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									   Pacific Northwest Diabetes Health Summit
               November 7, 2008

Mission of the Summit
     Unify healthcare, community, education and public policy interests and
     resources annually into focused actions to support improvement in the
     health of citizens of the Pacific Northwest by measurably reducing the
     impact and incidence of diabetes.

     Hosted by Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center.
     Summit co-chairs Mike Greene, 1999 National Chair of the Board, American
     Diabetes Association and Gersham Goldstein, Chair, Harold Schnitzer
     Diabetes Health Center.

Target Audience
     250 -300 people committed to improving diabetes prevention, detection and
     treatment including policy makers, opinion leaders, health care providers,
     school, business, youth and community leaders, and public health advocates.
     (List of representative invitees on reverse)

Desired Outcome
     Solidify the network of Northwest leaders and centers of influence
     committed to developing strategic, effective use of available resources in
     order to manage and reverse the escalation of diabetes in the region.

     The first year’s topics include public policy, bolstered prevention efforts and
     improved delivery of care throughout the region, laying the foundation for
     subsequent Summits to further target efforts toward attainment of the
     mission of the Summit.

                          Pacific Northwest Diabetes Health Summit November 7, 2008
                                Hosted by Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center
     Contact: Julie Fitzgerald, Director of Development, Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center at OHSU
          Phone 503.494.0104 Fax 503.418.1025 email or

Distinguished Speakers, Panelists and Presenters
 Ann Albright, PhD, RD, Director, Division of Diabetes Translation and President,
  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 Francine Kaufman , MD Head, Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology and
  Metabolism at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Distinguished Professor of
  Pediatrics and Communications, University of Southern California
 Michael A. Harris, PhD, Director of Psychology in the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes
  Health Center, OHSU
 Brian Gibbs, PhD, MPA, OTR/L ., Senior Research Scientist and Director,
  Program to Eliminate Health Disparities, Department of Health Policy and
  Management, Harvard School of Public Health
 Harold Schnitzer, President and CEO, Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE

Panelists and Presenters
 Andrew Ahmann, MD, Director, Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center and
  Associate Professor of Medicine, OHSU
 Yves Lefranc, MD, Adventist Health System, and member of the Health Equities
  Committee of the Oregon Health Fund Board
 Corliss McKeever, MSW President and Chief Executive Officer, African
  American Health Coalition and Asst. Professor, School of Nursing, OHSU
 Joe Robertson, Jr., MD, MBA, President, OHSU
 Roy Sampsel, Director, Institute for Tribal Government, PSU
 Sharon Stanphill, Director, GO/Health & Wellness, Cow Creek Band of Umpqua
  Tribe of Indians
 And key diabetes health advocates including Juvenile Diabetes Research
  Foundation, American Diabetes Association, and Chris Dudley Foundation.

 Bruce Boston, MD, Pediatric Program Director, Harold Schnitzer Diabetes
  Health Center and Head of the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, OHSU
 Darlene Cain, 2007 National Chair of the Board, American Diabetes Association
 Chris Dudley, CEO and Founder,The Dudley Foundation
 Honorable Elizabeth Furse, Director, Institute for Tribal Government, PSU, and
  former member of the United States Congress
 Mike Greene, 1999 National Chair of the Board, American Diabetes Association


