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Civil Engineer by jennyyingdi


									                                                          Tacoma/Olympia Section
                                     Civil Engineer
                                                           THE NEWSLETTER
                                                                                      A P R I L       2 0 0 6

                                     Sustainable Site Design:
  Honors            Awards           A Low Impact Approach

                                     AHBL is collaborating with Puget Sound jurisdictions to develop low impact
                                     development standards for their communities. Low Impact Development
                                     (LID) is an environmentally sensitive approach to land development and
            Program:                 stormwater management that is designed to preserve the land’s natural
 Low Impact Development              hydrologic conditions. LID strives to mimic nature by minimizing impervi-
          presented by:              ous surface infiltrating stormwater through biofiltration and bioretention
                                     facilities, retaining contiguous forested areas, and maintaining the character
    Doreen Gavin, P.E., AHBL
                                     of the natural hydrologic cycle.
     Len Zickler, AICP, AHBL
                                                                        As a result of this collaboration, AHBL is
    Tuesday, April 11th                                                 involved in a LID pilot housing project,
                                                                        the Meadow on the Hylebos, a partnership
                                                                        between Pierce County and a private
Norman Worthington                                                      developer. AHBL is also applying low im-
Conference Center                                                       pact development techniques to site de-
                                                                        sign for Peninsula Metro Park's Sehmel
Saint Martin’s University                                               Homestead Park. AHBL principals, Len
5300 Pacific AV SE, Lacey WA                                            Zickler & Doreen Gavin will present infor-
360.491.4700                                                            mation about LID, focusing on how it can
                                      Meadow on the Hylebos          protect and restore our communities from
Dinner menu: Orange glazed                                           the effects of sprawl and deterioration of the
chicken, garden salad, rolls &       environment utilizing the Meadow on the Hylebos and Sehmel Homestead
butter,fruit, pasta or rice salad,   Park as case studies. They will also touch on how these techniques can be
vegetables and gourmet dessert.      applied to the new requirements in stormwater design.

                                     Doreen Gavin, P.E., LEED AP, Principal, Civil Engineer, AHBL
       5:30pm Social
                                     Doreen Gavin, a principal of AHBL is responsible for planning, designing
       6:00pm Dinner                                     and management of civil engineering projects.In her 26
       6:30pm Program                                    years of experience, she has worked on a wide variety
                                                         of projects, including schools, higher education facili-
                                                         ties, civic structures, and retail developments. Doreen
           Price $20                                     has presented projects to E&A Services, architects, and
      *Students half price                               school districts. Her notable sustainable projects in-
                                                         clude: Northgate Library, Community Center & Urban
                                                         Park; Washington State Light Industrial Park; Eastside
                                                         Catholic High School; and Homestead Park Low Impact
                                                         Development Site Design.

                                     Len Zickler, AICP, ASLA, LEED AP, Principal, Planner,
                                     Landscape Architect, AHBL
                                     Len Zickler, a principal of AHBL, has over 30 years of experience as a plan-
                                                           ner and landscape architect. Over the past few years,
      Please RSVP by                                       Len has assisted Washington area jurisdictions, includ-
      Friday, April 7th                                    ing Pierce County, Olympia and the Puget Sound Ac-
   Contact Kay Hoke at                                     tion Team, in the development of Low Impact Develop-
                                                           ment (LID) policies and guidelines. He recently                                   worked with a private developer on Washington’s first
      or 253.591.5760                                      entitled LID pilot housing project, Meadow on the
                                                           Hylebos. He presented this project at Greenbuild
                                                           International Conference and Expo in 2003.
President's Corner by Sue Coffman

                            ell, spring is here and
                            many of us are busy
                       with spring cleaning and
                       maintenance for our houses.
                       By doing that, we can in-
                                                                &        Articles from
                       crease our home’s resale                New Leadership Forum To
                       value and longevity. Speaking
                       of longevity, at this month’s           Advise ASCE in Facing Broad
                       meeting we will be honoring
                       our Life Members. This year             Civil Engineering Challenges
  Sue Coffman         we have two members who                  ASCE is pleased to announce the founding of the Civil
  Section President   have achieved this status. Life          Engineering Forum for Innovation (CEFI). Expanding
                      Member status is an honor                on the mission of the former Civil Engineering Re-
awarded to members who have made a lifetime                    search Foundation's Corporate Advisory Board, the
commitment to ASCE and the civil engineering profes-           new Forum will bring together leaders from industry,
sion by remaining membership for the full length of            academia and government to define realistic options
their career.                                                  and progressive strategies to strengthen the profession
                                                               and industry through technical innovation and public
You are probably wondering right now what it takes to
                                                               policy. ASCE believes that through this Forum, senior
become a Life Member. To obtain Life Member status,
                                                               leaders within industry will become closely engaged in
ASCE Members, Associate Members and Affiliate Mem-
                                                               strategic actions on behalf of ASCE's mission.
bers must have:
•    Reached the age of 65 years                               » To read more go to
•    Paid dues in any membership grade except student
     member for 30 years
•    Had 10 years continuous membership immediately            IPET Releases Preliminary
     preceding the attainment of Life Member
                                                               Findings for 17th Street Canal
So you’re probably wondering what’s so great about
attaining Life Member status? Well, when you reach             Levee Breach
your Life year, you will become exempt from paying             The team conducting the Federal performance assess-
membership dues. And, your very own Tacoma-Olym-               ment of the New Orleans hurricane protection system
pia ASCE section treats you to a free dinner for you and       released the second of its four scheduled reports, Sta-
a guest at our April meeting. Now that’s something to          tus and Interim Results. The 700-page report, issued
look forward to!                                               during a meeting between the Interagency Performance
A little reminder for everyone—we have annual board            Assessment Team, led by the US Army of Corps of En-
member elections this month. Your ballet has been              gineers, and the ASCE External Review Panel, includes
included in this month’s newsletter. Please don’t forget       a preliminary finding on the cause of the breach at the
to send in your vote.                                          17th Street Canal levee. This levee is among those that
                                                               breached before reaching its design capacity.
                                                               » To read more go to
Best Regards,
Sue Coffman
Tacoma-Olympia Section President

