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                           Welcome to the first issue of Community
                           for 2003
                                              issue we will feature some                    • hints about how to interpret
                                              of your suggestions.                            statistics
Our thanks to so many of you who              Your information is very helpful
returned the survey questionnaire             and we would encourage you
                                                                                            • statistics on children, the over 60
                                                                                              age group, ethnic groups and
we sent out with the December                 to send back any outstanding
issue of Community.                           questionnaires.
                                                                                            We found from your comments that
We have learnt a lot about                    Here are some of your requests:
                                                                                            overall you seem to like Community,
your information needs and in this
                                              • more case studies                           that Table Finder/Table Builder
                                                                                            hasn’t had much uptake and that
                                                                                            you are a little shy about receiving
 All about Pacific peoples – Pacific Profiles released
                                                                                            tuition on statistics.
 The Tuvaluan ethnic group is now the         The Samoan community remains the
 seventh largest Pacific population in                                                      We went back to the drawing board
                                              largest Pacific ethnic group living in
 New Zealand and features for the first                                                     and added some new features to
                                              New Zealand, with 115,000 people or
 time in a series of seven Pacific Profiles                                                 Community 2003.
                                              50 percent of New Zealand’s Pacific
 released by Statistics New Zealand in        population.                                   We have a new case study section,
 February. The other six communities in                                                     which will show you how statistics
 the series are Samoan, Cook Island           The Pacific Profiles are free as individual
                                                                                            can be used in the community. In
 Maori, Tongan, Niuean, Fijian and            copies or sell for $35.00 as a bound set.
                                                                                            addition, we have a new section
 Tokelauan.                                   They will be available from key libraries     called Key Facts, where you
 The Pacific Profiles contain facts and       and are free to download from                 can check out the most recent
 figures from the 2001 Census of              Statistics New Zealand’s website:             population estimate, the latest gross
 Population and Dwellings and include Click on Pacific           domestic product (GDP), the
 information on population, language,         peoples (right column). They will also        Consumers Price Index (CPI),
 religion, families and households,           be available from Citizens’ Advice            employment figures and the Food
 education, the labour force, income,         Bureaux in the Auckland area.                 Price Index (FPI).
 housing, and access to the Internet.                                                       Our education section on page 4
                                                                                            aims to help you look more critically
                                                                                            at graphs and tables.

         No. 7 March 2003                                                                
Statistics can help you                                                                                case study
                                                                                                       While still in the United States of America,
                                                                                                       Dean Sparks searched our website
                                                                                                       under the headings consumer spending,
                                                                                                       incomes, children, and health. He looked
                                                                                                       at the table below to see what he could
                                                                                                       expect to spend on food items within a
                                                                                                       particular salary range.

                                                                                                       He also found similar information
                                                                                                       for housing, household operation,
                                                                                                       apparel, and transport.

                                                                                                       The dean also searched the website
This is the                                                                                            under education to research current
first in a series of                                                                                   issues in New Zealand schools. He found
case studies showing how                                                                               detailed information on schools in the
Statistics New Zealand information is                                                                  Wellington area from the Ministry of
used by communities. If you have an                The new dean asked Mr Holland to
                                                                                                       Education’s website. The ministry’s
example about how you used statistics in           gather information on the cost of living in
                                                                                                       website can be accessed from
your community, we would be interested             New Zealand so that he could make
                                                                                                       Statistics New Zealand’s website by
to hear from you.                                  decisions on health care, schooling,
                                                                                                       clicking Links to Related Sites.
                                                   general household expenses
Initiator                                          and travel before coming to                         Outcome
Michael Holland, Associate Priest,                 New Zealand.
                                                                                                       The new dean had a clear idea of the cost
Wellington Anglican Cathedral.                                                                         of living in New Zealand, and what he and
Situation                                                                                              his family could plan for the future, before
                                                   Mr Holland asked Statistics New Zealand
                                                                                                       arriving in New Zealand.
The cathedral had appointed a new dean,            for help and then supplied the new dean,
who was living in Wisconsin, United                Douglas Sparks (above), with our
States of America.                                 website address:

 Note: To find the tables mentioned, search Consumer Spending (right column), Household Economic Survey Tables and Standard Tables.

