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					I would like to present my résumé for the position of Account Director at High Road Communications.
I am con dent that my creative background and extensive experience in client services, project management,
and business development, partnered with strong leadership skills, a zest for making solid decisions on a timely
basis, and the ability to produce quality work under pressure will prove to be an asset to your agency.

What sets me apart from most other candidates is that I have cultivated my own creative business from the ground
up over the past six years to develop a successful business model, which has grown to stand on its own.

In essence, I have lived the "High Road Code" for many years, and I would like to realize it at it's fullest potential.
Being accountable for clients, product, and productivity on a rst-hand basis give me a deep understanding of
the importance of integrity, boldness, and out-of-the-box thinking, all within the context of an organized and
e cient creative process. This journey, combined with my experience working in the corporate world, has helped
to shape my skill set into an invaluable tool box of expertise. I encourage you to take a look inside. I can wear a hat
on both left and right brain in order to identify winning creative strategies, set priorities, and develop online
communication and marketing strategies. I have also had the opportunity to sit in various chairs through my
growth process, starting out as a graphic designer, and upping the ante to a full-scale developer (HTML, CSS, XHTML,
SQL, JAVA). This gives me an inherent appreciation for what my team does, on a grassroots level. I understand the
back-end of the creative process, and I am able to speak the language of "creative", from programming to
managing accounts.

I do it all, and I love it.

My nger is on the pulse of current trends, from viral videos to the little blue bird. Furthermore, I am especially
aware of SEO and SEM trends, since I have leveraged these tools to increase my revenue stream.

I look forward to speaking with you personally so we may discuss my quali cations in greater detail. I am
grateful for this opportunity to present my credentials to you. In the interim, thank you for your consideration,
attention and response.
EDUCATION                                                       MAD SKILLS

July 1997-July 2000                                             Web
York University - Bachelor of Environmental Studies, BES.Hon.   • CSS, HTML, XHTML, JAVA
-      Environment & Culture: Arts and Technology               • Adobe Dreamweaver, GoLive
                                                                • Flash
September 2000-May 2000                                         • Content Management Systems, SQL,
George Brown College                                              Meta Tags, SEO, SEM (biggies!)
-     Digital Publishing Foundation Certi cate                  • Google AdSense
                                                                • Google AdWords
July 2002-September 2002
George Brown College
-      Internet Site Design Certi cate                          Print
                                                                • Adobe Illustrator
November 2003-January 2003                                      • Adobe Photoshop
George Brown College
-     Studio Management                                         Social Networking
                                                                • SQL Database builds and BB management
In Studio Experience                                            • YouTube
-      Saatchi & Saatchi - Summer of 2005                       • Facebook
-      Cube Asylum - Summer of 2006                             • Blogger
-      Millennium Design Studios - Summer of 2006               • WordPress
                                                                • Friendster
Adobe Certi ed Expert Certi cate (September 2008)               • BarnMice
-     Adobe Illustrator                                         • Twitter
-     Adobe Photoshop                                           • Viral video fiend

Seminar Series:
- Guidelines for Business Conduct and Management
  Certi cate (October 2008)
- Situational Self-Leadership - November 2010

2005-Present: Creative Director/Director of Online Services/BOLD Think Tank
Saucy Pia e Inc.

• Interactive/traditional creative lead, new business development, social media strategist, campaign/information
  architect, she who makes things "pretty".
• Work with clients to identify strategic business and communication plans in line with core values.
• Built team, recruiting and hiring SP creative employees.
• Set project budgets and oversee balances and checks throughout creative process to meet budgetary requirements.
• Work with team to develop processes to maximize productivity and overall performance (I can do this because I know
  the jobs first hand!).
• Hours of research to identify quantitative value add of various online areas of campaign focus.
• User interface design and group lead, project management, and strategy.
• Group direction, mentoring, and professional development.
• Co-ordinate client meetings with media and provide media coaching.
• Image consultant, brand development/damage control guru.
• Client SWOT analysis with recommendations for strengthening weakness and minimizing prospective threats.
• Responsible for establishing ambassador groups within client organizations to create internal advocates for change.
• Interactive Account Manager, print/web advertising and design, identity/iconography creation, conceptual
  development/online marketing campaigns, user interface development, web site and meta architect.
• Identify key trends for improving online visibility and target market exposure.
• Developed and managed online community since 2005 and built client distribution lists based on registrations.
• Manage all other online social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Friendster, BarnMice and Blogger.
• Responsible for overseeing all media campaigns, leading to successful media uptake.
• Progressively manage team and foster open communication with an “open-door” policy.
• If I were to list all of my duties, we would be in the hundreds of pages, let’s talk and I can give you concrete examples.

2005-Present: Senior Digital Communications Specialist/Webmaster
Scotia Capital Inc.

• Report recent industry trends, status updates and new department processes to Director of Equity Research.
• Designed and produced multiple web development projects including internal image bank website, equity
  research online information hub and Research Distribution System (RDS).
• Responsible for all the day-to-day operations of the websites including brand identity, site content,
  bulletin boards, chats, registration, databases.
• Work under extremely tight deadlines with no margin for error.
• Manage internal usability testing process for both internal and external websites.
• Launched new initiative for mobile device friendly emails.
• Insure cross-platform compatibility for internal websites.
• Edit copy prior to dissemination of documents to meet very tight daily deadlines.
• Responsible for successful re-brand of keynote product which increased site traffic on the SC Online website
   by 30%.
• Manage all approval processes via compliance department and implement changes based on regulatory
• Responsible for the assessment of operational risk associated with sensitive online information and formulation
  of business continuity planning strategy.
• Develop workflow strategy, timelines and expectations for various projects and allocate tasks to other team
  members based on current resource pool.
• Maintained production schedules and budgets.
• Developed recommendations for improved employee engagement.

2003-2005: Publishing Manager - Web
National Bank Financial

• Coordinated workflow and assigned team members to various reports.
• Managed both internal and external distributions.
• Implemented and documented process to ensure seamless transition between team members.
• Managed equity research report editing process in addition to compliance approvals.
• Liaised with VP of communications to ensure department is on target in terms of quality of work and
  production expectations.
• Posted all daily research on third party vendor sites in addition to the NB Financial website.
• Managed department under extremely tight deadlines and worked with team to implement new
  workflow process resulting in a higher volume of reports and a lower incidence of errors.
• Managed all Equity Research website content in addition to successfully rolling out a new site section
  in WordPress format while meeting all brand standards.
• Performed lead role in the design and production of print, identity, multimedia.

               Elizabeth Rhodes
            3071-27 Treadwells Drive
              Mississauga, Ontario
                    L4X 0A1

              Work: 416.945.4621
               Cell: 416.988.1806
              Home: 905.232.3444

           saucypia e@saucypia e.com


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