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                                              EDITOR’S NOTE
                                                                            Contents                                          2009
                                              To say that global
                                              warming is an issue
                                              which is best left to
                                              the likes of the scien-       22 Low Energy University Mediatheque - A
                                              tists of the world,           pioneering example of sustainable technologies by
                                              would reek of total           SPBR architects.
                                              ignorance or the              25 House 205 - A forest encircled low cost
                                              voluntary shirking of         residential dwelling by H Architects.
                                              one's duty as a               29 Handmade School Bangladesh - A light filled,
           responsible earth dweller.                                       humane, collective space for learning.
                                                                            33 Renzo Piano’s Living Roof - The California
                Sustainable building methods and technologies
           should now be integral to the way we live and not be
                                                               11           Academy of Sciences; an elegant steel and glass
           considered as mere alternatives. Green By Design                 structure built with technologically precise details.
           focuses on landmark projects, green initiatives and              36 Earthbag House - A method hitherto used by
           technological breakthroughs that champion the                    the military is improvised upon to create a low-cost
           cause of a better tomorrow.                                      housing solution.
                Featured in our first issue are the works of                40 Vernacular Architecture - A revival of old
           consummate architects who are driven by principles               Indian traditional building elements.
           of sustainability. Parul Zaveri and Nimish Patel of              43 TERI - An organisation at the forefront of
           Abhikram push the envelope with their simple                     promoting green architecture and technology.
           ideology comprised of common sense and tradi-
           tional Indian building methods in their projects. We
           enter into a dialogue with them to elucidate their               12 A Tête-à -Tête with Parul Zaveri & Nimish Patel
           unique fundamentals.                                             of Abhikram, Ahmedabad.
                The Army Military School in Pune is another
           example of responsible architecture constructed by
                                                                            GREEN MARKET
           Group Phi. The design firm, Centre for Vernacular                08 Green Market - A look at the latest low
           Architecture and energy consultants BCIL spin their              environment impact products to join the market.
           magic to create truly energy efficient buildings.
                Reviewing the perspective of green architecture             GREEN TALK
           internationally we come across Renzo Piano's                     46 BCIL - Aims at providing healthy living spaces.
           California Academy of Sciences with its dynamic                  48 Power of Fuel- A documentary by Josh Tickel
           living roof and Nader Khalili and Kelly Hart's grass             on the consumption of fuel and its hazards.
           root level and extremely low environment impact                  18 Eco School- A sustainable military school in
           structure - the Earthbag House.                                  Pun
                Showcased in this issue, we also have the
           Handmade School located in Bangladesh. This is a                 ECO LIVING
           'labour of love' breathed to life by architects Anna             20 Global Warning - Tips to curb global warming.
           Heringer and Eike Roswag.                                        21 Curbing CO2 - Changing everday habits add up.
                The Low Energy Mediatheque situated in Rio de               28 Water Ways - The countdown begins - an
           Janeiro, chalks out a path using vital examples of               initiative to save water.
           sustainable construction technologies.                           32 Prefab Homes - Give a new twist to sustainable
                We hope the works of these impressive crafts-               housing.
           men and innovators will inspire and motivate                     38 The Other Side of Green- Redefining Green
           homeowners and builders alike to live and design                 architecture.
           'green'.                                                         39 BEE- Introduces a labelling program that fills a
                                                     Mala Bajaj             gap in consumer awareness.
                                                                            50 Reuse Beats Recycling - A new perspective on
           Owner, Publisher & Printer Mr. Anish R. Bajaj for Marvel Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. Printed at Marvel Infomedia Pvt. Ltd., B 62, 1st
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           Building, Cotton Green Road, Cotton Green, Mumbai 400 033 Tel (022) 23736133/1 Editor Mr. Anish R. Bajaj Creative Director
           Natalie Pedder Bajaj Feature Editor Mala Bajaj Sub Editor Shweta Salvi Writers Sheetal Mishra, Shriyal S., Relin Hedley Layout
           Design Krishnakant Surve, Asif Shayannawar Marketing: Mumbai B 62, Cotton Exchange Bldg, Cotton Green, Mumbai 400 033
           Tel: (022) 32656823, 23736133, 32958501 Fax: (022) 23743069 Email:

4 I green by design april 2009
                                                                                        green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

green market products

           Rugs & Riches
           Rugs & Riches has now
           introduced a range of rugs and
           carpets that are environment
               Rugs & Riches uses eco-
           friendly raw materials, in order to
           adhere to environmental norms.
           The designs are made keeping in
           mind earthy attributes and to get
           consumers interested in nature.
           Designer Suresh Rateria’s cre-
           ations include nature's elements
           of earth, wood, fire and water.
           The stone carpet and pebbles
           range are exclusive lines from the
           collection of Rugs & Riches.
           Contact: tel: (011) 64697393 /

           Eco Friendly Products By              Kool Glass By Sejal
           Hindware                              Sejal Architectural Glass Ltd,
           Hindware has introduced water         (SAGL) is one of the country's top
           closets which have a dual flush       glass processors.
           cistern of as less as 2/4 litres of       SAGL and Shanghai Yahua
           water as compared to regular          Pilkington Glass Co. Ltd have
           cisterns of 9-12 litres. The Cleo     signed a partnership to bring Kool
           and Lara water closet saves           Glass Eco to cater to emerging
           around 5 litres of water with each    trends in India. The series com-
           flush.                                bines high performance insulating
               With 'Senso Urinal' and 'Urinal   glasses available in a wide
           Sensomatic', Hindware has set         selection, energy saving attributes
           another benchmark as these            and aesthetic appeal. The series
           urinals have a pre usage and post     is available in a variety of colours
           usage flushing requiremet of less     and also offers excellent proper-
           than 750 ml of water.                 ties with a combination of solar
           Contact: tel: (0124) 4779200          control, optimum light transmis-
           email:           sion/ reflection and thermal
                                                 insulation. Contact : tel: (022)

                                                 Bajaj's MDF Boards
                                                 Bajaj eco-tec Products Ltd, has
                                                 launched its eco-friendly particle
                                                 and MDF boards with an aim to
                                                 reduce negative environmental
                                                 impact. The underlying concept of
                                                 the product is the use of an
                                                 agricultural residue i.e sugarcane
                                                 bagasse, to manufacture India's
                                                 finest engineered bagasse-based
                                                 Medium Density Fiber (MDF)
                                                 boards, particle boards, High
                                                 Density Fiber (HDF) boards and
                                                 laminated flooring.
                                                 Contact: tel: (0120) 2543939/40

8 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                                         products   green market

         Twiga Insulation System                             Metasys By Johnson
         Twiga has a substantial market                      Controls
         share in the fiberglass wool                        Johnson Controls, a leader in
         insulation and fiberglass tissue                    energy efficiency and
         industry in India.                                  sustainability introduces the
             Twiga fiberglass wool insula-                   Metasys® sustainability manager
         tion is a world class insulation                    with an aim to minimize the
         product manufactured in India.                      effects of rising energy demands.
         These insulations are made up of                    This system is integrated with the
         fine, long, inorganic glass fibres                  software acquired from Gridlogix,
         bonded with a high temperature                      allowing facility managers more
         resin and is widely recognised for                  secure connectivity to IT applica-
         its energy conserving and sound                     tions. This software platform
         insulating properties.                              allows building management
         Contact: tel: (011) 26460860                        systems to interface with open
         email:                       protocol IT systems to better
         web:                             manage energy, maintenance,
                                                             physical security and compliance,
                                                             which makes facilities more
                                                             energy efficient and sustainable.
                                                             Contact: tel: (022) 30822200

                                                             GlacialLight Launches LED
                                                             Lights In India
                                                             We all know power is a concur-
                                                             rent subject. It is not just in India
                                                             but the entire world that has failed
                                                             to make up for the shortage of
                                                                Taking this opportunity,
                                                             GlacialLight under the GlacialTech
                                                             brand forays into India and
                                                             launches a variety of LED
                                                             products. GlacialLight LEDs offer
                                                             considerable power savings while
                                                             extending product life cycles
                                                             under normal conditions.
                                                             Contact: tel: (011) 40525645

                                                                                                        EcoSoft For Every Corner
                                                                                                     Carpets Inter is an international
                                                                                                     brand of carpets marketed in
                                                                                                     India by Godrej Interio with an
                                                                                                     objective of providing customers
                                                                                                     the best of carpets, enhancing the
                                                                                                     ambience of an office while
                                                                                                     contributing to the environment.
                                                                                                         The research team of the
                                                                                                     company has developed a
                                                                                                     resourceful way to use plastic
                                                                                                     water bottles and converting the
                                                                                                     waste into high performance and
                                                                                                     environmental friendly soft baking
                                                                                                     carpet. This new environmentally
                                                                                                     friendly product from Carpets Inter
                                                                                                     is made from 90% post con-
                                                                                                     sumer discarded PET water
                                                                                                     Contact: tel: (022) 67961222/2465

                                                                                                                        april 2009 green by design I 9
                                                                                      green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

green market products

           Thermatek Tiles
           Thermatek tiles is an innovative
           product that is ideal for keeping
           roofs cool.
               These tiles exceed the interna-
           tional norms for cool roofs and
           also conform to ECBC, LEED and
           IGBC standards. The tiles are
           cement bonded, highly durable
           and lower the surface tempera-
           ture of the roof by up to 17o C.
           This differential in temperature
           increases comfort inside the
           building and the load on air-
           conditioning systems is reduced.
           tel: (02634) 280881

           Dupont's SentryGlas®                  Philips Ecomoods
           DuPont Glass Laminating Solu-         Ecomoods from Philips is a
           tions announces the commercial        stylish, energy efficient lighting
           availability of a new 35-mil (0.9-    product. Ecomoods energy saving
           mm) SentryGlas®. This clear           lamps are beautiful, decorative
           interlayer for strong glass is used   lamps with a wonderful warm
           for protective windows, doors and     and welcoming light. These
           safety-glazed building elements.      lamps can be dimmed for energy
               The market for thinner            saving and will last up to 12,000
           SentryGlas® sheets include solar      hours, so one can virtually forget
           power generation, where clean         about spending extra on replace-
           energy produced can be made           ments.
           more cost-effective through the            These lamps save up to 80
           design of longer-lasting, lighter-    percent of electricity compared to
           weight modules.                       other standard lighting. Features
           Contact: tel: (0124) 4091818          of the Ecomoods lighting series
           fax: (0124) 2540889                   are, high energy efficiency and
           email:               high light output to fill even the
                                                 largest room.
                                                 Contact tel: (0124) 4091954

                                                 Unaxol Eco-Friendly
                                                 Unaxol Paints India Pvt Ltd has
                                                 introduced Unaxol® water based
                                                 coating systems in India. It
                                                 represents a breakthrough in
                                                 water-based wood lacquers and
                                                 coatings technology where it is
                                                 now possible to replace and also
                                                 exceed conventional solvent-
                                                 based paints in terms of specific
                                                 performance parameters.
                                                 Unaxol® has a special advantage
                                                 of being cost-effective yet
                                                 Contact: tel: (080) 41651602

