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Online Marketing Module
Certified Online Marketing Professional

Part 1 - Introduction to Online Marketing
         - Basic Description of SEO, SMM, PPC & Email Marketing
         - Search Engine Basics
                o Major Search Engines
                o Web Ranking
                o Ranking algorithms
                o Page Ranks
         - Web Designing Basics
         - WYSIWYG Editors

Part 2 - Search Engine Optimization
         - Keywords Research and Analysis
         - On Page Optimization
                 Initial Site Analysis
                 Competition Analysis
                 Keyword Research
                 Density Analysis and Placement
                 Title & Meta Tags development
                 Site Structure Analysis
                 Web Designing Basics and WYSIWYG Editors
                 URL renaming/re-writing
                 Content Development Check
                 Brief Keyword Competition Review
                 H1, H2, H3 Tags
                 Anchor Text
                 Existing Web Content Optimization
                 HTML Validation
                 Creation of XML / HTML / ROR / Text Sitemaps
                 Submitting sites to Google and Yahoo Webmasters
                 Canonical / 404 Implementation
                 Google Sitemap Creation
                 Yahoo Sitemap Creation
                 Competitor Analysis & Monitoring
                 Google Webmaster Account Setup and management
                 Google Analytics (Statistics) setup and management
                 Creating of Favicons
         - Off Page Optimization
                 Directory Submission
                 Dmoz Submission
                 Article submission
                 Alexa Insights
                 Google Hot Trends and Insights
                 Google Business centre submissions
                 Press Release Submission
                 Blog creation, weekly Postings and blog promotion

            Copyright 2012 - Innobuzz Knowledge Solution (P) Limited - All rights reserved.
               Blog Comment Posting
               Content editing & Content Rewriting
               Direct Link Exchange / Direct Link Building
               Leveraging Local Search
               Press release news syndication
               RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
               Local and regional search engine indexing
               Forum Posting
               Yahoo Answer Link Building
               Linked in Link Building Strategies
               Online Reputation Management
       -   Black Hat SEO
       -   Latent semantic indexing
       -   Sandbox Effect
       -   Useful SEO Tools

Part 3 – Social Media Marketing
         - Introduction to Social Media
         - Advantages over other forms of Online Marketing
         - Social Media Strategy
         - Facebook
                 o Latest trends
                 o Difference between Profiles, Places, Groups and Pages
                 o Social media and communications strategy
                 o Open Graph
                 o Frictionless sharing
                 o Facebook Connect (Like, Share, Comment)
                 o Facebook Pages (Creating, Managing, Retention)
                 o Pages (Dos & Donts)
                 o Facebook Apps
                 o Measuring and Monitoring
                 o Sponsored Stories
                 o Facebook Places and check-ins
                 o Facebook credits
                 o Facebook and ecommerce
                 o Advantages and challenges
         - Linkedin
                 o Introduction to LinkedIn
                 o Creating the right profile & settings
                 o Increasing reach and visibility
                 o Linkedin Groups
                 o Answers, events, messaging & testimonials
                 o Company Pages
         - Twitter
                 o Introduction to Microblogging & Twitter
                 o Twitter Demographics
                 o Use for reputation, promotion, sales, conversing, listening, research
                 o Business examples: E-commerce, Support (listening and responding), PR, Image

            Copyright 2012 - Innobuzz Knowledge Solution (P) Limited - All rights reserved.
              o Who to follow
              o Tweeting (Responding to others, RT, HashTags, Direct Messages)
              o Tracking Code
              o Ghost writers and the importance of disclosure
              o Twitiquette
              o Advertising – tweet for pay
              o Twitter Lists
              o Twitter Account Promotion
              o Searching tweets and users
              o Measuring Influence
              o Tools
       -   Youtube
              o Online video – content is king
              o ‘Viral’ films and brand
              o Defining your goals, metrics and budgets
              o Social sharing, comments and reviews
              o Getting an audience
              o Creating and managing an account
              o Using Ads inside Videos
              o Promoting Youtube Videos
       -   Google+
              o Setting Social Objectives
              o Social Strategies & Tactics for Google+
              o +1s & Sharing
              o Integration with your site
              o Promoting a Brand on Google+
              o Tools
       -   URL Shortening Tools

