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            What Adsense Need To Approve Your Account for your Blog/Site?
      I.     Traffic Factor
     II.     Site Navigation
    III.     Privacy Policy
    IV.      No Explicit or Sexual Content
     V.      Adsense for MP3 Sharing Blogs
    VI.      Content Factor
            Some Approval Tips
      I.     Awesome Content
     II.     Keyword is Queen
    III.     Respect For Rules
    IV.      Hope Is King
     V.      Approve Your Account With Web-Answers
            Why Your AdSense Account get Rejected?
      I.     Invalid Shortcuts / Steps
            Earnings Counter

What AdSense Need to Approve Your Account for Your Blog/Site?
What you need for your Blog/Site so that your Account gets approved. You
must approve your Ad Sense account in Genuine Way, not by applying some
tricks to obtain approval for your account. If you are able to get your Ad Sense
account by Tricks then you also get news of rejection of your Account very
soon. So obtain it using genuine Way. Trust me, it Works.

    Traffic factor
Any Way, Traffic is also the main reason behind the approval of your AdSense account for your Blog/Site.
Actually when you submit/register to AdSense, your site/blog has been reviewed for some days so that they
monitored the traffic on your Blog/Site. To get the approval for your blog/site, you need little amount of
traffic say 100-150 visitors daily. This traffic can be easily leaked from Google Searches, but when your site
is newly built, and then you have to engage some traffic on your own. Below are some tips to retrieve
visitors from other sites…… (Link sharing)

            Submit your site to High rank link submission sites.
            Get back-links from Yahoo!
            Submit your site to Blog promoting links
            Submit your Blog to best Blog directories.
            Add your Blog to Google Blog Search
  Good Site Navigation
Navigation of your site plays an important role in spreading popularity all over the Amazon. Site navigation
gives user to access your Blog/Site easily. This also creates the enhance readability of the content of your
site. Layout of your Site/Blog also, an important factor to get understand your site/Blog in Snap click. This
increases the visitor’s hits on your posts and provides the better exploration of your Site/Blog… Site with
difficult navigation, are rejected by AdSense. Your Site layout should be similar to this…

                                           Header/navigation bar

 Most featured content

 You can also add popular and latest content of your site here                 Sidebar           This sidebar
                                                                               offers to         offers to
 This area catches most hits by users, so place your valuable                  provide           presents
 content here to catch more hits.                                              shortcuts         social
                                                                               to your site      media
                                                                               other             contents
                                                                               media.            related to
                                                                               Like it may       site/blog.
                                                                               be recent
                                                                               posts,            It also
                                                                               comments,         include rss
                                                                               featured          feeds of
                                                                               articles or       your
                                                                               whatever u        blog/site or
 This section also includes Most featured content                              like to           many other
                                                                               present           services
 You can also add popular and latest content of your site here
                                                                               here              you want to
 This area catches most hits by users, so place your valuable                                    offer here
 content here to catch more hits.

                              Widget bar                                        Widget sidebar/Notice bar

                                                Footer area
  Privacy policy
Privacy Policy is the most important sector in your Site/Blog. Every time
when you update your privacy policy page, always make sure that your
page must contain collection of your personal information like social
linking, about you, etc and describing the policy of linking to 3rd party
websites. Your Site/Blog must have its own privacy policy page and
respect the important privacy of your visitors that you never share their
information on your site to others; otherwise your AdSense account
can’t get approved.

  No explicit or sexual content
Your Site/Blog does not contain any explicit, copyrighted things and
sexual content. If your site/blog comprises these things, then your
AdSense account does not approved. These contents on your site/blog
are against the privacy policy of Google AdSense. Your Site/Blog must
comply all these services in order to approve AdSense for your

  Mp3 sharing sites/blogs
If your site/blog is MP3 sharing Blog/Site, then I am sorry to say that
you can’t get AdSense approval for your Blog/Site, because AdSense
does not approve MP3 sharing Sites/Blogs. This is due to the factor
that MP3 sharing Blogs/Sites contain authorized/copyrighted
songs/mp3 content and approvals of your account for these types of
Blogs are against the Policy and Terms of AdSense service. In Short,
MP3 sharing Sites/Blogs can’t get their accounts approved by Google

  Content factor
Now forget all things like layout, design and structure, etc. Now make
your Concern over one thing that how much real facts, you use in
your content? How much your content is unique in one aspect from
others? How much your content is updated and most recent from
others? Is your content not a copied one? These factors describe the
whole story of your uploaded content. If your content is better in all
aspects of these facts, then make a surety from my-self that your
Site/Blog attract visitors automatically every seconds, but mind that
Content Is Contact Pack.
Some Approval Tips
Here are some useful AdSense Genuine approval Tips. Follow these tips, and I am sure
you get AdSense definitely. Of course, you have to clear out all above facts with this also.
These steps are personally judged by me, as so far when I don’t get AdSense. These tips
surely work and also help me a lot! Then it is all with you… Take this out!
  Unique n latest content
As I talk about it earlier, if your content consists more gravity then it
increases page visits of ratio 7-8 ppv (pages per visit) as well as non-
counting hits which is very much good sign of exposure of your
content that also increases Site/Blog productivity. Unique and latest
contents has the power to create buzz in computers technology,
especially if it is related to SEO and Wordpress updates like new
WordPress 3.4 Update finally released. These Titles with unique
contents exchange lot of traffic to your site.

  Keywords
Remember one thing that keyword is queen of your post and
content is King. If you make post unique remembering these things
then you don’t have to worry about traffic and rankings of your
Site/Blog. But you have to make effective key words in your
related post of it.
If your post about Back-links from Yahoo!, then your key-words
should like yahoo, back-links, and blog and also remember that
don’t give more than 3-4 keywords. If more than 3-4 keyword gives
unwanted searches on your blog which also decrease rankings.

  respect for rules
Always keep in mind that, you must keep all rules of AdSense
following, if in case you violate any rule, policy then your account
can be rejected. So keep follow the rules and their policy. Rules
and policy are not very strict; these are simple n clipped out rules.
Keep your Blog/Site updated and follow the above specifications
and must respect the AdSense policy.

  Hope is king!
Don’t lose hope, if you don’t get AdSense and you think that your Blog/Site comply all policies of AdSense. Keep trying may be 6-7
times. Don’t lose Hope. If you lose Hope, then you lost everything. So, don’t be Hope less. All the Best!

  Approve AdSense account with web Answer
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  Earnings counter
   Here is some check points related to, how your AdSense earnings are really calculated. These are on the basis on a
   common AdSense calculated earnings….

Earnings = Page Impression x CTR (click through rate) x CPC (cost per click) x Smart Pricing Factor
        CTR is ratio of clicks per impression. It generally varies from 0.1% to 30%. But most commonly it ranges b/w 0.1%
        to 13%
        CPC is the earnings, which you get from each click. It refers to the amount that advertisers pay to you for each
        Smart Pricing is the method to determine how valuable click from your site is worth. More valuable click results in
        to more CPC rate and you get a new way to earn more from a single ad display.

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