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                      Contact : Mr. Roshan Shah
                    Cell Number : +91 9979853010
                    US Number : 1-323-319-3609
                               Skype : bpocanada

Career Objective:
Accomplish the quest for challenging work in software developing and deliver supreme
quality products in one of the most estimable organizations.

Total 1.5 years of experience in Drupal development and SEO analysis.

Work Expertise:
  x           An Imaginative, creative and resourceful problem solver.
  x Expert in the usage of Drupal for developing web based applications, effective
      websites and Mobile Portals.
  x          Proficient in deploying website releases using
  Drupal. x Good programming and designing skills.
  x          Worked on different modules like CCK, Views, Multi site
  x          Concept and different themes based on ZEN in Drupal's different
  versions. x    Proficient in web development using Drupal and PHP.
  x          Operational knowledge of languages such as C, C++ and Core
  Java. x    Excellent ability to implement end-to-end custom Drupal sites.
  x          In-depth knowledge Drupal framework.
  x          Familiarity with versioning management systems
  (SVN). x Ability to perform in a fast-paced agile environment.
  x          Ability to work as both a team member and independently.
  x          Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  x          Very strong on website analysis from SEO point of view.
  x          Good understandings of different search engine's algorithm.
  x Can make strategies for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SMO(Social
      Media Optimization)of different kind of websites,E-comm portals as per
      requirements by client.
  x          Have good knowledge of using Google Adwords,Ad-sense,Webmaster and
  x          Can optimize the site by On-page and Off-page
  techniques. x Effective communications with end client.
Domain Knowledge:-

 1.    Drupal
 2.    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
 3.    SMO(Social Media Optimization)
 4     Database Administration

Technical Skills:

 Languages                Programming in C, C++,VB
 Web Development          HTML, PHP, Drupal
 Operating Systems        Windows Variants, Linux
 Web Server               Apache 2.0, IIS, WAMP ,LAMP
 Database                 MySQL, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g
 Designing Tools          Adobe Dream Weaver, Microsoft Visual Basic
 Other Tools              Adobe Photoshop, Gimp
 Certification &          SQL certified and OCA certified.
 Training                 I have cleared NASSCOM examination.

Education Details:

 Qualification       University   Institute                  Marks Period
 MSC (CA & IT)       Gujarat      K.S.School of Business     67.71 2005-2010
                     University   Management ,Ahmedabad
 Higher              GSEB         GLS School,Ahmedabad       79.33     2004-2005
 Secondary           GSEB         GLS School,Ahmedabad       74.76     2002-03
Employment Details:

 Company            Company Website         Address                        Period
 Gloscon           208, Pavan Plaza,Sardar        Since May 2010
 Solutions                                  Patel Colony,
 Pvt.Ltd                                    Opp. Nathalal Colony,
                                            Naranpura, Ahmedabad 380

Projects done in Drupal:

 No.   Projects Details
 1 :
                     A Client site which is developed for the people who are diabetic.
       How to control diabetes tips are provided and people can subscribe for daily
       updates of the tips. Here, Helaine Ciporen, (a health care professional at New
       York city) can upload videos, images and one can get RSS feed from the blog of
       tips to their sites.

                   An in house-project which is integrated with social media like
       twitter, face book, linked in and skype. Twitter application is integrated and one
       can get update of latest News. It is a site with static pages.

 3 :
                   A Client site which was developed for watching prices and furniture
       online in the first phase of the project.
 4 :
                   An in house project is developed for people who are willing to take
       an international tour can contact the crew people and get their tour planned. It is
       integrated with online search for the hotels all over the world. Search function
       was done with the help of
 5 :
       A site is an online consultancy for job seekers and employers.
Projects done in SEO:

Website Name
Duration       1+ year
Team Size      1
Role           Admin
Description    An Australian site which teaches Australians how to drive a car.
               On-page and Off page Optimization done.
               Goggle analytics and Google webmaster integrated.

Website Name
Duration       3 months
Team Size      1
Role           SEO
Description    A kids site which acts like online piggy bank for parents and kids.
               On-page optimization done.

Website Name
Duration       3 months
Team Size      1
Role           SEO
Description    An inhouse site which is company’s own site.
               On-page optimization done.
               Google analytics and google webmaster integrated

Duration       1 month
Team Size      1
Role           SEO
Description    On-page optimization done and integrated google analytics and google
               Google Adsense integrated.

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