POTOMAC CENTER PRE-BID MEETING MINUTES

Project Name:             PRE-BID CONFERENCE – Grounds Maintenance Services
Date of Meeting:          Tuesday, March 29, 2011             Location:      Infirmary Building Training Room
                          1:00 PM                                            1370 Marshall St. Hagerstown, MD

Purpose of Meeting
Overview of contact, provide potential bidders the opportunity to present any questions/concerns regarding contract and view
work area/site.
       Representative                     Company/Agency                     Phone                      Email

Chris Seaborne                               U.S. Lawns                   301-252-1296       chris.seaborne@uslawns.net
Dale Jones                           Windy Willow Farm Services           301-928-0326        www.windywillowfarm.com
Alexander Ferrara                    Windy Willow Farm Services           443-848-3872        www.windywillowfarm.com
Susan Chapman                            Chapman’s Turf Pro               301-797-3711
Frances Penner – Procurement               Potomac Center                 240-313-3553        fpenner@dhmh.state.md.us
Cindy Sobus - Maintenance                  Potomac Center                 240-313-3570        csobus@dhmh.state.md.us
Bill Fridinger – Maintenance               Potomac Center                 240-313-3568
Douglas Sanchez                       Diversified Services Group          240-305-4562        mbanks@dsginconline.com
Eric Shostal                       Allentuck Landscape Contractors        866-396-1016            mrtechlock@att.net
Allan F. Simmons                   Appalachian Landscape & Mgmt.          301-748-2424

Meeting Notes, Decisions, Issues

Frances Penner, Procurement Officer, introduced Potomac Center staff in attendance, requested business cards, and
confirmed all had signed in. She then reviewed the bidding process and emphasized the following items:
             Contract will start as soon as possible when awarded and end on or before November 18, 2011
             Mowing/trimming must be completed within two consecutive days between the hours of 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.
                No weekends or holidays permitted. Wednesdays and Thursdays are preferred.
             Potomac Center has the right to inspect your business that there is an adequate inventory of equipment to
                complete the job and ensure equipment is safe.
             Must be registered with eMaryland
             Items required with submitted bid packet:
                     o Bid page
                     o List of equipment being utilized and personnel who will be working at the Center
                     o Workman’s Compensation Insurance Certification
                     o Maryland Business License
                     o Certificate of Insurance (copy)
                     o Three (3) business references – provide a contact with knowledge of a similar type job
                     o Any addendum(s) issued must be signed and included
             DO NOT FAX OR EMAIL your bid; there are three acceptable means to deliver –
                     o U.S. Postal Service;
                     o Hand delivery by offeror (request receipt);
                     o Hand delivery by commercial carrier (request receipt)
             This is a competitive sealed bid. Bid opening is public; anyone may attend. Bid opening will be held in the
                Infirmary Building conference room.
             Print “Grounds Maintenance Services” on the outside envelope to identify the contract/bid.
             Bid packets are due and must be received on or before April 4, 2011, BEFORE 2:00 PM
             The Maryland Department of Assessment and Taxation is utilized to verify business history, outstanding
                taxes, credit information, etc. of low bidder. Award will be confirmed after passing tax requirements.
             Do not ignore emails regarding this bid – it may inform bidders of an addition or correction.
Meeting Notes, Decisions, Issues

Frances informed attendees she was recently made aware of a policy which requires agencies within the State to offer
Maryland Works, Inc., (a statewide membership association that advocates for and develops employment and economic
opportunities for individuals with disabilities) the opportunity for employment before a contract offered to the general public.

 An exemption is being requested and a waiver is expected to be issued by Maryland Works, Inc. next week regarding this
contract. However, if Maryland Works, Inc. has a qualified member willing to perform the work, award to that member could
supersede any contracts previously announced.


    1. Would it be okay to let leaves piled in areas until the next day when a truck could be brought to site for removal?
       This would be okay. No guarantees the piles of leaves would be undisturbed by residents.

    2. Is there any other work needing done (i.e., mulching, tree trimming, weeding)?
       This is done on an as needed basis or contracts for these services are already in place.

    3. Can chemicals such as Roundup weed killer be used along fences to control growth?
       Due to the hazardous effects of chemicals, and concern for individual/resident health, trimming with weed eaters is
       preferred. Contractors applying chemicals would need to be licensed by the State for chemical/pesticide application.

    4. Should the bid submission envelope be sent to the attention of someone in particular?
       Bids may be sent to the attention of Frances Penner. Be sure to include “GROUNDS MAINTENANCE SERVICES” on
       the envelope.

Since there were no further questions, Bill Fridinger offered to take anyone interested on a tour of the grounds to see areas
needing ground maintenance.

Minutes of this meeting will be available on eMarylandmarketplace.com The meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM.

Submitted By: Cindy Sobus

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