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									Starting a business

In 1850 Isaac Merritt Singer invested $40       Why does formal business                                     company may matter when entrepreneurs
and 11 days of work to come up with a revo-     registration matter?                                         choose the legal form for their new com-
lutionary approach to sewing—a needle that      The legal registration of businesses is ben-                 pany. In 2009 Rwanda revamped its busi-
moved up and down, interlacing thread as it     eficial for various reasons. Legal entities can              ness start-up process, making it easier and
punctured the cloth.1 A year later he formed    outlive their founders. Resources are pulled                 cheaper to set up a limited liability company
                                                together as shareholders join forces to es-                  by establishing a one-stop shop and cutting
I.M. Singer & Company, a general partner-
                                                tablish a company’s capital. Formally regis-                 the cost from about $350 to only $45. The
ship with New York lawyer Edward C. Clark.
                                                tered companies have access to services and                  impact of these reforms showed in the share
Singer and Clark quickly became wealthy         institutions from courts to banks as well as to              of limited liability companies among new
                                                new markets—benefits that are not available                  start-ups. In 2008 the number of newly reg-
from the business. Singer also became
                                                to unregistered firms. And where firms are                   istered limited liability companies was about
wealthy in another way: he is thought to
                                                formally registered, their employees can also                the same as the number of newly registered
have had more than 20 children. Wishing
                                                benefit from protections provided by the law.                sole proprietorships. By 2010 almost 4 of
to protect the business and its assets from                                                                  every 5 newly registered enterprises were
protracted court battles between Singer’s       The legal form under which a company is                      limited liability companies.
heirs, Clark persuaded Singer to dissolve the   registered also matters. Limited liability
partnership and form a limited liability cor-   companies—the type of company that Doing                     Making the process of business incorpora-
poration, Singer Manufacturing Company,         Business focuses on—limit the financial                      tion easy also has broader benefits for the
in 1863. The company continues to produce       liability of company owners to their invest-                 economy. A growing body of empirical
                                                ments, giving entrepreneurs more freedom                     research has explored the links between
sewing machines today that are widely used
                                                to innovate because their personal assets                    business entry regulation and social and
around the world.
                                                are not put at risk. Sole proprietorships do                 economic outcomes. Using data collected
Rich or poor, men and women around the          not provide this kind of protection but can                  from company registries in 100 economies
world seek to run and profit from their own     usually be set up with fewer procedures and                  over 8 years, analysis found that simple busi-
                                                at lower cost.2                                              ness start-up is critical for fostering formal
businesses. But these entrepreneurs will not
                                                                                                             entrepreneurship.3 Cumbersome regulations
all have the same experience in establishing
                                                Evidence from Rwanda suggests that the                       and administrative procedures for starting a
a new company. Regulations governing busi-
                                                costs for incorporating a limited liability                  business are found to be associated with a
ness start-up vary greatly across economies,
in some cases making the cost of formal
                                                   Figure 1       What are the time, cost, paid-in minimum capital and number of procedures to get a local
business registration nearly prohibitive.                         limited liability company up and running?

Doing Business measures the procedures,                              Cost
                                                           (% of income per capita)
time and cost for a small to medium-size                                                                                                Formal
limited liability company to start up and                                                                                              operation

operate formally (figure 1). To make the data         Paid-in                             Number of
comparable across 183 economies, Doing              minimum                               procedures
Business uses a standardized business that
is 100% domestically owned, has start-up
capital equivalent to 10 times income per
capita, engages in general industrial or com-                                                                                               Time (days)
                                                                        Preregistration          Registration,          Postregistration
mercial activities and employs between 10                                                       incorporation
and 50 people.
Doing Business 2012                                                                                                                                        STARTING A BUSINESS        2

smaller number of legally registered firms,        Figure 2           Sub-Saharan africa, eastern europe & Central asia still lead in start-up reforms
greater informality (a finding particularly
                                                   Number of Doing business reforms making it easier to start a business by Doing business report year
relevant for many developing economies), a
smaller tax base and more opportunities for                                                                                                                               number of
                                                                         Db2005       Db2006    Db2007      Db2008      Db2009      Db2010     Db2011           Db2012     reforms
                                                        africa                                                                                                               80
A recent study finds that barriers to starting       (46 economies)
a business are significantly and negatively         eastern europe
correlated with business density, calculated        & Central asia                                                                                                           72
                                                     (24 economies)
as the total number of businesses registered
as a percentage of the economically ac-              high income                                                                                                             55
tive population (ages 15–64) that year. For          (31 economies)

