced	Painting
                               Wheel	Throwing	
Design	and	Composition
                               Beginning	Oil	Painting
A Ft eR n o o n
                               Teen	Portfolio	Class	:		
B	&	W	Photo
Teen/Adult	Portfolio	Class:			 	
                               Workshops,	Marathons	
                               	    and	Master	Classes
Portfolio	Class	for		          	
                               AF te R noon
Teens	and	Adults
                               Foundation	Drawing
Intermediate	Painting
Beginning	Watercolor           Workshops,	Marathons		
Wheel	Throwing                 	    and	Master	Classes
Lunchtime	Gallery	Talks
eV e nI n G
                               AF te R noon
Figure	/	Portrait	Drawing	
                               Family	Fun	Activities	
Beginning	Oil	Painting
                               	     and	Family	Tours
Intermediate	Painting                                        Please	check	listings	for	prices	and	details.	Registration	
Basic	Ceramics                                               required	for	all	workshops	except	Drop	into	Art.	Vessel	
                                                             by	David	Orser.

2        Fall Art Classes    telephone	508 620 0937
            Wo Rk s H oP s
A nD        F AM I Ly
                    PRo G R A Ms

September                                               	         saturday, october 28
          sunday, september 10                          Monotype Workshop	with	Clara	Lieu
open House	1	–	4pm		Free!                               opening Reception	and	Gallery	Talk	by	Clara	Lieu
Booksigning	by	Illustrator	Janet	Montecalvo,	3pm        Pinhole Camera Workshop	with	Peggy	McClure
	           Wednesday, september 13                               sunday, october 29		
Gallery talk	with	painter/printmaker	Rob	Roy            Clay Animal Bowls,	Family	Fun,	1	–	3pm	
	           saturday, september 16
Master Class non-toxic Monotype/Monoprint
                                                        	       thursday, november 2	
	           with	Catherine	Kernan/	Mixit	Print	Studio
                                                        Museum tour for Parents with Babies
Paint With Chalk,	Grade	1	–	3
                                                        	           10:30	–	11:30am
	           with	Janet	Montecalvo,	10am	–	noon
                                                                   saturday, november 4		
	        Monday, september 23
                                                        Jewelry Workshop : necklace/Bracelet	
Watercolor techniques for Beginners
                                                        	          with	Andrea	Alyse,	1	–	3pm	
           Monday, september 25                         Painting Marathon	with	Robert	Collins
Classes begin!                                          envisioning Writing	with	Janet	Olson,	Ed.D
	          saturday, september 30 	                               sunday, november 5			
Reductive Monotype with oil-based Inks	                 Drop into Art,	2	–	4pm,	Family	Fun
	          with	Anita	Hunt                              Family tour : native American Art	
exhibiting your Artwork	with	Catherine	Carter           	         Free	with	admission,	1	–	2pm
saturdays on newbury street 						
                                                                   saturday, november 11		
	          with	Museum	Director	Katherine	French
                                                        Veterans’ Day Museum	admission	free	for	Veterans		
                                                        	          and	active	service.	FSC	Professor	Alan		
                                                        	          Feldman	will	speak	on	Wilfred	Owens	and		
            Friday, october 6		
                                                        	          WWI	poetry	at	3	pm.		
First Friday Boston Gallery Visit	
                                                        Workshop : Metamorphosis of Clay	
	           with	Museum	Director	Katherine	French
                                                        	          with	David	Orser
	         Friday, october 13
                                                        	          Wednesday, november 15	
Master Class Landscape Drawing	with	Jon	Imber
                                                        Curator Arthur Beale	will	speak	about	Native		
           saturday, october 14	                        	          American	artifacts	from	the	ARTER		
Drypoint Printmaking	with	Clara	Lieu                    	          Collection.	12	–	1pm
Flip Flop Art	Grade	1	–	3
                                                                   saturday, november 18		
	          with	Janet	Montecalvo,	10am	–	noon
	          	                                            Drawing Marathon	with	Robert	Collins
	          sunday, october 15	
Downtown Cultural triangle Mystery                      December
scavenger Hunt,	2	–	4pm,	free                                    Friday-sunday, December 1 – 3		
                                                        Loosen-up : A Celebration in Artmaking
           Wednesday, october 18
                                                        	           with	Nan	Feldman	
Looking at American Art	with	Doris	Birmingham
                                                                  saturday, December 2 	
         saturday, october 21
                                                        Jewelry Workshop : earrings and More	
Monotype with Akua Waterbased Inks	
                                                        	         with	Andrea	Alyse,	1	–	3pm
	        with	Anita	Hunt
                                                                  sunday, December 3		
           sunday, october 22
                                                        Drop into Art,	2	–	4pm,	Family	Fun
Clay Clocks,	Family	Fun,	1	–	3pm
                                                        Holiday tea and sale
          Wednesday, october 25
                                                                   sunday, December 10 	
Lunchtime Gallery talk	with	Printmaker	Clara	Lieu
                                                        Children’s Literature 2006	with	Patricia	Keogh
           Friday, october 27		
                                                                  tuesday – thursday Dec. 26 –28		
the Joy of oil sticks	with	Nan	Feldman
                                                        school Vacation Worshops

	            CLAs s e s                                                     D R A W I nG

Classes begin September 25                                    Foundation Drawing
Classes	run	for	9	weeks.		                                    Sharpen	your	observation	skills	and	learn	to	translate	
there will be no classes on                                   your	vision	to	a	two	dimensional	surface.	This	class	is	an	
               october 2, 7, 8, 9                             introduction	to	basic	drawing	materials	and	techniques,	
               november 10, 21 – 26                           with	a	focus	on	use	of	line,	value,	texture,	proportion,	
Tuition	is	listed	under	each	course	description.	             composition	and	expression.	It	is	for	students	who	have	
(M)	=	Danforth	Museum	of	Art	member	tuition.		                never	taken	a	drawing	class	and	for	those	returning	to	art-
(NM)	=	Non-member	tuition.		                                  making.	We	suggest	you	take	this	class	once,	or	multiple	
Some	classes	have	additional	model	and/or	studio	fees	        times	with	different	teachers.	A	materials	list	will	be	given	
included	in	tuition.                                          at the first class. (M) $182 (NM) $217
                                                              AC11e2		 Tuesday,	7	–	10pm
A note to beginning students
                                                              staff	   Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28
We	suggest	that	beginning	students	start	with	drawing	
classes.	Drawing	classes	provide	the	basic	skills	and	        AC11B3        Wednesday,	3	–	6pm				
language	needed	to	understand	other	visual	disciplines	       Collins	      Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29
and	create	a	strong	foundation	for	future	explorations.				
                                                              AC11A4				 Thursday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm			
You	should	take	at	least	one	beginning	drawing	(or	have	
                                                              staff					 Sept.	28	–	Nov.	30
the	equivalent	training)	before	taking	the	intermediate	
advanced	drawing	classes	or	any	painting	class.		             AC11A5		 Friday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm		           			
                                                              Collins							 Sept.	29	–	Dec.	8
Why take classes?
                                                              AC11B6		 Saturday,	1	–	4pm		
The	Danforth	Museum	School	offers	something	for	
                                                              staff		  Sept.	30	–	Dec.	9
everyone	–	regardless	of	experience.	From	absolute	
beginners	to	established	artists	with	advanced	degrees,	
                                                              Art Basics
students	discover	that	they	are	part	of	an	exciting	
                                                              An Exploration of Materials	
community	within	a	growing	cultural	institution.	Classes	
                                                              This	course	explores	basic	drawing	and	compositional	
at	all	levels	offer	the	opportunity	to	learn	from	art	
                                                              ideas	using	a	variety	of	materials.	We’ll	start	with	drawing	
professionals,	as	well	as	other	students.	Let the Danforth
                                                              in	pencil	and	charcoal,	move	to	watercolor	and	acrylics,	
help you to make art part of your life!
                                                              and finish up with some mixed media projects. Please
                                                              bring	an	18”	x	24”	pad	of	white	drawing	paper	and	soft	
                                                              charcoal to first class. (M) $182 (NM) $217
                                                              AC10A2		 Tuesday,	9am	–	noon		
                                                              Nasisi	  Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28