Representative Targeted Audience -- (i.e. Key Representatives)
Community leaders                   Foundation for Medical Excellence         PEEK
Diabetes advocates
                                    Good Samaritan Hospitals                  Portland Family Monthly
Friends and family of patients      Grand Ronde Tribes                        Private Practice Diabetes Clinics
Health advocates                    Guide Dogs for the Blind                  Portland Jewish Review
Health and wellness advocates        Grocery Pharmacies                       Portland Monthly
Major employers                     Health Equity Initiative Manager          Portland Observer
Nurse educators
                                    Juv. Diabetes Research Fndn               Portland Public Schools
Parks and Recreation Districts
Patients                            Kaiser Health System                      Portland Tribune
Physicians                          Klamath Tribes                            Providence Health System
Prevention advocates                Legacy Health System                      PSU School of Community Health
                                    Lutheran Advocates                        Regence – Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Acumentra Health                    Mercy Hospital                            Regional Hospitals/Diabetes Ctrs
Affiliated Tribes of NW Indians      Metropolitan Family Service              Regional Boy Scout Councils
African American Health Coalition    Mid Rogue Health Plan                    Regional Endocrinologists Association
AARP                                Mid Rogue Health Plan                     Regional School Districts (WA and OR)
American Diabetes Association       MIKE Program                              RN - McKesson Corporation
American Heart Association          Mult. County Diabetes Coalition           Rural Organizing Project
American Heart/Stroke Assns         Native American Y F C                     Safeway Pharmacies
Asian Health & Service Center       Native American Rehab. Assn               Salem Hospital
Association of Oregon Counties      NW Ptnd Area Indian Health Brd            Siletz Tribes
Burns Paiute Tribe                  ODS Companies                             State Legislators
Care Oregon                         OHSU                                      Television/Radio – key talk shows
Casey Eye Institute                 OHSU Center for Women's Health            The Skanner
Catholic Charities                  Optometric Association                    Tuality Healthcare
Certified Diabetes Educator         Oregon Commission for the Blind           Umatilla Tribes
City and County Recreation Ldrs     Oregon Department of Education            US Food & Drug Administration
Columbia River Girl Scout Council   Oregon Diabetes Caucus                    Warm Springs Tribes
Columbia United Providers           Oregon Diabetes Coalition                 Western Tribal Diabetes Project
                                    Oregon Diabetes Educators Assn            Willamette Falls Hospital
Columbia Willamette United Way
Comm. on Children & Families        Oregon Dietetic Association
Commissions on the Elderly          Oregon Elks
Umpqua Tribes                       Oregon Education Association
Coquille Tribe                      Oregon Hospital Association
COSTCO Pharmacies                   Oregon Latino Health Coalition
County Commissioners                Oregon League of Cities
County Health Departments            Oregon Lions
Cow Creek Band of Umpqua            Oregon Primary Care Association
DHS - Oregon Diabetes Program       Oregon Public Broadcasting
EcoTrust                            Oregon Rural Health
Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon     Oregon School Boards Association
El Hispanic News                    Oregon School Nurses Association
Family Practice Physician Assn      Oregonian
FamilyCare Inc.                     Pacific University College of Optometry
                                    PeaceHealth Hospitals
   Pacific Northwest Diabetes Health Summit
            Program: November 7, 2008
8:30 am    Welcoming Remarks

8:45 am    Plenary Session: How States Can Respond to the Pandemic
           Ann L. Albright, PhD, RD

9:30 am    Panel Discussion: Let’s Change the Status Quo on Public Policy

11:00 am   Coffee/snack break

11:15 am   Is There a Psychologist in the House? Treating Youth With
           Michael A. Harris, PhD

Noon       Luncheon Keynote Address
           Facing a Lifetime of Diabetes: An Impassioned Call to Action
           Francine Kaufman , MD

1:15 pm    Why One Size Does Not Fit All in Special Populations
           Brian Gibbs, PhD, MPA, OTR/L

           Panel Discussion: What’s Working and What’s Not: Three Case
           Studies in Cultural Competency and Diabetes Health

2:30 pm    Coffee/snack break

2:45 pm    Healthier Futures for Children

3:30 pm    Summary and Next Steps

3:50 pm    Closing Remarks

    Pacific Northwest Diabetes Health Summit
                            Distinguished Invited Presenters