10 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                                         products   green market

         Green Conserve                                      Silver Screen Fabrics
         The firm of Conserve Consultants                    SilverScreenTM is a registered
         Private Limited have been formed                    trademark of Verosol Group B.V.,
         with the sole mission of                            in the Netherlands. Verosol
         conserving energy and preserving                    Fabrics B.V. is a worldwide
         the environment. It is one of the                   supplier of branded quality
         leading companies in India that                     solutions for solar control.
         can render green building                               SilverScreen is produced in an
         services like LEED facilitation,                    environmentally friendly manner; it
         energy modeling studies, lighting                   has the Öko-Tex Standard 100
         simulation, fundamental and                         certificate. During summer
         enhanced commissioning, all                         SilverScreen keeps the heat out
         under one roof. Contact: tel: (044)                 due to the reflecting metal layer
         24450655/ 45504313 email:                           and reduces the loss of warmth                        during the winter. This results in                     the considerable saving on the
                                                             cost of energy. Additionally it
                                                             reduces the amount of CO²
                                                             emissions making it an eco-
                                                             friendly product.
                                                             Contact: tel: (022) 24964556

                                                             Havells Green Vision
                                                             Havells has introduced India's first
                                                             Green CFL (Compact Fluorescent
                                                             Lamp). These CFL’s contain no
                                                             lead and the mercury content is
                                                             also very low.
                                                                 The company has also intro-
                                                             duced its energy efficient fans
                                                             which consume only 50 watts of
                                                             energy. Havells cables on the
                                                             other hand, with pure copper and
                                                             aluminium, help in reducing the
                                                             leakage of current from 20% to
                                                             1% and also protect from short
                                                             circuit risks.
                                                             Contact : tel: (0120) 4771000

                                                                                                      Zody Chair By Haworth
                                                                                                    The incredible Zody chair by
                                                                                                    Haworth is specially designed for
                                                                                                    people working in offices. The
                                                                                                    award-winning super modern,
                                                                                                    eco-friendly chair is made with up
                                                                                                    to 51% recycled content and up
                                                                                                    to 98% recyclable materials. It
                                                                                                    can be taken apart in about 15
                                                                                                    minutes, and easily recycled
                                                                                                    when you decide the process of
                                                                                                    creative destruction needs to take
                                                                                                    its course. It has no PVC and is
                                                                                                    Green Guard certified and it can
                                                                                                    also help you towards LEED
                                                                                                    certification. The chair is also the
                                                                                                    first, if not the only, endorsed by
                                                                                                    the American Physical Therapy
                                                                                                    Association. Contact: tel: (022)
                                                                                                    2665300 1/2. fax: (022) 26653022.

                                                                                                                       april 2009 green by design I 11
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                                                abhikram   Q&A

         Abhikram Living

                                                               The Torrent Research Center, has been constructed using a good dose of
                                                                        common sense mixed with traditional Indian building methods.

                                                             media and most importantly,            centuries in every corner. As a
         PARUL ZAVERI & NIMISH                               amongst the fraternity of builders     matter of fact, with the advent of
         PATEL OF ABHIKRAM                                   and clients, for homes, offices,       the fast paced industrialised
         BELIEVE THAT THE ROLE OF                            institutions, and many other           scenario coupled with the
         CONTEMPORARY                                        buildings.                             universalisation of architectural
         ARCHITECTURE IN INDIA                                   The colour 'Green', however,       styles, it has suffered in its
         SHOULD BE OF A                                      has acquired many a hue and            momentum & in its intensity.
         RESPONSIBLE NATURE                                  many a definition. Architectural
         DRIVEN BY GOOD COMMON                               practices are fast becoming            How do you define Green
         SENSE AND DRAWING FROM                              agents of change and they much         Buildings?
         RELEVANT TRADITIONAL                                rather use 'Green' than any other      The presently popular 'Green'
         INDIAN METHODS OF                                   colour! Utility Consultants are also   buildings are the result of a U.S.
         BUILDING.                                           competing with each other for the      initiative, with roots in 1994,
                                                             maximum number of Green                through organizations known as
                                                             Awards. 'Green' products are           Leadership in Energy & Environ-
         What is the present day                             emerging faster than the users         mental Design (LEED), as well as
         scenario of Green Architec-                         have the capacity to absorb them.      the U.S. Green Buildings Council
         ture in India?                                      It appears that in the near future,    (USGBC). They began to pursue
         It depends on the perspective one                   those who are not in a position to     this extremely laudable cause of
         takes on the definition of 'Green                   call themselves 'Green' may be         addressing the levels of unsus-
         Architecture'.                                      considered as outcasts in the          tainable consumption in the U.S.,
              'Green Buildings' has become                   industry.                              and making efforts to bring them
         the latest buzzword in the field of                     But, if sustainability is to be    down to more acceptable level of
         built environment. It seems to                      seen as the actual measure of          sustainability. They established
         have caught on like wild fire in the                Green architecture, then people of     targets for designers as well as
         print media, in the electronic                      India have been practicing it for      manufacturers and gave incen-

                                                                                                                      april 2009 green by design I 13
                                                                                          green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

Q & A abhikram

                                                                      Passive downdraft evaporative cooling (PDEC) methods
                                                                             have been used in the Torrent Research Centre.

           tives of certifications, awards and    most of the developed world.            ture' can be interpreted in many
           accreditations to buildings/           This 'Top Down' approach:               different ways. What is desirable
           professionals.                              Is more popular in the current     for one country may be in excess
               This has led to new buildings      scenario;                               for another, and vice versa. Its
           being designed to follow such               Concentrates more on maxi-         meanings and understanding will
           standards/targets, in the devel-       mizing the energy savings;              vary according to its context.
           oped world, to begin with, and               Accepts Western understand-       India has suffered considerably
           also in India since the past few       ing of sustainability easily;           during the past century by adopt-
           years. In India the cause is carried        Uses high technology innova-       ing directions appropriate for
           forward by the Indian Green            tions, materials & products;            other countries, and using materi-
           Building Council (IGBC), which              Is driven by the brand 'Green' &   als not entirely appropriate for
           started with adopting the U.S.         accompanying recognition;               their own context, creating
           standards even for Indian                   Pursues recognition based on       enormous pressures on its
           buildings. They have now begun         'intent', rather than 'performance';    resources.
           to alter some of these standards            Necessitates the inputs &              Most of the Built Environment
           for Indian conditions. However,        simulations of experts.                 of the pre-independence era can,
           the majority of these standards/           However, what is observed in        even today, pass through the
           targets still remain anchored in       the Indian context is that the          sieve of what we refer to as
           the U.S. context.                      resultant 'Green' Buildings are not     'Green Architecture'.
               The current 'Green' Buildings      'Green' enough. They still have             For the Indian context, we
           objectives pursued by the USGBC        room for further savings in energy      believe we should pursue with
           & IGBC is what we understand as        consumption.                            what we call the 'Hamare Wala
           the 'Top Down' approach. Most of                                               Green'. To us it means:
           the standards or targets arrived in    What do you believe is the                  Understanding sustainability in
           this approach, are geared to           right approach to pursue                the context of India & its regions;
           reduce the high consumption            Green Architecture                          Attempting to understand what
           levels of energy. This appears to      Objectives?                             constitutes 'Human Comfort' in
           be an acceptable approach for          Sustainability or 'Green Architec-      buildings;

14 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                                                 abhikram   Q&A

            Questioning the needs, identify-                 targets closer to the minimum           important and readily available
         ing their optimum levels in long                    standards of provisions;                tools to achieve the Hamare Wala
         term scenario, and taking the                          Addressing all the above             Green Buildings are the use of
         design provisions to that level                     issues through the sieve of value       common knowledge and com-
         only;                                               engineering, for the specific           mon sense, available to all
            Ensuring that what is sustain-                   context of the built environment;       professionals. They could be
         able today remains that way in                         Pursuing goals and not just the      further supplemented progres-
         decades to come;                                    means.                                  sively with innovations, and the
            Ensuring that sustainability is                      This, to us, is a 'Bottom Up'       trial and error approach, and/or
         not only in parts but also that way                 approach, and is more relevant in       scientific decision making pro-
         holistically;                                       the Indian context. In principle, the   cesses, as needed.
            Maximizing the use of tradi-                     'Bottom Up' approach:
         tional wisdom in design, wher-                         Is less popular in the current       What are your views on the
         ever applicable, because it                         scenario;                               mainstreaming of
         represents the knowledge of the                        Concentrates more on minimiz-        sustainability?
         long-term behaviour of materials,                   ing the energy consumption;             In our 30 years of experience
         their strengths as well as                             Pursues the Eastern under-           through a contemporary main-
         weaknesses;                                         standing of sustainability, and         stream practice, we have de-
            Assessing all new technologies                   questions the Western under-            signed a wide range of building
         for their long term impact in the                   standing;                               types of all scales. They are all
         context of India & its development                     Uses low technology innova-          sustainable. It is a matter of
         priorities, before accepting them                   tions, materials & products;            choice that the practice has to
         for use;                                               Is not driven by blindly follow-     make. If we keep the societal and
            Being aware of the embodied                      ing 'Green', or any other brand;        the national interest as our focus,
         energies of the materials, before                      Is recognised based on               and see the role of the profession
         we specify them;                                    'performance' and not just 'intent';    as a service provider, then we
            Taking the decision making                          Necessitates the use of              have the added responsibility to
         processes to measurable levels,                     common knowledge & common               opt for the Bottom Up approach
         in order to make our choices                        sense.                                  to designs.
         judiciously;                                            We have realized in our                 The Torrent Research Center,
            Taking the 'savings' benchmark                   practice that the two most              Ahmedabad, which has used

                                                           An inside view of the passive cooling
                                                         towers at the Torrent Research Centre.