example, the fewer the procedures required           latin america
                                                      & Caribbean                                                                                                            51
to start a business, the greater the number          (32 economies)
of registered firms. There is also a significant     Middle east
relationship between the cost of starting a         & North africa                                                                                                           41
                                                     (18 economies)
business (as a percentage of gross national
                                                       east asia
income, or GNI) and business density. For              & Pacific                                                                                                             38
every 10 percentage point decrease in entry          (24 economies)

costs, density increased by about 1 percent-          South asia                                                                                                             12
                                                     (8 economies)
age point.5
                                                   ■ 1–5 reforms ■ 6–10 reforms ■ 11–15 reforms ■ 16–20 reforms
Regulatory reforms can have an impressive
                                                   note: an economy can be considered to have only 1 Doing Business reform per topic and year. The data sample for DB2005 (2004)
impact when they tackle the right bottleneck.      includes 155 economies. Twenty-eight more were added in subsequent years.
After a reform simplifying business registra-      Source: Doing Business database.
tion in different municipalities at different
points in time across Mexico, a study found        Sub-Saharan Africa has seen accelerating                          limited to the administrative cost of provid-
that the number of registered businesses           change. In 2004/05 only 2 economies in the                        ing the registration services. Those making
increased by 5% and employment by 2.8%.6           region made it easier to start a business. In                     it easiest to start a business also use stan-
                                                   2010/11, 15 did so. Today 2 low- or lower-
                                                                                                                     dard registration forms. And they require a
Who reformed business                              middle-income economies rank among the
                                                   top 10 on the ease of starting a business                         nominal paid-in minimum capital or none at
registration—and What
                                                   (table 1). How did they do it? By adopting                        all. Other good practices include assigning
has Worked?
                                                   practices developed and proven in other                           unique company identification (ID) num-
Doing Business has been tracking reforms
                                                   economies around the world.                                       bers and adopting technology to facilitate
in business registration since 2003. At
that time European and other OECD high-            Over the past 8 years Doing Business re-                          the delivery of a range of business start-up
income economies were the most active in           corded 349 business registration reforms                          services. Another good practice is simply to
making business entry easier. Much action          in 146 economies. Many opted for low-cost                          Table 1           Where is starting a business
was inspired by competition across the             administrative reforms requiring little or no                                        easy—and where not?
European Union. Denmark, Estonia, Hungary          change in regulation. Others went further, in-                     easiest                Rank        Most difficult       Rank
and Ireland are among the economies that           troducing or amending legislation. Globally,                       new Zealand                1       Togo                  174
reformed business entry between 2003 and           the average time to start a business fell from                     australia                  2       Congo, Rep.           175
2005. Many continue to move forward, par-          50 days to 31, and the average cost from                           Canada                     3       Iraq                  176
ticularly in response to EU directives relating    89% of income per capita to 36% (figure 3).                        Singapore                  4       West Bank and         177
to electronic company registration or a uni-                                                                                                             Gaza
                                                   In 2010/11, 53 economies made it easier to
fied EU company registry.                                                                                             Hong kong SaR,             5       Equatorial            178
                                                   start a business, with streamlining registra-                      China                              Guinea
                                                   tion formalities the most common feature of                        Macedonia, FYR             6       Djibouti              179
Since 2008 regulatory reforms making entry         business registration reforms (table 2).
                                                                                                                      Georgia                    7       Haiti                 180
easier have picked up among low- and low-
er-middle-income economies, particularly                                                                              Rwanda                     8       Guinea                181
                                                   Many good practices have emerged over
in Sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe                                                                              Belarus                    9       Eritrea               182
                                                   time. Some are common among the 10
and Central Asia (figure 2). Several have          economies making it easiest to start a busi-                       Puerto Rico (U.S.)       10        Chad                  183
                                                                                                                      note: Rankings are the average of the economy’s rankings on
been supported by international and bilateral      ness, such as offering one-stop shops. Most                        the procedures, time, cost and paid-in minimum capital for
donors—including the introduction of               of the top 10 charge only a fixed registration                     starting a business. See the data notes for details.
one-stop shops in Belarus and Rwanda.              fee—regardless of company size—that is                             Source: Doing Business database.
Doing Business 2012                                                                                                                                                                         STARTING A BUSINESS    3

                                                                                                                                                                  review formalities to ensure that they still
  Figure 3           Worldwide, big cuts in the cost of starting a business
                                                                                                                                                                  fulfill their intended purpose (box 1).
                     regional averages in starting a business