Ann Albright, PhD, RD
Director, Division of Diabetes Translation and President,
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dr. Ann Albright assumed the post of Director, Division of Diabetes Translation
(DDT) in January 2007. As director, Dr. Albright leads a team of more than 100 who
strive to eliminate the preventable burden of diabetes through leadership,
research programs, and policies that translate science into practice. Dr. Albright
received her doctoral degree in Exercise Physiology from the Ohio State University.
She completed a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellowship in nutrition
at the University of California, Davis and a clinical internship in nutrition at
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Prior to commencing her new post at the CDC, Dr. Albright served as Chief of the
California Diabetes Program for the California Department of Health Services, a
position she held since 1995. Dr. Albright also held an academic appointment in
the Institute for Health and Aging at UCSF. From 2003-2004, Dr. Albright served as
the Senior Health Policy Advisor in the Office of the United States Surgeon General
and led the Secretary of Health’s Diabetes Detection Initiative.
Dr. Albright is well known for her work in diabetes including the implementation of
evidence-based diabetes care guidelines, work on models of care in community
clinics, and development of public awareness campaigns to increase the
understanding of diabetes and importance of blood glucose control. Dr. Albright is
published in the areas of exercise, nutrition, body composition, diabetic
nephropathy, the role of tissue glycosylation in diabetic complications, and the
feasibility of enhanced care among Medicaid recipients with type 2 diabetes. Dr.
Albright has served in key leadership roles with the American Diabetes Association
including her current role as President for Health Care and Education, the American
College of Sports Medicine, the American Association of Diabetes Educators, and
the American Dietetic Association.

Francine R. Kaufman, M.D.
Head of the Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at
Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles

Dr. Kaufman is Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics and Communications at the
Keck School of Medicine and the Annenberg School of Communications of the
University of Southern California, and an attending physician at Childrens Hospital
Los Angeles.

Dr. Kaufman has published more than 120 peer-reviewed publications, as well as
more than 85 other articles (non-peer reviewed). She is the author of more than 30
book chapters and books. In 2005 her book, Diabesity, was published by Bantam.
Dr. Kaufman is chair of the National Institutes of Health funded Studies to Treat
(the TODAY Trial) or Prevent (the HEALTHY Trial) Type 2 Diabetes in Youth (STOPP-
T2). She is a principal investigator of TrialNet, a multinational consortium
evaluating ways to prevent type 1 diabetes, funded by the NIH. She has numerous
grants and patents, and serves as a consultant to many groups.

Dr. Kaufman was national president of the American Diabetes Association in 2002-
03. In 2005, she became a member of the board of directors of Shaping America’s
Health. She also has been active with the JDRF, National Diabetes Education
Program (Chair of the Educational Materials Subcommittee of Diabetes and the
School, Chair, Study Group on Diabetes in Pregnancy, and Vice President elect, to
become Vice President in 2007, and Chair in 2008 for three-year term), and the
International Diabetes Federation (she serves as chair of the Youth Consultative
Section). In 2005, she was elected Membership in the Institute of Medicine and in
2006 awarded the Distinguished Professor rank at USC. In 2007, she chaired a task
force for the State of California on diabetes prevention and treatment.

She has been a volunteer with Ayuda, Camp Chinnook and Painted Turtle diabetes
camps for many years. In 2007, she helped develop and was featured in the
Discovery Health documentary Diabetes: the Global Epidemic.

Brian Gibbs, PhD, MPA, OTR/L .
Senior Research Scientist
Director, Program to Eliminate Health Disparities
Department of Health Policy and Management
Harvard School of Public Health

Dr. Brian K. Gibbs is a Senior Research Scientist and the Director of the Program to
Eliminate Health Disparities within the Department of Health Policy and
Management at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). He is the principle
investigator for Breaking It Down: Our Health Our Way, a pilot initiative (funded by
the Education Network to Advance Cancer Clinical Trials, ENACCT) to translate
cancer clinical trials into a valuable and accessible community resource. Dr. Gibbs
also serves as the project director for the HSPH NIH-National Center for Minority
Health and Health Disparities- Centers of Excellence Project EXPORT Center, the
Center for Healthy Options, Research, Interventions, and Community Organizing
(HORIZON). Currently, Dr. Gibbs is a member of the Massachusetts Racial and
Ethnic Health Disparities Task Force, the Attorney General’s Task Force on
Community Benefits, and the National Association of State Offices of Minority
Health. He is a co-author of the Commonwealth Fund’s State Policy Agenda to
Eliminate Health Disparities. In addition, Dr. Gibbs leads Cherishing Our Hearts and
Souls, a coalition of over 200 organizations and individuals established to educate
communities, providers and policy makers about the intersections of racism, and
other social and environmental determinants of health.