                                                                                                                       april 2009 green by design I 15
                                                                                         green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

Q & A abhikram

           Common Knowledge+Common
           Sense+Innovations+Trial & Error
           +Scientific Decision Making
           Processes, has amply demon-
           strated that sustainability can be
               This Pharmaceutical Research
           Laboratory, located in
           Ahmedabad, is one of the largest
           successful experiments of
           passive cooling in Asia. The total
           built up area of the complex is
           approximately 20,000 Sq.Mts.
           72% of the central building has
           achieved human comfort
           conditions using Passive
           Downdraft Evaporative Cooling                         Small square holes were created inthe rat-trap external wall
           (PDEC), it has been able to                            which forms a hollow ventialted cavity around the house.
           establish extremely low levels of                                                  Photo courtesy Samir Pathak.
           energy consumption, as well as
           considerably decreased Carbon
           Dioxide emissions per square
           meter of area.
               Its significant consequences
           are:                                       The Post-Occupancy Survey of       reported typical consumption in
              200 Metric tonnes of Air-           2004-05, conducted by the              Indian buildings to be 280-500
           conditioning load saved;               University of Technology, Sydney,      kWh/m2 or 375-670 kgCO2/m2
               Summer temperatures remain         Australia, and the Victoria Univer-    based on GHG coefficient of 1.34.
           at 28°-32°C;                           sity of Wellington, New Zealand,       (Singh and Michealowa, 2004)".
              6 to 9 Air changes per hour on      through Building Use Studies               (As quoted in Post-occupancy
           different floors in summer,            Survey 2005, which has a data-         evaluation of passive downdraft
           including those in a chemical          base of 260 buildings worldwide,       evaporative cooling and air-
           laboratory;                            have assessed the performances         conditioned buildings at Torrent
              The temperature fluctuations        of the 'Bottom Up' approach in the     Research Center, Ahmedabad,
           indoors do not exceed 3°-4 °C,         Torrent Research Center as             India by Leena Thomas and
           over a 24 hour period, even            follows:                               George Baird).
           though the outdoor fluctuations            "The total energy consumption
           are 14°-17° C;                         for PDEC and AC combined               Is retro fitting of existing
               The building which was             (includes light, equipment and AC      structures a viable option?
           designed for 150 occupants in          for 2 blocks) for the 6 blocks in      It certainly is, but the achieved
           1997 comfortably accommodated          2005 was 647000 kWh1. This             result will never be the same as in
           more than 600 users in 2005.           averages to 54 kWh/m2 and 72           the design of buildings, which
               Its more Significant Conse-        kgCO2/m2. This climate respon-         incorporates the 'Bottom Up'
           quences are:                           sive approach of buildings such        approach from the very inception
              Everyone in the PDEC areas          as the Torrent comprising of labs      of the project. This is evident in
           breathes 100% fresh air, not re-       and offices with extended hours        the project, the Pathak Residence,
           circulated air;                        of operation in a hot dry climate      designed by Abhikram at
               250 Kva power is made              such as in India is compared to        Ahmedabad, which used Com-
           available for someone else's use;      available targets for commercial       mon Knowledge+Common Sense
              The performance has been            buildings. The Torrent energy          +Innovations.
           consistent over the past 11 years      consumption performance                    An existing bungalow required
           of its use;                            compares very favorably to the         an extension for an Artist Studio
              It has realised healthy financial   target for newly developed fully air   on the first floor. This was
           returns on the investment in the       conditioned buildings currently        achieved by:
           way of building costs. The entire      set, which may not exceed 140              Lifting the inclined tiled roof by
           cost of the building will be           kwh/m2 for day use in a compos-        2 ft and providing roofing sheets
           recovered from the electrical          ite climate under the recently         below the tiles to create an air
           savings alone, in 13 years of          introduced environmental rating        gap for insulation.
           operation.                             scheme TERI - GRIHA which                 Constructing a Rat-trap external
16 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                                                       abhikram   Q&A

         hollow wall to create a ventilated                    during summer;                            Green Architecture is not a recipe.
         cavity by providing small square                          Had we not incorporated this          The confusion arises because we
         openings in the exterior wall to                      concept of passive cooling,               tend to substitute the word 'green'
         allow air movement through the                        achieved by the special designing         for the word 'sustainability'. If we
         hollow part.                                          of the walls and by the creation of       don't, then one would not ques-
              The experience, as described                     air drafts, we might have required        tion how city sprawl, architecture
         by the owner…                                         an A.C. We well appreciate what           and pedestrianism are related.
             In the past 8 summers, we                         we have saved on the electricity              City sprawl increases the need
         have not felt the need to put in a                    bill. At the same time what we            for infrastructure provisions;
         false ceiling in this high roofed                     observed was that the cost of             distance to work; commuting
         room;                                                 constructing this special design          time & cost; and transportation
            During the hot summer, on                          concept has not exceeded                  needs. All of these tend to make
         entering the studio one feels a bit                   conventional building costs by            the development more unsustain-
         hot, but it is just a matter of                       more than 10% to 15 %.                    able and hence less green.
         minutes before the body gets                                                                        Pedestrianism, if incorporated
         adjusted and the room is comfort-                     Can affordable and sustain-               in the development will make it
         able once again;                                      able technologies go hand in              more sustainable and therefore,
            It is even more effective once                     hand?                                     more green. Architecture that we
         the openings at the top level of                      Yes, but not just the technologies.       see around us today is clearly
         the room are opened up;                               As a matter of fact, the use of           unsustainable from the
             By late evening this particular                   sustainable strategies, decisions,        perspective of embodied energies
         part of the house cools down                          processes and technologies will           of the materials used and the
         much before the other rooms of                        make the project more affordable.         energy consumed for providing
         the house;                                                                                      human comfort in the buildings.
             Temperature wise it seems to                      How are city sprawl, green                Any move to decrease both will
         be at least 5 to 8 degrees C lower                    architecture and pedestrian-              be more sustainable and thus
         than the outside temperature                          ism, related?                             more green.

                                                             The inclined tiled roof was lifted by two feet and provided with roofing sheets
                                                                      below, creating an air-gap for insulation. Photo courtesy Samir Pathak.

                                                                                                                             april 2009 green by design I 17
                                                                                         green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

green talk eco school

           ING MATERIALS.

                 agged as 'The Oxford of the
                 East' by Jawaharlal Nehru,
                 India's first Prime Minister,
           the city of Pune is host to several
           excellent educational institutes.
           Set on a fast track attracting
           students from all over the world
           and adding to the development of
           excellent educational systems,
           the city witnesses its first military
           school for girls. Designed by
           Group Phi, this military school can
           be identified as the first military
           school for girls not just in Pune,
                                                                   Eco School
           but across the country.
               While designing this school,
           the architects kept in mind the
           ultimate users and initially con-
           ducted a survey in order to             teaching) and provide space for       issue, the architects worked
           understand all the suggestions          their activities whilst identifying   circumspectly to swot the exiting
           made by the staff and the stu-          problems faced by the facility's      landscape and vegetation on the
           dents. The main objectives              users and addressing detailed         site. In addition, they made best
           detailed in the brief were to craft     requirements for the campus,          use of natural resources like
           a student friendly atmosphere           including provision of academic,      water, stone and recycling of
           with a military touch to accommo-       administration, sports and            waste water, creating merging
           date sufficient staff structure for     recreation facilities.                landforms transformed into
           720 students, (teaching and non             Sustainability being the main     landscape features, with indoor

18 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                       eco school   green talk

         and outdoor activities.                             lower standard classes are on the
             Hence, after completion the                     lower ground floor and 'higher
         architecture of the school includes                 standard' classes on the first,
         courtyards that are roofed with                     along with the laboratories. Thus,
         polycarbonate sheets, shielding                     with the approach to design an
         the corridors and courts from the                   environment conducive to military
         heavy rainfall and ensuring the                     training of girls and yet create a
         ingress of natural light into the                   second home for them, Group Phi
         building. The spaces created in                     provided a facility that highlights
         the corridor between the class-                     the ambience spaces created by
         rooms ensure proper cross                           the architectural designs.
         aeration and the same material
         vocabulary is maintained through-
         out the campus using rubble
         masonry, with grooves at every 4'
         height. The symbolic insignia of
         the school has been incorporated
         in the flooring layout at the
         entrance hall, and the use of
         natural materials through out the
         structure and wide corridors help
         in making the users feel closer to
         nature and improve free circula-
         tion of the students.
             According to the site contours,
         the south side of the school
         building has a lower ground floor,
         upper ground floor and first floor,
         while the north side has an upper
         ground floor and first floor.
         Furthermore, the roof projection of
         750 mm ensures proper protec-
         tion to the windows on the first
         floor, whilst the hierarchy of the
         classrooms is maintained as

                                                                                                   april 2009 green by design I 19
                                                                                          green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue
eco living global warning

           Global Warning!
                                                   effect the lives of our endangered     plastic bottles and if the quality of
                                                   species. According to a 2007           the plastic has been compro-
                                                   World Wide Fund for Nature             mised, it can be very harmful
                                                   (WWF) report, the Indus River          health wise too.
                                                   may very soon run dry.                 We use shopping bags only for a
                                                   To tackle global warming there are     few hours (from the shop to the
                                                   many effortless things that we         house), but they can take lifetimes
                                                   can do in our daily life. Here is a    to decompose. Carrying a
                                                   list of a few things that we can do    lightweight bag or two in your
                                                   to as responsible earthlings and       hand bag, prevents the use of a
                                                   make a difference.                     good number of bags each day.
                                                                                          The best part of this effort is that
                                                   Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs          there is no stashing away of bags
                                                   Substitute 3 frequently used light     required as soon as you reach
                                                   bulbs with compact fluorescent         home in an already crammed
             Global Warming’s Effect: Thick        bulbs, substituting those 75 watt      drawer! Millions of barrels of oil
             haze along the Ganges River in        normal bulbs with 19 watt CFLs         and several million trees as well
             northern India.                       will cut down huge amounts of          go to producing plastic and paper
                                                   carbon dioxide released into the       bags each year.
                                                   atmosphere over time
                                                   .                                      Use Energy Efficient Products
                                                   Use Recycled Paper                     Start replacing refrigerators which

                    lobal Warming according        The next time prior to putting         are more than 10 years old, buy
                    to Wikipedia is the            paper in your printer make sure        today’s new energy-efficient
                    increase in the average        that it is 100% post consumer          model which helps in saving
           temperature of the Earth’s near-        recycled paper.                        tremendous amount of energy.
           surface air and the oceans since                                               Shut down your computer when
           the mid-twentieth century and its       Use Green Products                     not in use; save on energy by
           projected continuation. The             Help spur the renewable energy         using your computer’s sleep
           Intergovernmental Panel on              market and cut global warming          mode in place of a screensaver.
           Climate Change (IPCC) concludes         pollution by buying products with
           that anthropogenic greenhouse           green tags.                            Insulate Your House
           gases are responsible for most of                                              Make sure that your dream home
           the observed temperature                Buy A Fuel Efficient Car               is well insulated; usage of double
           increase.                               A single good hybrid car can save      pane windows will keep the heat
           Global warming will soon be             thousands of litres of fuel. The       outside the home and will result
           termed as ‘global warning’. Yes,        other ideal way of saving fuel is to   in consuming less amount of
           now the time has come, to               leave your car at home and travel      energy in the way of air
           understand the drastic effects of       by public transport or even walk       conditioning.
           this reality before it gets too late.   whenever possible. Whenever
           Various effects of global warming,      stuck in traffic, turn your engine     Cut Down Your Showers
           like steady sea level rise,             off, if you are going to wait for      The next time you step into your
           increased cyclonic activity and         more than 30 seconds.                  bathroom remember to reduce
           uncountable foolish human               Carpooling is another smart way        your eight-minute shower to a five
           activities have shown drastic           to save energy and socialize at        minute one in order to save water.
           impacts on earth. The rising sea        the same time!                         Water heaters to be eco friendly,
           level has submerged several low-                                               should be of the tank less variety.
           lying islands in the Sundarbans,        Say No to Plastic                      If the bathroom is equipped with
           relocating thousands of people.         Approximately 2.5 million one          the tank version water heater let
           Temperature rises on the Tibetan        time use plastic water bottles are     the users shower one after
           Plateau, which is causing               thrown away every hour in the US       another in order to conserve hot
           Himalayan glaciers to retreat, may      alone. Using a reusable water          water and thus energy. Installing a
           reduce the flow rate of the             bottle, be it glass or metal makes     low flow shower head and fixing
           Ganges, Brahmaputra, Yamuna             sense every which way you look         the tiniest of drips right away, can
           and simultaneously will also            at it. Water tastes different in       save large amount of water.