4       Adult Classes      telephone	508 620 0937
Inte RMeD I At e
       AD V An C e D
  D R A W I n G	 							
The	following	drawing	classes	are	for	students	who	have	         Landscape Drawing																																													
taken	at	least	one	beginning	drawing	class.	These	classes	       This	class	will	focus	on	learning	to	draw	the	landscape,	
focus on specific topics or materials, and are suitable for      with	an	emphasis	on	values	and	composition.	Students	will	
many	levels	of	experience.                                       do	small	drawings	and	compositional	exercises	in	class	
                                                                 (indoors),	followed	by	weekly	homework	assignments.		
Figure / Portrait Drawing                                        This	class	is	designed	to	prepare	students	for	the	study	of	
Students	sketch	from	live	models	in	a	variety	of	mediums	        landscape	painting.		(M)	$152					(NM)	$187
creating quick gestural sketches and finished drawings.
                                                                 AC17B2        Tuesday,	1	–	3:30pm
Bring	18”	x	24”	newsprint	pad	and	a	piece	of	charcoal	to	
                                                                 Malo	         Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28
first class. Pre-requisite: one previous drawing class.
(M)	$236					(NM)	$271		(Price	includes	model	fee.)
                                                                 Workshop : Drawing Marathon
AC14e3	       Wednesday,	7	–	10pm		            					             Robert Collins
Carter	       Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29                                 A	full	day	of	drawing!	An	exploration	of	materials,	
                                                                 methods,	and	techniques	for	intermediate	and	advanced	
Figure Drawing                                                   drawing	students.	We	will	explore	still	life,	the	head,	and	
Anatomy and Structure                                            the figure. Bring an 18” x 24” pad of white drawing paper.
This	is	an	introduction	to	anatomy	of	the	human	form	for	        Other	materials	and	model	fee	included	in	the	tuition.	
artists.	This	course	progresses	from	gestural,	shape,	value,	    	(M)	$75					(NM)	$100
planar,	and	structural	considerations,	to	include	anatomy	
                                                                 AW15 	        Saturday,	9am	–	4:30pm				
and the figure in the environment. We will draw in a
                                                                 Collins	      November	18
variety	of	media.	Pre-requisite:	one	previous	drawing	class.		
(M)	$236					(NM)	$271		(Price	includes	model	fee.)
AC15A1	       Monday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm	
Fishman	      Sept.	25	–	Dec.	4
Master Class with Jon Imber                                      	             	
Landscape Drawing in Pastel
Work	outdoors	with	renowned	artist	Jon	Imber.	Explore	
the	medium	of	pastel,	while	considering	the	abstract	
elements	of	a	representational	landscape.	Class	will	
include	demonstration	of	pastel	techniques.	Students	must	
supply	their	own	materials,	drawing	board	and/or	easel.	
(M)	$60				 (NM)	$85		
AW23	         Friday,	10am	–	1pm	
Imber	        October	13	(Raindate	October	20)

Drawing with Pastel 																																										
Add	color	to	your	drawing	and	explore	the	various	
techniques	of	working	with	pastel	on	paper.	Students	
will	learn	about	modeling,	tone,	glazing	and	mixing	color,	
working	from	both	still	life	and	landscape.	Pre-requisite:		
one	previous	drawing	class.		(M)	$182					(NM)	$217
AC16B2			 Tuesday,	12:30	–	3:30pm			
Nasisi	   Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28

C o MPos ItIo n
               Co Lo R                                                       P A In t In G
      CoL L A Ge

Design and Composition                                          Beginning Oil Painting
This	course	will	focus	on	the	fundamentals	of	visual	           An	introduction	to	the	materials	and	techniques	of	oil	
organization	and	expression.	Students	will	explore	the	         painting	for	beginning	students.	Working	from	direct	
elements	of	design	(line,	shape,	mass,	value,	color,	space	     observation,	students	will	explore	basic	concepts	of	color,	
and	texture)	and	the	dynamic	phenomena	they	generate.		         form,	light,	and	composition.	A	supply	list	will	be	given	at	
Students	will	use	visual	elements	to	balance	and	unify	         the first class. (M) $182 (NM) $217
their	compositions,	and	work	to	develop	images	that	
                                                                AC21A6	      Saturday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm
successfully	express	their	creative	intentions.	A	variety	of	
                                                                staff	       Sept.	30	–	Dec.	9
media	will	be	used,	including	collage,	gouache,	pencil	and	
charcoal.		(M)	$182					(NM)	$217                               AC21e3		     Wednesday,	7	–	10pm				
                                                                staff	       Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29
AC18A3	       Wednesday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm
Fishman	      Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29                                AC21B4					Thursday,	12:30	–	3:30pm
                                                                Nasisi	    Sept.	28	–	Nov.	30
Color Fundamentals
This	class	is	designed	for	students	who	have	some	              Landscape Oil Sketching						
experience	with	watercolor,	oil,	acrylic,	or	colored	pencil	    This	indoor	class	focuses	on	oil	techniques	used	to	
but	feel	stuck	because	they	just	don’t	know	enough	about	       create	small	format	landscape	paintings.	Emphasis	on	
color.	Working	in	the	medium	of	their	choice,	students	         composition,	color	harmony,	and	recognizing	“gesture”	
will	be	guided	through	a	series	of	practical	application	of	    in	the	landscape.	Pre-requisite	:	Beginning	Drawing	or	
color	theory	including	the	use	of	complementary	colors,	        Beginning	Painting.	(M)	$214					(NM)	$249
temperature,	intensity,	key,	hue,	value,	and	other	color	
                                                                AC27B1					Monday,	12:30	–	4pm
concepts.	Emphasis	is	placed	on	achieving	desired	results	
                                                                Malo	      Sept.	25	–	Dec.	4
in	composition,	manipulation	of	space	and	light,	form,	
unity,	rhythm,	and	mood.	
                                                                Painting with Acrylics
(M)	$182					(NM)	$217
                                                                Acrylics	are	paints	containing	pigment	suspended	in	an	
AC19A1	       Monday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm			                       acrylic	polymer	emulsion.	They	are	fast	drying,	versatile,	
Melton	       Sept.	25	–	Dec.	4                                 water-resistant,	and	can	be	used	thickly	(like	oil	paints)	
                                                                or	thinly	(like	watercolors).	This	class	is	an	exploration	
Collage in the 21st Century                                     of	materials	and	techniques.	Working	mainly	from	direct	
Collage	is	a	modern	art	form	that	requires	no	previous	         observation,	students	will	explore	concepts	of	color,	form,	
formal	art	experience	or	drawing	skills,	while	at	the	same	     light,	and	composition.	A	supply	list	will	be	given	at	the	
time	is	one	of	the	most	exciting	contemporary	mediums.		        first class for beginning students. (M) $182 (NM) $217
We	will	consider	images,	objects,	form,	balance,	color,	
found	objects,	papers	and	glues,	and	discover	through	
                                                                AC20A2					Tuesday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm
right	brain,	left	brain	and	alchemy	the	exciting	process	of	
                                                                Clinton	   Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28
creating	a	collage.	An	excellent	class	for	both	new	artists	
and	experienced	artists	looking	wanting	to	experiment	          InteRMeDIAte
with	new	materials.                                             AC20A4				 Thursday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm		
(M)	$152					(NM)	$187                                          Melton	    Sept.	28	–	Nov.	30
AC25B4        Thursday,	1	–	3:30pm
Blackwell	    Sept.	28	–	Nov.	30

6       Adult Classes       telephone	508 620 0937
Intermediate Painting                      																								   Advanced Painting
A	continuing	course	for	students	with	some	painting	                  Independent Projects
experience	using	oils	or	acrylics.	Students	will	continue	to	         This	is	an	upper	level	class	for	serious	students.	Its	
explore	basic	painting	concepts	using	still	life,	landscape,	         primary	aim	is	to	strengthen	technical	skills	and	to	develop	
or	other	teacher-generated	subject	matter.	Instruction	               a	personal	style.	Students	work	on	individual	projects	in	
is	individualized	to	meet	the	interests	and	needs	of	each	            the	medium	of	their	choice	under	the	guidance	of	the	
student. Bring painting supplies to first class.                      instructor.
(M)	$182					(NM)	$217
                                                                      AC23A2 				Tuesday,	9am	–	1pm	
AC22A2	        Tuesday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm	                             Blair	        Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28
Melton	        Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28                                     (M)	$243						(NM)	$278
AC22A3					Wednesday,	9:30	–	12:30pm                                  AC23A3 				Wednesday,	9am	–	1pm	
Ragus	     Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29                                         Collins	      Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29
                                                                      (M)	$243						(NM)	$278
AC22B3					Wednesday,	12:30	–	3:30pm
Nasisi	    Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29                                         AC23A4			 Thursday,	9am	–	1pm		
                                                                      Blair	        Sept.	28	–	Nov.	30
AC22e3					Wednesday,	6:30	–	9:30pm	
                                                                      (M)	$243						(NM)	$278
Ragus	     Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29
                                                                      AC24e2						Tuesday,	7	–	10pm
See	also	Painting	with	Acrylics
                                                                      Collins	    Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28
                                                                      (M)	$182			 (NM)	$217
Intermediate Painting
Process of Abstraction
                                                                      Workshop : The Joy of Oil Sticks
This	class	is	for	intermediate	level	students	who	have	a	
                                                                      nan Feldman
solid	foundation	in	drawing	and	at	least	one	painting	class	
                                                                      The	focus	of	this	workshop	is	on	the	use	and	handling	of	
or	permission	of	the	instructor.	Students	will	work	with	
                                                                      the	oil	stick	medium	as	a	bridge	uniting	both	drawing	and	
the	medium	of	their	choice	on	projects	that	parallel	the	
                                                                      painting.	An	exciting,	easily	portable	medium	of	artists,	
historical	development	of	abstract	art	from	Cezanne,	the	
                                                                      oil	sticks	(also	known	as	oil	bars	and	pigment	sticks)	can	
Post-Impressionists,	Cubism,	German	Expressionism,	
                                                                      be	used	on	many	foundations	and	can	be	integrated	with	
Kandinsky	and	subsequent	developments	in	non-
                                                                      other	media	as	well.	A	materials	list	will	be	provided.		
representational,	non-objective	art	in	the	United	States.	
                                                                      (M)	$80					(NM)	$105
Emphasis	will	be	placed	on	the	evolution	of	core	concepts	
of	line,	color,	composition,	form	and	space	from	imitative	           AW11								 October	27,	November	3
to	expressive	to	purely	abstract	work	by	the	student.		               Feldman	     2	Fridays,	9:30am	–	1:30pm
(M)	$182						(NM)	$217
                                                                      Workshop : Painting Marathon
AC26A5 			 Friday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm		
                                                                      Robert Collins
Melton	    Sept.	29	–	Dec.	8
                                                                      A	full	day	of	painting!	Students	will	spend	the	morning	
                                                                      working	directly	from	a	traditional	still	life,	and	then	
Advanced Painting
                                                                      explore	the	technique	of	making	an	abstraction	based	
Old Master Techniques
                                                                      on still life. The afternoon will be focused on the figure
An	introduction	and	exploration	of	indirect	painting	
                                                                      – first in a literal representation, then as an abstraction.
practices	of	the	past,	including	underpainting,	glazing,	and	
                                                                      Be	prepared	to	paint	and	enjoy!	Bring	your	oils	or	acrylics	
scumbling.	Students	will	study	painters	of	the	southern	
                                                                      and	4	canvases	not	larger	than	18”	x	24”.	Tuition	includes	
and	northern	Renaissance,	to	better	understand	their	
                                                                      model	fee.		(M)	$70					(NM)	$95
influence on contemporary painting and their relevance to
each	student’s	personal	vision.		(M)	$182					(NM)	$217               AW14			      Saturday,	9am	–	4:30pm			
                                                                      Collins	     November	4
AC25B2			 Tuesday,	2	–	5pm
Blair	    Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28

