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									Cause And Treatment Of Cataracts In Dogs

Many people have a pet, but don’t know what diseases they may have or how to treat them. The most
common eye disease that occurs in dogs is cataracts. Now, you must want to know what are cataracts?
Mostly, dogs of more than six years of age suffer from cataracts. This eyes disease often occurs in dogs
due to canine diabetes, trauma, infection and many other reasons. While your dog is suffering from
cataract, the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and opaque. Due to this, your pet cannot see properly and,
after some period of time, it may eventually suffer from a complete loss of vision. Dogs Cataracts are
common in every breed, especially when a dog has diabetes. If your pet is suffering from this eye
problem you will notice that its eyes will look a milky-white, clouded and opaque colour.

Within the lens of a dog’s eye there is a fine balance between water and protein that makes the eye lens
clear but if this balance is disturbed by a cross-linking of the proteins within the lens of the eye it then
becomes cloudy and opaque. This process can occur in very short period of time. Cataracts in dogs occur
due to old age, inherited, developmental, congenital, and many other reasons. Pets that are suffering
from cataracts have symptoms like; a loss of coordination for no reason, problems seeing objects with
their peripheral vision and bumping into things etc. Additionally, one should also note symptoms like
depression and lack of vitality. Above, you will have already got an idea about different types of causes
of cataracts. Now, you will find that there are various treatments available that improve the condition of
cataract. Mostly, one should treat this eyes disease with prescription medications, eye drops or surgical

Surgical treatment is one of the best and fastest options by which one can easily treat dog’s cataracts
and get success. There’s no doubt that it offers the fastest possible results but it is a very costly option
and so it is unfortunately one that very few pet owners can actually afford. There are now many owners
who are treating Cataracts For Dogs with non-prescription eye drops and who are also getting excellent
results. If you want to purchase eye drops for your pet’s cataracts, then Ethos Bright Eyes NAC eye drops
for cataracts is recommended to you. With a six week course of these special eye drops, your pet’s lens
will surely get back to full clarity once again. One of the best things about NAC eye drops for cataracts is
that they don’t do any harm to your pet’s eyes nor do they have any adverse side-effects, unlike many
prescription drugs and medications. One can easily treat this eye problem by themself at home, and it is
a lot less expensive option than cataracts surgery. So, what are you waiting for? Just visit and order "Bright Eyes drops for cataracts" today. They deliver them anywhere in the
world and the average time for delivery is 10 to 14 days.

Ageless eyes; Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for pets are also an excellent prophylactic and, by simply applying
just one or two drops a day into each eye as a maintenance dose, they will help stop your pet from ever
developing any eye diseases or disorders in the future and will keep their eyes looking healthy, bright
and sparking… so order some today.

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