20 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue
                                                                                                                               curb co2   eco living

        Curbing Carbon Dioxide
                                                                                                    biological systems finish adapting
                                                                                                    to the new conditions, and until
                                                                                                    Arctic icecaps melt back to
                                                                                                    sustainable levels.Till then to
                                                                                                    battle out this dilemma is the
                                                                                                    imminent task of all mankind and
                                                                                                    for this we need to change our
                                                                                                    style of living.
                                                                                                        The Time Has Come To Save
                                                                                                    Our Planet Now!
                                                                                                    1. Opt for fuel-efficient or hybrid
                     Honda Civic - A hybrid car                   MDF boards by Bajaj Eco-tec       2. Using air-conditioning in stop-
                                                                                                       and-go traffic can decrease the
                                                                                                       fuel efficiency by as much as
                                                                                                    3. Never burn fossil fuels like, coal
                                                                                                       or wood openly.
                                                                                                    4. Use recycled paper, products.
                                                                                                    5. Replace ordinary bulbs with
                                                                                                       CFL bulbs.
                                                                                                    6. Plant as many trees as you
                                                                  Sejal Architectural Glass Ltd’s
               Racold's Primo Range helps in
                                                                                  Kool Glass Eco
                                                                                                    7. Upgrade your residence with
                               saving energy
                                                                                                       energy-saving home appli-
                                                                                                    8. Look for water-efficient shower
                                                                                                       heads, faucet, flush system

                    hile the world warms                     carbon dioxide, many ecosystems
                    up, it's very essential to               are under severe stress and their
                    save our environment                     capacity to absorb is already
        or else be prepared to face                          waning.
        drastic consequences.                                    The main problem arises when
            The amount of carbon dioxide                     this toxic gas gets dissolved in
        in the atmosphere is increasing                      the sea and raises the acidity of
        by leaps and bounds, all thanks                      seawater. Many species of sea
        to rampant and unorganized                           life unable to adjust to the
        industrialization. Apart from                        changed situation thus get extinct
        industries, certain human activi-                    or reduce in numbers. The ill
        ties like the burning of fossil fuels                effect of this poisonous gas does
        and deforestation are major                          not end here; it has a huge
        contributors of increased carbon                     negative impact on human health           CO2 Sensor by Desiccant Rotors
        dioxide in the atmosphere.                           as well.
        Burning of fossil fuels, land                            Whether we believe it or not,          From 1950 to 2005, the country
        clearing and hazardous smoke                         very soon this problem will get        has experienced a severe growth
        from vehicles raises the level of                    shaped into an ugly havoc.             in CO2 release. At present India
        this toxic gas in the environment,                   Environmental problems like,           is the fourth largest carbon
        which in turn boosts 'global                         muggy climate, hurricanes and          dioxide producing country, if not
        warming'.                                            irregular rainfall patterns are        controlled now the situation is
            Most of the carbon dioxide is                    already making our life wretched.      only going to worsen further.
        consumed by trees and plants                         Global temperatures will continue      The climate a century hence
        and that's the reason we should                      to creep upwards until the ocean       would depend chiefly on what
        plant more trees.Even though the                     depths arrive to an equilibrium        we choose to do about our
        world's plants are taking up more                    with the heated air, and until         emissions today.

                                                                                                                       april 2009 green by design I 21
                                                                                           green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

           LOW ENERGY
                                   The aim of SPBR Architects actualized from a sustainable design theory into
                                   a utilitarian, economical, aesthetically pleasing and energy-saving project.
                                   THE ARCHITECTS

                                     INCORPORATING sustainable design into a utilitarian, economical, aesthetically
           THIS PAGE Illustrat-
                                     pleasing and energy-saving project that was future-oriented through a dual-program for
           ing the positioning
           of the Mediatheque
                                     fellow Brazilians, was the aim of the SPBR Architects (São Paulo, Brazil) team when they
           on the PUC-Rio            entered the conceptual plans for a low-energy university in a competition last year.
           campus. Best              However, winning the Silver at the 2nd Regional Holcim Awards, 2008 (Latin America)
           orientation, thermal      as conceived for the PUC-Rio Mediatheque project was the just the spur they needed.
           insulation, shading,      They have capably actualized an innovative, futuristic and technologically aided two-
           natural lighting and      fold educationally aligned structure. Namely, that of a building serving as a knowledge
           air-flow issues are       base, supporting the university campus nearby and secondly, being a cultural link in
           the mainstays of this     addition to an educational one for residents in the neighbouring settlement of Favela da
           green architectural
                                     Rocinha, who would access it besides the general public.
                                         The building is designed such that it presents itself as an identifiable local landmark
           OPPOSITE PAGE             that demonstrates developed standards of modern Brazilian architecture. It is rooted in
           TOP View of the           respect for natural topography while also exploring ultimate construction technology in
           main entrance foyer.      conceptualizing passive green-design elements. Best orientation, thermal insulation,
22 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                          low energy university   feature

         shading, natural lighting and air-flow is-
         sues, all of which add to a substantial re-
         duction in energy consumption are the
         mainstays of their architectural solution.
         For a space that essentially (and tradition-
         ally) was expected to function best with a
         certain kind of interior climate in order to
         ensure book and media preservation, green
         design in practise was a tall order.
             But, basing their design on the loca-
         tion of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica
         do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), the SPBR
         team aligned their Mediatheque project to
         operate from two ground levels already in
         existence. The lower ground level (situated
         at 0m) would host the massive book col-
         lections and administrative offices and the
         upper ground level (situated at 4 m) and called the Plaza, would provide access to the
         public building above.                                                                          THIS PAGE BOTTOM
             The most important meeting point on campus is the Plaza, which has been extended            The Eastern facade
         over a pier-support area that is in line with the Mediatheque's roof. This acts as a reflect-   of the PUC-Rio
         ing pool and was a feature recommended by the landscape designer who explained that             Mediatheque.

                                                                                                            april 2009 green by design I 23
                                                                                         green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                   when water is poured onto the slab, it will provide for thermal control, as a measure
                                   against fire and also make the concrete slab impermeable by freeing it of any chemical
                                   products, e.g. asphaltic membrane.
                                       Green design sensibility is further applied to the display of book collection shelves
                                   within the library. Housed inside a glass enclosed rectangular area that is surrounded by
                                   several office spaces, an arrangement that ensures offices are near both windows and
                                   shelves. Their design and spatial alignment strategy provides for a balance in tempera-
                                   ture and humidity control, which is necessary for protecting books. A double layer of
                                   single glass from the outside provides further defence from the natural elements.
                                       Since the main reading room is open on the south and north and shaded by sun sails,
           THIS PAGE Interior
                                   this configuration reduces the impact of thermal heating and direct sunlight entry is
           view of the
           Mediatheque. Green
                                   restricted by conscious exclusion of any windows along the façade too. Instead, a 'natu-
           design sensibility is   ral lamp'-like void has been created inside this enclosed space in the centre of the build-
           further applied to      ing, far from the limited windows of the library. Two segments of a glass floor located on
           the display of book     the upper level allow natural light to filter into this complete world within a world.
           collection shelves          The need for balancing thermo-acoustics for enhancing the building's pro-green
           within the library.     leanings is met by enforcing the building structure with trusses, resting on a pair of
           The main reading        columns. These trusses enclose the longitudinal facades outside the research, UNESCO
           room is open on the
                                   floor, foyer and main reading room areas with steels boards with welded joint areas. The
           south and north and
           shaded by sun sails,
                                   boards measure 5 mm in thickness in order to offer all-weather protection. They shield
           which reduce the        the internal walls of the building and their multi-layered composition enables them to
           impact of thermal       perform as air and thermal insulating, sound-proofing and mechanical space empower-
           heating and direct      ing steel barriers. This allows the Mediatheque to fulfil international standards of green-
           sunlight entry.         performance - as conceived in the early stages of ideation through 3D model testing.
24 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                                   house 205   feature

                  HOUSE 205 BY
                                                   H ARCHITECTS
                                                   A rather unusual name for a remarkably simple, yet elegant low-cost
                                                   residential dwelling perched high at the edge of a steep canyon in
                                                   Vacarisses, Catalunya, (northern Spain) - that's House 205!
                                                   TEXT BY DEEPANJOLIE SONYA FIGG • PHOTO GRAPHS STARP ESTUDI COURTESY
                                                   THE ARCHITECTS

                                                                                                          april 2009 green by design I 25
                                                                                         green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                 BARCELONA based H Arquitectes have
                                                                                 artfully combined path breaking green ini-
                                                                                 tiatives along with strong conservative struc-
                                                                                 tural elements to construct a quaint, for-
                                                                                 est-encircled home for their clients, Quico
                                                                                 Ortega & Maria Ferriol.
                                                                                     The economics of the project, (a mod-
                                                                                 est budget of 200,000 Euro for the 132
                                                                                 sq. meters of built up area) did not under-
                                                                                 mine the ecological vision for House 205.
                                                                                 Neither did the location (the house is con-
                                                                                 structed on the edge of a precipice) limit
                                                                                 the architectural team's basic aim of lend-
                                                                                 ing a form to an intimate personal family
                                                                                 space that could be developed by digging
                                                                                 deeper into the mounds of rock and land
           PREVIOUS PAGE
                                                                                 surrounding the site. So, the principal de-
           The interiors of the   sign team followed through with this and to their surprise, discovered a layer of rock
           house portrays a       that was perfect for anchoring the proposed new house upon!
           linear sequential          Furthermore, House 205's plan was based on raising its entire structure above the
           room pattern.          site on thick, double concrete supports and a platform. This design provided for dual
                                  functions that being the exit for the house and also for a sit-out cum garden area. The
           THIS PAGE TOP          concrete supports create permanent spaces for easy ventilation between the house and
           A quaint forest        the rocky ground. Thus, this single decision minimized land movements while preserv-
           encircled home.
                                  ing the home's picturesque valley view. The natural physiognomy of a surrounding
           THIS PAGE BOTTOM       woodsy area hasn't been compromised and the ramp crossing the land diagonally can
           A natural rock bed,    connect the residents very easily with the street across.
           which was perfect          Venturing indoors, the layout of the interiors shows a linear sequential room pattern
           to anchor the house.   i.e. each room has different proportions that are related to its main structure, enabling
26 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                                     house 205   feature