Michael A. Harris, Ph. D.
Director of Psychology in the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center at
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Prior to coming to OHSU in 2006, Dr. Harris held a faculty appointment in the
Department of Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis,
Missouri for 13 years. Dr. Harris trained in psychology at Colorado State University
(BS–1984), the University of Memphis (MS–1987) and Alliant International
University in San Diego, California (PhD–1991). Dr. Harris completed a doctoral
residency at Human Services, Inc. in Oakdale, Minnesota and post-doctoral
fellowship in Health Services Training at the University of Missouri – Columbia in
the Department of Psychology.
Dr. Harris works with families of children and adolescents with a variety of
psychological and behavioral problems with special expertise in working with
families of youth with chronic health conditions with specific expertise in diabetes.
Dr. Harris’ research has involved the adaptation, implementation and evaluation of
a family-based psychosocial intervention for adolescents with chronic illness.
Dr. Harris has received funding for his research from the Diabetes Research &
Training Centers, National Institutes of Health, and the American Diabetes
Association. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Harris has frequently been an invited
speaker at the national meeting of the American Diabetes Association, and the
American Association of Diabetes Educators. Dr. Harris’ research has been
published in Diabetes Care, The Diabetes Educator, Diabetes Spectrum, Clinical
Diabetes, and many other peer-reviewed journals. In addition, Dr. Harris sits on
the editorial board of Journal of Pediatric Psychology and is a regular ad hoc
reviewer for the Diabetes Care , Insulin, Health Psychology, and others.
Dr. Harris is serving a three year term on the Research Grant Review Panel for the
American Diabetes Association.

Corliss McKeever, MSW
President and Chief Executive Officer, African American Health Coalition
Assistant Professor, OHSU Graduate School of Nursing

Corliss McKeever, MSW is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the African
American Health Coalition, Inc. (AAHC) a nonprofit organization dedicated to
promoting and improving wellness among African Americans in Portland , Oregon
through health education, advocacy, and research. The AAHC is the only
community based organization in Portland that focuses exclusively on black health.
Ms. McKeever is a life-long community activist who has lived and worked in the
Portland community for over 26 years. She holds a Bachelors of Science in
Management & Communications and a Masters in Social Work from Portland State
University. Ms McKeever was selected by the CDC for a national scholarship to
attend an intensive Evidence Based Public Health training in 2004, and is a certified
Cross-Cultural Competency Trainer, as well as a Master Trainer for Self
Management in Chronic Disease from Stanford University .
As president and CEO of the AAHC, Ms. McKeever directs the organization to serve
as the primary advocate for improving the health of the African American
population in Oregon . She is Co-Director for the Center of Health Disparities
Research (CHDR) at OHSU whose mission is to use sustainable
community/academic research collaborations to stimulate research and develop
new knowledge focused on understanding and eventually eliminating disparities in
health care and outcomes for urban and rural racial and ethnic minority and other
underserved populations. She has received numerous awards and recognitions for
her work in health disparities including Community Volunteer and recognition
awards, the notable Casey Family Fellowship, and was named one of the top three
Community Treasure Award Recipients. She also received the 2002 Fellow of the
National Organization of Black Elected Legislatures (NOBEL) Women sponsored by
the Center for American Women and Politics Leadership Institute at Rutgers
College and in 2003 the Delta Sigma Theta's Women of Excellence in Health
Services Award. Under her leadership, the AAHC was presented the 2006 Spirit of
Portland Award for Non-Profit of the Year, awarded the 2003 Crystal Award for
Collaboration from the Willamette Valley Development Officers and is a 2007
Multnomah County Public Health Heroes Organizational Nominee.


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