Workshop : Loosen – Up                                            Intermediate Watercolor
A Celebration in Artmaking                                        Students	with	knowledge	of	basic	watercolor	improve	
nan Feldman                                                       their	technique	and	explore	new	topics.	Students	are	
A	mixed-media	3-day	workshop	designed	to	enhance	your	            encouraged	to	pursue	own	interests.	Pre-requisite	:	one	
creativity	through	projects	that	will	direct	and	expand	          watercolor class. Bring watercolor supplies to first class.
your	ideas,	themes,	and	knowledge	as	you	experience	              (M)	$182						(NM)	$217
various	mediums.	The	idea	is	to	let	go,	have	fun,	be	
                                                                  AC46A3					Wednesday,	9am	–	noon	
serious	and	explore	these	projects	in	different	mediums	
                                                                  Nasisi	    Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29
while	delving	into	directed,	thoughtful,	personal,	and	
playful	topics	within	the	supportive	environment	of	              AC46A4					Thursday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm	
this	community-centered	group.	For	intermediate	and	              Magilligan	 Sept.	28	–	Nov.	30
advanced	levels.		(M)	$120					(NM)	$145
                                                                  Advanced Watercolor
AW16				      Friday,	Saturday,	9:30am	–	1:30pm	
                                                                  We	will	focus	on	developing	a	personal	vision	and	an	
Feldman	      Sunday	12:30-4:30pm		          	
                                                                  experimental	approach	to	watercolor.	Prerequisite	:	two	
	             December	1,	2,	3		
                                                                  watercolor classes. Bring supplies to the first class.
                                                                  (M)	$243						(NM)	$278
                                                                  AC47A2					Tuesday,	9am	–	1pm	
	             WA t eR C o Lo R                                    Magilligan	 Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28

Watercolor Techniques for Beginners                                             I L Lu s t R A t I o n
Learn	the	basics	of	watercolor	painting	in	this	one-day	
beginner’s	workshop.	Techniques	such	as	wet	in	wet,	dry	
brush,	and	others	will	be	covered,	along	with	materials	          Beginning Illustration
you	will	need	to	get	started.	All	materials	will	be	supplied.		   Children’s Books
After	the	workshop,	there	will	still	be	time	to	sign	up	for	      An	introduction	to	the	basic	concepts	of	preparing	
a	fall	class!		(M)	$40					(NM)	$65                               visual	communication	for	reproduction,	with	a	focus	on	
                                                                  children’s	books.	We	will	explore	the	process	of	putting	
AW1 	         Saturday,	10am	–	2pm				
                                                                  a children’s book together from concept to finished
Ragus	        September	23
                                                                  illustration,	looking	at	the	standards	unique	to	the	
                                                                  children’s	book	industry.	Drawing	experience	helpful.		
Beginning Watercolor
                                                                  (M)	$182						(NM)	$217
An	introduction	to	all	the	basics	of	watercolor	painting.		
Students	will	explore	materials,	techniques	and	color,	           AC36e2		      Tuesday,	7	–	10pm				
using	a	variety	of	still	life	and	landscape	subjects.	Previous	   TBA	          Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28
drawing	experience	strongly	recommended.	Students	will	
receive supply list at first class. (M) $182 (NM) $217
AC44e2				 Tuesday,	7	–	10pm		
                                                                                P R In t M A k In G
Carter	    Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28
AC44B3					Wednesday,	1	–	3:30pm
Ragus	     Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29                                     Master Class with Catherine Kernan
                                                                  Non-Toxic Monotype / Monoprint
AC44A4		 Thursday,	9am	–	noon				
                                                                  A	one-day	intensive	covering	the	basic	maneuvers	of	
Nasisi	  Sept.	28	–	Nov.	30
                                                                  monoprint	printmaking	using	waterbase	inks.	Trace	
                                                                  monotype,	reductive,	additive,	viscosity,	drypoint	
                                                                  combined	with	monotype,	color	separation,	ink	additives	
                                                                  are	some	of	the	topics	covered.	Materials	fee	included	in	
                                                                  tuition.		(M)	$145				(NM)	$170
                                                                  AW24	          Saturday,	9am	–	5pm
                                                                  Kernan	        September	16

8        Adult Classes       telephone	508 620 0937
Workshop : Reductive Monotype                                   Workshop : Monotype
with Oil-based Inks                                             Clara Lieu
Anita Hunt                                                      Monotype	is	a	printmaking	technique	that	has	the	potential	
The	reductive	technique	is	a	very	direct	way	to	make	           to	be	extremely	loose	and	painterly.	This	workshop	will	
monotypes	used	by	Degas	and	Matisse	as	well	as	by	many	         cover	fundamental	techniques	of	monotype,	allowing	
contemporary	printmakers.	By	beginning	with	a	dark	             you	to	explore	the	range	and	endless	possibilities	in	this	
ground	and	subtracting	ink	to	create	light,	a	wide	range	       unique	medium.	Both	reductive	and	additive	techniques	
of	results	may	be	achieved	from	subtle	tonalities	to	bold	      will	be	covered	as	a	means	to	express	various	subject	
contrasts.	In	this	workshop,	students	will	learn	several	       matter.		(M)	$75					(NM)	$100
methods	of	working	a	plate	from	dark	to	light	by	removing	
                                                                AW8		        Saturday,	October	28	
ink	with	tools,	rags,	and	rollers	and	print	a	series	of	
                                                                Lieu	        12:30	–	3:30pm
monotypes	and	ghost	images.	Participants	will	also	learn	
ways	of	reworking	the	ghosts	to	add	layers	of	tonality,	
                                                                Printmaker Clara Lieu
color,	and	line	while	preserving	subtle	qualities	in	their	
                                                                        Lunchtime Gallery talk
prints.	All	levels	of	experience	are	welcome.		
                                                                        Wednesday, october 25, noon – 1pm	
(M)	$125						(NM)	$150
                                                                Free	with	museum	admission.		
AW3		        Saturday,	September	30				                         No	pre-registration	necessary.
Hunt	        11am	–	5pm                                         	            exhibition at the
                                                                             Danforth Museum of Art
Workshop : Drypoint Printmaking                                              october 25 – December 10
Clara Lieu                                                      Opening	Reception	and	Gallery	Talk
Drypoint	is	a	non-acid	intaglio	printmaking	technique	          	            october 28 at 4pm
characterized	by	delicate,	black	lines.	We	will	learn	to	
exploit	the	intense,	velvety	qualities	possible	in	drypoint.	
In	this	workshop,	we	will	cover	the	basic	techniques	
used	in	drypoint	using	an	etching	needle	to	etch	lines	                      P Ho t o G R A P Hy
directly	into	copper	plates.	The	plates	will	then	be	printed	
in a press to create the final impression. Price includes
materials.		(M)	$75		(NM)	$100                                  B & W Photo
                                                                Learn	the	basics	of	35mm	camera	use	and	darkroom	
AW4		        Saturday,	October	14	
                                                                procedures	for	developing	and	printing	black	and	
Lieu	        12:30	–	3:30pm
                                                                white film through lecture, shooting assignments,
                                                                demonstrations,	darkroom	work,	and	critique.	Open	to	
Workshop : Monotype with Akua
                                                                beginners	and	those	needing	refresher.	Bring	unloaded	
Waterbased Inks
                                                                35mm	camera	with	manual	controls,	the	camera’s	
Anita Hunt
                                                                instruction manual, and a notebook to first class. We
This	workshop	is	a	great	opportunity	to	learn	a	full	
                                                                supply photo chemicals; students supply paper and film.
repertoire	of	techniques	with	Akua	waterbased	monotype	
                                                                (M)	$230	 (NM)	$265
and	intaglio	inks.	Students	will	be	introduced	to	a	variety	
of	additive	and	subtractive	monotype	techniques,	layering	      AC62B3 	 Wednesday,	3	–	6pm				
methods,	viscosity	and	the	use	of	stencils	and	masks	           McClure	 Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29
to	build	images.	We	will	experiment	with	painterly	
                                                                AC62e4 					Thursday	6:30	–	9:30pm
methods	of	applying	color	and	resists,	use	the	Akua	
                                                                McClure	    Sept.	28	–	Nov.	30
needle	applicators	and	pens	to	add	line	and	also	create	
layers	with	translucent	surface	rolls.	We	will	explore	the	
                                                                Open Darkroom
unique	qualities	of	these	beautiful	non-toxic	inks	through	
                                                                Danforth’s	photo	lab	is	equipped	for	35mm	and	made	
demonstrations	and	one-on-one	instruction.	Whether	
                                                                available	to	students	in	darkroom	classes	and	others	who	
you	want	to	try	a	new	medium	or	further	your	skills	with	
                                                                possess	basic	knowledge	of	the	black	and	white	process.		
waterbased	materials,	this	intensive	workshop	will	cover	
                                                                Basic	chemistry	provided,	students	provide	paper.		
lots	of	new	territory.		(M)	$125					(NM)	$150
                                                                (M)	$140	 (NM)	$165
AW6						    Saturday,	October	21
                                                                As61e3	      Wednesday,	6:30	–	9:30PM
Hunt	        11am	–	5pm
                                                                	            Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29