2 Community No. 7 March 2003                                                                         
new numbers                                                                                    key facts
                                                                                             Estimated Resident Population
Where have all the                             More people staying                             As at 31 December 2002 (P)
sheep gone?                                    long term in                                      3,975,600 — a 1.6 percent
Provisional information from the 2002          New Zealand                                     increase on the 31 December
Census of Agriculture, Horticulture and                                                                 2001 figure
Forestry shows that sheep numbers              New migrants contributed 38,200 people                  (P) Provisional
dropped to 39.2 million. In 2001, the          to the New Zealand population for the year
provisional number of sheep in                 ended December 2002. There were                  Gross Domestic Product
New Zealand was almost 44 million.             96,000 permanent long-term arrivals and           September 2002 quarter
This is just one of the findings from the      57,800 departures.
2002 Agricultural Production Census,                                                           Up 1.0 percent on the previous
                                               Significant arrivals were from China                       quarter
which will deliver final statistics on
28 May 2003.                                   (14,700), India (6,600), United Kingdom
                                               (5,900) and South Africa (2,800).                 Consumer Price Index
The survey, conducted jointly with the
                                                                                                  December 2002 quarter
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, is             For more information:
the first full agricultural census for eight                        Up 2.7 percent on the same
                                                                                                quarter in the previous year
years. Information collected includes             Click Information Releases
details of land use, stock numbers and
horticultural production.                                                                            Unemployment
                                                                                                  December 2002 quarter
                                                                                               4.9 percent — 0.5 percentage
        Number of births continues to decline                                                 points lower than the December
                                                                                                        2001 quarter
• There were 54,000 live births in • New Zealand women average
   New Zealand during 2002 —                     1.90 births each, 10 percent below the
   3 percent fewer than in 2001.                 level required for the population to
                                                                                                   December 2002 year
                                                 replace itself without migration.
• Births have declined for five                                                                Net gain of 38,200 during the
   successive years.                           • The median age (half are older than                        year
                                                 this age and half younger) of women
• The 30-34 year age group had the               who gave birth in 2002 was
                                                                                                    Food Price Index
   highest fertility rate (111 per 1,000)        30.1 years.
   in 2002.                                                                                            January 2003
                                                                                               Up 0.8 percent on December
                  Live Births                        Median Age of Mothers                                2002
                  1992–2002                               1992–2002

                                                                                                  Credit Card Billings
                                                                                                     September 2002
                                                                                                       $1,464 million
                                                                                                     September 2001
                                                                                                       $1,191 million
                                                                                               Source:The Reserve Bank of
                                                                                                      New Zealand                                                                           No. 7 March 2003 Community 3
Looking carefully at graphs                                                                            education
 In the course of daily reading we are confronted with graphs                                   What to look for in a graph
 and tables in newspapers, magazines, television and on the
 Internet. Often we view them quickly, and sometimes they can
                                                                                                • Look at the two axes on the graph.
                                                                                                    What labels are shown on the
 be misleading.                                                                                     vertical and horizontal axes? –
 We will show how different scales on a graph can create a                                          Income $(000) and Years.
 completely different picture of the information.                                                   What scale is used on the vertical
                                                                                                    axis? What scale is used on the
 (A scale puts numbers on the vertical or horizontal axis.)
                                                                                                    horizontal axis?
                                                                                                • Look at what the graph is telling us.
                                                   Look at the two graphs below
                              Example: The ‘Appleton Foundation’ has recorded its fundraising efforts over time.
                              The following two graphs record the same information, but look completely different.

1     Graph A                Fundraising Results                          2       Graph B              Fundraising Results

 When all the
 scale is not
 Statistics New
 marks this by
 two lines.


3                                                 4                                             5
  The two graphs look quite different                Graph A emphasises the higher                  Graph B uses a scale starting at zero
  even though they use the same                      value for fundraising in 2001 by using         and ending at $20,000 so the higher
  information. This is because they                  a scale starting at $16,000 and ending         value appears to be less dramatic.
  have different scales on the vertical              at $20,000.

       6       Which graph is right? They both are!
               — If they have clear labels and scales. However...                                   Checklist
               Graph A –The vertical scale has been expanded to make                                Remember to:
                          changes in fundraising more obvious.                                      • Make sure the axes are labelled.
               Graph B –The vertical scale has been contracted so the                               • Look at the scales.
                        changes appear less dramatic and the full size of all                       • Work out what information the
                        the fundraising results are shown.                                            graph is telling you.

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