         House 205 to function as a harmonious blend of open-planned spaces yet providing
         small self-contained units - thanks to the scope of huge sliding installations in all parts.
             The framework for House 205 consists of huge KLH panels of laminated wood for
         both the walls and ceilings, which create efficient dimensions for articulation of big
         arches as necessitated by the existence of surrounding rock layers providing the founda-
         tion for the house. Moreover, the dry assembling of this light-weight and cost-effective
         paneling system that is aesthetically pleasing too, empowered the design team to limit
         the use of other raw materials and related energy, typically related to laying building
         foundations for ensuring a secure structure that would otherwise have resulted in higher
         CO2 emissions; this feature also conserved water besides making short-work of labour,
         cost and time investments.
             House 205 has a closed lifecycle, thanks to the use of laminated wood - a renewable         THIS PAGE LEFT
         material - making it an excellent example of a thoughtful, recyclable carpentry. This           H Arquitectes have
                                                                                                         artfully planned the
         feature also provides a warm, cozy look to the simple rectangular frame-and-wood shell          exit of the house to
         housing. The house has a 3-bedroom plan along with two study areas adjacent to a                doubles as a small
         perky living area equipped with a compact, practical kitchen.                                   sit-out cum garden
             Double height walls in the library, neatly lined with books, cleverly conceal a wooden      area.
         staircase connecting it to the second level of the home. The facades are ventilated and
         finished with coniferous wood such as the Flanders pine. The openings have also been            THIS PAGE RIGHT
         finished with wooden fitters which in turn are protected with the help of removable             The house consists
         shutters.                                                                                       of huge KLH panels
                                                                                                         of laminated wood
             Cost-effectiveness has further been ensured by limiting the facings and in this way
                                                                                                         for both the walls
         saving on the coating and interior finish. In the rest of the house installations are hidden,   and ceilings.
         but paneled with gypsum wallboard in certain rooms, leaving the rest with a structure
         that has its facings visible. All these elements coalesce to grant House 205 the ultimate       THIS PAGE
         wooden volume, quite at home amid rock and forest and creating at once, both instant            BOTTOM: Design
         visual impact and ecologically sound structural aesthetics.                                     plan of the house.

                                                                                                            april 2009 green by design I 27
                                                                                      green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

eco living saving water

           Water Ways

                                                                                         Raindance® EcoSmart showers
                                        Grohtherm range of thermostat by Grohe.                         by Hansgrohe.

                  re you getting worried        control the loss of water quite       shrubs and plants. Always use
                  about facing the perilous     effortlessly.                         organic fertilisers and a well-
                  effects of vanishing water                                          organised watering system.
           resources? Read on and see how       Turn Off the Tap When
           an individual's action can help in   Not In Use                            Don't Treat Your Toilet As A
           saving each drop of water.               Many of us have a habit of        Trash Can
                                                turning on the tap first and then          Remember that every time you
           As we all know water is the basic    begining to use the water; don't      flush a cigarette butt or a facial
           necessity of life, the valuable      let the water run uselessly. Whilst   tissue, five to seven gallons of
           substance is now in the ugly         washing dishes, one should use        water is wasted.
           hands of 'pollution'. The water we   water extremely judiciously                To bring down water wastage,
           drink is not pure any more and the   eliminating any waste. If using a     fill a bottle with some pebbles
           reason behind its impurity is the    dishwasher then pre-rinsing may       and place it safely in your toilet
           lack of consciousness. According     be avoided. Long showers should       tank. In this way you will save
           to a research 60% of water is        be avoided at all costs and start     gallons of water each day.
           consumed in our washrooms.           using bath-fittings with low water
           Currently we should think of         flow rates.                           It's Now or Never
           conserving water and then tend to                                               Water is like an environmental
           matters of its contamination.        Keep A Regular Check                  treasure, which if not used
               Some time back the Singapore         Get repaired that leaky toilet    properly can invite severe
           National Water Agency had            flush, faucet or pipe immediately.    problems. Many programmes
           signed an agreement with India.      Always remember to purchase           have been started by the govern-
           The main aim of this treaty was to   low flush toilets as they consume     ment of India like rain water
           curtail water wastage in Indian      a smaller quantity of water.          harvesting, which can help in
           cities and towns.                                                          increasing the ground water level.
               The current environmental        Watch Your Gardening Ways             Some NGO's are also contributing
           dilemma urges us to plan for            Planting trees or gardening        spectacularly in spreading
           sustainable water management,        indeed is the best way to deal        awareness. But that is not enough
           especially considering the mount-    with pollution but here too misuse    there is much more that we can
           ing demand of the increasing         of water should be avoided at all     do. We need to learn by heart that
           population. By simply following      costs. Water your lawn only when      overlooking this hazardous reality
           some easy guidelines we can          required; opt for drought- proof      will jeopardize our future.

28 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                            green school   feature

             HANDMADE SCHOOL
                                           The Handmade School by Anna Heringer and Eike Roswag serves
                                           as an example for future building development in the area.

                                                                                   his joyous and elegant two-storey
                                                                                   primary school in rural Bangladesh
                                                                                   has emerged from a deep under-
                                                                           standing of local materials and a heart-felt
                                                                           connection to the local community. Hand-
                                                                           built in four months by local craftsmen,
                                                                           pupils, parents and teachers together with
                                                                           experts from Germany and Austria, it uses
                                                                           traditional methods and materials of con-
                                                                           struction but adapts them in new ways to
                                                                           create light-filled beautiful, meaningful
                                                                           and humane collective spaces for learning.
                                                                               The school is part of the Modern Edu-
                                                                                                      april 2009 green by design I 29
                                                                                   green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

           PREVIOUS PAGE          cation and Training Institute (METI) of
           TOP Compositions       the Bangladeshi NGO Dipshikha, which
           of Bamboo lattices     places an emphasis on helping children
           and structural         develop their own potential and use it in a
           elements create a
                                  creative way. The building follows the same
           beautiful play of
           light and shadow.
                                  principles, bringing out the best in local
           The colourful saris    materials by inventively combining them
           that make up the       with improved construction techniques.
           ceiling of the lobby   Earthbound materials such as loam and
           add colour to the      straw are combined with lighter elements
           space.                 like bamboo sticks and nylon lashing to
                                  shape a built form that addresses
           PREVIOUS PAGE          sustainability in construction in an exem-
           This handmade
                                  plary manner.
           school is con-             The project team felt that it was par-
           structed by using      ticularly important to improve the quality
           traditional methods.   of living in the rural areas in order to coun-
                                  teract the continuing population migration
           THIS PAGE TOP The      to the cities.
           architects have            They detected that the primary poten-
           made efficient use     tial for developing buildings in the rural
           of bamboo sticks
                                  areas was the low cost of labour and locally
           and earthbound
                                  available resources such as earth and bam-
           THIS PAGE BOTTOM           The project team's main strategy was
           Exterior of the        to communicate and develop knowledge
           house.                 and skills within the local population so
30 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                                green school   feature

         that they could make the best possible use of the available resources. Historic building
         techniques were developed and improved upon and the emerging skills were then passed
         on to local tradesmen transforming in the process the image of the building techniques.       THIS PAGE TOP The
             On the ground floor with its thick earth walls, three classrooms are located each with    project team have
         their own access opening to an organically shaped system of 'caves' to the rear of the        made the best use
         classroom.                                                                                    of natural resources
                                                                                                       and thus lessened
             The upper floor is by contrast light and open, the openings in its bamboo walls           the cost of labour.
         offering sweeping views across the surroundings and its large interior providing space for
         movement. The view expands across the treetops and the village pond.                          THIS PAGE LEFT
             Light and shadows from the bamboo strips play across the earth floor and contrast         Ground floor of the
         with the colourful materials of the saris on the ceiling.                                     building consists of
             The building rests on a 50 cm deep brick masonry foundation rendered with a facing        thick earth walls and
         cement plaster. Bricks are the most common product of Bangladesh's building material          the upper floor is
         industry. It has almost no natural reserves of stone. As an alternative the clayey alluvial   open for sufficient
         sand is fired in open circular kilns into bricks.
             'Handmade School' showcases the potential of good planning and design, from the           THIS PAGE RIGHT
         arrangement of the building on site to the realisation of aspects in detail.                  The entire building
             Furthermore it demonstrates the possibilities of building with earth and bamboo           rests on a 50cm
         using simple methods as the continuation of a local rural building tradition and can          deep brick masonry
         serve as an example for future building developments in the area.                             foundation.

                                                                                                          april 2009 green by design I 31
                                                                                      green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

eco living prefab homes

           Prefab Homes

                                                                        ZeroHouse - A portable prefabricated house by
                                                                          architect Scott Speecht, of Specht Harpman.

                 refabricated buildings are    zinc-roofed building slightly          pany, launched its first series of
                 gaining popularity as well    reminiscent of a Quonset hut. On       prefabricated wooden houses at
                 as leading the industry in    the other hand, Frank Gehry has        the Classic Golf Resort, Gurgaon
           terms of technical progress and     shown his lavish designing skills      in India. Prefab homes are doing
           energy efficiency.                  via constructing 'Court Yard           remarkably well abroad but closer
                                               House' for the German firm             home in India, this idea is still not
           Prefabricated domiciles are often   WeberHaus. The new design              accepted. Here, prefab homes
           described as prefab homes;          effort is aimed at pumping up the      are not considered an ideal
           these houses can be constructed     image of prefabricated housing in      housing solution due to certain
           in a short span of time. While      Germany, in order to attract a new     social stigmas.
           constructing a prefab house the     clientele. The eminent Milan
           floors are accumulated first, and   based star Matteo Thun - who
           then the wall panels are attached   founded Italy's Memphis design
           with fixtures. Once the house is    group and led the creative team
           ready, the electrical wiring and    at Swatch for several years -
           ceilings are mounted. After that,   turned out 'o sole mio', a pent-
           the roof of the house is manufac-   roofed marvel of passive-energy
           tured separately and attached.      use, for Austrian firm Griffner
           The external and internal touch-    Haus.
           ups are provided to the house            The trend of prefab houses is
           after the construction is com-      still in a developing stage in India
           pletely finished.                   and will take time to develop
               The famous architect Gustav     further. Recently Lockwood
           Peichl has designed the single-     International, a top New Zealand-
                                                                                               Matteo Thun's 'O Sole Mio'.
           family Peichl-Haus, an arched,      based wood construction com-

32 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                                   renzo piano   feature

