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Pre-Conference Day
to Ecological Farming Conference

 January 20, 2010                                  Agenda
 asilomar Conference Grounds                       morning
 Pacific Grove, CA

                                                   9:00    Opening remarks from Ken Foster, M.C.
                         oin us as we              9:15    Owen e. Dell
                         gather on the                     Landscape Architect, Educator and Author • Sustainable
                                                           landscaping: a visionary look at the future of gardens
                         beautiful shores
                         of the Monterey           10:30   ROsalinD CReasy
                                                           garden and food writer, photographer, and landscape
                     Bay National Marine                   designer • Edible Landscaping – The Whys and The Hows
                       Sanctuary to hear and
                       explore the latest trends   Lunch served at 12 pm
                      in the ever-expanding
                      world of ecological
                      landscaping.                 FutureShapers
                     Hear from this field’s        12:30   (Optional tour) lisa MCanDRews
                     pioneers as well as the               Landscape Architect and Cabrillo College faculty
                                                           Taking a Walk through the Sustainable Landscape at Asilomar
                     architects, landscapers,
                     water resource                1:30    alane O’Rielly webeR
                                                           Soil Food Web Inc. Certified Advisor • The future beneath our
                     managers and farmers
                                                           feet: the science and practice of the soil food web
                      who are shaping the
                      future. Nationally           2:15    Raphael GaRCia
                                                           Ecological Designer and Project Manager, Rana Creek,
                         recognized authors                Reusing Graywater and Stormwater on Large-Scale Projects
                         and activists will be
                                                   3:00    lauRa allen
                         on hand to answer                 Co-founder Greywater Guerillas and Greywater Action
                         your questions and                From greywater to green gardens: A palette of ecological water
                        inspire.                           solutions
                                                   4:00    Open Forum All the speakers will sit on a panel to field ques-

 Register online at:                               5:00
                                                           tions in an Open Forum.
talk details
 9:15                                                  10:30
 Owen e. Dell                                          ROsalinD CReasy
 sustainable landscaping:                              edible landscaping For the
 a Visionary look at the Future of                     professional
 Gardens                                               Rosalind Creasy, author of the Complete Book of
 This dynamic, eye-opening talk will forever change    Edible Landscaping, professional photographer,
 the way the participants understand their relation-   and pioneer in the field will give an enthusiastic
 ship to the landscape. One part practical lesson      slide presentation. The lecture will include an
 in sustainable landscaping techniques from one        encyclopedia of beautiful edible plants for Coastal
 of the masters of the craft, and one part rousing     California, cover basic design dos and don’ts, dis-
 motivational sermon by a true pioneer in the field    cuss important cultural considerations, and speak
 of ecological landscaping, this immensely popular     to some of the challenges faced by designers who
 talk always sends people away excited about the       use edibles in their landscapes.
 future and eager to take part in creating a better
 world. Sustainable
 Sustainable Landscaping: A Visionary Look at the
 Future of Gardens includes a wealth of specific       lisa MCanDRews
 ideas on how to create stable, beautiful landscape    “Taking a walk through the
 systems that really work for property owners and
 for the environment.
                                                       sustainable landscape at
 It is suitable for home gardeners, as well as pro-
 fessional audiences who can learn how to create       Join Lisa McAndrews for a 30-minute walking tour
 profitable business opportunities by incorporat-      through the carefully restored Sand Dune Plant
 ing sustainable landscaping principles into their     community that weaves its way from the Confer-
 projects.                                             ence grounds towards the ocean.
 Owen has delivered this presentation to thou-         Dune habitat is rare in California, and has been
 sands of people in the United States and abroad.      altered greatly by European Dune Grass (/Am-
 Owen is honored to be part of Eco-Farm’s 30th         mophila arenaria) /used originally in Golden Gate
 anniversary conference and has promised to bring      Park. It traveled in the ocean southward down the
 some special bonus material for this special event.   coast transforming this rare and special habitat.
                                                       We will discuss the native plants we see & their
                                                       potential places in other sustainable landscapes
                                                       you might create in the future.
1:30                                                     3:00
alane O’Rielly webeR                                     lauRa allen
The Future beneath Our Feet:                             From greywater to green gardens:
The science and practice of The                          a palette of ecological water
soil Food web                                            solutions
This lecture will detail the science of the soil food-   Simple practices of harvesting rainwater, reus-
web and the many microbe-plant interactions, as          ing household greywater, and restoring nutrient
researched and taught world-wide by Dr. Elaine In-       cycles with waterless toilets helps protect our fresh
gham of Corvallis, OR. With over 20 years of work        water supply, while growing bountiful, ecological
and study in organic/sustainable gardening, Alane        landscapes. Learn how to cut your water use in
will translate that science into specific landscape      half, irrigate fruit trees while you shower, and hear
practices and maintenance techniques in order to         updates on the new, greywater friendly, California
maximize desired plant growth and environmental          plumbing code

