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How to speed up a website to improve performance?


find articles on How to speed up a website to improve performance?

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									How to speed up a website to improve performance?

Well, here is the first article in 2012, where during the holidays I am very focused on this aspect of some
sites I manage and I must say that I could see some results.

First, the way to see if our site is a quick way to everyone?
The first tip to speed up a site is using tools like the Firefox plug-in free and speed page YSlow Firebug
which will incorporate, at least in the control through the suggestions that can give us if our site and see
how complies with the score given to 100/100. As some sites say that I have seen sites 70/100 to 95/100
range. More than 93/100 I could not for obvious reasons, I will mention a little.

Another tip ... absolutely have to have installed for our sites and, of course, Google Analytics Web
Master Tools monitored in order to have our site. (Web Master Tool To take a job just for that ...). Web
Tool Master in the sections we will see, though not in real time how the statistics are progressing in
terms of speed of our site and daily scans of Google.

Thus we have a little "in the speech, where one of the suggestions we can give Page Speed and YSlow
are many, but among the most common are those that I think often as possible to join files. JS and CSS
Site optimization, Imaging Services, different objects on the page in a third level of the site so static and
so many other things that may be more or less optimized in a site.

I tried to do my best and as I said the best result obtained was 93/100 in a place with lots of body and
still has. External Js, such as Facebook and Google Adsense which can do nothing and then,
unfortunately, "Amen!" But I think with these two poles 93/100 is a good result in a place like the fact
that I manage and I have seen good results from Web Master Tool, where the load times have been
reduced significantly, exploration of improvement although it was good the first few kilobytes
downloaded per day fell!

The issue becomes more complex and said it would be easy, because it is the whole question of
managing the site cache, set the. Htaccess in the most other things he said and that other sites may be
many more! I forgot that I left on a site that had the score as a score of 80/100.
To take into account as I said before that if you keep the external js touches, such as Facebook and then
Adsense for nothing, but another suggestion is to put less iframe possible if you can.

One question: why Google needs to look at the speed of a site?
Well, of course, because if you do not struggle to quickly find a site, because Google also uses less
resources and therefore much more enjoyable to reward a site a site faster than other factors constant
slow now I'm not the list, however I have seen the speech and that this post is dedicated to the speed of
a site.

Another thing to check is the errors generated by the code 404 on the site and know that there must be
a rule, otherwise it slows the site.

For the optimization of images, a job that is more detailed and to judge a good compromise between
quality and size. Note that, however, Page Speed is not always the same reports suggest tips to reduce
the images and sometimes even improved very well although I think that's impossible! (Sample images:
Images by weight)
The optimization in terms of speed of the page that was very intrigued and certainly I have written only
a fraction of the right to share this experience with you!

And you how far you've come to the speed of your site?
What have you done? Have seen an increase in the ranking?
Better Google crawl your site?

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