Workshop : Pinhole Cameras                                       Workshop : Metamorphosis of Clay
Peggy McClure                                                    David orser
In	this	two-day	workshop	you	will	make	your	own	pinhole	         The	plastic	nature	of	clay	presents	both	challenges	and	
camera	from	an	ordinary	container,	expose	and	develop	           opportunities. The firing process transforms the material.
paper	negatives,	and	print	photos.	Pinhole	photographs	          Awareness	and	control	of	all	stages	of	the	ceramic	
are	made	using	a	camera	with	a	tiny	hole	in	place	of	a	          process	allow	for	a	wide	variety	of	results.	Giving	special	
lens.	Also	called	camera	obscura,	a	pinhole	camera	makes	        attention	to	the	nature	of	clay	and	glaze	properties,	
intriguing	and	sophisticated	images	that	appeal	to	artists,	     master	ceramicist	David	Orser	will	demonstrate	use	of	
photographers	and	non-photographers	alike.	It	is	an	             the	potter’s	wheel	as	a	tool	to	generate	forms	that	can	be	
intuitive	process	-	no	previous	photography	experience	          manipulated.	Bring	your	lunch	and	view	slides	during	the	
is	necessary.		(M)	$100					(NM)	$125                            lunch	break.		(M)	$60	(NM)	$85
AW9							 Saturday,	9:30	–	12:30                                AW19				      Saturday,	10am	–	4pm		
McClure	   October	28	and	November	4                             Orser	        November	11

              CLAy                                                             F I Be R

Basic Ceramics                                                   Off Loom Weaving
All	levels.		For	beginners,	an	introduction	to	clay	though	      In	this	class	we	will	explore	weaving	without	a	loom,	
basic	handbuilding-slab,	pinch,	coil-and	wheelthrowing	          weaving	3	dimensional	and	round	shapes,	and	tapestry.		
techniques.	Continuing	students	increase	their	skill	and	        Materials	will	be	at	the	students’	requests	according	to	
scope. Price includes 25 lbs of clay, glazing, and firing.       the	project	idea.	Some	materials	will	be	provided.	We	
                                                                 will	start	the	class	with	basic	instructions	and	weaving	on	
AC49A2			 Tuesday,	9:30am	–	1:30pm			
                                                                 cardboard	forms.	For	all	levels.			(M)	$202					(NM)	$237
Lougee	   Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28			(M)	$335			(NM)	$370
                                                                 AC53e2		      Tuesday,	7	–	10pm				
AC51e3					 Wednesday,	7	–	10pm	
                                                                 Kusins	       Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28
Lougee	     Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29			(M)	$256			(NM)	$291
                                                                 Independent Weaving Projects
Wheel Throwing
                                                                 Weaving	for	the	more	experienced	student	who	wishes	to	
A	class	for	beginning	and	continuing	students.	Beginners	
                                                                 explore	pattern	weaving,	rugs,	double	cloth	or	any	other	
will	learn	to	wedge	clay,	center	on	the	wheel,	and	basic	
                                                                 individual	interest	project.	Pre-requisite:	ability	to	warp	
forming	and	glazing	techniques.	Continuing	students	will	
                                                                 and	dress	loom.	(M)	$202					(NM)	$237
focus	on	throwing	techniques,	form	and	increasing	their	
knowledge	of	glazing.	Price	includes	25	lbs	of	clay,	glazing,	   AC58e3		      Wednesday,	7	–	10pm				
and firing. (M) $256 (NM) $291                                   Kusins	       Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29
AC50e2					 Tuesday,	7	–	10pm
Cockrill	   Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28
AC50B3			 Wednesday,	3	–	6pm			
Gerstein	 Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29
AC50A4	       Thursday,	10am	–	1pm
MacDuffie     Sept. 28 – Nov. 30
AC50e4	       Thursday,	6:30	–	9:30pm
MacDuffie     Sept. 28 – Nov. 30
AC50A5				 Friday,	9am	–	noon		
McDuffie   Sept. 29 – Dec. 8
                                                                 Student with ceramics instructor Laurel McDuffie whose
AC50A6				 Saturday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm		
                                                                 work	will	be	on	exhibit	in	the	museum	this	fall.
Reilly	    Sept.	30	–	Dec.	9

10        Adult Classes       telephone	508 620 0937
             Je W eL Ry

Jewelry / Metals 					                                          Workshop : Earrings and More
Beginning	students	learn	basic	jewelry	making	skills	           Suitable	for	both	beginners	and	those	with	experience,	
through	projects	designed	to	develop	a	creative	approach	       this	workshop	will	teach	how	to	design	and	create	
to	technique.	Class	demonstrations	and	individual	              earrings	and	a	beautiful,	dangling	charm	bracelet	using	
instruction	in	sawing,	soldering,	surface	embellishment,	       the	same	technique.		Subjects	covered	will	include:	
stone setting, forming, and finishing. Intermediate students    bead	selection,	design,	wrapped	loop	construction,	and	
work	at	own	pace	with	guidance	from	the	instructor.			          finishing techniques. Please bring enough beads to make
(M)	$230		 (NM)	$265                                            a	7-inch	bracelet	and	multiple	pairs	of	dangling	earrings.		
                                                                We	suggest	a	selection	of	not	more	than	3	types	of	
AC55A2				 Tuesday,	9:30am	–	12:30pm
                                                                coordinated	beads	for	each	project.
TBA	       Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28
                                                                (M)	$30						 (NM)	$45
AC55e2				 Tuesday,	7	–	10pm
                                                                AW31		        Saturday,	1	–	3pm
TBA	       Sept.	26	–	Nov.	28
                                                                Alyse				     December	2
Beading	basics	and	beyond	for	beginning	and	intermediate	
students.		Create	necklaces,	bracelets,	earrings,	and	more!	
Structured	projects	will	be	presented	in	each	class	on	
                                                                	             L o o kI n G
subjects	including:	basic	bead	stringing,	beads	and	wire,	
                                                                                      A t A Rt
beads	and	thread,	weaving	on	a	loom,	off-loom	weaving,	
beading	around	objects,	bead	embroidery	and	sculptural	
                                                                First Fridays
beading.	Students	will	also	be	encouraged	to	explore	their	
                                                                Be	part	a	hot	new	art	scene.	Join	Museum	Director	
own	projects.	(M)	$125	(NM)	$160
                                                                Katherine	French	for	a	tour	of	Boston’s	South	End	
AC56e3		     Wednesday,	7	–	9pm				                             Galleries	previous	to	“First	Friday”	receptions.	Enjoy	
Alyse	       Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29                                 private	gallery	talks	by	artists	and	gallery	owners.	Meet	in	
                                                                Boston,	paid	parking	available.		(Limit	20)			
AC56A5       Friday,	10am	–	noon 				
                                                                (M)$85	        (NM)	$110
Alyse	       Sept.	29	–	Dec.	8                                  	
                                                                AW80	          Friday,	4	–	6pm
Workshop : Necklace and Bracelet                                French	        Oct.	6,	Nov.	3,	Dec.	1
Learn	how	to	make	beautiful	beaded	jewelry.	A	great	class	
for	beginners,	this	workshop	will	teach	how	to	design	          Saturdays on Newbury Street
and	create	necklaces	and	bracelets.	Subjects	covered	           Visit	select	galleries	on	Newbury	Street	for	a	fresh	look	at	
will	include:	planning	the	project,	bead	selection,	layout,	    some	of	Boston’s	most	established	institutions.	Museum	
construction and finishing. Students will finish at least one   Director	Katherine	French	will	lead	a	private	tour,	
necklace	and	one	bracelet	in	class.	Please	bring	enough	        meeting	with	artists	and	gallery	owners	for	a	behind	the	
beads	to	make	a	7-inch	bracelet	and	a	necklace	the	length	      scenes	look.	Meet	in	Boston,	paid	parking	available.		(Limit	
of	your	choice.	We	suggest	a	selection	of	not	more	than	3	      20)			(M)		$85					(NM)	$110
types	of	coordinated	beads.		(M)	$30					(NM)	$45
                                                                AW81	          Saturday,	2	–	4pm
AW30				     Saturday,	1	–	3pm                                  French	        Sept.	30,	Oct.	21,	Nov.	18
Alyse				    November	4
                                                                Looking at American Art
                                                                Review	the	history	of	American	Art	with	FSC	Professor	
                                                                Emeritus	Doris	Birmingham.	Using	slides	and	actual	works	
                                                                from	the	Danforth	Museum	of	Art’s	permanent	collection,	
                                                                this	class	will	gain	an	appreciation	of	American	portraiture,	
                                                                landscape	and	still	life	from	the	late	1700’s	to	the	early	
                                                                20th	century.	A	wonderful	way	to	learn	more	about	the	
                                                                Museum’s	collection	and	understand	the	history	of	the	art	
                                                                on	display.		(M)	$45				(NM)	$70
                                                                AW82				 Wednesdays,	6:15	–	7:45pm
                                                                Birmingham	 Oct.18,	Oct.	25,	Nov.	1

