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                          MARKING AND FEEDBACK POLICY
(This policy should be read in conjunction with the policies on Learning & Teaching and


We understand that for progress to be made, children need to have feedback
and understand how to improve their work further; teachers need to assess
learning in order to plan effectively and marking plays an important role within
this. We believe that children need to feel their work is appreciated and


   To ensure learning is valued
   Help develop and maintain a culture of reflection and improvement
   To have a consistent approach to marking and feedback
   To ensure a clear line of accountability for assessment of and progress

What the School will do

NB: For the purpose of this policy, marking will refer to written comments and
feedback will refer to verbal comments.

All teaching staff in school will uphold the following:

   Use constructive verbal and written comments that praise achievement and
   highlight errors, relating where possible to the learning objective first.

   Comments will be directives to help children move forward in their learning.

   Marking and feedback will reflect the essential criteria for the subject.

   Spelling and presentation will be highlighted at appropriate levels.

   Comments relating to attitude and effort will be used as and when necessary.

In addition to the above, each key stage will adopt the following:


   Feedback will take place during the process of the lesson and marking will be
   used if appropriate in the ‘I was asked to’ books used during Teacher Directed
   Tasks (TDTs).

  Marking of the ‘I choose’ books will take place as soon as possible. Children
  will be given dedicated time to discuss marking during ‘Planning Time’.


  Feedback will be given as a matter of course and marking will be carried out
  where required during Teaching Workshops.
  Marking will take place during the process of a teaching and learning session
  or as soon as possible thereafter.
  Time will be given for children to act upon their comments and directives and
  may be added to their Learning Menus
  Peer and self-marking/feedback will be taught and used where appropriate.

What the Children will do

  Act upon comments and directives made during feedback or in marking.
  Listen to and use advice.
  Learn, understand and use the marking code.
  Be supportive yet constructive when peer-marking.

What Parents & Carers will do

  Ask their children about feedback they’ve had and how they can act upon it.
  Encourage their children to be reflective and seek to improve their work.

What Governors will do

  Support the school in delivering the policy effectively by upholding its values
  and reviewing the policy every 3 years.

This policy will be reviewed by the Head Teacher, staff and Governing
Body every 3 years.

Shabnam Cadwallender
Head Teacher                                                     February 2012

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