               RENZO PIANO’S
                                                 LIVING ROOF
                                                The new California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco bears 'a
                                                certain lightness of being' - an elegant steel structure, technologically
                                                precise in detail, glass aplenty to allow fluid movement of daylight
                                                and a diagrammatically simple layout that ever so quietly announces
                                                its illustrious architectural credits.
                                                TEXT BY DEEPANJOLIE SONYA FIGG

                                                                                                           Photo by Shunji Ishida

                                                                Photo by Nic Lehoux

           Photo by Nic Lehoux

         THOUGH the Golden Gate Park where the California Academy of Sciences is situated,
         is nothing short of a dream-site and one of the rare Natural Science Institutes that
         encourage public experiences with in-house scientific research conducted in the same
         building, our reason for focusing on it lies in its living up to its design aim: to enable
         interwoven spaces for exhibits, academic pursuits, conservation and research in a safe,
         modern facility. CAS exemplifies a high-tech model of sustainable architecture with               THIS PAGE TOP A
         frugal material choices and yet accomplishes immense variety in shapes refined and                       view of the
         classical in style, highlighting its mission statement (Explore, Explain & Protect the          California Academy
         Natural World). Guess one can always expect the unexpected from Pritzker Prize-winning                  of Sciences
         architects like Piano!                                                                           shrouded with the
             Architect Renzo Piano incorporated sustainable design strategies with a holistic               landscaped roof
         approach to using basic materials like gray architectural concrete for main buildings and
                                                                                                          LEFT Pigeon holed
         walls, implemented designs to enable recycling of materials from the old building and                   skylights are
         constructed in combination with a mix of the old and new - and even then, managed to              sprinkled over the
         ensure energy efficient heating and cooling.                                                          roof surface to
             At CAS, Piano takes on the mantle of a designer with advanced aesthetics in green              permeate light in
         building technology, effectively concretizing a scientifically sound yet culturally connected   the exhibits spaces.

                                                                                                           april 2009 green by design I 33
                                       green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                  Photo by Nic Lehoux

                                  Photo by Nic Lehoux

     Photo by John McNeal

     Photo by John McNeal

34 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                                   renzo piano   feature

         establishment. This is a tribute to a family of builders hailing from Italy and also a
         fantastically coming together of a varied scale of pieces. The location and orientation of
         CAS remains the same; its central Piazza (courtyard), too, remains the hub of all activities
         like before.
             The Planetarium Dome and Rainforest Biosphere are spherical dome shaped spaces
         near the Piazza, which combined with the Steinhart Aquarium's reconstructed entrance
         represent Space, Earth and Ocean elements. These also 'push' the top up, creating an
         undulating roofscape. The continuity of form is maintained for the green roof, the
         highlight of the project which assumes a new identity with a glass canopy beyond the
         perimeter walls, giving shade, rain-protection and also providing energy from 55,000
         photo voltaic cells contained in the glass!
             A glazed skylight covering the central courtyard makes up the main living area with
         multiple other, smaller sized ones sprinkled over the roof's surface to fill the exhibit
         space below with natural light; these also enable natural ventilation. Retractable fiber          OPPOSITE PAGE
         screens provide controlled microclimate for opening and evening hours when the event              LEFT The central
         spaces are in use.                                                                             Piazza of the original
             CAS comprises 5 floors; automatic sun blinds and windows in majority of the units                 structure was
         within enable natural ventilation and illumination in all workspaces even as minimal                maintained and
         choice of a frugal palette, utilizing color sporadically gives a strong essence to the light   around which Piano
         gray architectural concrete façade. Original limestone has been retained for the restored         planned out the 3
         African Hall but all floor spaces feature polished concrete; white acoustic panels make                domes - the
         up the exhibit hall soffit and are mounted horizontally under the curvature of the roof           Aquarium and the
         forming 'the fish scale' surface. Exhibit space is reserved in the formwork tie holes left                Rainforest
         visible.                                                                                                 biosphere.
             Four glazed facades fixed with extra-white glass enhance transparency and visual tran-
         sition of interiors while a hybrid concrete and steel roof structure, vegetation carpeting       RIGHT TOP Sketch
         includes a water "storage" layer, a deceptively designer-touch! The reformatory nature of           design of CAS.
         the roof is evident as it switches over to a light steel structure midway and supports the
         glass panels with PV cells that power up the knowledge center contained within.                BOTTOM Site plan of
             Piano skillfuly converts a basic science institute model into a place of humanistic art
         forms that are never quite abstract sculpture, but models of light. Drawing on a primeval        PAGE BOTTOM A
         knowledge base that determined for him the demolition of 11 existing buildings before            panoramic view of
         erecting this new one with efficient use of water, a run-off pattern from the roof and pure         the roof of the
         generation of renewable energy!                                                                          university

                                                                                                           april 2009 green by design I 35
                                                                                  green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

           EARTH BAG
                                  An old and conservative building method, adopted by the military to
                                  create strong, knock- down walls is adopted and refined by two archi-
                                  tects to create simple, low cost, sustainable housing.

                                  ARCHITECT Nader Khalili of the Cal-
                                  Earth Institute set out on a path breaking
                                  task of coming up with a low cost,
                                  sustainable form of building homes in the
                                  middle east. He began experimenting with
                                  bags of adobe soil as building blocks for
                                  creating domes, vaults and arches. Being
                                  familiar with the Middle Eastern culture
                                  and the use of adobe bricks in building
                                  methods of the olden days, it was not long
                                  before he himself started to experiment
                                  with this technique. At the Cal-Earth In-
                                  stitute, his students and understudies, who
                                  were trained by him in several, similar
                                  building techniques, expanded this field
                                  considerably with the help of further trial
                                  and error methods.
                                      Erecting buildings with sandbags is a
                                  considerably old and conservative tech-
                                  nique. It was long being used by the mili-
           THIS PAGE Substan-
                                  tary in particular, to create strong and pro-
           tial walls afford      tective barriers against, armaments and
           resist-ance even       other weapons of destruction. The walls
           against severe         so constructed also helped in preserving
           weather.               and protecting the army from the differ-
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green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                            earthbag house   feature

         ent vagaries of nature. Burlap bags were
         employed initially in the construction of
         massive and substantial walls. Later on this
         innovative form of construction was car-
         ried out with the use of polypropylene bags.
             The bags did their job well, except for
         the fact that eventually degradation
         occurred due to the exposure to strong
         sunlight. However it was noticed that if
         the bags were coated with a suitable plas-
         ter they were rendered strong enough to
         be employed as walls in permanent hous-
             Kelly Hart, another architect whose
         heart too was in sustainable architecture
         and was extremely keen to refine the earth
         bag building process, laid barbed wire in
         between the bags. This new hybrid
         concept led to the creation of an even more
         viable form of housing. He made two more
         alterations to Khalili's technique. He used
         crushed volcanic rock instead of adobe
         soil to stuff the bags and the second refinement that he brought in was that he plastered
                                                                                                     THIS PAGE The
         the earth bag walls with papercrete. The crushed volcanic rock provided the walls with      bags are stuffed
         good insulation and prevented any occurrence of rot or damage by moisture. The              with crushed
         papercrete plaster turned out to be a boon too as the house became fairly maintenance       volcanic rock and
         free unlike as in with the adobe finish. In a tropical environment, papercrete however      covered with
         may have to be substituted as here it could get infected with mold.                         papercrete.

                                                                                                        april 2009 green by design I 37
                                                                                          green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

eco living green, the flipside

           Other Side Of Green
                                                                                          such as recycled denim or
                                                                                          cellulose insulation should be
                                                                                          opted for over toxic materials
                                                                                          used in the past. Solar devices
                                   CII-Godrej GBC in Hyderabad, India. A LEED
                                                                                          such as photovoltaic solar panels
                                                      Platinum rated building.
                                                                                          incorporated on the roof or even
                                                                                          the façade of a building can
                                                                                          provide for almost all the electric-
                                                                                          ity required by the building.The
                                                                                          Samundra Institute of Maritime
                                                                                          Studies (SIMS) at Lonavala, near
                                                                                          Pune India, has the longest
                                                                                          photovoltaic wall in the world. In
                                                                                          other parts of the world, wind
                                                                                          towers are used to lessen the
                                                                                          load on air conditioning systems
                                                                                          especially in the corporate zone.
                                                                                              There are many fine examples
                                                                                          of green structures in India but if
                                                                                          asked to mention any one, then
                                                                                          that would most obviously be the
                                                                                          Confederation of Indian Industry
                                                                                          Sohrabji Godrej Green Business
                                                                                          Centre (CII-Godrej GBC) in
                                                                                          Hyderabad, India. The building

                 ustainable structures are        terraces and jaalis (stone lattices),
                 flourishing rapidly, but         amongst others should be used
                 does that really support         to save our energy resources. For
           the concept of green architec-         instance, the natural light from the
           ture?                                  courtyard, combined with energy-
                                                  efficient lighting systems can
           Today we are surrounded by             save 88 percent of energy. The
           information on green architecture      challenge is to scrutinise and
           and its benefits, but are we really    reunite these traditional methods                A Photovoltaic Installation by
           aware of what really is green or       with modern technological                                            Reynaers
           sustainable architecture?              innovations.
               It's a general term that de-           Low VOC (volatile organic
           scribes environmentally conscious      compound)-emitting materials            has been designed by the Indian
           design techniques in the field of                                              architectural firm, Karan Grover
           architecture.                                                                  and Associates. This epitome
               In India the concept of green                                              talks about the applicability of
           architecture is booming and                                                    traditional architectural knowledge
           gaining a lot of attention but what                                            combined with today's design
           you and I need is a desperate                                                  processes of sustainability.
           perspective check. How far have                                                    If one were to delve into
           we reached exactly? Every new                                                  ancient architecture which was
           construction these days claims to                                              inherently green by practise and
           be built with green elements and                                               construction; and if these prin-
           based on green guidelines.                                                     ciples were merged with contem-
               A few important features of a                                              porary design elements it would
           truly green structure are; architec-                                           definitely be possible to come up
           tural elements like courtyards,                                                with new and noteworthy results
                                                       Use of a passive solar concept
           clusters, wind towers, roof                                                    in authentic 'green architecture'.
38 I green by design april 2009
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                                                                                                                    bureau of energy efficiency   eco living

         Bureau of Energy Efficiency

                Stars (1-5)                                                                  Stars (1-5)
               display the                                                                  display the
                    relative                                                                    relative
              efficiency of                                                           efficiency of the
              the product                                                                      product
            Daily /annual
            consumption                                                                Annual Energy
               is used for                                                              consumption
           comparing the                                                                   (kwh/Year)
            actual energy
            use between
                  Important                                                                    Details
                    product                                                                     Brand
           specifications                                                                       Model
                like brand,                                                                       Type
              model, type,                                                                       cross
                   capacity,                                                                   Volume
            efficiency, etc                                                                    Storage