                                                                                                                                               DB2006             Using online services and standard registra-
                          Procedures (number)                                                                                                  DB2012             tion and company documents goes a long
   OECD high income                                                                                    7                                  Global average          way in facilitating swift and legally sound
       Eastern Europe                                                                                                                     10                      incorporation. Canada and New Zealand
        & Central Asia                                                                      6
                                                                                                                                                                  reduced the number of interactions that an
    East Asia & Pacific                                                                                             8
                                                                                                       7                                                          entrepreneur starting a business must have
           South Asia
                                                                                                       7                                                          with outside agencies to 1. They did so not
          Middle East                                                                                                                     10                      by cutting out necessary regulation but by
        & North Africa                                                                                          8
   Sub-Saharan Africa                                                                                                                                 11          linking all agencies involved through a single
        Latin America                                                                                                                     10                      online interface. Germany, Japan and Puerto
         & Caribbean                                                                                                           9                                  Rico (territory of the United States) created
                          0                  2                       4                  6          7            8                        10                  12
                                                                                                                                                                  new company types with simpler entry re-
                          Time (days)                                                                                                                             quirements to encourage entrepreneurship.
   OECD high income                                              23
                                             12                                                                                                                   reducing or eliminating the
       Eastern Europe                                                                 37
        & Central Asia                              16                                                                                                            minimum capital requirement
    East Asia & Pacific                                                               37                                                                          Today 101 economies still require entre-
           South Asia
                                                                                                                                                                  preneurs to put up a set amount of capital
          Middle East                                                                       40                                                                    before even starting registration formali-
        & North Africa                                    20
                                                                                                                                   62                             ties. The minimum capital requirement
   Sub-Saharan Africa
                                                                                                                                                                  has its origins in the 18th century, initially
        Latin America                                                                                                                                  74
         & Caribbean                                                                                                54                                            intended to protect investors and creditors.
                          0             10           20                  30 31         40                  50             60                  70            80    In economies around the world, the depos-
                          Cost (% of income per capita)                                                                                                           ited capital is often withdrawn immediately
                                                                                                                                                                  after registration—hardly of any value in
   OECD high income              8.1
                              4.7                                                                                                                                 insolvency. It is also not clear that minimum
       Eastern Europe                   17.7
        & Central Asia           8.3                                                                                                                              capital requirements have much value in
    East Asia & Pacific                                               49.1                                                                                        other ways. Fixed amounts of capital do not
           South Asia                                      39.0                                                                                                   take into account differences in commercial
          Middle East                                                                                                                                             risks. Recovery rates in bankruptcy are no
        & North Africa                                   35.0                                                                                                     higher in economies with minimum capital
   Sub-Saharan Africa
                                                                                                81.2                                                              requirements than in those without.7 And
        Latin America                                                         58.2
         & Caribbean                                      37.3                                                                                                    the requirements can have counterproduc-
                          0                      25 36.2                 50                     100                                200                      250   tive effects on entrepreneurship.8

                          Paid-in minimum capital (% of income per capita)                                                                                        Not surprisingly, the economies that
   OECD high income                     45.9                                                                                                                      originally introduced the minimum capital
       Eastern Europe                        59.0
                                                                                                                                                                  requirement have long since removed it. And
        & Central Asia          10.0                                                                                                                              since 2005, 57 economies have reduced or
    East Asia & Pacific                  51.2
                                 19.1                                                                                                                             eliminated their requirement, lowering the
           South Asia
                                 20.1                                                                                                                 797.1
                                                                                                                                                                  average paid-in minimum capital require-
          Middle East                                                                                                                                             ment globally from 184% of income per
        & North Africa                              86.7
   Sub-Saharan Africa                                                                                                   280.5                                     capita to 49%.
        Latin America    15.0
         & Caribbean 4.3                                                                                                                                          Madagascar is among them. After the coun-
                          0     49.1 50              100                 150           200             250               300                  700          800    try reduced its minimum capital requirement
                                                                                                                                                                  by more than 80% in 2006, the number
                                                                                                                                                                  of newly registered companies as a share
note: The data sample for DB2006 (2005) includes 174 economies. The sample for DB2012 (2011) also includes The Bahamas,                                           of existing ones grew from 13% to 26%. In
Bahrain, Brunei Darussalam, Cyprus, kosovo, Liberia, Luxembourg, Montenegro and Qatar, for a total of 183 economies. DB2006 data
are adjusted for any data revisions and changes in methodology and regional classifications of economies.
                                                                                                                                                                  2010/11 Madagascar abolished the mini-
Source: Doing Business database.                                                                                                                                  mum capital requirement altogether.
Doing Business 2012                                                                                                                                         STARTING A BUSINESS        4