      PRoF e s sIo n A L
De Ve LoP Me n t                                                             C L A s s e s

Exhibiting Your Artwork                                        Build	your	portfolio!	Teen	classes	focus	on	skill	building	
Catherine Carter                                               for	students	who	desire	to	learn	about	materials	and	
This	is	a	3-session	workshop	that	includes	knowing	when	       techniques	and	improve	their	observation	skills.	All	levels	
you’re	ready	to	exhibit,	a	review	of	the	materials	you	        of experience are accepted. Some finacial aid or work
will	need	(bio,	resume,	artist	statement,	presentation	        exchanges	are	available	for	high	school	juniors	and	seniors.	
and	gallery	mailing),	gallery	research,	and	feedback	on	       Plan	ahead!	The	Danforth	Museum	School	will	offer	pre-
materials	you	already	have.	One	of	the	sessions	will	meet	     college	intensive	studio	classes	(college	credit	available)	in	
in	Boston	to	visit	galleries.                                  summer	2007.
(M)	$60					 (NM)	$85
                                                               Portfolio Class : Drawing
AW18					 Saturday,	1	–	3pm	
                                                               Class	will	concentrate	on	the	sharpening	of	observations	
Carter	   Sept.	30,	Oct.	14	(Boston),	Oct.	28
                                                               skills and finding personal solutions to set problems.
                                                               Students	will	explore	the	formal	elements	of	line,	form,	
                                                               value,	texture,	and	space	as	they	draw	from	direct	
                                                               observation	and	imagination.	Students	will	focus	on	
             CHI L D Re n ’ s
                                                               proportion, perspective, figure/ground relationships,
                LIt eR At uR e
                                                               and	light	in	relation	to	volume	as	they	engage	with	
                                                               compositional	issues.		
Envisioning Writing : Encouraging                              tC50A6		 Saturday,	9:30	–	12:30pm
Visual and Verbal Expression                                   	        Sept.	23	–	Dec.	2
Janet L. olson, ed.D.                                          	        (M)	$165						(NM)	$200
Professor Emeritus of Visual Arts
                                                               	             For	junior	and	senior	HS	students
Boston University, College of Fine Arts
                                                               AC11B3				    Wednesday,	3	–	6pm
Storytelling	is	an	important	way	that	people	understand	
                                                               Collins	      Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29		(9	wks.)
themselves.	This	workshop	will	explore	narrative	as	an	
                                                               	             (M)	$182						(NM)	$217
educational	tool	for	visual	and	verbal	expression.	Taught	
by	Dr.	Janet	Olson,	author	of	Envisioning Writing : Toward
                                                               Oil Painting
the Integration of Drawing and Writing,	this	3-hour	
                                                               An	introduction	to	oil	painting,	including	stretching	canvas,	
workshop	will	be	of	special	interest	to	art	and	language	
                                                               monochromatic	painting,	color	mixing	and	application,	
arts	teachers	(K-12),	as	well	as	parents.		
                                                               and	painting	from	direct	observation.	This	continuing	
(M)	$60		      (NM)	$85
                                                               class	focuses	on	skill	building,	with	projects	changing	each	
AW25						 Saturday,	10am	–	1pm                                session	(including	include	still	life,	landscape,	portrait,	
Olson	     November	4                                          master	study,	abstraction).	Students	supply	brushes	and	
                                                               palettes.	Paints	and	other	materials	are	included.		
Children’s Literature 2006                                     (M)	$150		 (NM)	$185
Join	Professor	Pat	Keogh	for	a	review	of	recent	children’s	
                                                               tC53C4        Sept.	28	–	Nov.	16
literature.	Of	special	interest	to	teachers	and	parents	
                                                               	             Thursday,	4	–	6pm
–	or	anyone	interested	in	what’s	newly	available	for	a	
young	audience.	Pat	Keogh	is	the	past	president	of	the	
                                                               Wheel Throwing
Foundation	for	Children’s	Books.		
                                                               For High school juniors and seniors.
(M)	$4		      (NM)	$12	(includes	admission)
                                                               Learn	to	wedge	clay,	center	on	the	wheel,	and	experiment	
AW27				     Sunday,	3	–	4pm                                   with	basic	forming	and	glazing	techniques.	9	week	class!		
Keogh				    December	10                                       Price includes 25 lbs. of clay and the glazing and firing of
                                                               your	creations.		(M)	$256					(NM)	$291		
                                                               AC50B3	       Wednesday,	3	–	6pm
                                                               	             Sept.	27	–	Nov.	29

12     Adult and teen Classes         telephone	508 620 0937
                                                                           s tA R t
             CLAs s e s                                                           W I tH

Plan Ahead!	Calendar 2006 – 07			                             Creative	play!	Our	youngest	students	will	explore	a	
                                                              variety	of	materials	in	an	atmosphere	of	creativity	and	
Classes	begin	september 25
School	Vacation	Workshops	December 26, 27, 28
                                                              Ages 2-3
Winter	Session	begins	January 8	
                                                              Parent Toddler Art Class	
School	Vacation	Workshops	February 20, 21, 22                 Spend	time	with	your	young	child	and	nurture	his/her	
                                                              creative	spirit.	Create	simple	projects	with	clay,	paint,	
Spring	Session	begins	March 26
                                                              water,	glue	and	more.	Sometimes	messy,	but	lots	of	fun!		
School	Vacation	Workshops	April 17, 18, 19                    Half	tuition	for	second	child.		(M)	$124					(NM)	$149
Summer	Children’s	Session	begins	June 25                      CC12A1	      Monday	10	–	11:30am
                                                              	            Sept.	25	–	Nov.	27
A note to parents about children’s
                                                              CC12A2	      Tuesday	10:30	–	noon
                                                              	            Sept.	26	–	Nov.	14
Children’s	classes	nurture	creativity	and	encourage	
exploration,	while	building	skills	needed	for	success.		
                                                              Ages 3-4
Classes	for	each	age	group	have	a	different	educational	
                                                              Beginning Artist for Preschoolers	
focus,	appropriate	to	your	child’s	development.
                                                              An	exciting	adventure	in	color,	shapes	and	materials!	Each	
                                                              class focuses on a new topic. Students will take “mini field
What classes should your child take?		
                                                              trips”	to	visit	the	new	children’s	gallery,	dedicated	to	the	
At	every	level	from	ages	5	and	up,	classes	focus	on	2	or	3	
                                                              art	of	children’s	book	illustration.	This	gallery	is	on	the	
dimensional	art	–	or	a	hands-on	exploration	of	art	history	
                                                              same floor as the classrooms, and is a wonderful addition
related to museum exhibitions. For the first time, we
                                                              to	children’s	programming	at	the	Danforth	Museum	of	
are	able	to	offer	semi-private	classes	for	serious,	more	
                                                              Art.		(M)	$124					(NM)	$149
experienced	students.	Continuing	classes	introduce	new	
subject	matter	during	each	session.	We	strongly	suggest	      CC16A5	      Friday	10	–	11:30am
that	children	take	a	wide	variety	of	classes,	which	allow	    	            Sept.	29	–	Dec.	1
them	to	explore	different	topics	and	materials.
Classes	run	for	8	weeks.	There	will	be	no	classes	on	
	             october 2, 7, 8, 9
              november 10, 21 – 26
Tuition	is	listed	under	each	course	description.		
(M)	=	Danforth	Museum	of	Art	member	tuition.		
(NM)	=	Non-member	tuition.		
Some	classes	have	additional	model	and/or	studio	fees	
included	in	tuition.

                               High school juniors
                               and seniors are
                               invited to participate
                               in adult classes and
                               especially : Drawing
                               Marathon Workshop,
                               Painting Marathon
                               Workshop, Beading
                               classes, Foundation

                                                                                          Children’s Classes             13
              AG es           5    &     6                                    A G e s         7 - 9

