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									Iron Swing vs Driver Swing

For golf lovers, talking about swings, wedges and drivers are all basic concepts. But to excel in such a
classy sport such as golf, one would need these basic concepts in order to play at par with the rest.
Possessing knowledge and golf skills does not complete the recipe in becoming a champion golfer; it
also requires the right kind of equipments. Hence, all golfers must know their clubs well may it be
wooden or made of iron. As a matter of fact, most players use several club types in one game for a
better game play. The differences of each club type tell us why.

Iron swings are, without a doubt, made of iron whereas driver swings are made of wood. Because of
such, there can be no mistaking that the iron swings are the more durable and harder club type
compared to their wooden counterparts so to say. It is also said that the iron swings are shorter
compared to drivers. This is the reason why golfers using irons stand much closer to the equipment
during positioning.

The material used to make these clubs really affect the overall turnout in the game of golf. Aside from
the differences in terms of price, these two kinds of clubs are used for different situations because they
elicit dissimilar results in the trajectory arc of every swing. Iron clubs tend to swing more upwards
while drivers are usually swung around the player more. More so, these wooden clubs (drivers) tend to
throw the ball farther away from the launching point. Woods are basically used by golfers to reach
longer distances. Actually, the term ‘driver’ pertains to a subclass of the wooden club family. It is this
specific type of club that is said to propel the golf ball to the longest range possible as opposed to the
other clubs inside the bag of a typical golfer.

Also, both club types are numbered. In the case of iron swings, they are usually marked from 1 to 9
with iron-1 having the lowest loft. This is practically the same with the driver swings that also has the
lowest loft for wood-1. However, these numbers do not accurately tell everything about the club
because they differ depending on the manufacturer. Sometimes, it already seems that their numbers are

1. Iron swings are made of iron whereas driver swings are usually made of wood.

2. Technically speaking, iron swings are more durable than the drivers.

3. Iron swings are generally shorter in length compared to their wooden counterparts.

4. Driver swings tend to throw the golf ball at farther distances compared to iron swings.

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