 Table 2          Who made starting a business easier in 2010/11—and what did they do?
 Feature                     economies                                                                    Some highlights
 Simplified registration     Benin; Bhutan; Burkina Faso; Cameroon; Central african Republic; Chad;       Chile allowed free online publication for new companies, ended the
 formalities (seal, publi-   Chile; Colombia; Democratic Republic of Congo; Côte d’Ivoire; Dominican      requirement for an inspection of premises by the tax authority before
 cation, notarization,       Republic; Georgia; Greece; Guyana; Indonesia; Panama; Peru; Puerto Rico      new companies can start operations and started granting an immediate
 inspection, other           (U.S.); Rwanda; Senegal; Solomon Islands; South africa; Spain; Tajikistan;   temporary operating license to new companies. This cut procedures by 1,
 requirements)               Timor-Leste; Tonga; Turkey; United arab Emirates; Uzbekistan; Vanuatu        time by 15 days and cost by 23%.
 Created or improved         armenia; Guinea-Bissau; Liberia; Malaysia; Mali; Moldova; Montenegro;        Liberia introduced a one-stop shop bringing together the agencies
 one-stop shop               Oman; Saudi arabia; Taiwan, China; Thailand; Uruguay                         involved in registration under a single roof. This eliminated 1 procedure
                                                                                                          and reduced start-up time by 14 days. Uruguay launched a one-stop shop
                                                                                                          for registering with the commercial registry, tax authorities and social
                                                                                                          security. This cut procedures by 6, time by 58 days and cost by 33%.
 abolished or reduced        Jordan; Latvia; Madagascar; Portugal; Syrian arab Republic                   Portugal eliminated its paid-in minimum capital requirement. Jordan
 minimum capital                                                                                          reduced its requirement from 1,000 Jordanian dinars to 1.
 Cut or simplified           Bosnia and Herzegovina; Qatar; São Tomé and Príncipe; Ukraine                São Tomé and Príncipe eliminated the requirement for an operating
 postregistration                                                                                         license for general commercial companies, reducing start-up time by 134
 procedures (tax                                                                                          days.
 registration, social
 security registration,
 Introduced or               Hong kong SaR, China; Republic of korea; Solomon Islands                     The Solomon Islands introduced a paperless registration system allowing
 improved online                                                                                          users to register a company, update company details and make a com-
 procedures                                                                                               pany name search online. This reduced start-up time by 14 days. korea
                                                                                                          introduced a new online system for business registration and postregistra-
                                                                                                          tion, cutting 3 procedures and 7 days from the start-up process.
 Source: Doing Business database.

Another example is Germany. When
                                                                    bOx 1      OHaDa TakeS FirST STeP TOWarD eaSiNg buSiNeSS eNTry
Germany pioneered a form of private lim-
                                                                       Economies often have outdated formalities that fail to achieve their intended purpose—
ited liability company in 1892, it required
                                                                    such as requiring a company seal or extracts of criminal records and medical certificates be-
minimum capital equivalent to €25,000. The                          fore registration. Even at the regional level economies are reviewing whether requirements are
amount was based on the price of a luxury                           up to date. Among these are the 16 members of the Organization for the Harmonization of
home or the cost of employing 10 teachers                           Business Law in Africa (OHADA), which share laws regulating company incorporation.1 Under
for a year. In 2008 Germany introduced                              the Uniform Act on General Commercial Law that was adopted in April 1997, the founders
                                                                    of a company had to provide a copy of their criminal records before they could incorporate.
a new type of limited liability company,                            Obtaining criminal records was no easy task. It required traveling to the city of birth of each
the Unternehmergesellschaft, or UG, with a                          founder and took several weeks in some economies.
minimum capital requirement of €1, similar                             This changed in December 2010, when the OHADA Council of Ministers adopted a new
to that in France. The aim was to foster the                        Uniform Act on General Commercial Law. Now founders have 75 days after incorporating
economic activity of small entrepreneurs.                           their company to submit copies of their criminal records. They can start operations after sim-
                                                                    ply providing a sworn declaration that they have committed no crime and are subject to no
While many still opt for the traditional form,
                                                                    restrictions on commercial activity. Several countries, including Benin and Guinea-Bissau, have
12,000 new UGs were created between                                 already started implementing the revised OHADA law.
November 2008 and January 2010.9
                                                                    1. The members of OHADA are Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, the
                                                                       Comoros, the Republic of Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali,
Creating a single interface                                            Niger, Senegal and Togo.
Single interfaces for business start-up not
only save time and money. They also can                        electronic interface for entrepreneurs, as in                more than twice as fast as in those without
make procedural requirements more trans-                       Denmark, New Zealand and Norway.                             such services.
parent and easier to access. While some
one-stop shops are solely for business reg-                    Today 83 economies around the world have                     A recent study in Portugal shows that
istration, others carry out many integrated                    some kind of one-stop shop for business reg-                 introducing a one-stop shop for business
functions, including postregistration formali-                 istration, including the 53 that established                 registration led to a 17% increase in new firm
ties with tax authorities or municipalities.                   or improved one in the past 8 years (table                   registrations and 7 new jobs per 100,000
Some one-stop shops are virtual; others are                    3). Not all reforms creating one-stop shops                  inhabitants.10 Research in Colombia shows
physical, with one or more windows. Models                     have been successful. Some resulted in “one                  that establishing a one-stop shop led to a
vary. Some one-stop shops automatically                        more stop” shops that added to procedures                    5.2% increase in new firm registrations.11
forward information from the company reg-                      rather than simplifying them. Others saw
istry to the license authority, as in Ethiopia.                benefits delayed because of lack of publicity.               introducing a unique company id
Others include separate desks with rep-                        Nonetheless, in the 83 economies that have                   Single-access points function best when a
resentatives from different agencies, as in                    one-stop shops offering at least one service                 centralized database is in place linking all
Zambia. And still others provide a single                      besides business registration, start-up is                   agencies. To make interagency coordination
Doing Business 2012                                                                                                                                       STARTING A BUSINESS     5