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        C       E
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     For address changes/corrections, notify the Editor or the WEBmaster.
Celebrating New Life Members

John Adsit
John was born in 1933 and raised      lel in Korea in 1963, his company        Command at Fort Monroe, Virginia.
in Whitewater, Wisconsin by his       was awarded the Ischner Award, the       Among his military awards are the
mother, her only child. In high       best Army engineering company            Legion of Merit w/Oak Leaf Cluster,
school he was president of the        worldwide. John served two tours in      Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Ser-
senior class, and on the student      Germany, two in Korea, and one in        vice Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster, Air
council. At the University of Wis-    Vietnam. He received a below the         Medal, and the National Defense Ser-
consin in Madison where he stud-      zone promotion to Lieutenant Colo-       vice Medal.
ied Metallurgical Engineering, he     nel and later was promoted to Colo-
was president of Chi Psi Frater-      nel. He attended the Army's Com-         After leaving the military with 24
nity. After receiving his Reserve     mand and General Staff College and       years service in 1981, John Directed
Officers Training Corps (ROTC)        Army War College. While in the           Metcalf & Eddy's Far East Division in
commission in 1956 he joined the      service he received a degree in Civil    Bangkok, Thailand where he man-
Army’s 11th Airborne Division in      Engineering from the University of       aged the company's $120 million
Germany. While in Munich John         Missouri at Rolla and later returned     water supply program. Upon comple-
met and married Nancy Philbin in      to the University of Wisconsin to        tion of the program and his contract,
1959, which he claims to be the       complete his Masters in Civil Engi-      he returned to the U.S. where he was
best decision he ever made. John      neering. He was a licensed Profes-       named Dean of Engineering at Saint
and Nancy had two sons, John and      sional Engineering in Missouri and       Martin's University and Administered
Dan. John is an attorney in Los       California and retains an active li-     the Department of Corrections Prison
Angeles and Dan directs Ford          cense in Washington.                     Construction Program for nine years.
Motor Company's North American
Recyle Program.                       Prior to leaving the service he com-     In 1998, he retired from the State of
                                      manded the San Francisco District        Washington and became a consultant.
John decided to stay in the Army,     Corps of Engineers and was the           He now is happily supporting Nancy’s
integrating into the Regular Army.    Deputy Chief of Staff Engineer for       piano teaching passion.
While serving along the 38th paral-   the Army's Training and Doctrine

