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How to Increase Your Google Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) in
Less Than 2 Minutes
2010-04-29 00:04:30 by majin22

  Google Adsense has a great feature called Competitive Ad Filters which allows you to block
  advertisements from specific advertisers. This allows you to prevent advertisers that pays dirt cheap
  from showing on your site.

  If you have been using Google Adsense then you have probably experienced seeing something like 1
  click that earned you only 1 cent which is really frustrating.

  I did my research and found an article that told me to filter low paying advertisers and after I did that
  I really notice the difference on my Adsense CPC. I haven’t got a lot of traffic but my normal CPC
  changed from 0.01 to 0.50 to even 2.34.

                                                     So what do you need to do? It’s very simple, just
  login to your Adsense account -> click the Adsense Setup Tab -> then click the Competitive Ad Filter
  link then add the advertisers on the file below there and then click “Save Changes” and that’s it.

  There are 497 advertisers on the list and my only disappointment is we can only filter 500 advertisers
  where there are a lot of cheap advertisers out there.

  You can download the file from ShareCash or from Megaupload

  If you want to build your own list, you can check out

  I forgot the site or eBook where I found this so if you can point it out to me, please do so, so I can give
  them the credit that they deserve. There’s just too many sites and eBooks that I have checked out
  while doing my research on this subject.

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