Raphael GaRCia
Reusing Graywater and storm-
water on large-scale projects
Highlights Include:
• Variable conditions across California affecting
  graywater and stormwater reuse (geology, cli-
  mate, topography)
• Deciding when to separate or combine graywa-
  ter and stormwater
• Transbay Project (graywater and stormwater
  reuse for toilet flushing)
• Fort Ord Lower Stilwell Project (graywater and
  stormwater reuse for irrigation and toilet flush-
• Looking Forward (Return on Investment, and
  determining water quality standards)
 Owen e. Dell                                               Rosalind is an accomplished photographer and
                                                            broke new ground by photographing a palette of then
                             Owen Dell is an interna-
                                                            unknown colorful fruits, vegetables, and edible flow-
                             tionally-recognized land-
                                                            ers. These she helped popularize in her 1988 book
                             scape architect, contractor,
                                                            Cooking From the Garden and a weekly syndicated
                             author and educator. He is
                                                            column in the Los Angeles Times, where she helped
                             the owner of County
                                                            introduce the American public to the many colorful
                             Landscape & Design in
                                                            heirloom tomatoes and luscious melons, mesclun
                             Santa Barbara, California,
                                                            salad greens, and blue potatoes and corn we now
                             specializing in sustainable
                                                            take for granted.
                             landscape design and
                             construction. Owen                                       Since 1982, Rosalind has
                             teaches sustainable                                      written 17 books on garden-
 landscaping to professional and lay audiences. He is                                 ing and cooking; the latest
 the author of the best-selling books “How to Start a                                 one is Rosalind Creasy’s
 Home-Based Landscaping Business” and “Sustain-                                       Recipes From the Garden
 able Landscaping for Dummies” and has been a                                         published in spring of
 regular contributor to many professional publications                                2008.
 including Sunset, National Gardening, Southern
                                                                                       Frustrated by America’s
 California Gardener, Edible Santa Barbara, and
                                                                                       penchant for lawns, for
 others. He has also pioneered many developments in
                                                                                       the last twenty-five years
 sustainable landscaping, firescaping, fossil-free
                                                                                       Rosalind has used her front
 landscaping, and related fields. Owen is the co-star
                                                                                       garden to showcase an
 of the popular Santa Barbara television series, “Gar-
                                                                                       ever-changing palette of ed-
 den Wise Guys.” He has received numerous awards
                                                            ible ornamentals from “Pink Pearl’ apples to golden
 for his work and community activism.
                                                            zucchini; to highlight gardening with children includ-
 (805) 962-3253,
                                                            ing a wheat and a corn garden; and even to keep                                          chickens in her Los Altos front yard.
                                                            Today, Rosalind continues to lecture nationwide us-
 ROsalinD CReasy                                            ing photos of gardens from coast to coast as well as
 Rosalind Creasy is a garden and food writer, photog-       many from her own garden. She is presently finish-
 rapher, and landscape designer with a passion for          ing the manuscript for the revision of The Complete
 beautiful vegetables and fruits and a long conviction      Book of Edible Landscaping, and designing edible
 that gardening should be an ecologically positive en-      gardens for the New York Botanical Garden and
 deavor. Her first book, the award- winning bestseller,     Powell Gardens in Kansas City, MO. Rosalind’s latest
 The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping, helped            works have been featured in Mother Earth News,
 popularized the term “Edible Landscaping,” now a           Gardening-How-to, Sunset Magazine, and Southwest
 part of the American vocabulary. Edible Landscaping,       Airline’s Spirit Magazine.
 written in 1982, was one of the first American land-
 scaping books to advocate organic methods, encour-
 aged recycling, and provided alternatives to resource
 wasting gardening techniques.
lisa MCanDRews                                                lectures throughout the Bay Area and the state repre-
                                                              senting the Soil Foodweb, Inc., San Mateo County’s
                           Lisa McAndrews has been            Master Composter Program, and Alameda County’s
                           an instructor in the Horti-        Bay Friendly Landscape program. Previously, Alane
                           culture Department at              worked as a groundskeeper and farm/garden man-
                           Cabrillo Community College         ager for George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, where she
                           in Aptos, California since         studied with leaders in the field of organic farming to
                           1980. She teaches 8 differ-        design and install a 2 acre vegetable garden; spend-
                           ent courses in aspects of          ing the previous 12 years in retail nurseries, earning
