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									Civil Engineer
Licensing Process

                                         Assessment of:
                                         P Academic credentials
                                         P Work experience
                                         P Character and reputation
                                         P English language skills
                                            (TOEFL test additional cost $200 to $250)

APEGGA Application                      P National Professional Practice
(Application processing fee $430)         Examination (NPPE) (additional cost $140)

APEGGA Decision

                Conditional             Additional                      Applicant
                Approval                Training                        Not Accepted
                Conditions:             Required
                ñ Fundamentals of
                  Engineering exam      Academic, language
                  ($165)                and/or bridging training
                ñ Canadian work         (cost and duration vary)
                  Provisional license

                                                                        ñ Civil Engineering
                                                                        ñ Community and
                                                                          Park Planner
Registration                                                            ñ Environmental
(Annual membership dues $435)                                             Engineer
Civil Engineer
Licensing Process

Description of Occupation
Civil Engineers plan, design and supervise the construction, maintenance and shutting down
of structures and facilities. They can specialize in several areas, including construction,
geotechnical, infrastructure, land development, structural, transportation and water resource
engineering. Civil engineers solve problems such as pollution, traffic congestion, urban
development, community planning, drinking water and energy needs.

Obtaining Licensure in Alberta
Civil Engineers must be licensed by the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists,
and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) to practice in Alberta.
Internationally educated Civil Engineers can and should begin the application process before
they arrive in Alberta. They should apply to APEGGA as a Foreign Licensee using the
APEGGA Application for Registration.
Links to the Application Forms and other resources are at the end of this document.
Complete the APEGGA Application for Registration, and provide detailed and accurate
answers to all questions. When your application is complete with all documents, sign it and
send it to APEGGA at the following address:
APEGGA Head Office
1500 Scotia One
10060 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 4A2

Licensing Requirements
Internationally educated Civil Engineers must meet the following licensing requirements:
1. Academic Credentials
    An undergraduate degree in Engineering is required.
              ! Complete the Request for Academic Documents and send it to the school
                where you completed your Engineering degree(s).
              ! Degrees and transcripts should be provided to APEGGA directly by
                universities and/or colleges.
              ! If documents are written in another language, APEGGA will provide
                translation services—free of charge.
2. Work Experience
    You will need four (4) years of experience working professionally as an Engineer,
    including one (1) year experience working as an Engineer in Canada.
              ! Enter your work experience information in the Work Experience Record
              ! APEGGA will contact supervisors and references for verification of
                experience, character and English language competency.

Civil Engineer Licensing Process, February 2011                                               1
              ! It is important to inform current and past employers that they will be contacted
                by APEGGA to verify work experience duties and length of employment
              ! If you meet all APEGGA registration requirements except for Canadian work
                experience, you are eligible for a Provisional License to complete the
                Canadian work experience requirements (see below).
3. Good Character and Reputation
    Good character and reputation will be confirmed by the references you provide.
4. Payment
    Provide payment with your Application for Registration. Payment summary is at the end
    of this document.
              ! You can send a money order, certified cheque or enter a credit card number
                in the application.
5. English Language
    You must be competent in the English language, both written and oral, and be able to
    effectively communicate in the workplace. If English is not your native language you may
    demonstrate your English skills by either taking the Test of English as a Foreign
    Language (TOEFL) or by providing APEGGA with a handwritten letter describing your
    competence in the English language.
    You must be able to communicate in English to become registered as a Foreign
    Licensee, and must have one (1) of the following requirements:
              ! A TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 600 or more on
                the paper-based test, 250 or more on the computer-based test, or 100 or
                more on the internet-based (iTOEF) test, together with Canadian Professional
                Engineer reference verifying your English Language competency. Provide a
                copy of your TOEFL score sheet with your Application for Registration as a
                Foreign Licensee.
              ! A handwritten letter describing why and how you are competent in the
                English language. APEGGA will evaluate the handwritten letter, together with
                Canadian Professional Engineer reference verifying your English Language
6. Examinations
    You must write and pass the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE).
    Technical Exams may also be required.
    a) National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE)
              ! The NPPE tests applicants on professionalism, law and ethics.
              ! The test is two (2) hours long, and includes 100 multiple-choice questions.
              ! The minimum passing mark is 65 per cent.
              ! Applicants must have an active application for APEGGA and have at least
                two (2) years of engineering work experience to be eligible to apply to write
                the NPPE.
              ! Applicants may apply to write the NPPE before they receive their APEGGA
                application assessment.

Civil Engineer Licensing Process, February 2011                                                 2
              ! It is sometimes possible for applicants to write the NPPE outside of Canada,
                but this must be requested in the application to write the exam.
    b) Confirmatory Exam
              ! Upon first review of the Application for Registration, APEGGA may require
                applicants to write Fundamentals of Engineering Exam to confirm their level
                of education.

Provisional License
A Provisional License is available to internationally educated graduates who meet all
requirements for registration except for Canadian work experience. You do not need to apply
separately for this license. If you meet all the requirements, someone from APEGGA will
contact you and give you this option.
              ! This license enables Foreign License applicants to gain one (1) year of
                acceptable professional work experience.
              ! A Provisional Licensee may practice engineering only under the supervision
                of a professional engineer or a registered professional technologist who has
                appropriate training and experience in the same area of practice.
•    APEGGA may advise applicants to take additional training, such as academic, technical
     or English language courses.
•    It is recommended that you submit your Application for Registration to APEGGA online.
     If you wish to apply by mail, use a registered mail or a courier service to send the
•    APEGGA does not accept reference questionnaires from generic email addresses such
     as Yahoo and Hotmail, as these email addresses do not provide authenticity of email
     messages. Email addresses must identify the employer or company.

Civil Engineer Licensing Process, February 2011                                                3
The following fees must be submitted during the licensing process. Payment can be made by
mail along with your application, or by fax or phone. Fees are in Canadian dollars.

 Application Fee for Foreign Licensee              $430
 National Professional Practice Examination        $140
 Fundamentals of Engineering Examination           $165
 Annual Dues (Professional Members)                $290
 Annual Dues (Foreign Licensees)                   $435

Average Earnings
The overall average earnings for all Civil Engineers, according to the Alberta 2009 Wage and
Salary survey:

 Average hours worked per week                     39.1
 Average wage per hour                             $42.60
 Average salary per year                           $85,903

Employment Options
You can also consider working in Alberta in a related occupation such as a Civil Engineering
Technologist, Community and Park Planner or Environmental Engineer.
For more information about additional employment options, go to the following website:
Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) Occupational Profiles — Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer Licensing Process, February 2011                                            4
Contact Information
Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA)
Head Office
1500 Scotia One
10060 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4A2
Telephone: (780) 426-3990
Toll-free telephone (within North America): 1-800-661-7020
Fax: (780) 426-1877

This information is an overview of the licensing process. For the most current information on
Civil Engineering licensing visit the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and
Geophysicists of Alberta website at
Application Forms and Information:
    Application Process
    Application Form
    Application Checklist
Academic Credentials:
    Academic Requirements
    Request for Academic Documents Form
Work Experience:
    Work Experience Requirements
    Work Experience Record Instructions
    Reference Questionnaire Instructions and Sample
    Work Experience Records Form
English Language:
    English Language Competency
    TOEFL Test
    National Professional Practice Examination
    Fundamentals of Engineering Examination
    Technical Examinations
    Examination Dates
    Fee Schedule
    Provisional License
    Registration Requirements
    Registration for Engineers Information
    Registration Process Overview

Civil Engineer Licensing Process, February 2011                                                 5

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