A	time	of	exploration!	5	and	6	year	old	children	will	          This	is	a	time	to	develop	basic	skills	while	having	fun.		
explore	a	variety	of	art	materials	and	techniques	in	an	        Children	ages	7-9	begin	a	deeper	exploration	of	materials	
encouraging,	creative	environment.	Their	interest	in	3-D	       and	techniques,	and	sharpen	their	observational	skills	by	
will	be	nurtured,	even	in	Art	Adventures.	Children	will	        looking	at	art	during	trips	to	the	museum	galleries.	They	
begin	to	learn	the	elements	of	art	–	color,	line,	shape,	       will	continue	their	study	of	the	elements	and	principles	of	
form	and	texture	–	and	will	be	inspired	by	visiting	the	        art.	New!	For	this	age	group	the	Danforth	Museum	of	Art	
changing	exhibitions	of	children’s	book	illustrations	in	the	   offers	advanced	levels	in	each	of	the	areas.	We	also	offer	
new	children’s	gallery.	Multi-media	fun!                        semi-private	lessons,	for	serious	art	students	who	would	
                                                                like	to	work	in	smaller	groups.
Art Adventures
An	exploration	of	drawing	and	painting,	using	many	             Let’s Draw	 	
materials,	a	variety	of	2	and	3-D	formats	and	lots	of	          Developing	observation	skills	and	their	imaginations,	
imagination!		(M)	$124					(NM)	$149                            students	will	explore	different	subjects	with	a	variety	
                                                                of	drawing	materials	(craypas,	markers,	colored	pencils,	
CC20C4	       Thursday	4	–	6pm
                                                                pastels,	charcoal).	They	will	explore	line,	shape,	form,	
	             Sept.	28	-	Nov.	16
                                                                value,	and	texture,	while	having	fun.		
                                                                (M)	$124		 (NM)	$149
Mostly Clay
3-D	creations	in	clay,	papier	mache,	and	other	materials.		     CC30C2	       Tuesday,	4	–	6pm
An	exciting	class	with	projects	that	change	each	session.		     	             Sept.	26	–	Nov.	14
(M)	$124						(NM)	$149
                                                                Let’s Draw 2	
CC21C2	       Tuesday	4	–	6pm
                                                                For	any	students	who	have	already	taken	a	drawing	class	
	             Sept.	26	–	Nov.	14
                                                                at	this	level,	this	class	will	focus	on	people,	animals,	and	
CC21A6	       Saturday	10am	–	noon                              other	living	things.	Projects	and	teachers	for	Let’s	Draw	
	             Sept.	30	–	Dec.	2                                 2	will	rotate	each	semester	to	give	students	a	variety	of	
                                                                styles	and	experiences.		(M)	$124					(NM)	$149
Art Around the World
                                                                CC31C6	       Saturday,	1	–	3pm
We	will	start	with	the	Danforth	Museum’s	collection	of	
                                                                	             Sept.	30	–	Dec.	2
American	art,	and	travel	around	the	world	to	explore	the	
art	of	different	cultures	and	times.	Each	week,	and	each	
                                                                Let’s Paint		
session,	projects	will	change.	We	can	travel	the	world	
                                                                Experiment	with	color,	surfaces,	and	painting	styles	
of	art	–	Native	American,	Egyptian,	African,	Aboriginal,	
                                                                and	materials	in	this	intro	to	painting	class.	We	will	use	
Japanese,	and	back	to	American	contemporary!	Anything	
                                                                watercolors,	acrylics	and	tempera	to	create	individual	
is	possible	in	this	exciting	multi-media	class!		
                                                                masterpieces.	(Let’s	Paint	2	will	be	offered	in	the	Winter	
(M)	$124	 (NM)	$149
                                                                and	Spring	sessions.)		(M)	$124					(NM)	$149
CC25C6	       Saturday	1	–	3pm
                                                                CC33A6	       Saturday,	10am	–	noon
	             Sept.	30	–	Dec.	2
                                                                	             Sept.	30	–	Dec.	2
CC25C3 			 Wednesday,	4	–	6pm
	          Sept.	27	–	Nov.	15                                   Time Machine
                                                                A	multimedia	class	with	projects	based	on	art	of	the	
Kindergarten Art                                                past.	Students	will	start	with	the	Danforth’s	collection	of	
Picture books are a child’s first introduction to art. The      American	art;	then	they	will	go	back	in	time	and	around	
Danforth’s	new	children’s	gallery,	dedicated	to	the	art	of	     the	world	to	explore	styles	and	techniques.	In	the	process,	
children’s	book	illustrations,	will	provide	inspiration	for	    they	will	work	together	to	create	a	TIME	MACHINE	that	
this	special	class.	We	will	explore	characters,	places,	and	    has	traveled	through	the	history	of	art.			
favorite	things	in	both	2	and	3-dimensions,	using	a	variety	    (M)	$124					 (NM)	$149
of	materials.		(M)	$124					(NM)	$149
                                                                CC35C4	       Thursday,	4	–	6pm
CC27A4	       Thursday,	9:30	–	11AM                             	             Sept.	28	-	Nov.	16
	             Sept.	28	–	Nov.	16
CC27C4	       Thursday,	1	–	2:30pm
	             Sept.	28		–	Nov.	16

14        Children’s Classes       telephone	508 620 0937
Clay Projects                                                      Painting
Students	will	create	imaginative	sculptures	in	clay	               Students	will	continue	to	develop	basic	painting	skills	and	
and	other	materials.	Students	will	be	introduced	to	               techniques	using	watercolor	and	acrylic	polymer	paints,	
handbuilding	skills	in	self	hardening	clay.		                      exploring	paint	application,	color,	composition,	and	light	
(M)	$139			 (NM)	$164                                              and	shadow.	Students	will	work	on	both	paper	and	canvas,	
                                                                   using	direct	observation	and	their	imaginations.		
CC37C3	       Wednesday,	4	–	6pm	
                                                                   (M)	$139	 (NM)	$164
	             Sept.	27	-	Nov.	15
                                                                   CC44C3	      Wednesday,	4	–	6pm
Semi-private Drawing and Painting                                  	            Sept.	27	–	Nov.	15
A	smaller	class	where	serious	students	will	delve	into	
                                                                   CC 44C6				Saturday,	1	–	3pm
drawing,	painting,	and	self	expression.	Limited	to	6	
                                                                   	          Sept.	30	–	Dec.	2
students.		(M)	$160					(NM)		$185
CC39C2	       Tuesday,	4	–	6pm                                     Pottery & Sculpture	                	         	
	             Sept.	26	–	Nov.	14                                   Learn	handbuilding	techniques	(slab,	pinch,	coil,	modeling)	
                                                                   to	create	clay	sculptures,	masks,	and	useful	objects	like	
                                                                   vases,	desk	objects,	mugs	and	more.	Experiment	with	the	
                                                                   potter’s wheel. Decorate, glaze and fire your work.
              AG e s           1 0 - 1 2                           (M)	$139	 (NM)	$164
                                                                   CC47C4	      Thursday,	4	–	6pm
                                                                   	            Sept.	28	–	Nov.	16
This	is	an	important	time	to	bridge	the	gap	between	the	
world	of	exploration	and	the	need	to	represent	the	world.	     	
                                                                   Junior Wheelthrowing
Students	will	focus	on	observation	techniques,	developing	
                                                                   For	students	who	have	taken	Pottery	&	Sculpture.	Learn	
skills	and	the	exploration	of	a	variety	of	materials,	and	use	
                                                                   to	wedge	clay,	center	on	the	wheel,	and	experiment	with	
museum	exhibits	as	they	relate	to	class	themes.
                                                                   basic	forming	and	glazing	techniques.	Price	includes	clay	
                                                                   and the firing of your creations. (M) $139 (NM) $164
Drawing : Making Faces
Explore	the	magical	tradition	of	the	portrait!	Work	in	a	          CC48C2	      Tuesday,	4	–	6pm
variety	of	media	to	capture	images	of	your	family,	yourself,	      	            Sept.	26	–	Nov.	14
your	pet	or	an	imaginary	pet,	your	teacher,	others	in	the	
class.	Look	at	portraits	by	famous	artists	for	inspiration	        Semi-private Drawing and Painting
and	learn	to	draw	from	several	viewpoints.		                       A	smaller	class	where	serious	students	will	delve	into	
(M)	$124		 (NM)	$149                                               drawing,	painting,	and	self-expression.	Limited	to	6	
                                                                   students.		(M)	$160					(NM)	$185
CC40C4	       Thursday,	4	–	6pm
	             Sept.	28	–	Nov.	16                                   CC49C2	      Tuesday,	4	–	6pm
                                                                   	            Sept.	26	–	Nov.	14
Cartooning and Graffiti Art
Students	will	learn	the	elements	and	principles	of	art	
and design through graffiti art. The class focuses on
development	of	lettering,	individual	font	style,	building	
composition,	and	drawing	cartoon	characters.	Students	
will	use	a	variety	of	materials	(including	a	T-shirt!)	to	
express	their	unique	sense	of	humor	and	drama.		
(M)	$124	 (NM)	$149
CC41A6	       Saturday,	10am	–	noon
	             Sept.	30	–	Dec.	2

                                                                                                   Workshops	for	families.	
WoRks Ho Ps                                                                                        Pre-registration	required	
     Fo R                                                                           F u n          for	Clay	Projects.
   CHI L D Re n

Registration	is	required	for	children’s	workshops,	unless	         Drop into Art on Sundays from 2 – 4pm
otherwise noted. Please call the Museum School office at           Visit	the	galleries	and	create	works	of	art	together	with	
508	620	0937.                                                      your	child.	There	will	be	different	projects	on	each	date,	
                                                                   relating	to	the	current	exhibitions.	Perfect	for	families	
Paint with Chalk : Bring a Friend!                                 with	children	ages	4	–	10.	
Grades 1 – 3                                                       (M)	$10	per	pair					(NM)	$15	per	pair.		
Janet Montecalvo                                                   Each	additional	child	$5.	No	pre-registration	necessary.		
Students	will	work	with	illustrator	Janet	Montecalvo	to	           Pay	at	front	desk	in	the	Museum	Lobby.
paint	their	favorite	places	and	things	with	chalk,	like	the	
                                                                   	            Sundays,	2	–	4pm	
characters Sofie and Kenya did in the book, Sofie and the
                                                                   	            September	10	–	Open	House	Free!
City,	illustrated	by	Janet	Montecalvo.	Students	will	also	visit	
                                                                   	            November	5,	December	3
the	children’s	gallery	with	the	artist	to	see	the	original	
artworks.	Bring	a	friend,	or	make	a	new	one	while	making	
                                                                   Clay Projects for Families
art, just like Sofie did! Tuition includes materials.
                                                                   Our	most	popular	clay	projects	to	create	with	your	child.		
(M)	$20	        (NM)	$25
                                                                   Tuition	includes	all	materials.	Fired	projects	can	be	picked	
CW2         Saturday,10am	–	noon                                   up	2	weeks	after	the	workshop.	For	parent	with	child	ages	
Montecalvo	 September	16                                           5-10.		(Limit	10	pairs.	Call	to	register.)