                BEE Logo

                                                                                             BEE Logo

                                                 BEE label for refrigerators                                  BEE label for air conditioners

               he Bureau of Energy                           stakeholders, resulting in an                 position the domestic industry to
               Efficiency (BEE) has                          accelerated and sustained                     compete in such markets where
               introduced a labelling                        adoption of energy efficiency                 norms for energy efficiency are
         programme which illustrates the                     across all sectors.                           obligatory. This plan was
         energy efficiency of a variety of                        BEE connects with designated             launched in May 2006, and is
         products.                                           consumers, agencies and other                 currently invoked for equipments/
                                                             organizations to recognize and                appliances like, frost free
         Saving or conserving energy                         utilize the existing resources and            refrigerators, fluorescent lamps,
         means reducing the use of                           infrastructure judiciously. The               air conditioners, direct cool
         energy; it may be obtained                          institute organizes training of               refrigerators, distribution
         through proficient energy use and                   personnel and specialists in                  transformers and induction
         by reducing the consumption of                      techniques for the efficient use of           motors, pump sets, ceiling fans,
         energy services. The Bureau of                      energy as well as for                         electric geysers and TV sets.
         Energy Efficiency (BEE), set up by                  strengthening consultancy                         One of the features of the BEE
         the government of India aims at                     services in the field of energy               label includes 'stars', which
         preserving and promoting the                        conservation.                                 further illustrates the energy
         efficient use of energy resources.                       Another very significant step            efficiency of the product. The
         With the primary objective of                       taken by BEE is the Labeling                  highlighted stars on the label of
         reducing energy intensity of the                    Programme, which provides the                 the certified appliance deter-
         Indian economy, it is established                   consumer an informed choice                   mines its efficiency. Hence, more
         to assist in developing policies                    about the energy saving, and                  the number of stars; more is the
         and strategies with a thrust on                     thereby the cost saving potential             saving. Furthermore, this BEE
         self-regulation and market                          of the marketed household                     label also serves as an informa-
         principles, within the framework                    appliance or equipment. This is               tive tool in terms of daily/annual
         of the Energy Conservation Act,                     expected to impact the energy                 power consumption details and
         2001. This can be achieved with                     savings in the medium and long                important product specifications
         the active participation of all                     run while at the same time it will            like type, capacity and efficiency.

                                                                                                                              april 2009 green by design I 39
                                                                                         green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                     The Centre for Vernacular Archtecture believes in using
                                     architectural building practices that are cost effective,
                                     eco-friendly and culturally pertinent.
                                     TEXT BY SHEETAL MISHRA • PHOTO GRAPHS SHALINI SEHGAL

                                  ENERGY does not mean what is certified; to live a simple life is ‘energy saving’ says Mr.
                                  R.L Kumar, who runs the Centre for Vernacular Architecture (CVA) in Banaswadi, Ban-
                                  galore. The Centre for Vernacular Architecture is a non-profit organization established
                                  in 1989 and has been designing and executing various vernacular architectural projects
                                  in South India. The firm specialises in a less explored field and is concerned with
                                  architectural building practices that are cost effective, ecologically sane and culturally
           THIS PAGE The
                                      Building on the work of practitioners like Laurie Baker and Hassan Fathy, their ar-
           home-office of         chitectural practice promotes the use of locally available materials, traditional building
           Trends Adfilms in      techniques, culturally and climatically relevant building design. They also offer
           Bangalore.             consultancy, training, and promotion of student exchange/resident programs. The Cen-
                                  tre comprises of a core team of six architects, eight engineer/supervisors and a team of
           OPPOSITE PAGE          about seventy five dedicated craftsmen and people drawn from a variety of building
           Open brick walls,      related trades. In most of his projects Kumar has been successful in capturing the es-
           rough granite          sence of 'space' and has virtually established that spaces need not be a result of a hanker-
           exteriors, wall
           paintings and
                                  ing for detailing.
           passive solar              The home-office for Trends Ad Films Pvt. Ltd, situated on the outer Ring Road in
           concepts are some      Bangalore, expresses the home part of the building in brick and the office in rough
           of the features seen   granite. This project is like a creative turn for Centre for Vernacular Architecture, it
           in this office.        portrays aesthetically pleasing work spaces with water bodies, ensuite furniture with an
40 I green by design april 2009
green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                               vernacular design   feature

                                                             april 2009 green by design I 41
                                                                                         green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                   oxide touch, special
                                   add-ons like wall
                                   paintings, green
                                   zones,         brick
                                   jharokas and court-
                                   yards to get suffi-
                                   cient day light. The
                                   place of work incor-
                                   porates all these as-
                                   pects and creates
                                   vibes for the young
                                   inhabitants. This
                                   invigorating 7,000
                                   sq.ft ad agency is a
                                   perfect example of
           TOP Brick jharokas      inspirational archi-
           and courtyards,         tecture. Here the
           traditional architec-   connection with
           tural features are      nature is main-
           incorporated in this    tained by uncov-
           modern day plan         ered stone and block work.
           of sustainable
                                       The Centre for Vernacular Architecture also has in its treasure trove one of its finest
           architecture at the
           women’s centre in
                                   projects, that is the Vimochana's Women's Centre in Kolar. Through this project Mr.
                                   R.L. Kumar experimented and brought forgotten 'cob walls' into the existence. The
                                   entire architecture uses traditional constructing materials are used i.e, stones, mud walls
           RIGHT ‘Cob walls’
                                   and other eco-friendly building materials.
           another forgotten           The excessive use of high-embodied energy materials in modern day construction
           feature has been        results in environmental degradation. The Centre for Vernacular Architecture through
           ingeniously brought     the mode of sustainable architecture aims to ease the burden of environmental degradation
           back into existence.    on earth.
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green by design supplement to home review april 2009 issue

                                                                                                                       teri   feature

           THE ENERGY AND
                                             In this world of increasing globalization and buoyed by
                                             optimism generated by the success of the Indian
                                             economy, TERI moves forward to meet the challenges
                                             of a ‘greener tomorrow’ through the excellence rooted
                                             in its creative charter.
                                             TEXT BY SHEETAL MISHRA • PHOTO GRAPHS COURTESY TERI

        THE Genesis of TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) lies in Mithapur, a remote
        corner of north-western India, where a visionary chemical engineer was concerned about
        the enormous amount of energy his factory spent on desalination - fresh potable water is
        scarce in those salty plains - and on making caustic soda from salt. Mr Darbari Seth of
        Tata Chemicals, who cherished the importance of energy as a resource, envisaged an
        institute 'to tackle and deal with the immense and acute problems that mankind is
        likely to be faced with in the years ahead, on account of the gradual depletion of the
        earth's finite energy resources that are largely non-renewable and on account of the
        existing methods of their use, which are polluting’.
            The idea instantly appealed to Mr. J R D Tata, Chairman of the Tata Group, a great
        visionary himself and a staunch supporter of scientific research - and TERI was duly
        registered in Delhi in 1974 as the Tata Energy Research Institute. Later it was renamed
        as The Energy and Resources Institute in 2003. TERI began operations in Mumbai in
        Bombay House, in its first decade; the approach was to fund deserving research projects
        on renewable energy. However, in 1984, it moved to Delhi and began its own research;
        the first externally funded project was to develop an energy model for India. In its 30-
        odd years of existence, TERI has completed more than 3,500 projects. Their upshots
        have been as varied as the fields they covered.
            TERI's influence on government thinking is manifest at policy level; the institute
        has been instrumental in drafting two major policy documents recently: the National
        Renewable Energy Policy for the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and the National      THIS PAGE
        Environmental Policy for the Ministry of Environment and Forests.                          The TERI University

                                                                                                       april 2009 green by design I 43
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                                      The organization had played a major role at COP-12, where it structured two side
                                  events. In 2006-07, the institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the
                                  CCX (Chicago Climate Exchange), the world's leading carbon trading exchange. The
                                  MoU seeks to explore the issues and options in the voluntary carbon market in India.
                                  TERI also serves as a registered adviser to the CCX and assists in exploring new offset
                                  project possibilities in the Indian subcontinent.
                                      TERI undertook the study 'National Energy Map for India: Technology Vision 2030'
                                  during 2006-07. The study commissioned and supported by the Office of the Principal
                                  Scientific Advisor, Government of India used the 'Markal' model to identify the most
                                  promising technological options across various sectors and suggest appropriate policies
                                  for moving towards optimal resource use.
                                      Green India 2047 by TERI sought to estimate the extent to which India's natural
                                  resources were degraded during the first 50 years of independence. The sequel to Green
                                  India 2047 was DISHA (Directions, Innovations, and Strategies for Harnessing Ac-
                                  tion), which looked into the future to draw up a blueprint of action for an economically
                                  advanced but sustainable India in 2047.
                                      TERI's facilities in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Guwahati, and Mukteshwar serve as models
                                  of eco-friendly design. In 2006-07, TERI-GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habi-
                                  tat Assessment), which is an environmental performance rating system for buildings -
                                  commercial, institutional, or residential - was launched. This innovative rating system,
                                  specifically developed for Indian conditions, uses qualitative and quantitative assess-
                                  ment criteria. It evaluates the environmental performance of a building throughout its
                                  lifecycle, thereby providing a definitive standard for what constitutes a 'green building'.
                                  Already, eleven buildings have been registered for rating. GRIHA has now become a
           THIS PAGE LEFT         national rating system.
           Solar-Panels in-           The Green Business Centre building in Hyderabad - TERI was the energy consult-
           stalled in one of      ant to the project - received the prestigious platinum rating under the LEED rating
           TERI’s projects.
                                  system of the United States Green Building Council. TERI was responsible for ensuring
           THIS PAGE RIGHT        maximum energy efficiency in the building through an appropriate building envelope
           TERI’s Mukhteshwar     and system interventions - and has now been retained by two more aspirants for the
           Building in the        platinum rating: ITC Ltd (for its proposed Centre for Corporate Excellence in Gurgaon)
           Himalayas.             and North Delhi Power Limited.
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                                                                                                                            teri   feature