 Table 3           good practices around the world in making it easy to start a business                                        Zealand launched the first online registration
 Practice                           economiesa      examples                                                                    system in 1996. Its use has been mandatory
 Putting procedures online             110          Hong kong SaR, China; kuwait; FYR Macedonia; new Zealand; Peru;             since 2008. Canada’s registration process
                                                    Puerto Rico (U.S.); Singapore                                               has been entirely paperless since 2006. And
 Having a one-stop shop                     83      Bahrain; Burkina Faso; Georgia; Republic of korea; Uruguay; Vietnam         online services are increasingly being offered
 Having no minimum                          82      kenya; Madagascar; Portugal; Rwanda; United arab Emirates; United           in developing economies.
 capital requirement                                kingdom
 a. among 183 economies surveyed.
                                                                                                                                What drives the automation of registries?
 Source: Doing Business database.
                                                                                                                                The motivation to reduce the time and cost
even more effective, many economies assign                           numbers. The aim was mainly to save time                   for business registration as well as to im-
unique company ID numbers. This allows all                                                                                      prove access for smaller firms operating at a
                                                                     and reduce errors caused by companies’ use
government services to easily identify new                                                                                      distance from the registrar’s offices (in many
                                                                     of different ID numbers.
and existing companies and to cross-check                                                                                       economies entrepreneurs still must travel
information.                                                         using information and                                      to the capital city to register a business).
                                                                                                                                Growing demands for company information
                                                                     communication technology
Malaysia introduced its first smart ID card                                                                                     within government for regulatory oversight
                                                                     Electronic registration is possible in more                and audit purposes—and the consequent
for companies, Mykad, in 2001, and its latest
one, an automated version called MyCoID,                             than 80% of high-income economies but                      need for government databases to share
in 2010. India uses a unique company                                 only about 30% of low-income ones. Several                 information. And revenue opportunities aris-
ID number for multiple tax registrations.                            economies with the fastest business start-up               ing as businesses and financial institutions
Singapore introduced a single ID number                              offer electronic registration—New Zealand,                 seek company information to inform their
for all company interactions with govern-                            Australia, Singapore, Canada, Portugal,                    risk analysis of potential trading partners and
ment in January 2009, replacing multiple ID                          Denmark and Estonia (table 4). New                         borrowers.