Flip Flop Art Grades 1 – 3                                         Clay Clocks	
Janet Montecalvo                                                   	            (M)	$50	per	pair		(NM)	$60	per	pair	
Sofie is from Senegal, and wears flip-flops in the book,
                                                                   CW 33	       October	22
Sofie and the City.	Illustrator	Janet	Montecalvo	will	work	
                                                                   	            Sunday,	1	–	3pm
with young artists to create fun and funky giant flip flops,
using	crayon	resist,	paint	and	patterns.	Go	with	the	artist	
                                                                   Clay Animal Bowls	
to see her painting of flip-flops in the Danforth Museum’s
                                                                   	            (M)	$30	per	pair					(NM)	$40	per	pair	
beautiful	children’s	gallery!			
(M)	$20	       (NM)	$25	                                           CW 34	       October	29	
                                                                   	            Sunday,	1	–	3pm
CW5	        Saturday,	10am	–	noon	
Montecalvo	 October	14
                                                                   Moms or Dads with Babies
                                                                   Visit the Museum!
Birthday Parties
                                                                   Visit	the	Danforth	Museum	of	Art	and	go	on	a	special	tour	
Celebrate	your	child’s	birthday	with	art!	At	a	Birthday	
                                                                   for	parents.	Meet	others,	tour	the	museum,	and	learn	
Party	Workshop	you	and	your	guests	will	enjoy	a	1½	hr.	
                                                                   about	the	kinds	of	questions	to	ask	when	you	view	art	
art	workshop	and	a	private	½	hr.	birthday	celebration.		
                                                                   with	your	child	under	the	age	of	one.	Bring	your	backpack	
Workshops	include	T-shirt	painting,	Treasure	Boxes,	Clay	
                                                                   or	stroller.	Free	program	with	museum	admission.	No	
Masks,	Paper	Jewelry-making,	and	more!		See	our	website	
                                                                   pre-registration	necessary.
for	details	-	Cost	is	
$135	for	members	and	$165	for	non-members	for	a	party	             	            November	2	
of	up	to	10	children.	Each	additional	child	is	$7.	(There	         	            Thursday,	10:30	–	11:30am
is	a	minimal	materials	surcharge	for	clay	and	T-shirt	
workshops.)	Call	508	620	0937	to	reserve	your	date!                Native American Art Tour for Families
                                                                   Learn	with	your	child!	Visit	the	museum	for	a	tour	of	the	
Girl Scout Badges                                                  Danforth’s	Native	American	art.	You	will	hear	a	story,	
Earn	Scout	badges	at	the	Danforth	Museum	of	Art.	All	              and	see	the	Kachina	Dolls,	Pottery	of	the	Southwest,	and	
levels!	The	cost	is	$135	for	a	2-hour	workshop,	which	             some	Inuit	clothing	–	mukluks,	mittens,	and	a	seal	gut	
covers	up	to	10	girls.	Each	additional	child	is	$10.	See	our	      parka!	Free	program	with	museum	admission.	No	pre-
website	for	details	(,	           registration	necessary.	Perfect	for	families	with	children	
or	call	the	Museum	School	at	508	620	0937.	                        ages	5-10.
                                                                   	            Sunday,	1	–	2pm
                                                                   	            November	5
                                                                   See	also	Parent	/	Toddler	Art

16        Family Fun       telephone	508 620 0937
    sCH ooL       VA C At I o n W oRk s Ho P s
                          tu e s D A y – t H u R s D Ay
             DeC e M Be R 2 6 – 2 8

3 – DAY Workshops for children                              December	26,	27,	28.	There	is	an	optional	supervised	
Creative fun during the holidays!                           lunch	for	children	taking	both	morning	and	afternoon	
Vacation	workshops	provide	creative	experiences	during	     classes,	and	an	extended-day	morning	workshop.	(See	
the	winter	school	vacation	break.	Each	workshop	is	         below)		NEW!	Workshops	for	children	ages	5	–	9	include	
2	hours	long,	and	takes	place	Tuesday	through	Thursday,	    the	painting	of	a	Danforth	Museum	T-shirt!		

Age                            extended Day                 Morning Workshop                 Afternoon Workshop
                               8:30 – 10am                  10am – noon                      12:30 – 2:30pm
Ages	5&6	    	                 	                            Clay	and	More			                 Winter	Wonderland		
	            	                 	                            sVW01	                           sVW07
	            	                 	                            Color	Carnival			                Art	in	3-Dimensions			
	            	                 	                            sVW02	                           sVW08

Ages	7	–	9	 	                  	                            Painting	&	Printmaking			        Clay	Adventure*		
                                                            sVW 03                           sVW09
	            	                 	                            Animal	Magic			                  Drawing	Journey
	            	                 	                            sVW04                            sVW10

             Workshops for ages 5 – 9 include the painting of a Danforth Museum t-shirt!

Ages	10	–	12		                 	                            Wheel	Throwing*			               Wheel	Throwing*		
	            	                 	                            sVW05		                          sVW11
	            	                 	                            Pinhole	Camera			                People	and	Portraits		
	            	                 	                            sVW06	                           sVW12

Teens	       	                 	                            Beads	and	More			                Painting		
	            	                 	                            sVW21	                           sVW23
	            	                 	                            Drawing			                       Beads	and	More		
	            	                 	                            sVW22	                           sVW24

             *Fired Project Pickup Dates : January 17 - 31

Dates		      Tuesday	–	Thursday,	December	26,	27,	28        Workshop for ages 5&6 and 7 – 9
                                                            One	T-shirt	(ages	5	–	9)	and	all	art	materials	included!
time	        Morning	:	10am	–	noon                          	             (M)	$65	           (NM)	$75
	            Afternoon	:	12:30	–	2:30pm                     	
                                                            Workshop for ages 10 – 12 and teens
Lunch	                                                      Materials	included!
There	is	a	supervised	lunchtime	for	children	taking	both	   	             (M)	$75	           (NM)	$85.		
morning	and	afternoon	workshops.	Please	bring	a	bag	        	
lunch	–	lunch	will	not	be	provided.	                        Register early!
                                                            These popular workshops fill up quickly.
extended	Day                                                Call	508.620.0937,	or	mail	or	fax	your	registration	form.		
There	is	an	additional	morning	workshop	from	               See	instructions	with	registration	form.	Sorry,	no	refunds.			
8:30am	–	10am,	consisting	of	games,	stories,	and	art	       Refunds	can	be	granted	only	if	the	school	cancels	the	
projects.		(M)	$40		           (NM)	$45                     workshop.		

         F ACuL t y

Andrea Alyse
BS,	CW	Post
MBA,	Babson	College
ellie Bento
BA,	Framingham	                                         Clara Lieu	
State	College                                           BFA,	Rhode	Island	
Doris Birmingham,                                       School	of	Design
Ph.D.                                                   MFA,	New	York	Academy	
Professor	Emeritus,	                                    of	Art
Framingham	State	College                                Anna Lochiatto
Carol Blackwell                                         BFA,	Mass	College	of	Art
BA,	Bard	College                                        Michelle Lougee
Wilbur Blair                                            BFA,	Boston	University
BFA,	Boston	University                                  MFA,	Boston	University
MFA,	University	of	                                     Laurel MacDuffie
Michigan                                                BA,	Connecticut	College
Ron Bouley	                                             MA,	Leslie	College	
Rhode	Island	School	                                                                  Amy Ragus	
                                                        eliz Magilligan
of	Photography                                          BFA,	Emmanuel	College         BA,	Wellesley	College
                                                                                      MFA,	Columbia	University
Catherine Carter                                        Ryan Mehigan
BA,	Lesley	University                                                                 Hana Reilly
                                                        BA,	University	of	Vermont
MFA,	UMASS/Dartmouth                                                                  Diploma,	Professional	
                                                        Louise Melton                 Ceramics,	School	of	Arts	
Cherie Clinton                                          BA,	University	of	Miami       and	Crafts,	Prague,	Czech	
BFA,	Mass	College	of	Art                                MA,	Temple	University         Republic
MFA,	UMASS/Dartmouth
                                                        Peggy McClure                 Jeanne scarlatos
Caroline Cockrill                                       BA,	Framingham	               BFA,	UMASS
BFA,	Mass	College	of	Art                                State	College                 MAED,	Lesley	College
                             Howard Gerstein
Robert Collins               BFA,	University	of	        Janet Montecalvo              Janet scudder
BFA,	MFA,	                   Cincinatti                 BFA,	Emmanuel	College
                                                         	                            BFA,	Grinnell	College
Boston	University
                                                        Rosetta nasisi
                                                                                      MA,	Lesley	College
                             Anita Hunt	
Jill Curtis                  Antioch	College            BA,	Univ.	di	Messina,	Italy   teri Malo sprawka
BA,	Framingham	              School	of	the	Museum	of	
                                                        Janet L. olson, ed.D.
                                                                                      BFA,	Emmanuel	College
State	College                Fine	Arts	
                                                        Professor	Emeritus	of	        MFA,	UMASS
Clara Dennison               Jon Imber                  Visual	Arts	                  emily van nort
BA,	Framingham	              BFA,	Cornell	University    Boston	University,	           BA,	Mt	Holyoke	College
State	College                MFA,	Boston	University     College	of	Fine	Arts
                                                                                      Lynette West-
nan Feldman                  Catherine kernan           David orser	                  Raymond
BFA,	SUNY	Buffalo            BFA,	Cooper	Union          Diploma,	School	of	the	       Framer
MFA,	Vermont	College         MFA,	University	of	        Museum	of	Fine	Arts
Harriet Fishman              Wisconson                  MFA,	Cranbrook	               Staff
BFA,	Art	Institute	of	       Co-owner/founder	          Art	Academy
                                                                                      Jean Maguire
Boston                       Mixit	Print	Studio
                             Faculty,	School	of	the	
                             Museum	of	Fine	Arts                                      Pat Walker	
                                                                                      Director	of	Education
                             Aija kusins	
                             BFA,	UMASS/Dartmouth

