Facebook launches new design by fotolucuu


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									Facebook launches new design

Several days before Facebook became available to owners of "fan pages", a new control panel
to manage your pages so much more simple, elegant and efficient than before

The three main changes are:
   1. The directors were merged into a more coherent of section, which lets you manage on
       one screen all the options and the important parameters of the same type.
   2. a side menu has created to access to all of the sections, sending retired the old system,
       where each section had a specific page and had to "play" with a large "back" button of
       your browser
   3. The last is for some of the pages, probably those with a low number of fans (see image
       above to our page of "secondary" on Facebook) - now you can change the name. This
       was done to meet the small business that can change the name or who has made typing
       errors when creating the page (until now had to start all over again), but since the fans
       do not seem to be aware of this change cannot rule out future problems for those who
       liked the page "We help pandas not become extinct," and then proved to be a fan of "10
       ways to cook the stew for the panda."

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