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									Hey Mick

I am also extremely grateful for your suggestion to buy the Google Adsense book you wrote.
Since I bought it a few days ago I have been reading page by page implementing the steps and
suggestions by you on what to do with my personal website.

Today, I saw $1.03 posted on my Googe Account and that was exciting. That was awesome
because I am only on page 30 of the book and I am already getting paid by Google. I can't wait to
see what other great tips I can pick up from the Google Adsense Book to market myself thru my
website more effectively GLOBALLY!..Cheers Mick!

Hello Mick,

I recently purchased your book, "Goggle Adsense Handbook" and I got to let you know - IT
WORKS! In a couple of hours I put together a little one page information-for-sale website by
following your step by step system and launched it that same night. The next morning I woke up
to find I had made $107! To tell you the truth, I had to think why there was this notice in my email
saying I had money in my PayPal account.

And then I remembered about my new site I just launched. It blows me away how easy your
process is for making money on the internet and I've got the money to show for it! Thank you
thank you thank you for providing the tools I needed to get started. The funny thing is that I
launched the site before I wrote the information booklet I'm selling, so I've got to go now and get

Mick Moore did it once again! His new book Google Adsense is one of the most powerful tools
you can have to create a fortune on the internet. The information in this book alone could be the
difference between you having to have a job or you creating a magnificent life style. This is the
book I use for my internet success.

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