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planting tomatoes in pots


									planting tomatoes in pots

Today it seems impossible to have the urban gardens around the house, because the human population continues to swell,
residents are forced to live in overcrowded plus the exorbitant land prices. This condition is very alarming for those who
like to grow crops for arable land that could be plants, vegetables can not be longer because it is filled with houses.
Actually, all that can be handled by planting organic tomatoes in pots or polybags with. Planting in this way ....

This turned out to have long done by the housewives, but not taken seriously. Suppose if we want to handle the results are
no less intensively planted with orchards and gardens. Planting tomatoes in pots or polybags actually has many advantages
compared to planting diperkebunan. Which can be done by anyone in particular who do not have a yard, plant growth is
easily controlled, dissemination / transmission of pests and diseases is very small and save fertilizer for a small place.

On this occasion we will discuss planting tomatoes in pots or polybags are the same, although in principle the procedure for
planting vegetables or fruit in pots or polybags. Things that must be prepared to bertomat in pots or polybags are:

a. place and the media

menanan basically this way we can utilize the biscuit cans, plastic buckets, other containers used or buy pots or polybags.
Growing media used in the form of manure or compost soil. Comparison can be 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 depending on the severity of
soil fertility or. Container that had been prepared under perforated and covered with broken oblique to the flow of water
spray. Once it is filled with media that we have prepared fully.

b. Seedbed

Tomatoes are propagated by seeds, sown first placed in a container and placed in a shady area. A month later the seed that
has sprouted it should diindah (weaned) to the other as an exercise for the cultivation of young tananam ini.sesudah
seedling height of 10 cm, can be moved into the pot.

c. Cultivation

Place and the media we are prepared to consider, before it moved to the pot plants need watering pot sebainnya first. To
move the plants from the nursery into the pot should be careful not to plant roots until we can use the tool ketinggal solet
to issue these plants, and removal should be done in the afternoon.

d. Care

Treatment plants in pots or polybags easier because each plant is more controlled health and disease can be avoided
through AKAT. Some routine maintenance to be done as follows:

 Check the plant every day, mainly from pess and diseases. If pests are found there, grab it and turn off the pest by
clamping. If there are plants that are wilted remove and discard the media so as not to infect other plants.

 If the plant looks less fertile, add manure or compost that has beencooked.

 When you have grown up to help give the pillar upholding these plants.

 When sterlihat dry land, immediately wash the plants and soil.

e. Harvest

Organic tomatoes within 3 months we can already enjoy the results.

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