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Wyoming National Guard Association by 9gKQ5zF


									                             Wyoming National Guard Association
                                      PO Box 2615
                                Cheyenne, WY 82003-2615

                                       Meeting Minutes
                                      For 20 August 2007

Call to order at 1140
Location: Wells Fargo Meeting Room, Cheyenne, WY

Members Present: Janet Cowley, Jim Edington, Debbie Franck, Kenton Franklin, Shelley
Fuerst, Doug Hensala, Bev Holmes, Bob Holmes, Lew Lyons, Laura Mead, Mario Montoya,
Steve Mount, Terry Siegfried, Ken Teasley, Greg Wheeler

1. Approval of meeting minutes for 18 June 2007. Correction – the August meeting should read
20 August, not 13 August. With the one change, meeting minutes approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report (Debbie Franck)
        a. New accounts have been established at Warren Federal Credit Union. There is a
General, EANGUS, NGAUS, and Lifetime Membership Accounts.
        b. There are currently still two CDs. One has been renewed and the other is due in
November. As the CDs become due, they will be rolled over to Warren as well.
        c. There is approximately $18,000 in the General account.
        d. The EANGUS account has been moved. There is approximately $3000 in the
        EANGUS account at Warren about $800 at Bank of the West. Once all of the checks
        have cleared, the remaining money will be moved.
        e. The NGUAS account will be rolled over after the convention to ensure all checks are
        cleared. There is approximately $6700 in the NGAUS account.
        f. The WYNGA sponsored General McKinley’s Reception with $500. The event was
very successful.
        g. There is a Monte Carlo night scheduled for 5 October. This event will be used as a
social event as well as a fundraiser for the WYNGA. All board members have received an email
with a poster attached. Please get the word out. Everyone is invited, members or non-members,
military or non-military. It is a night filled with socialization and fundraising!

3. Committee Reports:
       a. Membership Committee (Greg Wheeler / Jim Edington)
               i. Chief Breedlove and Greg Wheeler have scrubbed the enlisted list for the Air
side. They have determined who are life and annual members. It is imperative that we get the
word out for renewals.
               ii. The next hurdle is the state life memberships.
               iii. There is a 3-6 month delay in the USAA sponsored memberships.
               iv. There is a new website coming out from EANGUS where each state POCs can
makes updates and print reports. In the next Patriot Magazine there will be an article explaining
the new websites and how they can be utilized. We should be able to look up personnel from
other states as well as download information for address labels, emails, life memberships, etc. It
should make things much easier for states to manage.
                v. Greg Wheeler is going to check with Roger Woolington on the Data Guard
                vi. Doug Hensala is going to get information concerning the WYNGA to the
Newcomer’s Briefing to get the word out on the Air side. For the 30th, he will add something to
their newcomer’s packages. Army opportunities are still needed to get the word out.
                vii. Volunteers are needed to man a booth at the Retiree Conference on 8
                viii. The membership form needs to be updated. The current one is too confusing
and tough to use. A POC is needed to revamp the form to make it more user-friendly.
                ix. There is an EANGUS Membership Conference 19-21 October 2007. Greg
Wheeler has been asked to participate. The WYNGA will cover the expenses of the conference.
        b. Awards and Scholarships (Nicole Chavez)
                i. Discussion concerning the fact that there is $500 from USAA and $5000 from
the Endowment Fund that did not get used last year.
                ii. There are only three applications this year. There was discussion concerning
extending the deadline from 31 August to 15 September to hopefully increase the applicant pool.
The motion was offered, seconded, and approved by the board.
        c. Community Service and Corporate Levels (Janet Cowley)
                i. The Air Force Association, Warren Federal Credit Union, and Roy Thompson
of GMAC Mortgage are interested in becoming a corporate sponsors.
                ii. Discussion concerning keeping a minimum of $1000 for sponsorship. Smaller
        amounts could be used for gifts and specific events. The motion was made, seconded,
        and the board voted to approve the minimum.
                iii. The association needs to look at giving back to the sponsors. Plaques and
other types of recognition need to take place.
                iv. The association needs to consider how the money will be spent. Recognition
and brochures are two suggestions.
        d. Communication Committee (Jerry Champlin)
                i. The Monte Carlo event will be a great way to get the word out.
                ii. Discussion concerning a chili cook-off and other fundraisers took place.
                iii. The newsletter was discussed. Who would be the POC? John Cornelius was
mentioned. What would the content include? How would it be distributed – mail, email?
                iv. The BBQ for the Air was simple and attendance was good. How can we do
this on the Army side?
        e. Convention (Shelley Fuerst)
                i. Laura Mead and Janet Cowley will co-chair the State Convention in 2008. It
will be held at the Shrine Club on 26 April 2008. Friday evening will consist of an ice breaker.
Saturday morning the meeting will take place. Saturday afternoon will be a golf tournament or
high tea at the Old Governor’s Mansion – it will be a choice for the participants. Dinner will
take place Saturday evening. Frank Yoakum is a recommendation for a guest speaker.
        f. Insurance (Mario Montoya)
                i. Discussion on briefing the Military Affairs/Transportation Committee of the
State Legislature.
        ii. The SSLI will be taken into the next session in the spring. This was the state
reimbursement of benefits to the members.
        g. IT (Roger Woolington / Pedro Rampolla)
                i. Discussion on sprucing up the webpage and making it more interesting and
                ii. Terry Siegfried would to meet with webmasters from other states to see what
improvements we can make.
                iii. Discussion of improvements to the current laptops. Information regarding the
current equipment and estimates for new equipment need to be considered and brought to the
next meeting.

