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Serena Williams Won the Inaugural


									Serena Williams earned his first title since recovering from injury. Winner of 13 Grand Slam titles, the
Stanford WTA title after defeating Marion Bartoli 7-5 6-1.

In a game in Stanford, California, on Monday (08/01/2011) early morning local time, the game is directly
exposed Serena brilliant since the first set. Actually, Serena had left behind with the score 4-2 from

Serena had to reverse the position to 4-3. But Bartoli who do not want to lose just like that, managed to
rise and reduce the lag to be 5-4. In the end, Serena closed the first set with a 7-5. Serena's dominance
continues in the second set. Players who are recovering from a foot injury, with easy to collect points.
The result, the former world number one daughter is directly led by a score of 5-0 over Bartoli.

Finally, Serena ensure its maiden title at the tournament this time, after defeating Bartoli with the score
6-1. This victory is so very meaningful, because Serena will face the prestigious U.S. Open tournament
that will take place next August.v

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