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Civil Engineering MAJORS


									                            COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT POLICY
                                     Approved 12/04

DEPARTMENT:              Civil Engineering

# MAJORS:                (63) Fall, 2004. Projected to (80) in (5) years.
# MINORS:                None

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:                     SMC’s Civil Engineering, CE, undergraduate program is a
wide-ranging discipline requiring students to absorb a vast array of basic facts, scientific principles,
solution techniques, and design methodologies. CE focused coursework typically begins in the 4th or
5th semesters. More than half of CE undergraduate students enter as juniors. Undergraduate CE
education depends almost exclusively upon a classroom focused textbook-problem solving
interaction with limited supplemental laboratory work. The present curriculum offers little or no
opportunity for extended, independent research by undergraduate students.

  1) Recognize the textbook driven nature of the CE undergraduate program.
  2) Acknowledge limited library resources. The CE collection must be focused.
  3) Adapt to the importance of alternative sources of information besides books and journals.
     Various software platforms play an ever-increasing role in CE instruction/reference.
  4) Recognize CE’s important historic and social influence/interaction. Maintenance, repair,
     and modification of existing infrastructure will continue to grow as major areas for CE
  5) Provide a counterbalance to the prevailing view of CE education as primarily a discipline in
     applied science and instead include the design/case study view of engineering education.
  6) Maintain resources for future reference by undergraduates and local professionals. Though
     a mature discipline, the CE body of knowledge continues to evolve and expand at
     accelerating rates. Additional, post BSCE degree self-directed and advanced studies are
     professional necessities. See separate Masters in Civil Engineering Collection Guidelines
     for further discussion.

  • Develop a historic survey of SMC CE instruction by obtaining and maintaining copies of
     each required CE textbook and code reference.
  • Expand/relocate CE network software to include Library access. Maintain documentation of
     software revisions. A CE faculty member must bi-annually sponsor all CE software.
  • Select specific book, journal, and audiovisual titles emphasizing Collection Purpose Items
     4, 5 and 6. Librarians and CE faculty will work collaboratively to develop a collection that
     meets the needs of students and faculty in the department.
  • Add each year’s CE Senior Design Student Project final submittal documents to the Library

     Chronology or time       Roman era to present, including Chinese practice through
     periods covered:         1000 AD. Emphasize North American/European practice
                              from 1800 to present. Consider possible future emphasis on
                              contemporary Asian practice.
     Geographic coverage:     See Chronology.
     Journals:                See Collecting Parameters.
     Languages:               English.
     Primary emphasis:        See Collecting Parameters.
     Publishers preferred:    None.
     Weeding schedule:        Review every (10) years.
     Other:                   None.
     Audio-visual:            CD-ROM/DVD.
     Date of publication:     Subsequent to 1980 with selected classic material
      Electronic:             Design and Analysis Software.
      Format preferred:       Books.
      Other:                  None.


      Geology and             Collection Level 1.5
      Engineering Geology     See Collecting Parameters for emphasis.
      Environmental           Collection Level 2.
      Engineering             See Collecting Parameters for emphasis.
      Engineering Design      Collection Level 3.
                              See Collecting Parameters for emphasis.
      Engineering Economy     Collection Level 2.
                              See Collecting Parameters for emphasis.
      Structural and Bridge   Collection Level 2.5.
      Engineering             See Collecting Parameters for emphasis.
      Earthwork and           Collection Level 3.
      Foundation              See Collecting Parameters for emphasis.
      Hydrology and           Collection Level 2.
      Hydraulic Engineering   See Collecting Parameters for emphasis.
      Transportation and      Collection Level 3.
      Highway Engineering     See Collecting Parameters for emphasis.
      Building Construction   Collection Level 2.
                              See Collecting Parameters for emphasis.

QE1-350.62           General Geology including Geographical        1.5
QE500-639.5          Dynamic and Structural Geology                2
TA170-171            Environmental Engineering                     2
TA174                Engineering Design                            3
TA177.4-185          Engineering Economy                           2
TA190-194            Management of Engineering Works               2
TA349-359            Mechanics of Engineering, Applied Mechanics   2
TA501-625            Surveying                                     1
TA650-695            Structural Engineering                        3
TA703-712            Engineering Geology                           2
TA715-787            Earthwork and Foundations                     3
TA800-820            Tunneling and Tunnels                         1
TA1001-1280          Transportation Engineering                    3
TC160-181            Hydraulic Engineering:                        2
TC401-506            Technical hydraulics                          2
TC530-537            River, lake and water supply engineering      2

TC801-978            River protective works. Regulation. Flood     1
                     Control. Drainage
TE175-176.5          Highway Engineering:                          3
TE177-178.8          Roadside Development. Landscaping.            2
TE200-205            Materials for road making                     3
TE210-228.3          Construction details                          3
TE250-278.8          Pavements and paved roads                     3
TE279                Streets                                       3
TE279.5-298          Pedestrian Facilities                         2
TG1-470              Bridge Engineering                            2
                     Building Construction
TH845-895            Architectural and structural engineering      3
TH1000-1725          Systems of building construction              3
TH2025-3000          Details in building design and construction   3
TH3301-3411          Maintenance and repair                        1
TH6014-6081          Environmental and sanitary engineering of     1
TH7005-7699          HVAC                                          1
TH7700-7975          Illumination and lighting                     1
TH9025-9745          Protection of buildings                       2

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