 Table 4           Who makes starting a business easy—and who does not?
                                                        Table 4 Who makes starting a business easy—                             Software applications for company registries
                                                                                                                                range from simple databases and back-office
 Procedures (number)                                                 Cost (% of income per capita)
 Fewest                             Most                             least                           Most
                                                                                                                                workflow applications using generic software
 Canada                    1        Suriname                   13    Denmark                 0.0     Zimbabwe           148.9   tools, to sophisticated web-based systems
 new Zealand               1        algeria                    14    Slovenia                0.0     Benin              149.9   that enable customers and intermediaries to
 australia                 2        argentina                  14    South africa            0.3     Djibouti           169.8   conduct business with the registrar entirely
 Georgia                   2        China                      14    Ireland                 0.4     Central african    175.5   online. Many registrars begin their automa-
 kyrgyz Republic           2        Bolivia                    15
                                                                                                     Republic                   tion efforts by focusing on the back office, to
 Rwanda                    2        Brunei                     15
                                                                     new Zealand             0.4     Comoros            176.2   build internal capacity before exposing their
                                    Darussalam                       Canada                  0.4     Togo               177.2   staff to the greater demands of delivering
 Slovenia                  2        Philippines                15    Sweden                  0.6     Gambia, The        206.1   services online.
 armenia                   3        Uganda                     16    Puerto Rico (U.S.)      0.6     Chad               208.5
 Belgium                   3        Venezuela, RB              17    australia               0.7     Haiti              314.2   According to a 2010/11 survey of 34 com-
 Finland                   3        Equatorial Guinea          21    Singapore               0.7     Congo, Dem. Rep.   551.4   pany registries that implemented technology
                                                                                                                                solutions, nearly all the systems allowed on-
                                                                                                                                line name search and back-office processing
 Time (days)                                                         Paid-in minimum capital
                                                                                                                                of registration applications.12 About half
                                                                                                      % of income per
 Fastest                            Slowest                          Most                                  capita       uS$     supported online company registration and
 new Zealand               1        Zimbabwe                    90   São Tomé and Príncipe                   336        4,032   filing of annual accounts. More than two-
 australia                 2        Lao PDR                     93   Chad                                       345     2,070   thirds allowed electronic data sharing with
 Georgia                   2        Brunei Darussalam          101   Mali                                       348     2,090   other government agencies as well as the
 Hong kong SaR,            3        Timor-Leste                103   Burkina Faso                               373     2,053   dissemination of company information to
 China                                                                                                                          the private sector. Within the government,
 Macedonia, FYR            3        Haiti                      105   Guinea-Bissau                              399     2,153   information was typically shared with the tax
 Rwanda                    3        Brazil                     119   Guinea                                     407     1,548   authority (59% of systems) and to a lesser
 Singapore                 3        Equatorial Guinea          137   Djibouti                                   434     6,002   extent with the collateral registry (26%) and
 Belgium                   4        Venezuela, RB              141   Central african Republic                   453     2,083   the social security agency (18%). Experience
 Hungary                   4        Congo, Rep.                160   Togo                                       484     2,132   shows that establishing a virtual one-stop
 Canada                    5        Suriname                   694   niger                                      584     2,103   shop that collects all required information
 note: Eighty-two economies have no paid-in minimum capital requirement.                                                        through a single online interface and shares
 Source: Doing Business database.
                                                                                                                                it within government can reduce registration
Doing Business 2012                                                                                                                                         STARTING A BUSINESS           6

time and eliminate redundant requirements
                                                      Figure 4          information on start-up fees is easy to find in most OeCD high-income economies
for information.
                                                                        Share of economies where fee schedules are easily accessible (%)
Today 110 economies use information and
communication technology for services                              97
ranging from name search to full online busi-
ness registration. More than 40 offer elec-
tronic registration services.

Fifty-eight economies introduced informa-                                          63
                                                                                                  58             57
tion and communication technology in their                                                                                       55
business start-up processes in the past 8
years, saving time and effort for businesses                                                                                                                     36
and governments alike. A first step is always
to make registration records electronic. This
not only improves security and prevents
potential losses of data; it also aids transpar-
ency and information sharing. And it makes                  OECD high income South Asia     Eastern Europe Latin America      East Asia     Middle East Sub-Saharan Africa
                                                                                            & Central Asia & Caribbean        & Pacific    & North Africa
it easier to introduce new online services
later on.                                             note: Fee schedules are considered easily accessible if they can be obtained through the website of a government agency
                                                      or through public notices, without a need for an appointment with an official. The data sample includes 174 economies.
Mauritius has registered all new businesses           Source: Doing Business database.

through an integrated, computerized system
since October 2006. The new system re-             or through public notices such as notice boards
duced total registration time from 46 days         and brochures (figure 4).                                               Figure 5          The cost to start a business is
in 2006 to less than a week in 2008, as                                                                                                      lower where information on
                                                                                                                                             the fees is easily accessible
measured by Doing Business.                        Easy access to fee schedules and low fees
                                                                                                                                             average cost to start a business
                                                   often go hand in hand. Globally, the cost to
                                                                                                                                             (% of income per capita)
After Slovenia introduced its e-Vem auto-          start a business averages a substantial 36%
mated system, administrative costs were            of income per capita. Entrepreneurs in lower-                                                                      66
reduced by 71.3%. The savings amount to            income economies face even higher costs—
€10.2 million a year, according to Slovenia’s      an average of 81% of income per capita in
Ministry of Public Administration.                 Sub-Saharan Africa, for example. Regardless
                                                   of income levels, incorporation fees tend to
making access to forms and fee                     be lower in economies where fee schedules
schedules easy                                     are easily accessible (figure 5). The cost to
Regardless of the level of automation, the         start a business averages 18% of income per
easier it is for businesses to access fee          capita in economies where fee schedules are
schedules and documentation requirements                                                                                                   18
                                                   easily accessible, 66% in economies where
for a regulatory process, the easier it is to      they are not.
comply with the regulations. Easy access not
                                                                                                                                  Economies where           Economies where
only saves businesses time; it also increases                                                                                     fee schedules are       fee schedules are not
predictability in the application of regulations                                                                                   easily accessible         easily accessible
and fee schedules. This year Doing Business
collected additional information in a sample                                                                               note: Relationships are significant at the 5% level after
                                                                                                                           controlling for income per capita. Fee schedules are
of 174 economies on the different ways in                                                                                  considered easily accessible if they can be obtained through
which governments and agencies make such                                                                                   the website of a government agency or through public
                                                                                                                           notices, without a need for an appointment with an official.
regulatory information accessible. It found                                                                                The data sample includes 174 economies.
that obtaining information on incorporation                                                                                Source: Doing Business database.
fees required scheduling an appointment with
an official in the majority of economies in Sub-
Saharan Africa and in the Middle East and
North Africa. In contrast, in more than 90% of
OECD high-income economies fee schedules
for company incorporation could be obtained
directly through the relevant agency’s website
Doing Business 2012                                                                                                                             STARTING A BUSINESS      7

