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									While most members of the Carnegie Mellon Community were attending Halloween

parties, or, far more likely, studying for classes and exams on the upcoming Monday ,the

members of two of the Carnegie Mellon Mock Trial teams were in Cleveland, OH

competing in the 2011 Spartan Throwdown Mock Trial Competition., Saturday at 9 am,

Having traveled to Cleveland the Friday night before the beginning of the tournament.,

both teams spent the night preparing and refining portions of their case strategies, as well

as laying out clothing for the next day. The tournament was a good opportunity for both

teams to “practice different strategies” and “figure out exactly what we want to do with

different parts of our case” according to Mock Team Trial members. As this tournament

was the second of the year, the Mock Trial team is very much in the strategizing portion

of the season. However, having said that, both Carnegie Mellon teams exhibited a great

level of understanding of the rules, and won the majority of the “objection battles” they

entered in to. While both teams that attended the Spartan Throwdown finished 2-5-1 (a

record of two win, five losses, and a tie ), both teams had incredibly high strengths of

Schedule, with one of the teams competing against the final winner of the tournament,

Iowa, in the first round. Additionally, there were a number of individual efforts made by

three Carnegie Mellon Students, including yours truly, bringing back to Pittsburgh either

attorney or witness awards. Looking into the upcoming Mock Trial schedule, the final

competition of the Fall Semester will be the Quaker Classic held at the University of

Pennsylvania, the 11th-13th of November.

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