Celebrating New Life Members

Gary Emerson Culmer Minns
Gary was born in Nassau, Baha-        He graduated in the summer of 1963       a patron of the arts, and as one who
mas where he enjoyed the beauti-      at a time when Science and Engi-         enjoys living and who is fortunate to
ful beaches, sunshine and an ex-      neering degrees were in demand.          be a life member of the ASCE.
cellent education at Government       Several job offers were the norm and
High School where Gary took           Gary chose the offer from the Wash-
advanced courses to successfully      ington State Department of Trans-
pass the Cambridge Higher             portation to design bridges and
School Certificate.                   structures. He had planned to move
                                      to Australia after getting his profes-
                                      sional licenses but soon fell in love
He worked a year at ESSO Stan-
                                      with all Washington had to offer. He
dard Oil where he refueled planes,
                                      currently designs bridges and other
unloaded oil from tankers and
                                      structures for the WSDOT and en-
worked in accounting. When
                                      joys the work. Gary has worked on
scholarships were offered to him,
                                      steel, concrete, wood, railroad and
Gary left ESSO to study Civil Engi-
                                      floating bridges.
neering at the University of
Florida. There, Gary’s relationship   He enjoys sailing, rugby, soccer,
with ASCE began over 43 years         mountain climbing, hiking, coaching
ago. He achieved advanced place-      and refereeing. Now, he participates
ment because of the Cambridge         at a more leisurely level with his 3
Certificate. Taking the maximum       grandchildren.
classes per semester Gary com-        Music, drama, opera and arts con-
pleted the 5 year Bachelor of Civil   tinue to be a passion. Gary is fasci-
Engineering program in a little       nated by the structure of languages
over 3 years.                         and communication. He sees himself
Section Calendar                                  TRANSPEED Courses                                   Continuing Ed
Section Meetings are open and held once a         The TRANSPEED Schedule Below is a list of the       In our continuing effort to enhance communica-
month, September through May. Meetings are        upcoming courses.                                   tions between ASCE's Sections, Branches and
                                                                                                      ASCE National, Geographic Services is pleased
generally held on the second Tuesday of the                                                           to advise you of the following seminars sched-
                                                  Please view our website at
month. Locations alternate between Tacoma                                                             uled in your geographic area from April through
and Lacey, and times vary between lunch and
                                                                                                      September 2006:
dinner meetings.
                                                  Transpeed/index.html for specific course
                                                  descriptions and dates. Click on the specific       May 4-5, 2006 Seattle, WA
2006                                              course link to view the course outline.             Structural Condition Assessment of
Section Meetings:                                 or contact:                                         Existing Structures
                                                                                                      June 8-9, 2006 Portland, OR
DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!                                                                                 Design of Waste Containment Liner & Final
                                                  Christy Pack
                                                                                                      Closure Systems
                                                  TRANSPEED Program Manager
May 9, 11:30 am-2:00pm–tour of the
                                                  UW Engineering Professional Programs                June 14-16, 2006 Seattle, WA
Tacoma Narrows bridge by WSDOT                    10303 Meridian Ave N #301                           Introduction to the Design & Construction
engineers Eric Ostfeld and Dennis Engel.          Seattle, WA 98133                                   of Tunnels
                                                  1-866-791-1275 toll free
*DATE/TIMES/LOCATIONS ARE TO BE VERIFIED                                                              June 22-23, 2006 Portland, OR
                                                  direct 206-543-5539 206-543-2352 FAX
                                                                                                      Dam Safety and Rehabilitation
                                                                                                      July 20-21, 2006 Portland, OR
Local Board Meetings are open and generally       See the website at                                  Post Tensioning Construction & Design
held the first Monday of the month at 5:30pm.
                                                                                                      August 10-11, 2006 Portland, OR
Locations vary. Please check the WEB site,        Transpeed/index.html for more.                      Design and Renovation of Wood Structures
this calendar, or contact the president for
confirmation.                                                                                         August 24-25, 2006 Seattle, WA
                                                                                                      Structural Renovation of Buildings
Board Meetings:                                   2006 Winter/Spring                                  September 13-15, 2006 Seattle, WA
Monday April 3 5:30pm Tacoma,
location to be announced
                                                  Professional                                        HEC-RAS Computer Workshop
                                                                                                      September 28-29, 2006 Seattle, WA
                                                  Development                                         Residential Land Development Practices                                                           ***************
                                                  Short Courses                                       These in-depth, practice-oriented programs are
                                                  For a complete description of the course and        produced by ASCE's Continuing Education
                                                  registration information visit our website          Department and may be of interest to many
                                         or call us           ASCE members in your Sections and Branches.
                                                  at: Engineering Professional Programs, University   We would greatly appreciate if you would
                                                  of Washington, phone: 206.543.5539                  consider positing information on these seminars
                                                  (fax) 206-543-2352 or                               in your newsletters and on your websites.
                                                  (toll free) 1.866.791.1275                          Detailed descriptions of the seminars (by title)
                                                  ***************                                     are available on ASCE's website at
                                                  Stephanie Strom, Program Mgr:             
                                                                     If you have questions or need assistance,
       See Your AD Here!                          (direct) 206-685-9682
                                                  Stacy Williamson, Prog. Coord.
                                                                                                      please contact Kelly Jarvis, Continuing Educa-
                                                                                                      tion Registrar at or Michael
     Advertise in our newsletter!                                    Cook at
                                                  (direct) 206-543-5743
  Post a business card sized ad in our newslet-
  ter for $200 per year. If you are interested,
  please contact:
  Sue Coffman 253.594.7905

                                    Tacoma/Olympia Section Board               2005 - 2006

President                                         District 12 Director
Susan Coffman…253.594.7905                        Greg DiLoreto…503.848-3032.            

President-Elect                                   Younger Member Chair
Michael Hale                                      Wes Jones…253.474.9449                  

Secretary                                         Past-President
Ben Laurie…253.474.9449                           Kathy Hargrave…253.474.9449                             We’re on the web!
Treasurer                                         Newsletter Editor
Morris J. “Gus” Fant…253.922.2332                 Nancy Searle…253.564.5885                                                                                   tacoly/tacoly.htm
Director                                          WEBmaster
Jason Moline…253.502.2239                         Richard Swanson…360.455.3161
Director (2-year)                       
Mustafa Mohamedali…360.705.7261

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