            The flagship of events organized by the institute is DSDS, the Delhi Sustainable
        Development Summit, held every year in early February. A global summit, the event
        draws distinguished participants - heads of state and senior ministers; heads of large
        multinational corporations, UN agencies, and bi- and multi-lateral agencies, scientists
        including Nobel laureates - from every continent to debate current issues of regional
        and international significance. The first such summit, organized in 1999, was inaugu-
        rated by the president of India. The summit is the world's sole forum on sustainability
        issues that transcends the global divide.
            TERI's field campus presented a unique opportunity to TERI researchers to demon-
        strate energy-efficient architecture. The result was RETREAT (Resource-efficient TERI
        Retreat for Environmental Awareness and Training). Set amidst a lush green landscape,
        it has been designed as a residential training facility for executives. The entire facility is
        planned to be self-sufficient, independent of any external power supply. The principles
        of energy efficiency and recycling are used so effectively that the complex requires only
        25% of the energy.
            The new TERI University campus by the establishment has been intended to offer a
        setting that enhances learning and showcases the concept of modern green buildings.
            From biotechnology to global climate change, from smoke-filled rural kitchens to
        plush corporate boardrooms, from schoolchildren to heads of state-no sphere of human
        endeavour is unfamiliar to TERI. Headed by Dr Rajendra K Pachauri, also chairman of
        the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) and joint-winner of the Nobel
        Peace Prize in 2007, TERI has state-of-the-art laboratories, yet it is more than a research      THIS PAGE LEFT
        outfit; it has looked into the past and into the future of the world's natural resources. All    Children studying
        activities in TERI move from formulating local and national level strategies to suggest-         with a solar lantern.
        ing global solutions to critical energy and environment-related issues. It is with this          THIS PAGE RIGHT
        purpose that TERI has established regional centres in Bangalore, Goa, and Guwahati,              Director General
        and a presence in Japan, Malaysia, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. It has also set         TERI, Dr R.K.
        up affiliate institutes: TERI-NA (The Energy and Resources Institute, North America)             Pachauri.
        Washington DC, USA, and TERI-Europe, London, UK.
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green talk bcil

           BCIL EMBODIES

                   CIL (Biodiversity Conserva
                   tion India Ltd) is a builder-
                   technology enterprise set
           up by Dr. Chandrashekar
           Hariharan to mainstream
           sustainability in the urban area in
           1995. He is the only Indian among
           eight Asians chosen as a Water
           Champion by ADB in 2005
           amongst experts working in 63
           nations in Asia. The company has
           taken up the environmental
           challenge of the day to provide
           living spaces for people who
                                                                 BCIL Living
           respect not one but all six fila-
           ments of environment i.e. earth,
           energy, waste, water, air and
                BCIL has been able to              received the first international    country, and was conferred the
           construct two million square feet       award (Ryutaro Hashimoto APFED      Spectrum Award for sustainable
           of sustainable residential spaces       Award by the Ministry of Environ-   architecture twice. It was also
           for urbanites, far above the            ment Japan) given for a residen-    presented with the TERI corporate
           standards of conventional               tial building complex for           environmental initiatives award in
           residential buildings, over and         mainstreaming sustainability in     2003. In 2005, it received the All
           above any building codes that           India. BCIL is recognized as one    India Practising Architects Award
           exist in this country or perhaps        of the largest ‘sustainable built   for sustainable architecture.
           globally. Recently BCIL T ZED           environment’ enterprise in the          BCIL’s journey began with

                                                                                                 T ZED, a watershed project

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                                                                                                                                      bcil   green talk

         Trans Indus, its first residential                  this accomplished with no                airport, close to Margoa, there is
         complex in Bangalore which was                      support whatsoever from either           a lovely set of retirement homes
         built around a theme of ‘healing                    the Government or any other              at the BCIL Gaia.
         the land’ as it was created on a                    external agency in terms of                  The Green Idea Lab (GIL) is the
         rocky piece of land. It is a lush                   subsidies or finance-in-                 design, consulting and research
         green haven now, and is                             assistance.                              arm of BCIL. Part of GIL’s design
         considered amongst the top ten                          BCIL RedEarth, an enclave of         challenge is building
         most coveted properties in                          140-plus villas to the north of          with reusable and low-
         Bangalore and conferred with                        Bangalore, offers homes that             embodied energy materials,
         several awards. This was                            don’t use electricity from the           improving the standard of living
         followed by other properties such                   Power Corporation, or water from         for the client-communities so
         as Townsend, T Zed Homes, and                       the Water Supply Board.                  developed, and assisting in
         Collective. With its new project                        In the sunny land of Goa, a          building rating and carbon
         ‘Red Earth’ it is sure to assimilate                half-hour’s ride south of the            management services.
         many more milestones. BCIL is
         now extending its work out of
         Bangalore to Mysore (Expanse),
         Goa (Gaia) and Coorg (Little Acre).
             T ZED is particularly special for
         BCIL because it is a watershed
         project in the way sustainable
         buildings are constructed
         anywhere in the world. It is the
         first multi unit and multi storied
         residential complex to be inde-
         pendent of municipal water and
         waste connection. T ZED’s holistic
         closed loop system is a leading
         example of a multi unit residential
         building that not only saves all
         water that falls on the campus
         and leaves no waste for others to
         treat, but it remains water positive                        T ZED, is the first multi-unit,multi storied residential complex to be
         as well i.e. it adds water to the                                   independent of a municipal water and a waste connection.
         depleted aquifers. T ZED stands
         out for the staggering number of
         additional benefits that the
         property offers to a customer – all

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green talk fuel

           AND ITS HAZARDS.

                    mid the many problems
                   afflicting the modern world,
                   fossil-fuel dependence may
           be one of the most critical,
           possibly second only to climate
           change in its potential to destroy
           the fabric of life as we know it.
           Consequently, the most recent
           movie by Josh Tickell (author of
           From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank),
           raises awareness and motivates
           the audience to 'change your
           fuel....change the world'.
                                                          Power Of 'Fuel'
               This film named Fuel made its
           national debut in Portland,
           Oregoon on November 14th, 2008.
           With an expenditure of approxi-
           mately $2 million (mostly in           Fuel exposes an insightful over-    the energy we need without
           donations from individuals), it took   view of America's troubled          compromising peace and free-
           the director 11 years to make this     relationship with oil. The docu-    dom," said the Director, Josh
           film, a story of his personal          mentary further highlights how      Tickell, highlighting the focus of
           journey for clean energy solutions.    alternative and sustainable         this comprehensive film.
               Citing the problems the            energies can reduce the world's         In the opening scene of Fuel, a
           society encounters when fossil         addictive dependence on fossil      tranquil satellite image of our blue
           fuels turn to be interconnected        fuels. "I made Fuel to show that    planet fills the screen, while a
           with every part of modern life,        there is a way for us to have all   narrator describes how single-

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                                                                                                                                   fuel   green talk

         celled organisms changed into oil                   dent on personal vehicles and          Film Festival Audience Award in
         over millions of years. Elaborating                 grow their own food and fuel           January 2008 and the AFI (Ameri-
         on issues with alarming statistics                  locally by retrofitting existing       can Film Institute) Dallas Interna-
         and facts, this documentary                         cities.                                tional Film Festivals 'Current
         brings to light the involvement in                      With interviews and appear-        Energy Earth Friendly Award' in
         an expensive war in Iraq for all,                   ance by a wide range of environ-       March, this film is on track to
         the massive oil spill in Louisianan                 mentalists, policy makers and          continue picking up awards and
         during Hurricane Katrina, and the                   educators, along with such 'green'     influencing audiences nationwide.
         health dangers to the populations                   celebrities as Woody Harrelson,            In this way, Fuel is a redemp-
         living in close proximity to oil                    Sheryl Crow, and Larry Hagman          tive story, although it does not
         refineries that report a huge rise in               offer serious fuel for thought as      promise that the road ahead will
         cancer, fertility problems, miscar-                 well as for action. Through these      be easy. It shows technology that
         riages and birth defects.                           experts and celebrity activists, the   is within grasp, so that individuals
              Furthermore, the makers of                     documentary explores the various       and cities can gradually switch
         Fuel have brought to our attention                  options of alternative fuels includ-   from oil dependency to more
         a collection of ideas that can help                 ing bio-diesel (made from any          localised and sustainable models
         us take control of the situation we                 kind of vegetable oil including        that meet the triple bottom line of
         are in. As cited by Tickell, "The                   used oil from fast food restau-        improving the economy, the
         movie really mirrors what has                       rants); biomass (forestry and          society, and the environment. Like
         occurred in the environment                         agricultural products as well as       many documentaries, the power
         movement over the past three                        biodegradable industrial and           of Fuel is in the dialogue it
         decades." In addition to the oil                    municipal waste); ethanol (alcohol     creates.
         dependency issues that the film                     made through the fermentation of
         outlines, it demonstrates the                       sugars found in starches like corn
         benefits of switching to alternative                and potatoes); and methane
         fuels and the growing need for                      (made from digestion and degra-
         more localised action towards                       dation of organic material).
         this end. It exceptionally explores                     Offering clear pathways for
         alternative electricity, made                       solutions, Fuel re-contextualises
         popular during the Carter adminis-                  how we view our dependence on
         tration and reversed during the                     oil, how we view war and what
         Reagan years, such as harness-                      we are handling to the coming
         ing energy from the sun (solar),                    generation. In Tickell's words,
         wind and water (hydro). It por-                     "Fuel is uplifting, clear, based on
         trays in a virtual city of the future,              fact and personal experience and
         where green roofs, light rail, and                  leaves viewers with a sense of
         'vertical farms' illustrate how large               what the future can be, if we act
         populations can be less depen-                      now." After winning a Sundance

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eco living reuse beats recycling

           Reuse Beats Recycling

                                                                                                    Always use both sides of
                                                                                                        paper for your printer

                           An installation made with ceramic bits                                                  A schematic of
                                           at the Nekchand garden                                                     water reuse

                 he guiding light in today's       Purchasing durable goods, buying       materials out of the waste stream
                 endeavour to lead a green         and selling in the used market-           Reuse advances source
                 life is made up of three          place, borrowing, renting, sub-        reduction.
           words, reduce, reuse and                scribing to business waste                Reuse preserves the "embod-
           recycle. But that said, the one         exchanges and making or receiv-        ied energy" that was originally
           thing that shines through is the        ing charitable transfers. It is also   used to manufacture an item.
           act of reuse.                           achieved by attending to mainte-          Reuse reduces the strain on
                                                   nance and repair, as well as by        valuable resources, such as fuel,
               Reuse is often confused with        designing in relation to reuse. This   forests and water supplies, and
           recycling, but they are really quite    may mean developing products           helps safeguard wildlife habitats.
           different. (Even those engaged in       that are reusable, long-lived, and        Reuse creates less air and
           reuse frequently refer to it as         capable of being remanufactured        water pollution than making a
           recycling.) Reuse in the broadest       or creatively refashioning used        new item or recycling.
           sense means any activity that           items.                                    Reuse results in less hazard-
           lengthens the life of an item.              Why is reuse so important?         ous waste.
           Recycling, on the other hand, is        Because at the same time that it          Reuse saves money in pur-
           the reprocessing of an item into a      confronts the challenges of waste      chases and disposal costs.
           new raw material for use in a new       reduction, reuse also sustains a          Reuse creates an affordable
           product-for example grinding the        comfortable quality of life and        supply of goods that are often of
           tire and incorporating it into a        supports a productive economy.         excellent quality.
           road-surfacing compound. Reuse          With few exceptions reuse                 Unique to reuse is that it also
           is nothing new. What is new is          accomplishes these goals more          brings resources to individuals
           the need to reuse.                      effectively than recycling, and it     and organizations that might
               Reuse is accomplished               does so in the following ways:         otherwise be unable to acquire
           through many different methods:            Reuse keeps goods and               them.

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