data notes on starting a                                    To make the data comparable across econo-
                                                            mies, several assumptions about the busi-         Table a.1        What do the starting a business
                                                                                                                               indicators measure?
Doing Business records all procedures that                  ness and the procedures are used.
                                                                                                              Procedures to legally start and operate a company
are officially required for an entrepreneur to                                                                (number)
                                                            assumptions about the business                    Preregistration (for example, name verification or
start up and formally operate an industrial
                                                            The business:                                     reservation, notarization)
or commercial business. These include ob-
                                                                                                              Registration in the economy’s largest business city
taining all necessary licenses and permits                  • Is a limited liability company (or its legal
                                                              equivalent). If there is more than one          Postregistration (for example, social security registra-
and completing any required notifications,                                                                    tion, company seal)
verifications or inscriptions for the company                 type of limited liability company in the
                                                                                                              Time required to complete each procedure
and employees with relevant authorities. The                  economy, the limited liability form most        (calendar days)

ranking on the ease of starting a business is                 popular among domestic firms is chosen.         Does not include time spent gathering information
the simple average of the percentile rankings                 Information on the most popular form is         Each procedure starts on a separate day
on its component indicators (figure A.1).                     obtained from incorporation lawyers or          Procedure completed once final document is received
                                                              the statistical office.                         no prior contact with officials
                                                            • Operates in the economy’s largest busi-         Cost required to complete each procedure
                                                              ness city.                                      (% of income per capita)
Figure a.1      Starting a business: getting a local
                limited liability company up and                                                              Official costs only, no bribes
                                                            • Is 100% domestically owned and has 5
                running                                                                                       no professional fees unless services required by law
                                                              owners, none of whom is a legal entity.
               based on 4 based on 4 indicators
  Rankings arerankings aresubindicators                     • Has start-up capital of 10 times income
                                                                                                              Paid-in minimum capital (% of income per capita)
                                                                                                              Funds deposited in a bank or with a notary before
  Preregistration,                      As % of income        per capita at the end of 2010, paid in cash.    registration (or within 3 months), as a % of income
  registration and                        per capita, no                                                      per capita
  postregistration                       bribes included    • Performs general industrial or commercial
  (in calendar days)                                          activities, such as the production or sale
                                                                                                             accountants or lawyers, unless the use of
                                                              to the public of products or services. The
                                                                                                             such a third party is mandated by law. If
                       25%     25%
                                                              business does not perform foreign trade
                                                                                                             the services of professionals are required,
                       Time    Cost                           activities and does not handle products
                                                                                                             procedures conducted by such professionals
                                                              subject to a special tax regime, for ex-
                      25%      25%                                                                           on behalf of the company are counted sepa-
                 Procedures    Paid-in                        ample, liquor or tobacco. It is not using
                               minimum                                                                       rately. Each electronic procedure is counted
                               capital                        heavily polluting production processes.
                                                                                                             separately. If 2 procedures can be completed
                                                            • Leases the commercial plant and offices
  Procedure is             Funds deposited in a bank or
                                                                                                             through the same website but require sepa-
  completed when                                              and is not a proprietor of real estate.
                        with a notary before registration                                                    rate filings, they are counted as 2 procedures.
  final document
  is received
                                and up to three months      • Does not qualify for investment incentives
                         following registration, as % of
                                      income per capita       or any special benefits.                       Both pre- and postincorporation procedures
                                                            • Has at least 10 and up to 50 employees 1       that are officially required for an entrepreneur
After a study of laws, regulations and pub-                                                                  to formally operate a business are recorded
                                                              month after the commencement of opera-
licly available information on business entry,                                                               (table A.1).
                                                              tions, all of them nationals.
a detailed list of procedures is developed,
along with the time and cost of complying                   • Has a turnover of at least 100 times in-
                                                                                                             Procedures required for official correspon-
with each procedure under normal circum-                      come per capita.
                                                                                                             dence or transactions with public agencies
stances and the paid-in minimum capital                     • Has a company deed 10 pages long.              are also included. For example, if a company
requirements. Subsequently, local incorpo-                                                                   seal or stamp is required on official docu-
                                                            Procedures                                       ments, such as tax declarations, obtaining
ration lawyers, notaries and government
officials complete and verify the data.                     A procedure is defined as any interaction of     the seal or stamp is counted. Similarly, if a
                                                            the company founders with external parties       company must open a bank account before
Information is also collected on the sequence               (for example, government agencies, lawyers,      registering for sales tax or value added tax,
in which procedures are to be completed                     auditors or notaries). Interactions between      this transaction is included as a procedure.
and whether procedures may be carried                       company founders or company officers and         Shortcuts are counted only if they fulfill 4
out simultaneously. It is assumed that any                  employees are not counted as procedures.         criteria: they are legal, they are available
required information is readily available and               Procedures that must be completed in the         to the general public, they are used by the
that all agencies involved in the start-up pro-             same building but in different offices are       majority of companies, and avoiding them
cess function without corruption. If answers                counted as separate procedures. If founders      causes substantial delays.
by local experts differ, inquiries continue                 have to visit the same office several times
until the data are reconciled.                              for different sequential procedures, each        Only procedures required of all businesses
                                                            is counted separately. The founders are          are covered. Industry-specific procedures
                                                            assumed to complete all procedures them-         are excluded. For example, procedures to
                                                            selves, without middlemen, facilitators,         comply with environmental regulations are
Doing Business 2012                                                                                                                   STARTING A BUSINESS      8