Part 4 – Pay per Click
        - SEO vs PPC
        - Landing Pages
                o Tracking Bounce Rates and Conversions
                o Landing Page Optimization
                o Testing Landing Pages
        - Adwords
                o Creating copies
                o Keyword Research
                o Creating Ad copies
                o Campaign Settings
                o Bid Management
                o Campaign Performance management
                o Opportunities and Suggestions by Adwords
                o Conversion Tracking
                o Website Optimizer
                o Keyword Tool
                o Placement Tool
                o Ad Preview
                o CPM & CPA Campaigns via Adwords
                o Retargeting Code & Campaigns

            Copyright 2012 - Innobuzz Knowledge Solution (P) Limited - All rights reserved.
       -   Facebook PPC
               o Facebook Ad Manager
               o Create a Campaign & Ads
               o Targeting by Region, Demographics & Interest
               o CPC vs CPM
               o Advanced Reporting

Part 5 – Email Marketing
        - Email Service Providers (ESPs)
        - Planning and delivering email campaigns
        - Online Customer acquisition
        - Encouraging web visitors to subscribe
        - Crafting effective registration processes
        - Customer retention strategies
        - Choosing frequency schedules
        - Creating effective email campaigns
        - Understanding conversion and performance metrics
        - Inbox Delivery
        - Reducing abandonment and bounce rates
        - Structured approaches to testing
        - A/B and Multivariate testing
        - Analysing test results
        - Important Laws on Email Marketing

Part 6 – Analytics
         - Google Analytics
                o Setup
                o Installation techniques
                o campaign tracking & Analysis
                o Interpreting essential website data
                o Motion Charts
                o Advanced Segmentation
                o Custom reporting
                o Advanced Filters
         - Clicky
                o Setup
                o Real-time Statistics
                o Click usage
         - A/B Testing
                o Optimizely
                o Visual Website Optimizer
         - KPI ANALYSIS
         - Internal Search Analytics
         - Website Surveys
         - Multivariate testing
         - Multi-channel analytics

Part 7 – Adsense
         - Introduction to Google AdSense
         - Google AdSense Program

            Copyright 2012 - Innobuzz Knowledge Solution (P) Limited - All rights reserved.
       -   Google AdSense Approval Process
       -   Google AdSense Secrets
       -   How to Get Relevant AdSense Ads
       -   Google AdSense Ad Format Sizes
       -   High Paying sites on AdSense
       -   Making Money with Google AdSense
       -   Google AdSense Ad Colors
       -   Google AdSense Revenue Sharing
       -   Google AdSense Optimization Tips

Part 8 – Online PR, News & Reputation Management
         - Introduction to Online Press Releases
         - Handling the Press - the golden rules
         - Successful Marketing and PR Strategies
         - Press releases that work
         - Organising 1-2-1 press interviews
         - Using pictures effectively
         - Sourcing PR information
         - Market research for PR use
         - Introduction to Online Reputation Management
         - Generating Buzz
         - Five Stars at Customer Review Sites
         - Tips for ensuring your happy customers spread the word.
         - Ensure your customers defend you from a bad review.
         - Responding to negative reviews
         - Reducing negative reviews
         - Blogging for Brand Control
         - Social Networking Meets Reputation Management

Part 9 – Content Marketing
        - Digital content
        - Microsites
        - White papers
        - Webcasts/webinars
        - Podcasts
        - Video portals
        - Interactive online
        - Events

            Copyright 2012 - Innobuzz Knowledge Solution (P) Limited - All rights reserved.

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