                           landscape horticulture.            her Master Nurseryman’s Certificate in 1974.
                          She has a Bachelor of Arts                                    Her earliest academic focus
                          in Art History from Stanford                                  centered on Botany, Biology
and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from UC                                         and Horticulture at Hum-
Berkeley and is a licensed California Landscape Archi-                                  boldt and Sonoma State
tect. She has been a co-owner of Madrone Landscape                                      Universities and locally at the
Group with her husband, Steve McGuirk since 1978.                                       College of San Mateo. How-
They have done residential and commercial projects                                      ever, it was while studying
from Sacramento to Carmel.                                                              Permaculture design and the
Since the opening of the new Environmental Horti-                                       soil foodweb principles
culture Center and Botanic Gardens on the Cabrillo                                      simultaneously, that the
campus in 2003, she has been working with staff and           concepts of cooperation with Nature and the syner-
students to design, install and manage sustainable            gistic use of biological tools became the focus of her
instructional landscapes on the 11 acre site the Hor-         maintenance and consulting business. Currently,
ticulture Department occupies on campus.                      Alane consults, lectures and continues to investigate
                                                              practical solutions for sustainable maintenance of
alane O’Rielly webeR
                                                              As an active volunteer contributing to a number
Alane Weber’s devotion to nature and dedication to            of organizations, including the Bioneers, Ecologi-
the sustainable care of gardens is evidenced by her           cal Farming Association, and the National Tropical
40 years of study, work and volunteer service in the          Botanical Gardens of Lawai, HI, Alane has deepened
field of horticulture. Her passion has led her to write       her understanding of the impact of ecology in the
and lecture and she has been a guest on radio and             garden. During the past seven years, she has vol-
local television. In 2009 Ms. Weber designed and              unteered her services designing and managing a
coordinated the installation of a 4X awarding win-            production organic vegetable garden for Samaritan
ning sustainable display garden at the San Francisco          House, for the benefit of the homeless and needy of
Flower and Garden Show.                                       San Mateo Co.
Botanical Arts, Alane’s multi-faceted consulting busi-
ness, focuses on sustainable landscape management
and soil fertility. She is a national certified advisor for
Dr. Elaine Ingham’s Soil Foodweb, Inc., producing
and advising on the use of professional grade com-
post, compost tea, and organic amendments. Alane
Raphael GaRCia                                             lauRa allen
                                With over 10 years of                                       Laura is a co-founder
                                biology-based work                                          of the Greywater
                                experience span-                                            Guerrillas and has
                                ning North America                                          spent a decade
                                Raphael brings a                                            exploring low-tech,
                                unique set of skills                                        urban sustainable
                                and experience to his                                       water solutions. She
                                position as Design                                          has a BA in Environ-
                                Associate for Rana                                          mental Science, a
Creek’s Living Architecture Department.                    teaching credential and a masters in education from
                                                           New College of CA. She is a co-editor of the anthol-
Recognizing the need to preserve wildlife and endan-
                                                           ogy Dam Nation: Dispatches from the Water Under-
gered species, Raphael has worked in a broad range
                                                           ground. Laura leads classes and workshops on urban
of habitat restoration and wildlife management proj-
                                                           ecological sanitation technologies of rainwater
ects. Studying species such as the Steelhead Trout,
                                                           harvesting, greywater reuse and composting toilets.
Pacific Salmon, Mission Blue Butterfly, Snowy Plover,
                                                           Laura also works with the Greywater Alliance to help
and California Red Legged Frog he has played a role
                                                           remove institutional barriers to sustainable water
in the design and implementation of projects intend-
ed to protect existing sanctuaries as well as establish
healthy environments intended to support continued
species preservation and development
Raphael’s work has evolved to include matters relat-
ing to the efficient use of water resources, including
stormwater and greywater. He was contributing au-
thor for the book “Managing Water: Avoiding Crisis
in California” and is also assisting with the establish-
ment of California’s new laws concerning the use of
Raphael’s professional expertise concerning wild-
land restoration, habitat design, and stormwater
management have honed his abilities in managing
the design, presentation, and implementation of
construction projects with a unique balance between
sustainability and function. These skills were recog-
nized in 2008 when he was awarded an Excellence
in Analysis and Planning award from the American
Society of Landscape Architects for publication he
co-authored that provides guidelines for the environ-
mental, social, and economic restoration of South
Los Angeles.

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