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									                7 October 2010

                ACCIDENTS AT WORK
                Advice from your union

                An accident or injury at work can seriously affect your health and
                your ability to provide for yourself and any dependants.

                UNISON may be able to help.

                Your UNISON steward will be able to advise you, but if you are
                unable to make contact with them, please phone UNISONdirect
                on 0845 355 0845 who will deal with your initial query and put
                you in touch with a UNISON representative. Alternatively email

                UNISONdirect is open weekdays from 6am to midnight and on
                Saturday from 9am to 4pm. There is also a textphone number
                0800 0967 968 for members with hearing difficulties.


                All accidents, near misses, injuries or violence at work must be
                recorded in the workplace accident book. It is important that you only
                record the facts – what happened, when the accident happened,
                where it happened. But do not attempt to record why the accident
                happened, that is for the employer to investigate.

                Where possible you should always seek the advice of a UNSON
                health and safety representative in completing any report books or

                If you are ill or have to take sick leave due to an accident, injury or
                illness at work, then you should visit your GP and ask that they record
                in your medical records that this happened at work.

UNISONdirect 0845 355 0845 6am to midnight Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm Saturday   Page 1 of   4
               Accidents at W ork


               It is important that unsafe working practices, which have caused
               accident, illness or injury to one worker, are rectified so that other
               workers do not suffer illness or injury also. Therefore it is important to
               ensure that your local branch knows about any illness, accident or
               injury suffered through work. Relevant issues can then be raised with
               the employer to prevent it happening again. UNISONdirect can assist
               you in making contact with your branch if you do not know who to


               If your employer is at fault, UNISON may be able to represent you
               (without any charge) in making a legal claim for compensation. This
               service is only available to members who were fully paid-up members
               at least 13 weeks before the date of the incident.

               Details of the case will be considered by the union's agent solicitors
               and where appropriate they will proceed to make a claim. If you wish
               your case to be considered by our solicitors please either

                       contact your UNISON representative or

                       telephone UNISONdirect 0845 355 0845

               UNISON has won more than £350 million compensation for members
               involved in work-related injuries. This includes assaults, industrial
               diseases and accidents at work, on the way to or from work or on
               union business.

               It is important that members affected take up this service: an accident
               which may seem like a slight inconvenience today may have long-
               term implications on your ability to work in the future.


               Members are eligible for UNISON Accident benefit where they are
               unable to work due to:

                       an accident in the course of their employment

                       an accident whilst travelling to or from work

                       an accident whilst on union business.

UNISONdirect 0845 355 0845 6am to midnight Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm Saturday   Page   2 of 4
               Accidents at W ork

               Members subscriptions must be fully paid for at least 13 weeks prior
               to suffering the accident on which the claim is based.

               Information on current entitlement rates is available from

               Accident benefit claims must be made on UNISON Accident Benefit
               Claim Form (stock item 1133), which is available either from

                       your steward or

                       UNISONdirect on 0845 355 0845

                       Email:

               There are other UNISON benefits available where the accident results
               in partial or total incapacity. Further details of these benefits are
               available from your steward or UNISONdirect 0845 355 0845

               UNISON WELFARE

               There are two ways in which UNISON Welfare may be able to assist
               members who have suffered an accident:

               1. They may be able to offer financial assistance in the form of a
                  grant or a loan

               2. They may also be able to assist in providing a recuperative break
                  or convalescence.

               Applications are submitted through the branch and members must
               complete a form and give details of their financial situation. Application
               forms are available from your branch welfare officer, steward or
               UNISONdirect 0845 355 0845.

               To find out more, members should contact UNISON Welfare on
               020 7551 1620 and ask to speak to a caseworker.

UNISONdirect 0845 355 0845 6am to midnight Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm Saturday   Page   3 of 4
               Accidents at W ork

               STATE BENEFITS

               If you are off work and receive very little or no occupational sick pay
               you are likely to get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) which can last for up to
               28 weeks.

               If you do not qualify for SSP or it stops short of 28 weeks you should
               apply for Incapacity Benefit (ICB) if you are incapable of doing your

               After 28 weeks to continue to qualify for ICB or move from SSP to ICB
               you must satisfy the DSS that you are then incapable of doing any

               If your injury arose at and because of your work it will probably be
               classed by the DSS as an "industrial accident". There is no need to
               show anyone else was to blame for your accident. It is always best
               to register your accident with the DSS as this may lead to you
               receiving Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB). IIDB is
               paid where you can show you suffer some form of disablement
               because of the accident and the level of that disablement is assessed
               by the DSS as being at least 14%.

               More long term disablement may also mean you are entitled to
               Disability Living Allowance (DLA) if you need help getting around or
               with your personal care. Both IIDB and DLA are paid on top of other
               benefits or earnings if you are able to return to work.

               Finally if the accident has led to you being on a low income you
               should also make full enquiries about your entitlement to means
               tested benefits such as Income Support.

UNISONdirect 0845 355 0845 6am to midnight Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm Saturday   Page   4 of 4

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