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                                     DRAFT EDITION
                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

             TOPIC                                                                              PAGE
    Table of Contents                                                                             1
    Acknowledgements                                                                              4
    Teacher Background –The Flushing Remonstrance                                                 5
    Timeline of major events leading to the Flushing Remonstrance and its effects.                8
Unit 1: Why do people move to a New World ?
        Elementary School
            1A: Why did people settle in Flushing?                                                9
            1B: Why was the 1645 charter important?                                               16
        Middle School
             1A: How did the geography of New Amsterdam impact on the
                 establishment of a settlement                                                    21
             1B: How did the Lenape Indians and other Native Americans interact with
                 Henry Hudson, Peter Minuit and The Dutch West India Company?                    27
            1C: Why did The Dutch West India Company offer opportunities and freedom
                 to the settlers in the 1645 Charter?                                             34
        High School
              1A: How did the concept of religious freedom spread from the Netherlands
                   to the Dutch colonies?                                                         38
              1B: How did diversity and conflict shape the history and
                  development of Flushing?                                                        43
Unit 2: How do groups with different cultural backgrounds interact for settlement and profit?
        Elementary School
            2:. How can we explain the relationship between Native Americans and
                the Europeans in the 17th century?                                                50
        Middle School
            2A: How was the Dutch West India Company able to establish peaceful trade
                  with the Native Americans in New Amsterdam?                                     57
            2B: How did the relationship between the Dutch West India Company and
                   Peter Stuyvesant affect the people of New Amsterdam?                           68
                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
             TOPIC                                                                            PAGE
Unit 2: Continued
        High School
            2: How do groups with different cultural backgrounds interact for
  settlement and profit?                                                                          70
Unit 3: How do people create community in a New World
        Elementary School :
             3A: How did the settlers in Dutch New York and Queens live differently
                 from how we live today?                                                          74
             3B: How did the settlers in Dutch New Amsterdam support themselves?                  81
        Middle School
             3: How did the location of New Amsterdam impact on the way people lived?             89
        High School
             3: How can we best describe the experiences of minority groups in
                New Netherland                                                                    96

Unit 4: How did civil issues provide an impetus for change?
        Elementary School
             4: How can we best describe the experiences of minority groups in
                New Netherland?                                                               106
        Middle School
             4A: Why might Dutch authorities have problems with Quaker beliefs?               111
             4B: How did Governor Peter Stuyvesant use his powers to limit religious freedom? 115
        High School
             4: How did the policies of Peter Stuyvesant lead to conflict with the settlers?  119
Unit 5: How can diverse communities cope with religious oppression?
        Elementary School
             5: Why did the different beliefs of Stuyvesant and the Quakers lead to
               Conflict?                                                                          126
        Middle School
             5A: How did the settlers of Flushing protest against Peter Stuyvesant’s
                 rules?                                                                           134
              5B: How did Governor Stuyvesant respond to the Flushing Remonstrance?               143
        High School
             5: How were the concepts in the Flushing Remonstrance important to the
               development of the Bill of Rights?                                                 149
Unit 6: To what extent do individuals influence historic events?
            6A: How did Peter Stuyvesant’s laws affect religious groups in the colony?             155
            6B: How did each of the four figures in the Remonstrance impact on history?            163
        Middle School
            6: How did the Flushing Remonstrance affect the people of New Amsterdam?               169
        High School
            6: How did the trial of John Bowne contribute to the growth of religious toleration in
               America?                                                                            178

                                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

               TOPIC                                                                 PAGE
  Unit 7: How does an evolving idea create conditions for change?
         Elementary School
             7: What are the short term and long term affects of the Remonstrance?    186
         Middle School
             7: How did Governor Peter Stuyvesant’s laws affect John Bowne?           194
         High School
             7: How did dissent influence future policy?                              200

  Unit 8: How has the idea of religious freedom developed over time?
          Elementary School
              8: How does the Remonstrance affect us today?                           209
          Middle School
              8: How does the Flushing Remonstrance affect us today?                  214
          High School
              8: To what extent is the 1st Amendment a reflection of the early
                  experiences of the British and Colonial settlers?                   220

     Culminating Project                                                              231
     Culminating Activity                                                             235
     Sample Documents Based Questions
             Elementary School                                                        240
             Middle School                                                            248
             High School …                                                            256

      Bibliography                                                                    263
      Glossary                                                                        270
      Suggested Class Trips                                                           273

   This is a field test draft edition of the Remonstrance Curriculum. Even
though we have made every effort to be accurate, we welcome comments and
     corrections that will improve this Curriculum. Please forward any
     comments to Mr. John-Paul Bianchi at:

A project of this magnitude is, of necessity, the product of many ideas and hands. We would like to acknowledge
the creative and financial support of Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and Theresa Osborne, Director,
Culture and Tourism in the office of the Borough President.
We sincerely appreciate the cooperation and support we have received from the following institutions, without
whom this project would have been impossible:
The Bowne House Historical Society
Rosemary S. Vietor, President of the Board of Trustees
Donna Cartelli, Executive Director
The Museum of the City of New York
Franny Kent, Director of the Frederick A.O. Schwarz Children’s Center
E.Y Zipris, Professional Development Coordinator
Melanie Bower, Collections Access Manager
The New York Historical Society
Adrienne Kupper, Vice President of Education:
The Queens Historical Society
Jim Driscoll, President
The Queens Museum of Art
Tom Finkelpearl, Executive Director
Lauren Schloss, Director of Education
The Queensborough Public Library
Thomas W. Galante, Library Director
 Judith Tolman, Manager at the Long Island Division
John Hyslop, Assistant Division Manager
Erik Huber, Photo Archivist.
We are indebted to Alex Stein and the United States Department of Education for their cooperation, financial
support and encouragement through the Teaching American History Grants
Credit for leadership in the development and administration of this project belongs to John-Paul Bianchi, former
Regional Instructional Specialist for Region 4 and Gus Hatzidimitriou, former Regional Instructional Specialist for
Region 3. Review and modifications of this document were meticulously completed by retired New York City
teachers and administrators; Robert Dytell and John Rooney. Editing were completed by Matthew Corallo, SS
Instructional Specialist and Amber Najmi-Shadid, ELA Instructional Specialist. Major revisions and editing were
completed by Arthur Green and Steven Wolfson consultants to the project.
The curriculum was researched and written by a group of gifted New York City Public School teachers who
exhibited a sense of professionalism and dedication second to none. We thank them for their tireless efforts over a
period of weeks and months.
                Robyn Adler                      Brandi Gantman
                Marge Leone                      David Lonberg
                Lee Resnick                      Haren Zweibel
We would like to thank the following educational leaders for their support in this endeavor:
Judith Chin              Chief Executive Officer ICILSO
Anna Commitante,         Director English Language Arts, Social Studies, Gifted/Talented & Enrichment
                         NYC Department of Education
Jeffrey Scherr           Principal of Francis Lewis High School
Yvonne Torres            Executive Director Queens ISC


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