18      Fall Art Classes   telephone	508 620 0937
     Mu s e uM
s CHooL
        I nFo R M AtIo n

Danforth Museum of Art                                          Registration Notice
123 union Avenue                                                In	an	effort	to	make	your	experience	the	best	it	can	be,	all	
Framingham, MA 01702                                            classes	must	meet	their	minimum	enrollment	levels	one	
                                                                week	before	their	start	date	to	ensure	their	running.	So,	
Phone	508	620	0937                                              please	be	sure	to	register	early	to	reserve	your	place	and	
                                                                make	your	class	a	success!
Fax	508	872	5542
email                                                                  d
                                                                Tuition	is	listed	under	each	course		 escription.		
                                                                	              (M)	=	Member	tuition
Website                                  	              (NM)	=	non-member	tuition.		
                                                                	             Senior	citizens	receive	a	10%	discount.	
entrances/Accessibility                                         	             (65	and	over)
Most classrooms are located on the second floor of the
Danforth	Museum	building.	Wheelchair	access	to	the	             	             Some	classes	have	additional	model	and/or		
Museum	School	is	by	elevator	through	the	red	door	on	           	             studio	fees.
the	Pearl	Street	side	of	the	building.	Please	let	us	know	if	   	             To	hold	your	place,	payment	is	due	within		
you	have	any	mobility	concerns	when	you	register.	New!		        	             one	week	of	registration.	Unpaid		          	
Day	classes	enter	through	the	main	front	door	of	the	           	             registrations	will	be	added	to	the	class			
Museum,	or	use	the	elevator.                                                  waitlist and subject to a first-pay first-served
Children’s Gallery
The	Children’s	Gallery,	dedicated	to	the	art	of	children’s	
book illustration, is located on the second floor of the
museum	building,	adjacent	to	classrooms.	Exhibitions	
change	monthly.	Be	sure	to	visit	–	it’s	a	wonderful	
resource	for	artists	of	all	ages!

shop at the Danforth
Fall	2006	:	Watch	for	the	grand	opening	of	the	new	
Museum Shop on the first floor of the museum!

Fall Class Registration schedule
Register	early	and	become	a	member!	
Additional discount of $5 for all member
registrations received by september 10
	             open House : sunday,
              september 10, 1 – 4pm
              Registration for classes closes
              september 18
              Classes begin september 25
              Registration for workshops and
              intensives closes one week before
              starting date
              no classes on october 2, 7, 8, 9
              november 10, 21-26
              school Vacation Workshops for
              children – December 26, 27, 28

Discounts for Members                                           Class supplies
Members	of	the	Danforth	Museum	of	Art	receive	a	tuition	        Adults	are	responsible	for	their	own	supplies,	unless	
discount for all classes, in addition to other benefits.        otherwise	stated	in	the	course	description.	Please	check	
Membership	is	a	wonderful	way	to	support	your	Museum	           course	description.	Beginning	students	will	receive	a	
and	in	many	cases	your	membership	pays	for	itself.              materials list at the first class. Children’s classes include
Member	prices	(M)	and	non-member	prices	(NM)	are	               supplies.	Ceramic	tool	kits	are	available	for	sale	in	the	
listed	after	each	class	description.                            Museum School office.
Members	receive	an	additional	$5	discount	for	all	              Gift Certificates
registrations	completed	by	September	10.	Become	a	              Give	the	gift	of	art!	An	art	class	or	Museum	membership	is	
member	when	you	register.                                       a unique gift for someone special. Please call the office at
                                                                508	620	0937	for	details.
Financial Aid
                                                                Promotional Photography
                                                                Photographs	will	occasionally	be	taken	during	classes	and	
                                                                programs	and	used	for	promotional	purposes.		

Thanks	to	the	generosity	of	TJX	Companies,	Inc.,	a	             PDP Credits
number	of	scholarships	are	available,	based	on	need	and	        The	Museum	is	an	approved	PDP	provider.	To	arrange	for	
open to all students. Call the Museum School office at          PDP credits, call the school office at 508 620 0937 when
508	620	0937	for	an	application.                                you	have	completed	the	course.

Register in Person                                              Inclement Weather
Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm in the Museum School office,         In	the	case	of	bad	weather,	watch	TV	channels	5	or	7	to	
or	at	the	fall	OPEN	HOUSE	on	Sunday,	September	10th,	           hear	about	cancellations	or	delays.	A	message	will	also	
from	1	–	4pm.                                                   be	left	on	the	Museum	School’s	telephone	answering	
                                                                system	508	620	0937.	Whenever	possible,	classes	will	be	
Register by Mail or Fax                                         rescheduled	by	the	instructor.
Return	your	completed	registration	form,	with	credit	info,	
                                                                                                  Please note
check	or	money	order	made	payable	to	the	Danforth	
                                                                	             	                   In	an	effort	to	make			
Museum	of	Art.	To	fax	your	registration	with	MasterCard,	
                                                                	             	                   your	experience	the	best		
Visa	or	Amex	information:	Fax	508	872	5542.
                                                                	             	                   it	can	be,	all	classes	must		
                                                                	             	                   meet	their	minimum			
Register by Phone
                                                                	             	                   enrollment	levels	one		
Call	Monday	–	Friday,	9am	–	4pm	with	MasterCard,	Visa,	
                                                                	             	                   week	before	their	start		
or	Amex	information	:	508	620	0937.
                                                                	             	                   date	to	ensure	their			
                                                                	             	                   running.	So,	please	be	
Confirmation/Schedule Changes
                                                                	             	                   sure	to	register	early	to		
Class confirmations are not sent. If you need a
                                                                	             	                   reserve	your	place	and		
confirmation, call the school office or send a SASE with
                                                                	             	                   make	your	class	a	success!
your	registration.The	Danforth	Museum	School	reserves	
the	right	to	cancel	any	under-enrolled	class,	to	change	                                         Janet	Montecalvo,	Sofie’s
instructors	when	necessary	and	to	reschedule	individual	                                         Flip-Flops,	acrylic	on	paper,
classes	as	needed.                                                                               Sofie and the City	published	
                                                                                                 by	Boyds	Mills	Press	2006.		
Refund Policy
Full	refunds	will	be	made	if	a	class	is	cancelled	due	to	                                        Visit	Janet	Montecalvo’s	
insufficient enrollment. Student cancellations must                                              exhibition	of	children’s	
be received at least five business days prior to class/                                          illustration	at	the	Danforth	
workshop	start	date	and	a	$20	cancellation	fee	will	be	                                          September	10	through	
deducted	from	the	refund.	Due	to	school	preparation	                                             October	22.	See	also	
costs, no registrations fees will be refunded after the first                                    Workshops	for	Children.
day	of	classes.	Membership	fees	are	not	refundable.

20       Fall Art Classes       telephone	508 620 0937
Re GIst R At I o n                      B y     MA I L           PH o n e         oR      F A X
Address	                      	                              Town	                          Zip
Home	Phone	                   	                              Work
Email	Address	                	                              Cell
If	child	:	Age							         Grade	                         	
Parent’s	Name

Member	prices	(M)	and	non-member	prices	(NM)	are	listed	after	each	class	description.		
Course	Code	                  Title	                         	                              Tuition
Course	Code	                  Title	                         	                              Tuition	    	

2nd	Child’s	Name	             	                              	
Age													Grade
Course	Code	                  Title	                         	                              Tuition
Course	Code	                  Title	                         	                              Tuition

Membership	Become	a	member	today	and	receive	a	discount!						
	                             Membership Fee
	                             [ ] Individual	$45	            [ ] Family	$60	                Membership
	                             [ ] Friend	$100	               [ ] Supporter	$250		
	                             The	Membership	fee	is	not	refundable.	
	                             $5	discount	for	members	who	register	by	September	10,	2006	
	                             10%	Senior	Discount	(65	and	over)
	                             Tax	deductible	contribution	

Payment	Method					           [ ] Cash                       [ ] Personal Check             [ ] MasterCard
                              [ ] Visa                       [ ] Amex
Card	#	                       	                              	                              	 	         	    	
Exp.	Date	                    	                              	                              CRV#	       	

Call	508 620 0937	            FAX	508 872 5542
Mail	to	Danforth Museum of Art, 123 union Avenue, Framingham, MA 01702	

Fall Class
Registration Schedule
Register	early	and	become	a	member!	
Additional	discount	of	$5	for	all	member	
registrations	received	by	September	10.	
Classes begin
         september 25
open House : sunday
       september 10, 1 – 4pm
Registration for classes closes              508 620 0937
         september 18              

Danforth                                                       Non-Profit Org.
                                                                 US	Postage	
     Museum of Art
                      123 Union Avenue                          Ashland,	MA
                      Framingham, MA 01702                      Permit	No.	7

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