4. By-Laws Review (Lew Lyon)
      a. Tabled for next meeting.

5. EANGUS Committee (Doug Hensala / Kenton Franklin)
        a. There were 18 members at the national convention. The main topic was membership.
USAA has been extremely helpful in assisting with increasing membership, however, keeping
those members is even more important.
        b. There is currently $126,000 owed on the EANGUS building. There was $30,000
raised at the convention towards the new building.
        c. There were 20 resolutions passed and 10 reaffirmed from 2005.
        d. Mario Montoya attended the Professional Development breakout. General Blum
offered a question and answer session which was very interesting and informative. The session
assisted members in understanding the organization better. Discussion concerning getting more
people involved.
        e. SMSgt Bob Watkins received the Humanitarian Award. Governor Dave Fruedenthal
received the Patriot Award. Kenton Franklin is working on presentations of the these awards at
the Governor’s Reception on 6 October.

6. NGAUS Committee (Jim Edington / Jason Salsgiver)
       a. DataGuard 6.0 is coming out soon.
       b. The NGAUS delegation will be leaving fro Puerto Rico on Thursday. There are 40
people attending. We will picking up 10 members of the Colorado delegation.

7. Resolutions Committee (Col Reed / Jason Salsgiver)
       a. The resolutions need to be put on the website.

8. Retired Affairs (Bob Holmes)
        a. The annual Retiree Conference will be held on 6 October.

9. Military Historical (Bev Holmes)
        a. The WYNGA Museum is located at 624 East Pershing BLVD. It is on the corner of
Pershing and Seymour.
        b. General Wright is working to cover the costs of the utilities and internal/external costs.
        c. Discussion concerning the set up of a board or foundation board.
        d. The museum will be manned with volunteers. A full-time curator will be requested.
       e. Historical books are needed to fill the library. Contact Bev Holmes for donations.
       f. Donations are also greatly needed and accepted.

10. Auxiliary (Shelley Fuerst)
        a. Discussion concerning need for new committee chair; will ask members and possibly
their spouses if they would like to volunteer.

11. Old Business -
        a. Discussion concerning the staggering of terms for Board members. Ken Teasley - Air
Enlisted, Steve Mount - Army Officer, and Lew Lyon - Retiree will all be one year. Mario
Montoya - Army Enlisted, Jerry Champlin – Air Officer, and Bill Hickman – Retiree will all be
two years. Greg Wheeler – Air Enlisted and Bob Holmes – Retiree will all be three years. There
will not be a cap on term renewals.
        b. Discussion on not-for-profit status: Salsgiver will talk to the POC to find out costs,
applicable state licensure, etc.
        c. The new PO Box is open. The old boxes have been closed.
        b. Discussion concerning the OAY Program. Motion for the WYNGA to purchase a $50
bond for $25 for all recipients. Motion was made, seconded, and approved by the board.
        c. There will no longer be a alternating meetings. All members of the Board of
Governors are welcome to all meetings.
        e. The NGEDA Convention is in January.
        f. Discussion on the Strategic Plan. A calendar of events is needed as well as information
on membership.

13. Next BOG Meeting: 17 September 2007 at the new museum or Wells Fargo meeting room.
(Note: look for an email from Shelley Fuerst for meeting location.)

14. Meeting adjourned: 1258.

                                               Laura J. Mead
                                               Secretary, WYNGA

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