included only when they apply to all busi-           spends on gathering information is ignored. It       needs to deposit in a bank or with a notary
nesses conducting general commercial or              is assumed that the entrepreneur is aware of         before registration and up to 3 months fol-
industrial activities. Procedures that the           all entry requirements and their sequence from       lowing incorporation and is recorded as a
company undergoes to connect to electric-            the beginning but has had no prior contact with      percentage of the economy’s income per
ity, water, gas and waste disposal services          any of the officials.                                capita. The amount is typically specified in
are not included.                                                                                         the commercial code or the company law.
                                                     Cost                                                 Many economies require minimum capital
time                                                 Cost is recorded as a percentage of the econ-        but allow businesses to pay only a part of it
Time is recorded in calendar days. The measure       omy’s income per capita. It includes all official    before registration, with the rest to be paid
captures the median duration that incorpora-         fees and fees for legal or professional services     after the first year of operation. In Italy in
tion lawyers indicate is necessary in practice to    if such services are required by law. Fees for       June 2011 the minimum capital requirement
complete a procedure with minimum follow-up          purchasing and legalizing company books are          for limited liability companies was €10,000,
with government agencies and no extra pay-           included if these transactions are required by       of which at least €2,500 was payable before
                                                                                                          registration. The paid-in minimum capital
ments. It is assumed that the minimum time           law. The company law, the commercial code
                                                                                                          recorded for Italy is therefore €2,500, or
required for each procedure is 1 day. Although       and specific regulations and fee schedules
                                                                                                          9.9% of income per capita. In Mexico the
procedures may take place simultaneously,            are used as sources for calculating costs. In
                                                                                                          minimum capital requirement was 50,000
they cannot start on the same day (that is,          the absence of fee schedules, a government
                                                                                                          pesos, of which one-fifth needed to be paid
simultaneous procedures start on consecutive         officer’s estimate is taken as an official source.
                                                                                                          before registration. The paid-in minimum
days). A procedure is considered completed           In the absence of a government officer’s esti-
                                                                                                          capital recorded for Mexico is therefore
once the company has received the final docu-        mate, estimates of incorporation lawyers are
                                                                                                          10,000 pesos, or 8.4% of income per capita.
ment, such as the company registration cer-          used. If several incorporation lawyers provide
tificate or tax number. If a procedure can be        different estimates, the median reported value       The data details on starting a business can
accelerated for an additional cost, the fastest      is applied. In all cases the cost excludes bribes.   be found for each economy at http://www
procedure is chosen. It is assumed that the                                                      by selecting the economy
entrepreneur does not waste time and com-            Paid-in minimum capital                              in the drop-down list. This methodology was
mits to completing each remaining procedure          The paid-in minimum capital requirement              developed in Djankov and others (2002) and is
without delay. The time that the entrepreneur        reflects the amount that the entrepreneur            adopted here with minor changes.

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